James VanCallis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

James VanCallis has been named as a person of interest in the July murder of teenager April Millsap in Michigan, reports Fox 2. No charges have been filed against VanCallis in relation to the April Millsap case.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. He Was Arrested Along With His Dad

VanCallis was officially arrested on drug charges in July along with his father, also named James. He has been in custody since then, it was only on August 19 that officials named him as being related to the April Millsap case. Both men were arrested at home at 8744 Marquette Road, in Goodells, Michigan, shown here above. WXYZ reports that VanCallis Jr. is facing one charge of delivering weed and another of maintaining a drug house. Police found 52 marijuana plants in his house. He has medical marijuana license but that limits him to 36 plants.

2. He Lives About 40 Miles From Millsap’s Hometown

According to his Facebook page, VanCallis is a native of Royal Oak, Michigan but lives in Detroit.

3. His Father Already Proclaimed His Innocence

James VanCallis Senior had earlier proclaimed his innocence in the case.

4. He Has Previous Minor Arrests

VanCallis Junior has a long criminal record which includes arrests for disorderly conduct, larceny and probation violations in 2012. Back in 2005, VanCallis was convicted on a breaking and entering charge, according to WXYZ.

5. His Facebook Indicates He Is a Family Man

Prominent on VanCallis’ Facebook page are photos of a young boy who appears to be his son. In court on August 19, VanCallis said that he need to be released from jail so that he could get back to his two kids, one of whom is 3 1/2 and another is 7-months.

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