Marie Kojzar, Adam Scott’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

marie kojzar, adam scott

Many were wondering who the lucky lady would be that would get to marry professional golfer Adam Scott. Marie Kojzar is that lucky lady.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. They Got Married After the 2014 Masters

marie kojzar, adam scott

Scott (33) and Kojzar (32) had a secret wedding in the back yard of Scott’s home in the Bahamas in front of a few close friends and family just a few days after the 2014 Masters. It cam as a huge surprise not only because they told few about the wedding, which they told the few witnesses it was just party, but because they never got engaged. Instead, the skipped straight to the wedding.

Scott told

It’s official. I am a settled-down man and very happy. It was just our family and a few friends and obviously there are a lot of people we would have liked to have had there who weren’t but we decided to have a very low-key affair.”

We just decided to get on with it. We’ve known each other long enough, let’s go and jump right in the deep end.”She doesn’t need a traditional wedding dress to look so beautiful. We dressed up a little bit but it was still in the back yard.”

It was more about not building it up into something too big that may have gotten out of hand but it was a fun event for everyone who was there and hopefully we will have fun celebrating with other friends when we catch up with them.”

2. They Broke Up for Four Years and then Reunited

adam scott


Scott and Kojzar dated on and off from 2001 until 2008 when they split. Scott admitted to press when it happened that his play was affected negatively by it. The couple eventually got beck together after Scott won the 2013 Masters and tied the knot exactly a year later.

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3. She’s a Swedish Architect

marie kojzar, adam scott

Kojzar was born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. Although she served as a nanny for pro golfer Thomas Bjorn, she went to college at the Royal School of Art in London to eventually become an architext.

4. She Met Scott When She Was Thomas Bjorn’s Nanny

thomas bjorn,  adam scott


Like Tiger Woods and Elin Nordgren, Adam Scott met Marie when she was nannying for Danish pro golfer Thomas Bjorn in 2001. The couple hit it off and started dating immediately.

Scott dated actress Kate Hudson and then tennis star Ana Ivanovic right after. His life has always been centered in the eye of the public because of his good looks and top world ranking in golf.

However, once he started dating Marie he closed the curtain on the public eye and kept his relationship hidden. Everything including his wedding was in complete secret.

5. She Had Their First Child in February 2015

marie kojzar, adam scott


Kojzar gave birth have announced the birth of their daughter, Bo Vera Scott on February 15, 2015. Bo Vera was born at Pindara Private Hospital on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Scott’s home city.

Scott (No.5 in the world) was on an long break after playing his last tournament in Australia in December 2014. Scott came back to play Doral March 5-8th.

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