Jonathan Waters: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ohio state band director fired


Jonathan Waters, the marching band director at Ohio State University, has been fired after a he was accused of failing to stop an unhealthy sexual culture, harassment, and hazing within the band.

His lawyer told the Columbus Dispatch that he does not know what action he might take, suggesting he may fight the firing.

Here is what you need to know:

1. He Was Fired After Prolonged Investigation

Known as “The Best Damn Band in the Land,” the Ohio State marching band is known for their incredibly elaborate and well-rehearsed routines. Videos of their shows have also been known get millions of views online, like the video game themed show which you can watch above.

4. He Once Tried to Punish a Sexual Assault Victim

In the report listing the findings of the investigation, one passage reveals that in the fall of 2013, one band member sexually assaulted another band member, leading to the perpetrator’s expulsion. According to the report, the university’s legal affairs department needed to get involved after Waters initially decided that both the victim and perpetrator would be punished by being excluded from a band trip.

5. Students Preformed Sexually-Charged Hazing & Had Nicknames Like ‘Jizzy’

One of the most damning parts of the report comes from the section about “tricks,” tasks new band members, or “rookies” have to preform on command as a form of hazing. The “tricks” are often sexual in nature and involve a degrading and sexually explicit nickname.

The report describes one female student, called “Squirt” by her peers, who was forced to sit on the laps of fellow band members, including her brother, and pretend to orgasm. Other female students rubbed their chests together and were known as “Jewoobs” and “Tiggles.”

Another male student called “Jizzy” would simulate with his body a flaccid penis getting hard and spit candy.

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