Kendall Jones Photos: The Pictures You Need to See

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  1. The world killing industry: Safari, America invading countries, Sunday public executions in Arabia, chemicals in food, closing factories and firing its employees. And thanks “god” the Catholic church isn’t powerfull enough, otherwise Inquisition would be still present !

  2. This little unconscionable bitch and her merciless family should be executed and left for the the vultures!

    • nobody who is outraged by this girl is brave enough to go after her, remember she did kill several of the most dangerous animals on the planet.

      • are you nuts idiot. its the nature of this animals which killed by that bitch..wild animals are no pets…where did you get you education ? maybe in a tree nursery !!!!

      • STFU Rufis Redneck the “Wrong Turn” mutant inbred. There’s nothing brave about stalking and murdering a defenseless wild animal.

      • Hey James, you’re an ignoramus and have it all wrong. The most dangerous animal on the planet is mankind, in particular, the niggers. Now broadcast a TV reality show with this bitch killing niggers and it’ll be a hit!

      • Using a high powered hunting rifle thay can fire from over 800 yards if not more away shows her as being dangerous. From thay distance there is no threat of the animal even getting close to you to attack. Perch in complete safety and take one shot to take it down. If she killed it with a knife then maybe your statement would actually be something

  3. Hope that f******* slut get what she deserves ..would love to kick in her stupid grinning yap…rot in hell bitch

  4. I understand killing for food but lions Or a jag or a rare white rhino isn’t there only about a hundred white rhinos left on the planet?It really hurts my soul to see these beautiful animals killed for sport.What’s so brave about shooting an animal from two hundred yards away?At least give them a fighting chance and sneak up on them with a sharp stick.That would be brave in my book.

  5. You are SHIT ! you’re young but you’re a lousy Killer. Those who kill must DIE!
    A curse on the people who support MURDERERS of Life and Love.
    Pets Love. You are a damn plague that God can destroy you at once.

  6. Richard Branson
    “I wholeheartedly believe that protecting the Earth is one of the most important things any of us can do.”

  7. She needs to get mauled by one of these animals that she hunts and kills. What a malicious and sadistic monster.

  8. And by the way, what the hell kind of parents let their kid grow up doing this crap? Some people should just be swallowed.

    • There’s nothing cute about a murderous beast like this bitch Kendall, nitwit. Someone needs to back-shoot this monster and hang her parents.

  9. Just like some Christians I know, quoted from the Bible and interpreting the FACTS, to support their disgusting behaviors. Worst part of all? “People” like her and many others, thrive even on this negative attention, one word… narcissistic!

  10. I love how she references Teddy Roosevelt who was a “hunter-conservationist”. Get a clue, cutie, he set out to conserve wildlife so that there would be wildlife to hunt for sport!

  11. Nature has its own laws and I hope that lousy bitch get what she deserves….slowly reduced to pieces by a predator…

  12. Kill the bitch, ugly fucking vomit faced whore with her mouth that looks like a giant toilet. I hope she gets ovarian cancer, loses both her breasts to cancer and dies a horrible, painful death. I also hope that while she’s suffering from cancer, someone puts a bullet in her skull and she gets to die slowly with brain damage.

  13. Man sollte mit Ihr mal Jagt spielen, nur das Sie dann das Tier sein sollte, vor allem wie sie die erschossenen Tiere zur schau stellt. Einfach grauenhaft

  14. Someone needs to fucking torture her.Don’t even let her die,Let her live every second of her life in excruciating pain.Death would be too kind.

    • Yes, sadly, she doesn’t. Very poor upbringing and orientation from her parents. Why take the life of another when you can’t create life…? Why kill such beautiful and wonderful creatures just for fun? Obviously, they don’t reckon with the feelings and thoughts of the Creator concerning their actions. This kind of thoughtless and callous actions was part of why God destroyed Nimrod’s plans and scattered those building the tower of babel…

  15. I cant believe these disgusting, foul comments that i’m reading. Calling her a cunt and a slut and using the word nigger makes you no better than she is. Yes, what she’s doing is terrible and extremely disrespectful to these beautiful animals, but writing all of these hateful comments on the internet about a girl you don’t even know is absolutely ridiculous. Grow up, have some class, and find a new hobby.