Missing Teen Charged With Murdering Boss: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sarah Brooke Gonzales McLinn Hal Sasko Lawrence, Kansas. Pizza Shop


Sarah McLinn, 19, had been missing from her home in Lawrence, Kansas since January 14. Three days later, on January 17, that the dead body of Harold Sasko was found at the residence. She was found in Florida on January 25, alive and unharmed. Now she has been charged with the murder of Sasko, reports The Topeka Capital-Journal.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was Found Driving Sasko’s Car

After a missing person search, McLinn was found alive and well in Florida, reports Kansas First News. It’s reported that she had been driving Sasko’s, 2008 Nissan Altima, when she was found. McLinn’s sister, Ashley, told The Capital-Journal: “We’re just grateful right now that she was found, and we just want to thank everybody for the prayers. I obviously think they paid off.” Ashley McLinn didn’t speculate what her sister was doing in Florida.

2. She Worked For Sasko

The deceased man, Harold Sasko, was the owner, proprietor of two Cici’s pizza restaurants in Topeka. One of his employees was Sarah McLinn who worked at one of the restaurants as a waitress. He was found beaten to death in his home at 2905 West 26th Street in Lawrence (above). His family had raised the alarm when Sasko never showed up to meet his sister earlier in the day on January 17, reports News 6 Lawrence.

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3. She Was Found at a National Park

Police have not described the details of how they found McLinn, at a Florida National Park, according to Fox Kansas City. They have not yet extradited McLinn back to Kansas, providing she doesn’t fight it, she could arrive back in Kansas this week. Police have not speculated on a motive for the murder but have said they believe the perp used an “edged weapon” in the attack.

4. She May Have Had Drugs On Her When She Was Found

Fox Kansas reports that McLinn was in possession of a “controlled substance” when she was arrested by police.

5. McLinn Also Took Sasko’s Dog

She’s a 2012 graduate of Topeka High School. It’s reported that she also took Sasko’s dog, Oliver, with her when she escaped to Florida.

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