LISTEN: Ryan Block’s Nightmare Comcast Phone Call

On Tuesday, Ryan Block, an AOL product manager and former editor-in-chief of Engadget, posted online a recording of his attempt to cancel his Comcast cable service.

Although the recording is only eight minutes long, it captures just part of an infuriating 18-minute conversation between Block and a condescending and stubborn Comcast employee who, for a time, refused to cancel his service. The audio, which you can listen to above, has since gone viral, racking up almost 3.5 million listens in 24 hours.

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You can also read Block’s Twitter exchange with Comcast below:

Block also raises concerns that the fault for the incident lies not just on the representative, but also in the greater culture of Comcast, which is the most hated company in America, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Ryan Block: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

AOL's Ryan Block is in the news after he recorded a phone call with a particularly abusive Comcast customer service rep.

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  1. The rep was probably just following policies that his manager and company told him to follow, such as retain customers and “overcome objections”. Yes, it was obnoxious, but he was probably doing what his employer encouraged him and instructed him to do.

  2. I should have recorded my conversation with Comcast. It was virtually EXACTLY the same as this conversation. I asked for another Rep – same thing. They refused to cancel our service. Unbelievable.

  3. I’ve done his job before. It’s not easy. They put you under alot of pressure. Basically encourage you to piss off customers with your stubbornness. Customer after customer calls you a sack of shit for things well out of your control. While still unacceptable, I can totally understand what kind of day that could drive a rep to be this level of dick lol.

    • Ryan sounds like a pretentious prick the guy was just doing his job if i was the service rep i probably would have lost it on Ryan for being such an asshole.

      • Then, apparently neither one of you have Comcast or know how they are rated the worst customer service in the country. The rep wasn’t “doing his job.” If a customer is unhappy, the company is suppose to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. And in this case, Ryan wanted his service cancelled, so it should just be cancelled. “Is there anything we can do to make you stay, Sir? No? Ok, we are sorry to see you go.”….End of story.

      • Its not just Comcast. There are a lot of companies out there, who have this type of “customer service”. It’s amazing! If they spent as much money ON customer service as they spend on MARKETING their customer service, they would have such good relationships, they wouldn’t need to advertise! But, customer service HAS to start, from the Top of the Corporate Chain, down to the bottom. Whenever you run into this type of service, you can bet that the corporation has overpaid execs, underpaid staff, and is in an “almost monopolistic” industry, that has been weeded down to a few major companies, who are almost certainly price fixing and whose executives probably grew up together.

  4. So Ryan works for AOL, the company that was just as bad about trying to disconnect your service back in their internet days. Anyone remember the days? The circle is now complete.

  5. For most of the conversation Ryan is just being a dick and not answering the damn question. He could just bull shit the damn question and get on with their arguing stubborn lives.

    • You’re acting like he has to answer the question. He doesn’t have to, and no one should. This whole thing isn’t even either of their faults, because all Ryan did was want a basic service any rep has the power to give him so he could go on with his fucking day like any other person trying to just get this shit over with. And the rep’s manager was probably standing right there behind him about to beat him with a rubber hose for something completely out of his control. I love how you can say Ryan was “just being a dick”. Did you not hear the way the rep was totally bearing down on him with all this fake information and total bullshit for about 10 minutes even after it was made perfectly clear how this conversation was gonna end?

  6. Didn’t the Comcast rep say at one point that Ryan could cancel online – why wouldn’t he or anyone else do it that way instead? The only reason to call is if there is no online cancelation option or one has other questions.

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