Danielle Cogswell Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Danielle Cogswell is the beautiful University of Louisville cheerleader who was found dead at the age of 22 inside an off-campus apartment, reports The Courier Journal.

Here’s what we know so far about this developing story:

1. An Overdose Is the Suspect Cause of Cogswell’s Death

The cause of death is unknown right now but police do not believe that foul play is involved. A toxicology report will be completed to determine the cause of death. Although foul play is not suspected, the case is being handled by Louisville homicide detectives. On August 28, it was confirmed that Danielle Cogswell died after taking a cocktail of heroin, amphetamines & Xanax. As a result of her death, all University of Louisville cheerleaders will now be subjected to the same drug testing as other athletes.

Cogswell was found dead inside an apartment at Cardinal Towne, a privately run student accommodation building with ties to the University of Louisville. Cogswell was a resident there. Counseling services are being offered to students who knew Cogswell, reports WHAS.

Danielle Cogswell Cardinal Towne

Cardinal Town shown here at 356-398 West Cardinal Blvd in Louisville. (Google Street View)

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2. She Seemed to Very Happy With Her Boyfriend

Dani Cogswell Boyfriend

Cogswell pictured with Drew Malone on May 8. (Twitter)

According to her Facebook page, Cogswell was single. Although on Twitter, she referred to Drew Malone as her boyfriend on May 8, commenting how proud she was of him.

On July 27, Drew Malone tweeted: “5 days and I’m back in the Ville,” something that was retweeted by Cogswell. On the day of her death, Malone tweeted:

Later on he added:

3. #RIPDani Is a Twitter Trend

As news of her death spread around the Internet, “#RIPDani” became a Twitter trend in the U.S.

Her death was acknowledged by University of Louisville officials, James Ramsey, the president of the school said:

We are saddened by the loss of a member of the University of Louisville’s student family. Our prayers and condolences go out to Dani’s family and friends and we will support them any way we can.

The Director of Athletics Tom Jurich said:

We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss and our heartfelt sympathies, thoughts and prayers are with Dani’s family and friends during this difficult time. Our university is aiding our students and staff to provide counseling services to those who knew her.

University of Louisville Spirit Teams Coach Todd Sharp said:

The University of Louisville Spirit program is devastated to lose one of our beautiful and talented team members. Dani had a contagious smile and a spirit that would ignite the room. She will be greatly missed.

The Courier Times reports that Cogswell had been a transfer student from Arizona State, her coach Todd Sharp said he “absolutely” recruited her.

#RIPDani: Remembering Danielle Cogswell, Louisville Cheerleader Dead at 22

Louisville cheerleader Danielle Cogswell has died mysteriously at age 22. These pictures pay tribute to her glowing smile, free spirit and warm heart.

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4. She Had Just Posted on Instagram Before Her Death

Cogswell’s last activity online came when she took a selfie on the night of July 27.

5. Cogswell Was a Pittsburgh Native

Cogswell lived in Washington state prior to attending the University of Louisville but was a native of Pittsburgh, and was a Steelers fan, not a Seahawks one, according to her Facebook page. She says on her page that she attended Skyline High School in Issaquah, Washington, graduating in 2010. In her senior year, she helped Skyline win the state cheerleading crown.

#RIPDani: Remembering Danielle Cogswell, Louisville Cheerleader Dead at 22

Louisville cheerleader Danielle Cogswell has died mysteriously at age 22. These pictures pay tribute to her glowing smile, free spirit and warm heart.

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    • You are a cold hearted, disgusting, idiot! Can you give her family and friends time to grieve before posting repulsive comments like this? Anonymous you are real brave my friend! If you want to tarnish someones memory at least have the nerve to reveal your true name! Sick pig!!!

    • what is the matter with you, i wonder what others would have to say when the Lord decides your end has come. I hope you find the Forgiveness of Christ you obviously need.

  1. Truly sucks for her family but, if this WAS an overdose, then I’d hope that the college will step up their intervention and testing practices.

  2. It’s sad to say but you can tell she was under the influence of something in her Last Instagram pic. May she rest in peace. My condolences to her family, friends, and teammates.

  3. She was a race-mixing tramp. It is really hard to get all worked up over the death of a tramp who was disloyal to her people. You can wag your finger and excoriate me for stating the obvious but all that will show is that you have accepted the indoctrination (that there’s nothing wrong with race-mixing) and I have not accepted it.

    It’s sad that she was so pretty but this should serve as a warning to all prospective race-mixers: blacks do not “love” you. They HATE you and everything you stand for. They will ply you with drugs and alcohol, defile you (always making you think that they “love” you) then kick you to the curb when it’s convenient.

    You have been warned.