WATCH: Tornado Sweeps Through Revere, Massachusetts

Instagram user nic_coppola captured amazing raw footage Monday morning after a tornado touched down in the Boston suburb of Revere, Massachusetts.

The tornado caused mass chaos throughout the city, where trees fell on top of cars, roofs caved in, and debris was strewn about on streets and sidewalks.

WARNING: The video contains graphic language.

Revere Mass. Tornado: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A tornado touched down in Revere, Mass. Monday morning, taking down trees, crushing cars and causing structural damage. Police are advising people to avoid the Boston suburb for the time being.

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Revere, Mass. Tornado: The Photos You Need to See

Photos should devastation in Revere, Massachusetts, where a tornado touched down Monday morning in the Boston suburb.

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    • I would pay more attention to what you DO in your life than what you say. Action speaks louder than words. Keep that in mind if really are concerned about your soul.

  1. “Your facing death and all you can do is use foul language. Not very smart for your eternal souls sake.” Next time they should try and pray the tornado away…… Fucking Dumbass