Jerad Miller: The YouTube Videos You Need to See

jerad and amanda miller, las vegas shooting, jerad miller facebook

Jerad Miller died with wife Amanda after killing two cops and an innocent bystander while declaring “revolution” on June 8 in Las Vegas.

He leaves a social media profile full of anti-government sentiment, including his USATruePatriot YouTube account.

Here are the videos you need to see.

Jerad Miller, Dressed as The Joker, ‘Runs for President’

Jerad Miller Says Cops Threatened to Kill Him While He Was naked

Jerad Miller’s Teary Message to Wife Amanda Before He Goes to Jail

Jerad Miller Is Interviewed on TV at the Cliven Bundy Ranch Standoff

Jerad Miller Gives ‘a Message to Christians About Drugs’

Jerad Miller on ‘The Golden Rule, the Only Law We Need’

Jerad Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jerad Miller and his wife, Amanda, ambushed two Las Vegas police officers then fatally shot a civilian in a nearby Walmart before killing themselves, cops said Sunday.

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Amanda Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Amanda Miller and her husband, Jerad, shot two police officers inside a Las Vegas pizza joint before killing another woman and themselves, cops said.

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Jerad & Amanda Miller: The Pictures You Need to See

Husband and wife Jerad and Amanda Miller of Indiana are the deceased suspects in a shooting that killed two police officers and another victim in Las Vegas on June 8.

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