Boston University Basketball Coach Accused of Bullying: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Boston University’s women’s basketball coach, Kelly Greenberg, is facing fresh allegations that she’s been bulling some of her players, reports The Boston Globe. At least one player has quit the school as a result of what she saw as “emotional abuse,” and several others have quit the team.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Her Accuser Was Called ‘High-Maintenance’ & ‘Selfish’

Melissa Gallo Kelly Greenberg

Melissa Gallo felt like she wasn’t a part of the team due to Greenberg’s alleged bullying. (Facebook)

Former guard for the team, Melissa Gallo, told ABC News in a tell-all interview, “Her treatment was very inconsistent. Some days she wouldn’t even acknowledge your existence. She would make you feel so unbelievably invisible, like you weren’t even in the room, like you weren’t a part of the team.”

Gallo left the team at the end of the regular season this year. She says that while she was with the team, Greenberg would constantly make her cry and referred to her as “high-maintenance” and “selfish.” Finally, Gallo accuses Greenberg of destroying her love of basketball.

2. She Was the Target of a Bullying Probe in 2008

In 2008, Greenberg was also accused of bullying members of her team. As a result of the allegations, two scholarship students quit the team. The school conducted an internal investigation but no further action was taken.

3. There Was a Rally of Support for Greenberg on Campus Over the Weekend

On Saturday, March 8, a group of 30 supporters gathered on campus at BU to support Greenberg amid these new allegations. Among the group were current and former players.

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4. She’s a BU Legend

She’s a highly decorated coach, having begun at BU in 2004 when she was appointed head coach. In 2009, she was voted the America East conference’s Coach of the Year. During that season, BU went 16-0 in conference games.

5. Greenberg Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

According to her LinkedIn page, Greenberg was in an English major at La Salle, graduating in 1989. During her senior year, she captained the schools basketball team to a No.18 ranking in the country. Her LinkedIn page also states that she volunteers for Habitat For Humanity and enjoys gardening in her spare time.

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