Anissa Weier Photos: The Pictures You Need to See

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  1. She’s not adult, she and Morgan deserves a second chance. Less

    years and be treated like a child. What is wrong with this world?

    They’ve done something really bad but they’re still childs. C’mon,

    the real one’s that have to be in jail are the stupid creepypastas

    creators that scares kids. Why the fck the people create these

    horror things for kids and then cry when these things happen?

    Create peace if you wanna see peace in childrens, not stupid

    characters full of blood and scary stories. They just make this

    world worst. Can’t you all stupid people see? The kids are what

    society create, blame society. They were scared remember Anissa

    saying “I’m scared. … I was told if I didn’t do something…my

    family would be in danger.” You’re making this. Put Slenderman

    creator in jail not two kids, that would be better.