WATCH: Cop Caught on Tape Beating Great-Grandmother’s Face

On Tuesday, July 1, a 51-year-old woman was walking barefoot up the side of California’s Interstate 10 when suddenly she crossed the crowded highway. That’s when a California Highway Patrol officer confronted her, ending up on top of her and punching her face repeatedly.

The incident was caught in the raw video above, which shows the officer — who hasn’t been named — delivering several hard rights to the face of Marlene Pinnock, later identified as a great-grandmother.

Although the officer has been suspended pending an investigation, below you can hear California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn saying that the officer was protecting Pinnock, who was deemed a danger to herself and motorists.

Pinnock has been admitted to a psychiatric facility, where she is undergoing an evaluation and recovering from the multiple “lumps” that her lawyer said were given to her during the beatdown.

CNN reports that Pinnock’s family plans to sue the police agency.

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  1. This video is as unbelievable as the comment below. My only hope is that the racism that brought on the comment about her and what age she became a grandmother and the racism that is obviously deeply embedded in the heart and mind of the officer will one day GO AWAY!

    California is such a beautiful place to live and to see something like this really puts things in perspective as to what is allowed in the State.


    • The TRUTH is not racist. Savagely attacking people & beating & murdering them based on the color of their skin IS & BLACKS DO IT & GET AWAY WITH IT EVERY DAY in this country. CA. is an ELITIST playground & a 3rd world $hithole. You can shove it up your brain dead c u nt & quit LEECHING off of the rest of us.

  2. these cops nowadays think they they can do whatever they want and get away with it it’s getting ridiculous all cops are is a bunch of punks that were pushed around when they were growing up so now they think they are going to get even with society by beating on any and everyone they come across. They No that anybody that come across will not fight back because they have the uniform on and some how they’ve got it in there head that there some kind of bad asses and they are above of the law. Something needs to be done to get these worthless cops under control or get rid of them all together because it is disgusting what that cop did to that lady he needs his ass beat along with being fired there’s been too much police brutality going on here lately and its just getting worse!

  3. So she was in danger walking on the highway and his way to “save” her was to try and beat her to death? He’s a f—g pig coward, who probably hadn’t had the chance to beat his wife that day so an old woman was the stand in.

  4. Kinda wondering if they post any news of the good things majority of cops do. Instead of this minority of peace officers that seem to be broadcasted.

  5. It is no doubt this officer did lose it with instant uncontrolled adrenaline syndrome. You can see the red item which the victim had on, flew up in the air during the repetitive hits. You can also see a natural respond of the victim protecting her face.

  6. the facts is nobody knows why she was in the area or why the cop choose not put her right into his car where she would be safe from harming herself or others. the truth lays in his anger to beat a person who can’t over power if she choose to.

  7. follow the rules of a civilized society…simple… don’t like how the cop did it…go become a chip..simple…change from inside.