Brendan Tevlin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 19-year-old college student murdered in New Jersey has been called a “martyr” after his killer admitted committing the crime to avenge the deaths of Muslims in the Middle East.

The murder of Brendan Tevlin has been held up as a wakeup call that “domestic terrorism is already here.”

On June 25 police found Tevlin’s body in a parked SUV in West Orange, New Jersey. He had been shot dead, and authorities were puzzled about who would kill a beloved teenager called by friends and acquaintances a “model citizen.”

On July 18 police in West Orange, New Jersey, arrested Ali Muhammad Brown, 29, who has since confessed to Tevlin’s murder and three others in Washington State, saying all were committed in response to U.S. military action in the Islamic world.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Tevlin Was Ambushed & Shot 8 Times

Sometime around midnight on the morning of July 25, Tevlin was shot while sitting in the driver’s seat of an SUV while waiting at a stoplight in West Orange.

The windows on both the driver and passenger’s side were shattered. His body was found in the car at around 1:30 a.m.

He had been shot eight times.

brendan tevlin

At around 11:30 p.m., Tevlin had left a friends house where he was playing video games. WTVR reports that around that time he also texted his mother, telling her he was headed home.

The car was found around a mile away from Seton Hall prep, where he graduated high school.

2. No One Could Imagine Why Someone Would Murder Him

At the time, CBS 6 cited investigators as saying they believed Tevlin was specifically targeted by his killer.

No one, friends or family, could imagine a motive for the brutal murder of the beloved teen. In the news report above, they express their confusion and disbelief.

One of his college friends described Tevlin’s loving personality in a letter to his mother:

Even in his quieter moments, if you looked at Brendan just right, you could get that smile out of him. It was the kind where his cheeks moved all the way up his face, right up to his squinting, bright blue eyes. When you looked at him with this smile on his face you felt warm, comfortable, and just happy. You couldn’t help but to smile back.

3. Tevlin Was a Model Student & Citizen

brendan tevlin


Tevlin, born and raised in Livingston, New Jersey, was home in the quiet suburb after finishing his freshman year at University of Richmond.

He graduated from Seton Hall prep, where he was a very popular and well-liked student. Speaking to NBC, his former calculus teacher said that he “was an ‘A’ student, very conscientious.”

He loved to surf, play lacrosse, and was a talented bagpipe musician.

According to his obituary, at Seton Hall Tevlin was …

… a member of the National Honor Society, Lacrosse Team, Ambassador’s Club, Knights of Setonia and the Gaelic Club, where he served as president. He also served on the Student Council and was a member of the Math Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society and recipient of the Monsignor Tuohy Award for having achieved a GPA of over 4.0 for all four years at Seton Hall. He was also a Eucharistic minister at Seton Hall Prep.

Tevlin left behind his parents, Michael and Allison Tevlin, and siblings, Michaela, Brian and Sean.

4. His Killer Said Tevlin’s Murder Was ‘a Life for a Life’

ali muhammad brown mugshot, brendan tevlin murder

On July 18 police arrested Ali Muhammad Brown for committing a robbery in West Orange. He was later implicated in Tevlin’s murder and three murders in Washington State.

During police interviews, Brown said he had targeted all his victims in retaliation for the lives of Muslims killed by American military action overseas.

ali muhammad brown

Above is an excerpt from the interview. Below, the court document that includes the interview.

5. A Radio Host Has Made Tevlin’s Death a Battle Cry Against Domestic Terrorism

Todd Pettengill, a former WWE announcer and now a morning host with WPLJ radio in New Jersey, is outraged that the media has largely ignored the terrorism angle in Tevlin’s story.

On September 10, the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, Pettengill delivered an eight-minute on-air monologue calling attention to Tevlin’s case. Listen to Pettengill’s thoughts above.

His call to action resulted in Fox News and other outlets devoting segments to Tevlin and Pettengill’s crusade. On September 12, the hashtag “#BrendanTevlin” trended on Twitter.

A Facebook page in Tevlin’s honor, “Good Vibes and Easy Living,” can be found here.

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  1. Correction:
    Here are 5 Facts you need to know about Brendan Tevlin:
    1. He was a model student and member of the community
    2. He was always a positive kid with a smile on his face
    3. He didnt have an enemy in the world; he got along with everyone.
    4. He comes from a good, large family that doubled as his close friends.
    5. He was active in the church, with community service, and with surfing, playing the bagpipes, club sports. He was a good, well rounded person, and should be remembered by the legacy he left.

    Those are 5 of many facts you need to know about Brendan Tevlin.

  2. All of you need to shut the fuck up. Yes, it is tragic that someone was shot, but, many people are killed daily. Only now are you Livingstein jews concerned because it happened in your fucking prep school neighborhood. You all are soft and spineless. Throw all of you fucking people into a town like Irvington and you people wouldn’t last a day.

    • What is wrong with you? no one asked about fucking irvington. soft and spineless? For grieving over the loss of a loved one? you’re sick. who gives a shit if this happened in a prep school area or in the fucking ghetto… it’s still an absolute tragedy. take your discussing and heartless comments elsewhere.

    • We work hard to be sure out families don’t have to live in places like Irvington Newark or east orange. It’s all a matter of where you set your standards. We work our butts off to be sure we are educated and that our children have education. It was not handed to me like a welfare check. I actually work for my paycheck.

      • but i agree that whoever said this “We work hard to be sure out families don’t have to live in places like Irvington Newark or east orange. It’s all a matter of where you set your standards. We work our butts off to be sure we are educated and that our children have education. It was not handed to me like a welfare check. I actually work for my paycheck.” is a racist fuck head who has no idea about the world

        • The real word is what you make it. walking around blameing the whites for you own problems, well that is this panty waste way out.

    • @landlinegamiing. Go back to your videogames and remain in immature arsehole. Fyi not everyone who lives in Livingston is Jewish, in fact less than 50%. You obviously don’t read… the news reports all say that he graduated from Seton Hall Prep (not exactly a “Jewish ” school). Just how many Jewish kids do you know that hang out at an Irish Club and play the bag pipes? Go back under your troll bridge and stay there!!!!

    • What do you care, and why did you bother to post (@landlinegaming)? As a family member, what we care about is that Brendan was a good kid and didnt deserve his life being taken away. For those who knew him, he touched the lives of many and left a legacy of love and kindness. My goal is to let that live on, and I pray for haters like you to catch his contagious smile and personality to try to eliminate the hate and discrimination in this world. He loved everyone he met and wouldnt wish his fate upon anyone. Lifes too short for negitivity.

      • And yes, people are killed daily. Doesnt mean any is more or less significant than the other. But some, like Brendan’s case, were out of the blue to a good and innocent kid who avoided controversy.

        • i keep hearing that the person “avoided controversy” is that a virtue? i’m not kidding !!! I fight with the courage of my convictions for everything i believe in and do not back down if it gets controversial. i just mean that, in general, avoiding controversy is rather weak (to me) . If you dont stand for something, you’ll fall for anything type of idea there.

          • I think you are completely taking this out of context in your search to find something to be offended by. What they meant by “avoided controversary” was that he was a good, smart, hardworking kid with many positive attributes, hobbies and interests. He is not the type to be disliked nonetheless have someone seek him out to harm him. I’m glad you’re a righteous person but you are completely taking this out of context and critiquing a kid who had so much going for him for no good reason. Out of respect for the family, please take your self-righteous comments elsewhere.

            • wow. so many assholes, so little time. that could not have BEEN more polite, btw. i just kept reading the same phrase, over and over and i honestly thought ” GENERALLY SPEAKNG: is avoiding controversy a good thing?” now, if u can take an honest, GENERAL question and turn it into a brawl, than you need more help than 20 shrinks can give you and i have no more time for your ignorant ass. please. why don’t U shut up ? and again, for the THIRD time — i was responding, in general, to the PHRASE — not to him as a person. reading comprehension — try it.

          • By “avoiding controversy” I meant he settled things with words and not actions, and that he was more of an educated debater than fighter.

    • whoa, ease up, pup. i live in a comfy, white suburb — that does not make me anti-black. This is the whole problem here —- people want to make out like all whites are bad or all blacks are bad. c’mon, anyone with sense knows better. PS i live near a serious, dangerous ghetto (people shot and stabbed on the regular, almost daily) — i also drive there, walk there, visit there……. and i am white, and no one has killed me. because i treat people like PEOPLE.

    • This site should not allow sick people to comment on this story. It’s a terrible thing that happened and unless you have something kind to say or are reaching out in support for Brendan’s loved ones, you should keep your disgusting comments to yourself. Losing a family member under these situations is something no one should have to go through and anything but love and support here should be removed immediately by It’s truly sickening.

    • I never heard a great speech that ever started with “All of you need to shut the fuck up”. I guess that’s how the Irvington chapter of Toastmasters teaches folks to be persuasive.

      I think you miss the point of the story. It’s bigger than the kid who died. There are terrorists among us. They are hell-bent on killing us, and we have a government that denies to even recognize it.

      Targeting the “Livingston Jews”? Sounds like how hate crimes get started. Anyway, the Jews in Livingston have something you don’t have in Irvington. 5000 years of moral behavior and obedience to God, not to mention a dad in every home. Maybe that’s why they deserve to enjoy a peaceful neighborhood.

      Throw a guy like you into a town like Livingston, and you wouldn’t be able to hold a civil, constructive conversation. That’s why you’re in Irvington, and always will be. See, it’s not the Jews’ fault. It’s yours.

    • This isn’t about who it is. It’s the fact about what it was. It’s domestic terrorism. The goal isn’t to be divided but, unite and try to get the word out so we can prevent these kind of things.

    • You are a moron. The whole point is that the only murders that get the medias attention is when some black kid gets killed by ANYONE. Even if that black kid was a low life piece of shit that contributed nothing to society and never would. You are a racist piece of shit and karma will take care of you!

    • Fuck you scum bag, if it was a black kid shot by a white your scum king racisit Al scum bag Big Al would have riots in the streets.

      • Did you go to school. Do you know how to act or speak in a civilized manner or are you the animal you seem to be. You are foul and disgusting

    • Shame on you you foul mouth ignorant waste of a human being. Your attitude and foul mouth are a dead giveaway of the piece of trash you are

    • yeah people are killed everyday asshole but the media and liberal douchbags decide which ones to sensationalize,example:A thug robs a convinence store roughs up a clerk then attacks a cop going for his gun and unfortunely winds up dead result?Media lies and distortion result in riots,vandalism,and death yes death and it’s just getting started.Question: why has the Tevlin murder by jihadist been swept under the rug?What about the beheader in oklahoma?and for that matter how about major workplace violence hassan?how about the two new black panthers fergeson bomb plot,terrorism charges?doubt it .so I think you’re the one who should shut the fuck up.oh by the way eric frein has already been charged with terrorism

  3. I think this was a case of failed hijacking again. And probably the perpetrators are from Irvington or Newark. So much for gun laws working out for New Jersey

  4. No matter what color or where he lived its about another young person killed !! This world is out of control with killing people

    • THIS is the truth. It saddens me to see such ugliness on this page. A young mans life has been taken. He has a family and friends who love him very much. That’s what should be the focus. Their grief and Brendans lifer. Not all of this name calling and hatred. Such things are what leadto the ugliness of not caring for our fellow human beings. If we treat one another in such brutal ways we are becoming dangerously close to becoming like the animals that commit these kind of atrocities. Let’s not. Rest in Peace Brendan.

      • I agree had to do with money drugs or gang initiation, he doesn’t seem like the drug user type, i think someone picked him off, or was shot by a new gang member, a disturbing reality of life now sensless killings happening everyday and they complain the death penalty is to harsh.

        • There is so much hate on this page. Everyone is looking for a motive or trying to blame it on the location, race, religion, or whatever. All of you need to wake up to the terrorism threat we are facing RIGHT NOW. These people don’t care who they kill so long as they kill someone. And they will not stop. So all of you are just as vulnerable as Brendan. There is no safe place anymore.

  5. Landline gaming: Let me tell you one thing! Why don’t you shut up! I doesn’t matter what ehnicity, race, religious background! HE DID NOT DESERVE TO BE KILLED FOR ANY REASON! You on the other hand! Be careful of the bad vibe that you have! It will come back to you!

  6. Another thing! Landgame! Go to Northern Ireland and talk that shit! YOU!!!! WOULD BE DEAD IN FIVE MINUTES! You are a spinless pig!

  7. This has drug deal written all over it. Seems like they were trying to cop or maybe robbed someone for money. Or drugs . The kids who ran away perhaps were the ones who setup the robbery and this poor kid was just their ride. His phone didn’t provide clues leading me to believe the friends set it up and watched as Brendan paid with his life for their greediness. I’m speculating but what else could have happened? This explains why these runners haven’t come forward as they are complicit to murder and could and should be charged themselves of murder. Poor kid was prolly terrified driving full of bullets trying to escape in vain not knowing his fate was sealed. Drugs or money is the motivator behind this I know it.

    • I know the family. My sons were team mates of this young man. This kid was not doing a deal. He was on his way home. Many of the other posts here made me upchuck in my mouth. This young man was a great kid, from a great family. Please show some decorum.

    • If you don’t know him, you don’t know shit. You cant speculate. It may seem one way, but the authorities know what they are doing. And if you knew Brendan, you would know that it wouldnt be that simple.

    • Hell of a speculation. VERY far fetched and ridiculous. Since you claim to know what was on his phone were there messages of said drug deal?

      The kid was probably targeted for robbery or gang initiation. And those “runners” very well could be the suspects, ever thought of that?

  8. As a SEAL, just two minutes with landlinegaming….
    Hope I’m wrong but this could be another “undocumented hate crime” perpetrated against an innocent white kid. There have been several similar attacks in recent years that are not being reported by the media.
    Sounds like Mr. Tevlin was driving home, these two thugs spotted him and shot/killed him simply because he was white.

    • You got that right. The Bloods in West Orange walk around chanting ’88’ while fantasizing about killing ‘whitey.’ 88 to the neo-National Socialists means either a code for HH/Heil Hitler (H is the eighth letter in the alphabet) or something about 88 precepts. Google 14/88, as it’s a sign off for those types. Both sides see it as a symbolic number. Brendan had eight bullets fired into his body, and he was clearly NOT jewish. They wanted to execute a *white* guy, an Aryan, not some jew in West Orange, which is the home of the ADL. Brown knew the justice system was catching up to him and probably figured he’d go inside in style, get as high status as he could for his ritual killing. Poor Brendan, what a sweet looking boy he was.

  9. Before posting, everyone should remember this:

    This is an absolutely devastating tragedy. The life of an intelligent, hardworking and driven young man was cut short – way too short. He was a brother, a son, a friend, and an all around good kid. Regardless of how, who or why: nobody deserves to have a life cut short, and no family or friend deserves to suffer the pain of losing a loved one. Remember before you post that their are grieving loved ones of Brendan out there who deserve respect. Rest in paradise<3

  10. NJ NO one is safe this young man was only 19 whoever did this will should get death by lethal
    injection oh thats right NJ doesnt have it hummmmmmm

  11. its never the bad kids that get it this kid prob did nothing and he was shot for it NJ is full of awful nasty rotten people cant wait to leave it forever its a DUMP!!!!!!!!

  12. I cannot believe this is this area like Paterson or newark where no white people can go? also camden and trenton they are charming areas too OMG NJ discusting place ……….

  13. yes watch it folks NJ is dangerous place esp stay out of Paterson newark camden trenton passaic irvington well i could go on and on and on geeez sleazy state not 2 mention
    the HIGH property taxes thank you GOV FATSO !

  14. they shot this boy cause he was “white irish” ? WTF ???? let me guess what color the shooter was in NJ ??? u can just imagine?

  15. From what we know today, this was a wonderful kid from a wonderful family who was brutally slain. People on here should be ashamed of the stuff that is posted. A young man lost his life. Apparently he did nothing to deserve his fate. He didnt hate blacks, Jews or anyone else. He texted his Mom that he was on his way home. The monsters that took his life deserve not one minute of consideration and I trust they will be identified and will receive the punishment they so richly deserve. This has nothing to do with class warfare, religious differences, or anything of the sort. It was a mean spirited taking of a good life by some low lifes that need to be dealt with.

    • It’s fair that the friends and loved ones of Brendan be respected and that people keep their comments separate from the actual victim. But you seem to suggest that the whites who are being victimized all over this state and country (and I mean white, not jewish or even Italian) somehow *deserved* their fates, which often includes death, lynching, rape, etc.

      Sorry, but that’s disrespectful to the victims.

  16. Brendan was a good kid and an innocent victim of a random selfish act, confirmed by the news. Rest in Peace, Brendan. We love you.

  17. This piece of shit needs to be executed. Period. Hell won’t be hot enough for this animal.

    Rest in peace, Brendan.


  18. Serious people? He was someone’s son, brother,etc have some respect! It’s hatred like this that is the cause for this fucking shit! All these comments bring everything into it? A teenager was murdered what don’t you get… Fucking arseholes…

    • You are wrong. Now you can get higher than a 4.0 if you take college-level courses in high school. It’s a method of showing that getting a 3.0 with a bunch of college courses is better than a 4.0 of shop and home-ec.

  19. Where is Tawana Sharpton now? Where is Jesse Jackass now? Where is MSDNC now? This filthy Islamic scum is what liberals seek to import every day.

  20. I never comment on these things, but ALMOST ALL OF YOU are missing or failing to see what is right in front of you. This young man was killed simply because he was an American. Nothing more, nothing less. The savage who killed him admitted that he killed him and others as an act of revenge. Not drugs, not anything else! For those of you who feel that it’s just one white kid, shame on you. We all should be ANGRY because he could have been anyone’s child. This seperation of race bs needs to stop. We need to be angry any time a innocent person is killed, I could careless what color they are or where the live!

  21. Godamn scum bag who deserves to be sodomized for the rest of his life in Rikers Island. Let’s see allah save his ass there!!!!

  22. If I were the parents, I would hunt down his entire family and slaughter them, after which I would him killed. All weapons and billets would have to be dipped in pig blood so they cannot have a clean death. Enough is enough!

  23. The murderrs in wa state bet be found to be maybe a hate crime. heard the 3 were gay. u know homosexual. and mohammed brown a black muslim age 29. bet not the upstanding member of new jersey community. more than to kill cbuse of war retakiation. but read the koran why they hate and kill those who see as infidels. 2 bad welcome these pigs to live and do what do in our usa. what a waste. and pity the parents loss going thru.

  24. This is what happens when you outlaw guns—–

  25. Take all these pieces of CRAP, send them back to their war-torn mess of a country, then seal the borders so they CAN’T COME BACK!

  26. sounds like a mental head case creating scenarios. if he wanted to prove a point he would have targeted more people and not have ran, or did this at a late time of night… this would have been done in broad daylight, in front of a crowd, with zero regret. Thats how those people operate. Seems to me like this is some lowlife who got caught shooting and killing someone at night as part of a gang, who is now making up false stories to look relevant because he’s mentally deranged.

    • Essex County is making up stories to prevent the northwestern Europeans people of New Jersey from realizing we’re the targets of Diversity crimes. The jews don’t want anyone to know this. If you want the real story on black on ‘white’ crime, just ask any fair blonde or redhead who’s had to hang out in a major east coast city, or Essex County for that matter.

  27. If obuma had a son he would look like ali mahhamnd brown. It’s time to run these muslims out, including the kenyan in the White House. The politicians are too busy kissing their asses, welfare, food stamps, housing etc; don’t they realize once they have the majority the politicians will be run out of town. This scum bag has been knocking people off left and right, behead the bastard.