The 20 Richest People in the World

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  1. All the money in the world does not give these women a sense of style. hire stylist for your hair and clothes please and more power to you if you can sleep with such older men.

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  5. Dear sir,
    I am Rohit chakma from India. Now I am reading in class X. Sir, I belonged to a poor family, my father is not able to give my school fees with his meagre income. I stood first in my class I am very fond of learning . Sir, if you can please help me.
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  8. I’m a 19 years old from South Africa, matriculated in 2013 with a bachelors degree ( mathematics and sciences), i could go further due to lack of finance. I’m looking for a job of any kind so that I can be able to pay for my studies. I’m a first learner and passionate about riching my dreams. If you can help please reach me at my email …… ( )…….

  9. I’m a 19 years old from South Africa, matriculated in 2013 with a bachelors degree ( mathematics and sciences), i couldn’t go further due to lack of finance. I’m looking for a job of any kind so that I can be able to pay for my studies. I’m a fast learner and passionate about riching my dreams. If you can help please reach me at my email …… ( )…….

  10. Dear sir/madam?

    I kindly write to you expressing my sorrow. I am a very sad Kenyan, full of depression. This has, since ten years ago, put me in a position of committing suicide. I consider this operation as my best choice of releasing and relieving myself. When i look the far i have come from while suffering in life, tears start rolling down the cheeks. This is because i always imagine how painful it is for one to be made redundant by his legal parents the way it happened to me. However, i was abandoned from home at the age of 9 in the year 2004. Soon after that shelter, food and clothes became a burden for me. Even as i speak, i am still thinking and planning to eliminate myself in this world so that my parents could enjoy as they wanted wherever they are. It’s very much painful for me. I can’t go beyond the ides of march. Even now i don’t stay at home. I left home 10yrs ago. But i stay on the street of Nairobi city where i spend the whole night with my colleagues of the same calibre, just begging. The few clothes i was given by my friend, who is a catholic, are with him. He keeps for me. He can’t do much to help me since he’s also poor. This matter is getting more worse. Where can i run to? I reported the matter to the government of my country Kenya ten years down the line but no steps were taken upto now. I made up my mind and realised that i have no right to live at all at all. This is how i arrived at my decision to commit suicide. My health is in a very pathetic state. My dreams were shuttered. I wanted to become an accountant professionally. Is there anyone in this world who can make me realise my dream and even make my dream come true? I need shelter and education seriously. God knows the rest (food and clothes). I have realised that i may die any time from now but i can’t resist it since i am deeply hurt.
    I confess that i am a very angry lad and so i can’t afford to go beyond the ides of march before i commit suicide unless you intervene with good reasons. I feel embarrassed, annoyed and irritated. I need a peace of mind, please. I am more concerned about education and shelter/house than anything else. I have many a times googled on internet in search of university sponsorship but always in vain. I even tried consulting the government’s ministry of education while looking for a sponsor and or scholarship but i didn’t succeed yet i have an exemplary performance at high school whose certificate i got by selling ten buckets of water at a hundred kenya shillings equivalent to almost one euro during weekends to pay school fees. But just after coming out of high school, i had to hustle again to complete the fee balance so as to get the school certificate. While hoping to get a sponsor who is gonna educate me to the university, things did not go as i expected till now thus leaving me with the option of committing suicide. This worries me alot. I just look how people come from university and get a job through what i can claim to be corruption yet they didn’t even perform well at high school level. I therefore kindly plea heed for your much consideration into my application. Otherwise, all is not well with me. I am seeking for a sponsor/foster parent who is ready to go down with me. Best regards.

    Yours at heart,
    Zakaria Akanga.

  11. I get excited when I read or hear about rich people this is simply because of the awesome responsibility that goes with being rich even though I have never been rich.
    I have seen rich people work harder than everyone and meeting people’s needs.I wish to be rich so I can become a conduit of blessing and great relief to so many poor people.
    I was in an old populated farm settlement few weeks ago and saw uneducated kids littered the streets my heart was so broken.I move further to find out from their parents why these promising kids are not in school and the reply were there was no school close by and they could not afford sending these children out of the community.
    I went back home and took stock of how much it was going to cost to build a nursery and a primary school with a bus picking these kids every morning to school with few good teachers paid to help them.And in my calculation I arived at $50,000.00.For days I was sleepless because of my dream of stating a school for these kids.I made a vow of commitment that I will be the answered prayer of these suffering parents and kids if God will by His mercy put the above amount of money in my hands by building a school for these kids who are willing to go to school and be educated but had no school in this community to attend.
    May God hear the prayers of these poor parents and their children and raise a rich man to undertake this task.

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  12. Dear sir/mam.My name is vikram singh.i am from india..Sir Actually i belongs to very poor family.Sir My family consists my mother father sister,my wife and i have a 1years kid also.Dear sir i am working in a pharma company where my salary is Rs 20000.Sir we are living in a rented house.i am only source of income in my father is Ex employ of police.My mother and my wife un employ.Dear sir my father is diabetes and having some multiple diseases also my mother is also heart patient. Dear sir all responsibility on my head wheather its is electricity bill or water bill or medicine or food item.Dear sir parents wants we build or buy our own house but sir i have zero saving.if i give my full life to my company where i work,then i can’t deposits such a amount to buy a house.Sir my parents is above 62years,i really wants to help my parents and give some happiness to him but i have nothing.i try everywhere but i don’t find any way.i know sir this wrong i am requesting you for money.but i love my parents and really wants to give a surprising gift to him in a shape of small and well furnished house to him.i know sir this is small thing for you but for me my parents is everything. Dear sir every year you give lot of donations,sir i don’t want too much money.i just wants a small amount where i give something’s to my parents and give better future to my child.Dear sir/mam i am not a fake person or a fraud.i just love my family.This time a am very helpless.thats why i mail you.sir if you have any doubt on me,i give you my full detail my address my contact number my family details. sir please kindly do the need full if possible.This is my contact number sir.09796736504.looking forward for your valuable support

  13. spiritually I am the richest on planet earth, why because I believe in my GOD who is the uncreated CREATOR. RICHER THAN ANY MINERAL…G-O-D!!!!!!!

  14. Receive much greetings from kenya East africa.Due to an pandemic disease of HIV AIDs it has let to fatherless thus i have started an orphanage & school to provide for basic needs and educational skill as the child right states.
    So iam appealing for help.

  15. iam a student living in west africa country,sierra leone,but the suport for my education is very low that is why iam asking for help and i dont have alvance communication that is why i have gave my phone number to you.