Jeremy Meeks: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A man arrested on weapons and gang charges became famous overnight when his sexy mugshot went viral. Women all over America have liked, tweeted and lusted over Jeremy Meeks’ chiseled cheeks and Paul Walker eyes, saying the tear-drop-tattooed heartthrob should be in movies and not in jail.

Here’s what you should know about the alleged gangster who could pass for a model.

1. His Arrest Photo Has More Than 87,000 Likes & 18,000 Comments

As of Friday morning, Meeks’ dreamy mugshot had topped 62,000 likes on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page.

The comments on Meeks’ photo mainly come from women swooning over his baby blues. Check them all out here.

Adding to the mania are the many Jeremy Mekes memes making the rounds.

Stockton Police Officer Joseph Silva admitted that Stockton police had not received this much positive attention since creating their Facebook page in 2012. “I have not seen that many likes for a photo before,” he said. Other posts they have uploaded have received at most a few hundred likes, sadly, including a recent tribute to a fallen officer.

2. Cops Say He’s One of the Most Violent Criminals in the Area

Officer Silva told the Associated Press Meeks is one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.

Cops declined to reveal any information on Meeks’ past charges.

Meeks was one of four men arrested on Wednesday in a multi-agency enforcement mission called Operation Ceasefire.

The aim of the mission was to prevent shootings and robberies in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton, California, by confiscating firearms from different gang units.

Meeks will be arraigned Friday afternoon. He’s held on $900,000 bail.

3. Tear-Drop Tattoos Commonly Represent Murder

jeremy meeks, viral sexy mugshot, teardrob tattoo

Meeks told USA Today he spent time in prison for grand theft, and the teardrop tattoo on his cheek is for “something he’s not proud of.”

According to Crime Library:

The most widely accepted meaning of the teardrop is the wearer has killed someone — this is reported to have originated among the Chicano gangs of California.

4. He’s a Husband & Father & ‘Not Some Kingpin’

Jeremy R Meeks, Jeremy Meeks Mugshot

(Facebook/Jeremy R Meeks)

USA Today visited Meeks in jail and reported that when he saw his wife, she told him he was blowing up all over Facebook.

“I just want them to know that this is really not like me, I’m not some kingpin,” he said.

Jeremy R Meeks, Meeks Mugshot

(Facebook/Jeremy R Meeks)

5. His Mom’s ‘Free Jeremy’ Campaign Has Raised Over Two Thousand Dollars

jeremy meeks, viral sexy mugshot

Meeks’ mother, Katherine Angier, created a GoFundMe page to help pay for her son’s bail. So far, the campaign has raised $2,400-plus with a goal of $25,000.

Angier describes her son as a working father, and under a photo of Meeks holding the boy writes:

He has a job and … He was on his way to work. With no gang affiliations as per two of the charges. He has old tattoos..which causes him to be sterotyped. He’s my son and he is so sweet. Please help him to get a fair trial or else he’ll be railroaded.

Angier’s page has been shared 1,400-plus times on Facebook but is littered with criticism about Jeremy and his criminal past.

Justin Knoll writes:

I do not care who you are and I sure as hell won’t shut the f*ck up loser. Your whole family obv is for condoning this kinda behavior out of a 30 year old. You should be ashamed to even use this site for something like this. Disgusting. And of coarse the media blew his story out of proportion bc he somebody that means anything to anyone besides his family. It’s not like he’s some athlete and they want to make a interesting story about it.

The largest donation, $100, comes from a woman looking for a return on her investment:

Hit me up when u get out daddy, I got a list of naughty things I wanna do to you .. [phone number].

Jeremy Meeks: All the Memes You Need to See

Jeremy Meeks is the convicted felon that has captured the hearts of women all across America. The Stockton man has become a social media sensation.

Click here to read more

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  1. a charge is not a conviction – sounds like the guy is innocent to me and the cops make a habit out of charging him – he was on his way to work, for god’s sake – and a tear tattoo can have many meanings, one of them being that the person was sexually abused by another man in prison – it can also mean that someone you loved died – I’m not going to even entertain the thought that he is a violent criminal unless people who know him say so – and his mother is saying he’s very sweet – I’m waiting (tapping my foot, sighing)

  2. I can’t stop thinking how much he looks like Adriana Lima .. now, when I see her pics I will picture in action flicks a la Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider).

  3. Very lousy reporting. A few minutes on Google and the author could have easily discovered that the charges codes mean having an oversize capacity gun magazine, a felon in possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm etc. Takes a few seconds to search each code. He has spent 2 years in prison not 9, a teardrop tattoo, according to a corrections officer, commonly means a loved one has died while you were incarcerated. Steve Tyler had one has anyone assumed he is a murderer?

  4. Seriously this Meeks guy women are raving about he’s a criminal with street terrorism charges and other violent charges to his name are people that stupid !!! That if your good looking it doesn’t matter what you do I bet it would be different if he raped or murdered your daughter or son Meeks what a joke

    • I can’t believe that these women believe he is innocent because of his looks. His record is ridiculous. This just shows what the world is coming to.

  5. O.K., maybe 1 felony is the result of a bad choice (not a mistake). But, the guy (dad) is a loser. That is 7 felony charges. Most people go throughout their entire lives with 0! Just a bunch of dumb, horny woman looking at booking photos and cat videos.

  6. You’re all morons. He’s had his second chance, why don’t you Google his charges before you post a retarded comment about his innocence. Do any of you even realize what that teardrop tattoo means? IT SIGNIFIES MURDER, AS IN, HE’S MURDERED ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. It’s not on his record because he obviously got away with it, and was proud enough about it to tell the world by tattooing it on his face. LOOK AT HIS MULTIPLE CHARGES THAT HE HAS BEEN CONVICTED OF IN THE PAST. For all the present charges, DO YOU REALLY THINK HE WAS CHARGED FOR ALL OF THESE CRIMES, AND HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY DO THEM?! IDIOTS.The only contribution he’s made to society is making the streets more dangerous than they already are.

    • No, we’re not morons. Innocent until proven guilty. Cops often harass people and arrest people just because. Meanwhile, cops rarely intercede when needed. They’re too afraid. Instead, they arrest people in order to fill quotas and to keep themselves busy.