Jaime Ramos: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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(Facebook/Stockton Police Department)

Nineteen-year-old Jaime Ramos was identified Thursday morning as one of three suspected bank robbers responsible for leading police on a high-speed car chase after robbing a bank in Stockton, Calif. The three suspects took three women hostages, only two of whom survived. Cops saying Ramos used now-deceased mother Misty Holt-Singh as a human shield during a firefight with police on Wednesday afternoon, reports CBS San Francisco.

Here’s what you should know about him.

1. He’s The Only Surviving Suspect

The names of the other two suspects have not yet been released. In a Stockton Police news conference, it was announced that the first suspect, a 30-year-old Hispanic male, is a documented Nortenos gang member who was driving the vehicle at the time of the shootout. The second deceased suspect, a 26-year-old Hispanic male who was also a documented Nortenos gang member with prior arrests for narcotics and domestic violence, was the primary shooter during the car chase.

When police arrived at the SUV after the 45-minute car chase, the first suspect was already dead. The other was confirmed dead Wednesday evening.

Joe Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department, says he has never seen anything like the event:

During my 19 years as a law enforcement officer, this is the first time I’ve seen this here in the city of Stockton. So right now, we’re interviewing bank employees, and we’re going to debrief the hostages once they’re OK. We can talk to them to see what exactly transpired in the bank.

2. People Who Say They Knew Him Are Speaking Out on Social Media

On Thursday afternoon, a woman who says she knew Ramos tweeted the above, saying he “couldn’t stay away from the wrong people”.



3. He’s an Associate of Known Nortenos Gang Members

In a news conference delivered by the Stockton Police department, it was announced that Ramos is an associate of known gang members in the Nortenos street gang.

According to NBC Bay Area , all three suspects are “well-documented gang members who had loaded magazines strapped to their bodies, fired hundreds of rounds and riddled at least 14 patrol cars.”

Jose Maldonado claims he saw the robbers taking the three women out of the bank, and said they “didn’t seem to care that there were police all around.” KCRA reports Maldonado’s statement:

They were not afraid. They weren’t going to take no for an answer. These poor women, they were screaming, they were so distraught, so scared.

4. He’s Believed to Have Used Deceased Hostage Misty Holt-Singh as a Human Shield During the Shootout

Police say the following weapons were used by the suspects:
– AK-47 Rifle
– .45 caliber lock hand gun
– .45 caliber Ruger handgun
– 9mm Ruger handgun

In the same news conference, police announced that Ramos was the rear-seat passenger in the car, and suffered no injuries during the shootout. They believe he used the third hostage, Misty Holt-Singh, as a human shield.

Ramos and the two deceased suspects fired the AK-47-style rifles through the windows of the blue SUV during the high-speed chase. During the pursuit, the two bank employees who were held hostage were reportedly thrown or jumped from the vehicle. One of the employees was taken to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound, while the other was grazed with a bullet.

5. He Was Booked On Homicide, Kidnapping, Robbery and Attempted Murder Charges

Ramos was arrested and booked into the San Joaquin County Jail. Stockton police report that the Ford Explorer the gunmen were driving during the high-speed chase was traveling at speeds up to 100 mph. When the vehicle came to a stop after after security forces successfully disabled it, the firing continued between police and at least one assailant.

At least 14 cars were struck by bullets during the chase, reports ABC News.

Police Chief Eric Jones said the robbers were “no doubt” trying to kill the officers, in a news conference on Wednesday.

Misty Holt-Singh: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A California wife and mother died tragically after being taken hostage by bank robbers. Misty Holt-Singh was shot and killed after being taken hostage by bank robbers, who then used her as a human shield during a police chase. It is unclear who shot Holt-Singh.

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      • A good third of this country belonged to Mexico, asshole, until some imperialist asswad told the gullible God-fearing folks who fled Europe for whatever reason that God has a Manifest Destiny for all ye good people, which basically entails taking other people’s land and kicking them off of it.

        You are low-life white trash. Even if you are middle class. Even if you are in the 1%. You are low-life white trash. Get used to it, you piece of shit.

        • You lost, get over it. We should have taken the entire freaking country and cleansed the SOB. And no, you cant’ have it back!

        • Just to clear it up for you, Mexico is part of North America and therefore Mexicans are American.
          This event is horrible because of the fact that one innocent hostage had to die because of the selfishness and greediness of these three cowards. I agree with everyone, because I believe they are scum, and not because they are Mexican but because they are terrible humans. I am Mexican and events like these always makes me feel ashamed, because people are always quick to judge the whole ethnicity group as a whole as if we were all the same. There is violence every where, and any person from any country can be capable of this.

          • Never be ashamed of who u are! I am white and lived next door to a Mexican family for many years, I cannot tell u enough of my fond memories of them cooking me carne asada, drinking good alcohol they brought me back from Mexico, and many nights talking about life. Their are good and bad in every race.

    • Funny how the news doesnt publish facts. Incredible how cops handled the situation. Why do ignorant people like the girl who supposevly knew him want to get famous out of this. Who are we to judge anyone. Ignorance.

    • People make mistakes who are we to judge. Read facts. Maybe you should pay more attention to how the situation was handled by the authority.

      • Hello Hi. Ummmm… So you are saying when people rob banks and kill other people…they make mistakes it’s ok. But, let’s judge the cops when they are trying to protect innocent people??? Since u seem to stick up for the bad guys, can u please go to war to protect this country? Oh wait, u would not shoot anybody, they would shoot u while u are saying its ok, everybody makes mistakes!

        • These guys didn’t kill anyone. They just wanted to rob banks. And yeah, we hold cops to a much higher standard of conduct than criminals. That’s why we pay them with our tax dollars and don’t bitch when they shoot our neighbor’s dog for no goddamn reason or when they kill some minority under suspicious circumstances. So when they screw it up by shooting at a hostage, yeah we get mad.

          Why did they need to shoot back at these guys? Why did these guys open fire on the cops in the first place? (Seems like if you are trying to escape with bank loot, the last thing you’d want is a shootout with like 50 police.) Huh? Where’s that part of the story?

          Thirdly, what the hell is this “go to war to protect this country” nonsense? What fucking war do we need to get involved in to protect our lands? Do you see any battleships off our shores? Any military planes doing flybys? No? Then vomit your imperialist propaganda back where it came from…

          • Did u completely miss the part where they shot out in public with automatic weapons? Literally put hundreds of lives at stake. Keep up with the hippy bullshit and blaming those who protect you.

    • You mean:

      “May the cops who shot at this guy while he was holding a human shield burn in hell for placing the value of BANK MONEY and of THEIR OWN SORRY ASSES above the value of a CIVILIAN HOSTAGE?”

      Isn’t that why we pay cops? And give them all kinds of breaks and protections from the laws they are sworn to uphold? So they can LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES IN DUTY TO PROTECT CIVILIANS???

  1. he’s a worthless piece of trash. getting innocent people killed, being in gangs, he should be hanged in public or shot just like the innocent that was killed in the whole ordeal..

          • Too lenient !! ?? Just Inform him A Week to 10 days in Advance that on sunday after the Evening Mass He will be Beheaded in Public & there would People to Cheer that as of today there is one less Dumb Gang Banger

        • Who shot the hostage? Cops right? Knowing there were hostages in there they shot at the vehicle as if they were criminals too. You said fool 3 4 times??

  2. Why are the names of Ramos’ accomplishes a “mystery?” Oliver Spencer Jones II and Charles Danforth Hughes III?

    Is Ramos one of Obama’s “best and brightest” or Jeb Bush’s “they love this country” or John Lewis “com’on up folks, we are wide open?”

    What exactly is the citizenship status of this trash? Or is this not a “politically correct question?”

    Too bad they did not rob the bank closest to Nancy Pelosi’s home. Maybe one or two DOPES in her Congressional District would have awakened. AND I MEAN DOPES in capital letters.

    • Hey asshole:

      That hostage wouldn’t have been killed if the COPS didn’t fire upon her.

      But of course the cops wanted to get all that bank property back and take out that dirty beaner more than they wanted to protect innocent civilian life.

      So DIAF, you scum.

    • i thought the downed maylaisian flight was perfect timing because theryre not releasing the other bank robbers names ..were they illeagals?

  3. This is a heart wrenching event. I am sure any Christian who takes time to picture this event and the aftermath for your family will pray for you. When I was 12, my family lost a Son/Uncle and Daughter/Aunt in a fatal car accident. There were some particularly piecing details surrounding their accident and the timing of it in proximity to a family Holiday gathering (within days). I witnessed and felt incredible and incomprehensible pain. I was not raised with a strong religious foundation so it took me decades to bring this family tragedy into a Christian context in a way that made sense. I can truly relate to this family’s pain as a witness to that type of family pain. However, the details of the human shield theory are absolutely breath taking and flooring. It is literally unbelievable that a situation like this could have ever unfolded. It is human to ask why to God, if you have an inkling of an interest in God as part of your life, you intuitively ask, but seasoned Christians hold down the lighthouse with unparalleled strength from the Holy Spirit within their hearts, ignited by living with Jesus Christ in their heart as the Savior of humanity.

    Although this tragedy is more jarring and mind boggling than the typical fatal car accident, the pain of loss is similar, in fact they happen everyday all over the country, and probably all over your state daily. We can pray that Jesus can help bear these pains now lingering and Misty’s pain in her final chapter on earth that is.

    Such are the ways of life in the natural world. Life is fleeting there. There is a complex hierarchy driven by the need to eat and amazing food chain. Brutal killings happen continually in the natural world and the reason there is simple enough to understand, its the natural order of things. It stands to reason that if you don’t believe in God, you would not be able to believe God was capable of designing a natural order of things or stars, or the universe, or love for that matter. I’d politely ask that if you deny God credit where credit is surely due, who or what do you credit with the creation and governance of previously mentioned objects of universal creation?

    I am so sorry Misty was taken off this earth. I am so sorry for what her daughter had to live through. Did she see her mom being led out from where she was in the parking lot? There is Grace knowing that her daughter and Misty must have mutually decided to have the daughter wait in the car instead of going in to the bank. Many parents may have opted to take their child into the bank with them? Was it hot there that day?(not really, 86 degrees, way hotter where am, by almost 20 degrees sometimes, a lot these days) Maybe her daughter stayed in the car, in part just to stay in the a/c. This raises another painful question though, that I as a parent am wondering, don’t you ever feel a little nervous in banks? A Bank of America branch that was the primary branch I walked into two times per month was robbed (I was not there at the time, but I thought about it every time I went in there after that), but their was no direct confrontation which is more typical than a situation like this. Why didn’t Misty just go to drive thru banking? Maybe this branch didn’t have drive thru? I checked Bank of the West and there are at least 5 branches in Stockton but I clicked of the first branch and they do have drive thru hours at that one. Obviously, most of us don’t make a longer trip just t use the drive thru, but then again, most banks don’t have very strong security, certainly not what would be considered pro active on security given the situation of a building full of money and unarmed employees with no security.

    Another thing I’m really hoping, is that we can trust God that there was Grace in Misty’s final moments, though they are likely far too brutal for almost anyone still on earth to comprehend, we can hope for Mercy and Grace. Jesus didn’t receive much Mercy and Grace in his final hours, but there was some. I hope that the pain and fear and sadness and despair that Misty may have felt, we really don’t know to what extent at this point, that it was tempered with moments of Grace. It stands to reason that the amount of physical pain may have been very sudden and therefore minimal. It stands to reason that for J Ramos to be able to use her as a shield, and shoot his machine gun while doing it, that Misty wasn’t able to move or struggle very much at that point. If she had died quickly from a gun shot, that final emotional and personal trauma is virtually impossible to imagine.

    Jesus, I pray for Grace for Misty’s family in this most challenging of times. Be with them.May they be with you.

    When I first saw the news on tv, my jaw dropped, my kids were frozen while the footage and story unfolded. I think the police tactics endangered the hostages. I thought that the moment I first saw the footage. That particular city force was not well prepared. My city force is not either, nor are most cities. One problem, similar to the general lack of bank security, is that police are not overly proactive in dealing with a situation like this. What Devon the Cousin speaking out is fully valid. More info coming from the survivors will likely be riveting. I pray though, our Father, there is some more Grace there, in what they can recount about the experience and what happened to Misty.

    Misty, it is foolish for me to speak beyond my place, I know the potter has a special place for you in his eternal Grace. Please bring Grace to your family through your spirit. I believe you will.

    As for the land of the living, it’s brutal in the city and the natural world. If we are like a family of rabbits in the forest, except we are people in the city, we also must carry the conscienceless of God being present in our life, and of Jesus in our hearts and minds, this encompasses the knowledge from scripture that we mean more to God than animals because we have been given dominion over them on Earth.

    God is Merciful.

  4. .People come to the United States and that is why it is called United States. There are many hideous crimes committed from all ethnic nationalities. Now if any of them are in the United States Illegally, then that’s another problem.

    • Fuck THA police they fucked up and now want to blame the bank Robbers they shouldn’t have shot at them with hostages they could of went about it another way the fucken police are a gang themselves except they THA police we pay taxes for them to cover shit up just like always nothing new North Hollywood bank shoot out were white boys but you don’t here shit for that it’s a Mexican typical blame the brown man nothing new if they shot at cops is because the cops thought they were getting gang bangers but forgot that they had hostage 14 cop out on administration leave yup yup best believe that they will have the same story they will have a time to say that they bank guys killed that innocent hostage because they just coming out of bankruptcy can’t afford to take the hit on a law suit

  5. My boy didn’t kill her, THE COPS did. He made a mistake just like all of us do. I grew up with him and I know he’s a GOOD person. Just made a mistake. Thanks .

    • iF JAIME DIDN’T USE HER AS A SHIELD HOW COME HE IS STILL ALIVE AND mISTY HAS 10 BULLET holes in her. Jaimes girlfriend you are the one the security guard saw getting out of the back seat and into the front. Pablo is just taking the rap for you. Jaime can do better than you. Get a life. You might as well move on you will never be able to be with Jaime.

    • If he had not taken her hostage then she would of been alive today. Making a mistake is not going to a bank with guns and scaring people to death and then stealing something that doesn’t belong to you. GOOD PEOPLE ALWAYS ROB BANKS . Are you an idiot ? Maybe you should have been a better mother. Now your son is gone forever. Mistake my ass!!