OSU Evacuated After Reports of a Bomb Threat

OSU Bomb Threat Multimodal Monroe Parking Garages Evacuation Bomb Threat


Part of Oklahoma State University was evacuated following reports of a possible threat that made via phone call at 8:45 a.m., reports Fox 23.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Evacuation Was ‘Precautionary’

The college released a statement on their website:

9:55 a.m. February 13, 2014- The OSU Multimodal is being evacuated as a precautionary measure. During this time the public is being asked to stay away from both the Multimodal and Monroe street parking garage.

Police and fire are on the scene and investigating a possible threat at the facilities at Hall of Fame and Monroe.

2. A Bomb Threat Came From a Woman

According to campus safety officer Mike Robinson, the call came in from a woman to a campus phone, not the police. She specified the building when giving the treat, Robinson said the call came from a local phone number.

3. No Explosives Were Found

Police and firefighters have responded in force to the scene, reports News OK. After an initial sweep by campus police, sniffer dogs and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol were called to the scene, reports KOCO-TV.

4. The Public Were Told to Stay Away

The public were asked to stay away from the Multimodal and Monroe Street parking garages. The Multimodal garage is the terminal for the campus park-and-ride system.

5. In 2012, OSU Broke its Enrollment Record

OSU Bomb Threat Multimodal Monroe Parking Garages Evacuation Bomb Threat


The school has a student body of over 23,000 and a staff of over 1,800. In 2012, NewsOK reported that OSU had its highest enrollment ever at 23,459.

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