Justin Ross Harris: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A married Georgia man charged with murder last month after leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car all day was “sexting” with a 17-year-old girl while his son was in the car, authorities revealed Thursday.

Justin Ross Harris, a 33-year-old Marieatta resident, told cops he left his son Cooper in his car while he was at work at Home Depot’s corporate offices on June 18. But days later, cops said there was much more to the case than a tragic accident, and a judge ruled Thursday that there was probable cause to try Harris with felony murder.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Harris & His Wife Searched for Information About How Long it Would Take for a Person to Die in a Car

Justin Ross Harris, murder, 22-month-old son, dead in car

(Facebook/Ross Harris)

Search warrants obtained by investigators say Harris had researched how hot it needed to be inside a car for a child to die, claiming he was afraid this could happen to his son. WSB-TV reported that Justin Ross Harris’ wife searched for the same information online. You can read the contents of the search warrants here:

CNN reported that the couple was having financial problems and had taken out two insurance policies on Cooper: one for $25,000 and one for $2,000. According to People, Ross Harris left instructions for his family on how to file the claims needed to get the money from the life insurance claims on Cooper.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,Harris and his wife were renting a condo in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, but were hoping to buy a home for themselves and Cooper. Joe Saini, the couple’s landlord, called them, “very, very nice” people, saying:

Everything was going right for this couple. They wanted to buy a house so they could have some space for their child to run around the backyard.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Harris worked as an online software engineer and IT developer for The Home Depot. He’s held that position since June 2012. Harris is a graduate of the University of Alabama, where he studied information management systems.

2. Harris Sent a Photo of His Erect Penis to a Teen Girl While Cooper Was in the Car

The lead detective in the case against Harris painted a shocking picture in a pre-trial hearing Thursday of a man cheating on his wife, dreaming of a “child-free life” and repeatedly sending naked photos of himself to other women, including a shot of his erect penis that he sent to a teenage girl while Cooper was in the car.

Harris’ attorney, Maddox Kilgore, objected to the detective’s testimony about the sexting on the grounds that it was irrelevant to Cooper’s death, but the objection was overruled.

Harris’ Twitter account also showed he tweeted about creating a “snooze button” for babies, according to The Daily Mail.

3. A Veteran Cop Said the Case ‘Shocks My Conscience as a Police Officer, Father & Grandfather’

Justin Ross Harris, Murder, 22-month-old son, car

(Facebook/Ross Harris)

What authorities initially painted as an accident has developed into a shocking case complete with allegations that Harris and his wife plotted to kill Cooper.

Two days after Cooper’s death — as the investigation was picking up steam — veteran Cobb County Police Sergeant Dana Pierce told CNN:

I’ve been in law enforcement for 34 years. What I know about this case shocks my conscience as a police officer, a father and a grandfather.

Pierce also made a statement that contradicts what reports originally included about the timeline of the incident. He said:

I cannot confirm that the child, as originally reported, was in the car at 9 a.m.

Pierce’s comments differ starkly from those made the day of Cooper’s death by District Attorney Vic Reynolds, who told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

It’s just a terrible, God-awful situation. I can’t imagine, I can’t fathom what any parent would be going through at this stage. It’s the type of case that affects the community.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Harris and his son had gone to Chik-fil-A for breakfast just hours before Cooper died. The restaurant is less than a mile away from Harris’ office.

According to WSB-TV, a toxicology report run on Cooper Harris came back negative.

4. Harris Had to Be Restrained at the Scene & Yelled ‘F*ck You at a Cop

Dale Hamilton, who witnessed Harris realizing he left son Cooper in his car after work, told WGCL-TV Harris had to be restrained by cops when he realized nothing more could be done for his son. He told WSB-TV:

He kept saying, ‘What have I done? What have I done?’ And that’s all that I could ascertain that he was saying

Police said Harris made a phone call after discovering his son was dead, but did not call 911. When an officer told him to get off his phone, Harris yelled “F*ck you!” before being handcuffed, CNN reported.

According to WGCL-TV, temperatures in Atlanta hit highs of 90 degrees the day Cooper died. The station reports temperatures inside a hot car could reach 130 to 140 degrees within a few hours.

5. A Petition to Get the Charges Dropped Has More than 11,000 Signatures

Justin Ross Harris, 22-month-old dead backseat, murder

(Facebook/Ross Harris)

When Cooper’s death was still being painted as an accident, Harris’ arrest initially ignited a debate over the consequences of leaving a child unattended and prompted an outpouring of support for Harris and his wife, Leanna.

A petition on to get the charges dropped has more than 11,000 signatures.

The petition reads, in part:

This is a horrible accident. The father loved his son immensely. These were very loving parents who are devastated. Justin already has to live with a punishment worse than death. Sending what’s left of his family in to bankruptcy to defend him against these charges is only bringing more hardship to a family that will never recover from the loss of a child.

Some of the commenters on this post either knew Harris and his family personally or worked with him. One commenter on this post, Matt Colson, described Harris as “loved by many” and assured readers the truth will be revealed. He made these comments on June 20, the same day police spoke to CNN saying new information surfaced in the investigation. Colson wrote:

Ross Harris is an exceptional human being as I know him. He is a very old friend that I once attended church, football games, and parties with. We do not keep in constant touch now but sporadically keep up. Ross is a man a God and he is loved by many. I am not using this to cast evidence on the tragedy. Mistakes happen…bad choices happen…even nefarious acts can happen and all by good people. The truth will come out here…it will. In the mean time, I thought it important to speak for my friend and just let any readers know that the man I know is a good man. I ask that you keep him and his family in your prayers and thoughts.

In a follow-up interview with Heavy, Colson, a welder in Tuscaloosa, said he considered Harris a good friend and called him “one of the nicest people I have ever met.” He said:

You’re not going to find someone who has a different opinion of Ross than I do. … Regardless of what comes out, everyone that Ross knows is going to be touched by this.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this post misidentified Justin Ross Harris as Justin Ross Taylor.

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  1. The mere fact that this man has to live the rest of his life knowing he killed his precious son is punishment enough. I truly believe he didn’t realize it and when he did he tried everything to revive him. My heart goes out to him, the mother, the grand parents and the great grandparents. That lady lost her son and she can’t even be consoled by her husband or console him. JUST AWFUL!!!!!!

  2. So, the daycare was at his work, but he drove 2 miles before noticing his child in the backseat upon leaving. So not only did he forget to drop the child off….he also forgot to pick him up?


    • “My Question,” you should be ashamed of yourself. In this fast-paced, high tech society we live in an age of distraction on all kinds of levels. Rear-facing carseats, two working parents with shared responsibilities and changing schedules, cell phones. May you never be in a situation like this, which is a horrible, heartbreaking, ACCIDENT.

          • Georgia Child Car Safety Laws
            By Stephanie Carnes
            Related Searches
            Child Car Safety
            Car Seat Laws
            Booster Seat Law
            Safety Belt Law
            Taxi Cabs
            School Busses
            Car seat laws vary from state to state. Here are Georgia’s child car safety laws.

            All children under the age of six must ride in the back seat of a car.
            Children under the age of eight are required to be in either a car seat or a booster seat (law changed as of July 1, 2011).
            If there is not a back seat in the vehicle or if other restrained children are in the back seat, Georgia law allows a child under the age of six to sit in front in a car seat or booster.
            Georgia’s Primary Safety Belt Law allows law enforcement officers to issue a citation if they observe a seat belt offense. They do not need to stop the driver for another traffic violation first.
            Failure to obey Georgia law can result in a fine of up to $50 and one point against your license per child. The second offense brings a fine of $100 and 2 license points.
            Car seat laws do not apply to children riding on school busses, in taxi cabs, or on public transportation.
            Georgia recommends these car seat guidelines for children. These recommendations are not laws.

            Children should be rear-facing until they are age one AND 20 pounds. This is a minimum guideline – the longer they are rear-facing, the better.
            After children outgrow their rear-facing car seats, they should ride in a forward-facing car seat until they are age four AND 40 pounds (check the specific guidelines of your car seat).
            When children outgrow their forward-facing car seats, they must remain in a booster seat until they are age eight. However, experts recommend children stay in a booster until they are eight AND 4 feet 9 inches tall.
            After children outgrow the booster, they should use a seat belt wherever they sit in the car. Experts recommend that children remain in the back seat until they are age 12.

      • You should be ashamed of yourself when it comes to a death of child due to neglect, I forgot, or I did not know is not a valid defense. He needs to be held liable for his neglect that cause his child to die. He is in a position of trust and he failed at his job of protecting his child and causing his death, murder charges are approited for a case like this.

          • Perhaps it helps by keeping him from making anymore children he can “forget” in a vehicle ALL DAY LONG “accidentally”… for 8 HOURS.

            • So you support eugenics. Most human beings consider that highly unethical, but hey don’t let that stop you from judging this person you know nothing about except what you read on the Internet, home of all truth. By all means, continue arguing for incarceration as a way to prevent him from reproducing.

              • Factorial, you’re a swell writer and your debate may away the ignorant fools that may oblige your argument. But, Harris and wife both looked up how long it takes to KILL an animal in a hot car and then it happens hours later after he take out a $27,000 insurance policy due? You are just concerned with being right and having people look at all facets even if you do believe he is guilty. You’re a narcissistic prick, whose only concern is to fill up your devoid of self. Fuck off dummy.

                • Nice username. Yeah, Ross was in a six figure salary job but killed his son for $27K. Let’s hope that’s the prosecution’s case too.


                  “The AJC found that a thorough reading of the transcript of the July 3 probable cause hearing suggests that prosecutors may have created a false impression by claiming that Harris searched the internet for information about children and pets dying in hot cars.”

                  “Cobb County Detective Phil Stoddard testified that Harris sat in his Hyundai Tucson for 30 seconds after parking it that morning, with his son just inches away, before heading into work. But the video shows Harris was in the car for less than 15 seconds, during which he put the vehicle in park, turned off the engine and gathered his smart phone, computer bag and drink before sliding out of the driver’s seat.”

                  If you’re honestly interested in knowing whether this man is guilty of the atrocity he’s accused of, there’s a little information you can use to start. But you’re not, you’re just an anonymous lynch mob member.

                  I’ve learned a lot from this case about making judgments based on what people on the Internet have to say. So thanks, at least, for the life lesson.

          • There are reports coming out that there is video evidence from the Home Depot office showing him go to his car during the day. He KNEW his son was in there.

            • Your second statement in no way follows from the first. Not to mention the fact that the child safety seat was rear-facing, so it would be very easy to not see a child in it. Meanwhile your faith in Ross’ all-star acting abilities when he discovered his son’s dead body is downright conspiracy theorist level. “He KNEW” you type with absolute certainty. How do you manage such confidence in the evilness of another person based only on what you read on the Internet, when friends close to him all say there’s no way he’s capable of such an atrocity? It’s astounding.

      • “Within moments of the first responders getting to the scene and doing their job and questions began to be asked about the moments that led up to their arrival at the scene, some of those answers were not making sense to the first responders,” Pierce of Cobb County Police said.

        On Thursday, Harris pleaded not guilty to felony murder and cruelty to children charges. He’s being held without bond at the Cobb County Jail.

        CNN spoke with the child’s mother, Leanna Harris, on Friday. Harris says she’s been advised not to discuss the case with the media.

        “We have been in communication with the mother throughout the investigation. At this time, I’m not at liberty to discuss her involvement. That’s a part of the case our detectives are working on,” Pierce said.

        Cobb County Medical Operations Manager Mike Gerhard confirmed that the autopsy of the child is complete, although there are some questions.

        Cobb County detectives and the medical examiner are working together to confirm the manner and cause of death, Pierce said.

        According to the arrest warrant, the temperature reached 88 degrees in the area on Wednesday. Police said medical personnel believed the child had been in the SUV since 9 a.m., as Harris said.

        But Pierce told CNN on Friday, “I cannot confirm that the child, as originally reported, was in the car at 9 a.m.”

      • Wow, the folks taking up for this joker must do the same thing except haven’t caused a death yet. When I get into my car on a hot day, the first thing I do is roll down the windows to get the hot air out then turn on the AC and roll the windows back up. This guy left a INFANT to bake for how many hours? Mistake my ass, The level of absent-mindedness required for something as dumb as this must be in the bracket level of which having kids should be illegal for this guy. I don’t care which way a seat is facing or how busy I am, I’d never forget my BABY in a car for several hours. This is a BABY, not a wallet, or a purse, this was a living, breathing person. We should be ashamed? You should be ashamed for taking up for such a irresponsible imbecile. And if I were moronic enough to get into a situation like this, I’d deserve all the blasting that comes my way. I hope you don’t kill someone by accident because things get too fast paced for you, cause it sounds like you think this sort of thing happens regularly due to the age we live in.

        • I agree. I raised two daughters, and I have 3 grandsons. Not once have I ever “forgot” my child in the car due to being distracted.

      • He should be ashamed for killing his child. How can you ever forget a child. There is not excuse. Ever. And don’t give me the crap about this high-tech, fast paced world. Baloney.

      • “Christina” – So you’re saying that while he’s busy sexting 6 different women his penis pictures that he just simply *forgot* to drop his son off at daycare? And that it just slipped his mind that his son was in the car all day because Dad had teenage boobs on his mind? And he sort of got caught caught up in the moment, wasn’t watching the clock and forgot that he had to pick his son back up from day care? And that all of this is an “accident”?? I see ……

      • Christina says you should be ashamed of yourself for not letting My Question share his point of view. Your opinion is no more important then his :(

      • Christina,
        You’re a fucking idiot. If you worry more about yourself and aren’t in the present time enough to remember your own child, it sounds to me like you need an anxiety disorder. I’ll wish that for you now.

    • You should understand that the building he works in is not the same one with the daycare facility. It’s a half mile drive between the two

    • Could you imagine driving 2 miles with the smell of death in your car, but not realize your son? Just plain “odd” behavior

  3. If he works at HD Corporate, the on site daycare center is right next to the building. Also, the employee parking is in the parking garage, not the front lot where this would have occurred. This lot is for visitors only. As an employee, he had no business parking in the visitor lot in the broiling sun. Had he parked in the garage as he was supposed to, the child would not have fried to death. He would have been hungry and thirsty, but most likely not dead. I know because I’ve been there multiple times.

    • I worked with him. There’s a second building on Cumberland Parkway (there is an HR building and building). There is no parking deck for that building. The main campus has the child care in Building A.

    • Hello Lizzy P,
      Please give this info to the detectives. Who knows, it could help. They probably thought of that but you might add a line of reasoning that could help shed light on facts. If he’s guilty he needs punishment.

  4. “Justin Ross Taylor, a 33-year-old father living in Marietta, Georgia, has been charged with murder and cruelty to children after his 22-month-old son, Cooper, died in the backseat of his car when Taylor forgot his son was in the car and went to work. Taylor desperately attempted to resuscitate his son when he returned to his car but was unsuccessful.”

    Why did you change his name?

    • just how possible? You go to Chick-fil-a (feeding your fat face), a couple blocks from your work, I suppose take your badge, etc, but forget a tiny human in your vehicle (mind you, he did not forget himself…he definitely got out of the car). You go to your car at lunch, and still forget? And miraculously after 4, even with the smell of death, you still forget until approximately 2 miles down the road??

  5. This exact same thing happened where I live in Louisville KY- the father forgot to take his young son to daycare and instead left him in the car all day while he was at work. No charges brought against him- nothing. What’s there difference here I wonder. The story sounds the exact same.

  6. Unfortunately this is much more common than anyone would believe. It just takes a change of routine, a few distractions along the way, a sleeping baby and your brain has already switched into work mode. I saw a story on Oprah about a mother who had done the same thing. The next day I was in an office car park going for an interview. A few cars away from me I saw a woman in a business suit get out of her SUV and lock it as she walked away. Just as she closed the door I thought I saw a baby’s arm go up from behind the back facing capsule. I don’t know that I would have thought anything of it if it wasn’t for the Oprah story. I caught up with the woman and asked if her baby was in her car. She looked at me as if I had asked whether there was an alien in her car. She replied with a tone that said it was none of my business, “no, my baby is at daycare”. I persisted and asked if she would mind checking and explained the Oprah story. She reluctantly went back to her car and opened the door only to stand there completely stunned looking in at her sleeping baby.The woman said that she had made an extra stop that day to drop her other child at school (her husband normally did this) and so in her mind she had already done the drop off. It was a boiling hot Australian summer day – the baby would not have survived half an hour. The mother was in total shock at what could have happened. Please don’t judge – it could happen to anyone, however good a parent they are.

    • I have read of babies and toddlers who died while being carried on the backs of parents who were shopping at outdoor flea markets on hot days. It has happened a number of times in Canton, Texas.

    • I’m sure that father and mother did not search on the Internet temps needed to kill a person. This was a calculated murder. Way too many holes in their story. Also Australia is not the US.

  7. There is nothing wrong with asking questions guys. It’s important to ask the right questions on any issue you deem important. In fact, I promote we have an intellectual obligation as reasoning humans to use critical thinking and scrutiny to their fullest b/f coming to any conclusion. So there’s that.

    Here is a 6th point I can add to the “need to know” list. Ross Harris is an exceptional human being as I know him. He is a very old friend that I once attended church, football games, and parties with. We do not keep in constant touch now but sporadically keep up. Ross is a man a God and he is loved by many. I am not using this to cast evidence on the tragedy. Mistakes happen…bad choices happen…even nefarious acts can happen and all by good people. The truth will come out here…it will. In the mean time, I thought it important to speak for my friend and just let any readers know that the man I know is a good man. I ask that you keep him and his family in your prayers and thoughts.

    • According to news reports, something made first responders suspicious of the account given by the father. Also at least one LE official has said the case is shocking. They searched his office/desk at Home Depot. They even said something about possible involvement by the mother. It is very, very puzzling.

    • Obviously he didn’t think about his child much or sometime during the day he would have thought of him in the car. Must really be a caring person. Duh.

    • …is what you have. There is a human suffering in jail right now, having accidentally killed his son, and you have the gumption to judge him in writing. Shame on you.

        • I’ve searched for much worse things before. When did he do that search? A day ago? A year ago? Two? Oh, right, you have no idea and are simply very wiling to condemn a man to life in prison and judge him to be an evil baby killer based on what you’ve read on the Internet.

          • Less then a week before. And these are not “internet” accusations. They are reports from police officers and news agencies that are being reported on the internet. Get your facts straight.

              • the “facts” were presented at the hearing on thursday morning…thanks to the “facts”, turkey-neck gets to stay right where he belongs…the only “twisted moron is you”….

                • No, the “facts” will be presented during the trial. That’s how the justice system works. But let’s not bother correcting your foolishness and get right down to brass tacks, shall we?

                  You’re confident my friend Ross, whom I’ve known for over a decade, purposefully murdered his son, right? And there’s nothing his wife, his mother, his relatives, his close friends, or anyone else who actually knows him could possibly say to convince you otherwise, right?

                  So if it were up to you, you would send this man to prison for life, or even sentence him to death, based not on the complete evidence attorneys will present in the trial, not even on the complete evidence presented during the bond hearing, but based solely on what the media has reported to you so far.

                  You would send a grieving father to his death based on what you read on blogs and saw on TV.

                  I’m sure you won’t understand this, but if everything I’ve written above is true, YOU are the monster here. YOU would take a man’s life away without giving him a fair trial. YOU and others like you have already convicted him based on media reports. YOU and your bloodthirst are the evil. And the worst part? You’re sitting there denying it right now. You can’t see the evil in your own heart. You can’t see how twisted your view of justice is. You can’t even bring yourself to withhold judgment, you are coiled, ready to destroy a multitude of lives in exchange for a bit of perverse satisfaction at watching your version of “justice” being served.

                  You people are devils, and sadly you’ll never even realize it.

                  • Since you have known him for so long – you must have known the other things that he was doing on his phone. It makes me wonder if you’re not a lot like him yourself and that’s why you are defending him so much. Child molesters will hang out with others like them to feel more like a human and less like a monster. Going to Japan I wonder what things you might be getting into yourself. I don’t trust you as a human being – because even with the information given at the hearing you are still in denial and you want to call everyone else evil – it seems more like you are reflecting back on us, what is true about yourself.

                    • See what I mean? You completely ignore the fact that I just called you all out on: that you’re ready to judge and convict this man without a trial based on what you heard in the media. To justify yourself, you jump straight to ad hominem arguments, compare me to a child molester, and make a racist comment about Japan.

                  • He drove half a mile from buckling his son in before missing his turn to daycare. Accident?

                    He did searches on how long it would take for a baby to die and what the temp. needed to be. Accident?

                    He did searches and read articles on living a “kid-free” life. Accident?

                    He parked in the direct sun, backing into the spot which, according to the investigation, was not his normal routine. This change in routine put the scoring sun directly on his son. Accident?

                    He didn’t notice the overwhelming smell of a decomposing child – a smell so bad it was reportedly hard to deal with two hours after the child was removed. Instead, he drove 2 miles with that stench. Accident?

                    He ignored an email from the daycare asking where the boy was. Accident?

                    He went all day long, never realizing his son was in his car – even returning to the car after several hours (and at a time when the smell of dying and/or death would have already filled the car) and still didn’t recall his son was there? Really? Accident?

                    According to information gathered during the investigation, he switched the car-seat back from being front-facing to back-facing in the days prior to this…… Accident?

                    I want there to be a fair trial, but you seem convinced he is a “grieving father” just because you think you know him. There is a television program called “The Devil You Know.” It is all about stories in which people thought they knew their friends and/or loved ones until they were blindsided by the fact that they were, indeed, not as they had presented themselves. Perhaps you are blinded to evil because you don’t want to acknowledge that the person you thought you knew you really didn’t know. Perhaps you don’t want to admit that you couldn’t see the evil and that terrifies you. There are far too many variables that, when put together, point to guilt. He needs a fair trial, and if it was an accident, I hope he’s acquitted. However, there is way too much to let him off without these questions being answered. To take this position does not make me, nor anyone else who wants to see these questions answered, evil.

              • Yeah get your facts straight Factorial! Hahahhahhahhaha! You are asking the questions because you don’t know “a week, a year…” Maybe you should read a little more..MORON.

  8. The Home Depot office were he works has a six story parking garage…..therefore he would have been somewhat shaded……

    • Please read the comments above before making a half-true statement. Harris did not work at the SSC, but at another building known as the “treehouse” which has open air parking.

  9. Ross was a great parent I know him as a parent because I use to keep Cooper and I was his old daycare teacher. I find it quite amazing how so many people can base how much this man cared for his son based on news facts and because he mad a horrible mistake that he will have to live with forever. Since everyone is assuming let me tell some facts: fact #1 Cooper was loved and taken care of everyday. We was not neglected they always made sure he had what he needed especially at daycare. Fact#2 Ross for almost 2 years took a pic of his baby everyday
    Fact#3 yes there is an on-site daycare for home depot but Ross worked at another division 3 miles up the road.there was no garage just a regular parking lot he dropped off and Leanne picked up.
    This family are great people and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for anyone.
    They were God fearing and went to church. What happened to,” He who is free of sin, cast the first stone” I guess everyone is free of sin since your so quick to judge.
    Ross is the epitome of a father. He would’ve given his life for Cooper. He made a mistake he’s human. I don’t think there’s no punishment that the judicial system can give him than what he’s already experiencing. I feel sorry for you all who claim to be Christian but can pass judgment when you are not God

    • I totally agree mrs big heart. I use to work with Ross. Ross has always wanted to be a dad. We always called him Soccer Dad, long before he even became a father. He loved his son more than words can say. There is not a mean bone is his body. I feel so bad for the family. I know it was a terrible tragedy and I’m praying the Harris family can stay strong enough through this. Noone out there can judge him, so please reread through your hypocritical bibles before tossing stones. Prayers to the Harris family and RIP lil buddy.

      • I too know a man who is a “Godly” person. I’ve know him for years and he has everyone eating at the palm of his hand. Through twitter, fb, youth group leadership, going to prisons to talk to the inmates about God……but he trusts me. So the truth comes out and he verbally abuses his girlfriend (she now doesn’t talk and everyone thinks she is weird and he is an open-minded savior of man) and sexts others females. He is awful to her and me, his “friend”! Christians have been the worst back-stabbers and liers I’ve ever met; I’ve loved with a group of them in college. I love God but don’t use “Christian” as a way out for bad people. BS

    • I absolutely believe that he was a good father. It shocks me how judgmental people are. Yes, it is a horrendous mistake but analysis of how the brain works has actually proved that, with the right set of circumstances, it could happen to anyone – even all of those self-righteous commentators out there who feel qualified to judge this poor man. I pray for that poor family who must be going through hell. I am glad that at least they have supporters close by who know the truth about what a caring father Ross was.

      • Quote from an article: “Within moments of the first responders getting to the scene and doing their job and questions began to be asked about the moments that led up to their arrival at the scene, some of those answers were not making sense to the first responders,” Pierce of Cobb County Police said.

        On Thursday, Harris pleaded not guilty to felony murder and cruelty to children charges. He’s being held without bond at the Cobb County Jail.

        CNN spoke with the child’s mother, Leanna Harris, on Friday. Harris says she’s been advised not to discuss the case with the media.

        “We have been in communication with the mother throughout the investigation. At this time, I’m not at liberty to discuss her involvement. That’s a part of the case our detectives are working on,” Pierce said.

        Cobb County Medical Operations Manager Mike Gerhard confirmed that the autopsy of the child is complete, although there are some questions.

        Cobb County detectives and the medical examiner are working together to confirm the manner and cause of death, Pierce said.

        According to the arrest warrant, the temperature reached 88 degrees in the area on Wednesday. Police said medical personnel believed the child had been in the SUV since 9 a.m., as Harris said.

        But Pierce told CNN on Friday, “I cannot confirm that the child, as originally reported, was in the car at 9 a.m.”

    • What people do behind closed doors, and what they portray in public view are two different things. And, as a Christian, aren’t you passing judgment right now? Surprisingly, you should be more concerned for little Cooper than the so called father who miraculously made sure he got out of the vehicle. He had the time to research how long it takes a dog to die in a hot car, so knowing how dangerous that was, he managed to forget his little boy whom he loved more than anything? Yeah, right. Did you know him behind closed doors? Did you know his every thought? No one can say or guarantee what a person will or will not do. We can only hope for the best. But, regardless, this little angel did not deserve this. When you bring a child, a life into this world, you are responsible for it. If his life was so hectic, that he had time to feed his face at Chick-Fil-A, but forget his child even after going to the vehicle around lunch time, then I am guilty of sin because my concern is for this baby, and not this grown man who was responsible for the child. And, if his life was hectic, then he needed to modify some things in his life so that he could take care of his child.

    • I agree with mrs bigheart none of us can say we have never been distracted to the point of doing dangerous things.We do not know if he was sleep deprived,stressed or had pressing worries about other worries.We all need to stop supporting news that looks for ratings rather than facts .I find it hard to believe that the court system would release evidence,that is being put out making me wonder if things being said are true .Ross will forever be in a prison,even if released. God will judge and forgive us according to how we forgive others.Rumors are wild .I have been so preoccupied that I ran a red light in a major intersection,by the GRACE OF GOD i did not cause a wreck or hurt anyone but ….it could have easily been a major .This poor family is going through hell and media coverage of their son’s funeral is a disgrace God forgive all the cruel acts ,lies and speculations Ross and Leanna are sweet people .

    • Dear Mrs. Big Heart,

      Let’s just go over the list of things Ross did NOT forget that day. 1. He didn’t forget his cell phone because he had plans for it. 2. He didn’t forget to feed himself. 3. He didn’t forget to do whatever he had to do to pleasure himself into an erection. 4. He didn’t forget to contact multiple women with lewd comments and pics (including an under-age girl). Now, on to what he did forget. 1. He did forget that he was a Christian that morning while he was being paid to do a job, that he was clearly not doing during sexting. 2. He did forget about his wife and to love her as Jesus loves the church. 3.And most importantly, he did forget his innocent son in the back seat who died an agonizing death.

      Now, accident or not, Ross was not focusing on what needed to be priorities in his God-fearing life: his child, his wife, and doing a job for which he was being paid. If you can argue these points, Mrs. Big Heart, I cannot wait for your response.


      • Thank you kind people so much for speaking the truth about Ross. I am so sad for him and his family for the loss they are experiencing. I am just as said that the media has already tried and convicted him. If people would just pray for him and his family, or if you don’t want to pray for him pray for his grieving family, instead of casting judgement and spitting rage and anger. I never understood how this could happen either. That is until one day a few months ago when I took my daughter to work with me by accident. I tried and prayed for my daughter for 10 long years and she is the most important thing to me. But my love and devotion didn’t help me out when I was out of my routine and taking her to the sitter when her father is the one who normally does this. Thank God when I turned off the car she made a noise. If she hadn’t I don’t know what could have happened. I never look in my backseat, So yes, I think this could happen to anyone. Also, I know Ross personally and he would NEVER intentionally hurt anyone, especially not Cooper. And whether or not you have sympathy for him, at least have sympathy for his grieving family. I have a hard time reading some of the nasty comments…I pray his family doesn’t read them. Sadly, Ross probably agrees with the nasty comments, thinking he’s not worthy of even being here after what has happens. I wish we as a society would stop and pray for each other instead of damning and condemning.

        • Something had first responders suspicious and LE searched his office at Home Depot. A child left in a car would probably die within the first hour. If he had been there for seven hours, there would be some obvious signs of death. I am not sure why they feel that the original report is now questionable. But something has them concerned about the sequence of events. I reall y hope there is no foul play. It is sad enough as it is.

    • Gail, I hope you jump off a bridge and die in an AIDS-related fire while wrapped in a smallpox-impregnated blanket and being gang raped.

      • Wow, that was a sick, sick statement! Do you attack everyone who doesn’t agree with you this viciously? A baby has died tragically, investigation should be thorough. I hope you get yourself some physciatric help Anonymous!!

      • Wow – that’s a lot of hate towards Gail – she was just pointing out the obvious. Most of these stories where parent’s accidentally forget their child in the car – have the same outcome – they remember before it’s too late. Most of the reported child deaths from being left in a car is the parents doing it on purpose to run in a store, etc and not that they forgot their child was out there. You would have to assume a lot of things to find him not guilty of a crime – accidental or not.

  11. I agree that people are very rushed and can become distracted. But this appears to have gone from accident to murder due to some newfound info. Or perhaps it is a state law to make those charges when a child dies.

  12. I certainly feel for anyone who accidentally caused the death of his own baby. But here is a quote: “”Much has changed about the circumstances leading up to the death of this 22-month-old since it was first reported,” Cobb County Police Sgt. Dana Pierce told CNN. “I’ve been in law enforcement for 34 years. What I know about this case shocks my conscience as a police officer, a father and a grandfather.”

  13. Why doesn’t the automotive industry look into putting an alarm in vehicles that alert to prevent these situations? You have cars that can practically park themselves or that can brake on their own. Why not this?

      • Wouldn’t work… In TN, this happened and the dad’s car alarm sounded several times. He looked out of his office window and saw nothing, so he just deactivated the alarm remotely 3-4 times. Too busy to check..

  14. I have known Ross since high school and even worked with his mother as a student worker during college. He and his family are of strong character and high morals. As a father of two little ones, I cringe and cannot imagine what kind of anguish he and the family are going through. Please reserve judgement and criticism until all of the “real” facts are brought to light.

    • It really is not up to us or even his staunchest defenders and friends now. I heard this morning that there was reason to believe the child was not in the car at nine a.m. As he reported. Does that mean the mother disputed that account? Or was the child seen elsewhere? Either something is amiss or there is a lot of confusion here. The charges apparently are not out of the ordinary if there is an investigation, but they are either dismissed or not as the investigation unfolds. Something has first responders and LE alerted, so there will be a full investigation.

    • Do you include sexting as a part of Ross’s strong character and high morals? Just curious. In my book, this is just as good as cheating on your wife, but I guess I’m just conservative, and therefore, in the eyes of others, judgmental. And plenty of people out there would criticize me more for being conservative and old-fashioned, than would criticize Ross for sexting multiple women while at work!

  15. I always called my husband right after he arrived to work to check on our son after he dropped him off at day care, to see if all went well or if anything was needed by them concerning his welfare. Or just to hear about anything. This could have helped jog his memory of the child being left in the car. Simple! My heart goes out to this innocent little life that was lost!

  16. Hey folks,

    I posted earlier so please find my comments if you are interested. I wanted to make sure that everyone understands the importance of the system to work in this instance. For it to work, questions HAVE to be asked. It’s a tough thing to admit, especially for those of us who know Ross. But you if you view this tragedy with honestly, the awful questions are an ordeal that must occur even if the outcome is the complete ruling out of intentional wrongdoing. As Ross’s friend, I want to see all nefarious possibilities ruled out with out a doubt; and to do that, those possibilities must be looked at. Law enforcement knows this. And not only do they know it, but they probably know the extent of liability on themselves should they not do a thorough investigation. So I am not surprised that they are doing their due diligence here. My message to anyone reading is, let that happen b/f passing judgement. The truth will come out. As a person who loves Ross, I am not prepared on committing to a statement like “I KNOW this was a horrible mistake.” Because, as hard as it is, I don’t. Based on my history with Ross, if I had to wager on his goodness…I would wager it all. But that is not evidence that holds up in the real world. Neither can someone use their emotions to condemn him. This is awful. I cannot comprehend the hell my friend is in right now. I don’t think any person would disagree that this should not have happened and the only solace I can find in my own mind is that maybe this tragedy will help to wake up the focus of other parents. No matter the outcome, I’ll pray for Ross; and I will also pray that none of you ever meet with this kind of crisis.

    • Very well-stated, Ross. I had a friend who found her seventeen year old daughter dead in her bed. Because the girl was a minor, a complete investigation and autopsy was done. Rumors flew. Was it suicide? A drug overdose? Even homicide? Heartbreaking for my friend, but the investigation was merited. It turned out to be a fatal reaction to a prescribed drug, very rare but not unheard of. There is a well-known case that happened years ago. It involved a father accused of putting poison in Halloween candy. His church friends and neighbors were appalled at the accusation, but he was found guilty at trial. I sincerely hope your friend is innocent in this matter. I cannot imagine what has the police suspicious enough to keep him locked up now.

      • I also knew a couple who had four children. After a busy day at the lake, they were unpacking their van. He thought she got the baby and vice versa. The child spent about fifteen minutes in the car before they realized neither got her. She was overheated but okay. Very scary for them.

  17. The man is obviously not mentally retarded or deficient in thinking skills, therefore he should have known better and the charges are justified. I feel sorry for the mother of this child that the POS she chose as the father killed her child.

    • Even as stressed and distracted as people are these days, it is hard to imagine forgetting a child. I agree that a petition should not sway officials. A child is dead. There should be a complete investigation. The child’s funeral will be Saturday in Alabama.

  18. I don’t know if he is guilty or not. Let the police do their jobs and fully investigate this tragic death. The court of public opinion probably doesn’t include every single piece of evidence the police have. Whether WE think this man is guilty of murder or mistake, isn’t it worth a child’s life to fully investigate.

  19. I heard on the news earlier that a search had been done on his computer looking for information on how long it would take a dog to die in a hot car. Considering that is how his child died, it sounds a bit fishy. I’m very sorry this happened to this innocent little boy but if they find out that it was not an accident, then he needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  20. I wonder what the ppl who know him and have been defending him think about the new info that’s been released, like how they’re saying he had done a search on his work computer for how long it would take an animal to die in a hot car. Personally, there’s no way I’d believe this would be just a coincidence.

    • UNREAL! You never KNOW anyone completely!! You people who are donating money are just crazy! Where has the Mother been? Too quiet for me!
      So, if you’ve got money to donate….I’ll take it without killing an innocent child to get it…

      • Agreed! and I hope the person(s) who’ve been collecting donations for him are willing and prepared to do returns on that money. They really shouldn’t have started the donation thing that soon.

  21. Thanks to all the Ross supporters for the pearls of wisdom that you continue to cast! I didn’t know that anyone that attends a church is automatically incapable of murder. The quotes like ” he is a nice person” or ” he was a loving father” doesn’t mean anything…. look up BTK, TED BUNDY, Gary Ridgeway. There are 3 examples of ” nice respectable men ” that were actually disgusting animals that killed.
    Sometimes they are opportunistic and kill because they can. Other times they feel no remorse at all. A killer doesn’t have a certain profile. The facts are coming out slowly and at some point the already collected donations need to go to a real charitable cause and not his wife. She has a church family and she will be taken care of. She can work a job now that her hubby has axed the lil angel.

  22. he googled information on how long it takes to kill an animal in a car – are the ‘supporters’ blind? the police said “I’ve been in law enforcement for 34 years. What I know about this case shocks my conscience as a police officer, a father and a grandfather.” WAKE UP.

  23. I can’t help but laugh at the people defending this murdering coward. Let me guess, it was just a coincidence that he was researching how long it takes for an animal to die in a hot car (the same way that poor baby died), Not only did this coward murder his own son, he knew the torture and hell the little boy would endure because he had personally researched it. I keep hearing ‘he is a man of God’….. yea well, there are tons and tons of children out there who will tell you how a ‘man of God’ abused or exploiting them…. Look at the facts here people. He put his son in a car seat, took him to breakfast (his final meal) and then conveniently forgot to drop him off at daycare less than a mile from his work. He returns to his car @ lunch and still doesn’t remember his kid is in the car???? The child he placed in the car, the child he took to breakfast???? He get’s off work and AGAIN forgets his child was in the car and doesn’t drive the mile to the daycare, no he drives TWO miles and then suddenly he remembers this little baby boy that he just boiled to death?????????? B.S. This guy is not only a murderer, but one of an evil sort.

  24. So those who know Ross say he was a great guy, loving father, fabulous husband….sounds like Scott Peterson to me. Leanna should feel lucky she is still alive.

  25. Amazing how people seem to defend this murderer’s actions. Whether or not he is found guilty by the courts, he is indeed a murderer, as the child is no longer living thanks to his negligence. The courts will determine whether or not he should pay for his crimes with his incarceration, but the fact remains. Think of it THIS way: If a guy researched how long it would take for an animal to die in a locked car, THEN his own dog happens to die in the exact same manner….would he be arrested? If someone can be arrested for leaving a pet in a locked car, why would leaving a child…HIS OWN CHILD that he got breakfast for merely 3 minutes earlier, be any less punishment? *smdh* Get a grip, people!

  26. These people are Christian, they believe in mysticism and child sacrifice (Abraham). They live in a fantasy world were a magical being can absolve them of any wrong doing by saying magic words……What more could you expect from such feeble minded people?

  27. Why don’t they just hang these two morons? Both parents set this up and the man was a pedophiler and his wife probably was too.

  28. I’m thinking a Pay Per View, Celebrity Death Match between this sick bastard and Jerry Sandusky if it
    turns out he did it. Maybe make it a tag team match with both of their obviously complicit wives. $60/ household ought to do it & the proceeds can be put into some type of find for kids like him to be extricated from their parents.

    Why do they keep saying “Erect” penis? Would it be less creepy if it was flacid??

  29. Are you supporters of this monster out of your minds? How could this possibly be an accident?? How can you deny ALL the evidence that this was intentional. This sick piece of shit intentionally killed his child and here you are wanting to hold his fucking hand. You people make me sick.

    • This is insane….who researches how long it takes for a person to die in a car, takes out 2 insurance policies on a baby and sends nude pictures of himself to an underage girl while his son is dying in the back of the car? Are you people out of your freakin’ minds? This guy AND his wife are both sociopaths if not psychopaths and after they are convicted, I hope they get let out in the general prison population. Maybe they can receive a small sample of the agony they put that poor child through.

  30. I felt heartbreak for this beautiful child. A child I have never met. I reserved any judgement upon the family until more facts were known, after watching the hearing today live I believe that both of these parents plotted this out and wanted to kill that poor child. All of his friends can say what they want, but until you live with someone and know them, then you don’t know them. I do hope they charge the mother soon. Her comments at Cooper’s funereal make me sick. Her comments to her husband “Did you tell them too much?” (Referring to the police). That speaks volumes. What disrespect at a funereal to act that way. I would not be able to talk, breathe, think, or even have a clear thought if that were one of my children. Both of these people just make me sick. They need to be left in a hot car…just makes my blood boil…

  31. When you have a child you have a responsibility to take care of it, no matter what, an “accident” is unnaceptable. He deserves a harsh punishment, he killed his own son.

  32. As per the news today, while in Jail, Justin Ross Harris applied for and received the money from his sons life ins. policy?

  33. I listened to much of Justin Ross Harris’s bond hearing, after hearing what the police have already, this fellow is in BAD Trouble.

  34. This “religious” man was busy sexting pics of his erect penis to an under-age girl and some of you want to paint him as a wonderful husband and father. If this was not murder–and that’s a big if in my book–then he was much more concerned with his private parts than his beautiful son. Hard for me to call him religious or a good husband and father.

    • If Justin Ross Harris had put as much thought into his son as his private parts there would be no debate today. He obviously didn’t spend as much time with his child as he did the internet. It is a sad day when a parent can’t drive a mile and remember the live human being entrusted in his care. He probably was incapable of holding down a job if his attention span was that short. He has time to contemplate how actions and reflect on them now waiting on a trial. I have no pity for him.. My grandchildren have a greater sense of responsibility for their puppy than he had for his son.

  35. Come on! Where are all you Ross supporters now? The silence is stunning. Let’s hear more about his “God-fearing” life. How he was a proud papa. How he had a strong character and high morals. You guys are out there somewhere. Let’s hear from you. Where are you Mrs. Big Heart? Factorial? Speak up, people.

    • I agree! Fucking idiots! Oh he is a “God fearing man” with dick and tits on his phone.


      Kill all of them for being so stupid and so easily swayed.

  36. Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give
    a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading through your posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums
    that go over the same topics? Thanks a ton!

  37. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to be
    running off the screen iin Firefox. I’m not sire if this is a formatting isxue or something to do with weeb browser compatibility but I figfured I’d post to let
    you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the probledm fixed soon. Cheers

  38. I don’t understand how this “man ” can be defended. At the very least he is negligent. I would argue homicide as a prosecutor. You cannot deny his actions caused this poor child’s to suffer and undergo massive torture. It was torture for this baby! My heart is tightened just thinking of it would have been one of my babies. The wife is also speculative because I would never stand by a man , for lack of a better word, who did this.
    This is a plot and people have been convicted for less.
    Justice will be had for this poor poor baby.
    The wife is next.
    Just plain evil

  39. The child died in his care, matters not if it was an accident or intentional, the only difference is if ross should spend 40 years in prison or life in prison.