Gawker Traffic King Neetzan Zimmerman Leaves for Startup Whisper

The shocking media news broke today that Gawker’s Senior Editor Neetzan Zimmerman is leaving the company for a startup called Whisper, reports Capital New York.

According to the site:

In an email, Zimmerman said that the bulk of his responsibility at his new employer will be to boost the visibility and promote the sharing of content generated by Whisper’s user base.

Soon after the news hit cyberspace, Twitter newshound Matthew Keys tweeted this letter that Gawker’s management sent to their staff — it read, in part:

Since joining the company in 2012, Zimmerman had been responsible for more unique users on Gawker media sites than all other writers combined, according tothis.

Apparently Zimmerman’s role at Whisper will be to help get the brand’s name out there. USA Today reported on the startup, saying:

Whisper has seen explosive growth. Membership has swelled to more than 3 million using the app from just 500,000 six months ago. Monthly page views have ballooned to 2.5 billion from about 500 million in the same period. All of this points to a new craze around anonymous social sharing.

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