April Jace: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

April Jace, Michael Jace


April Jace, a 40-year-old mother of three, was shot dead in her Los Angeles home last night. Cops have charged her husband — Shield actor Michael Jace — on suspicion of homicide and held him on $1 million. April Jace was reportedly shot while two of her children were home.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Couple’s 2 Kids Were Home at the Time of the Shooting

April Jace, Michael Jace


TMZ reports that the kids, both under the age of 10, were at the police station for four hours before Children’s Services arrived to pick them up and bring them to a family member’s house.

2. April & Michael Jace Were Married For More Than 10 Years

April Jace, Michael Jace


April Jace posted this picture on her Facebook page on June 8, 2013, with the caption “Happy 10 yr anniversary to us!”

April Jace even defeneded her husband during his divorce from ex-wife Jennifer Bitterman. TMZ reports April Jace said her husband was a good father to their children, in spite of allegations that he choked and hit Bitterman and threw her into a wall in front of their child.

3. April Jace Was a Mother of 3

April Jace, Michael Jace

April Jace and her son, Savoy Brown, at Brown’s high school graduation in 2013. (Facebook)

In addition to the two children April had with Michael, she has a teenaged son, Savoy Brown, from a previous relationship with a man also named Savoy Brown.

April’s Facebook page includes several photos from her son’s high school graduation in June of 2013.

4.She Worked at a Christian University

April Jace worked as a financial aid counselor at Biola University, a private Christian University 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles in La Mirada, Calif. Biola University is a small school, with just over 4300 undergraduates enrolled. The school said its financial aid office will be closed today out of respect for April Jace.

According to TMZ, April Jace had a degree in early childhood/adolescence development.

5. April Jace Was a Runner





April Jace enjoyed running. She posted photos of her “track family” on Facebook and participated in a Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race in which competitors must crawl, jump and run through a three-mile course.

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