Daniel Ashley-Pierce: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

When David Ashley-Pierce came out to his Christian parents, they disowned him. The terrible argument was captured in the video above.

But now, thanks to overwhelming support online, the 20-year-old from Kennesaw, Georgia, can finally be himself.

Here’s what you need to know about Pierce, his ordeal, and the silver lining.

2. His Heartbreaking Video Went Viral

Daniel Pierce Boyfriend Facebook

Pierce pictured on the right. (Facebook)

For some reason, Pierce decided to record his parents’ confronting him about his sexual orientation. The video has been viewed 2 million times on YouTube.

In the video, Pierce’s mother says:

Since you have chosen that path, we will not support you any longer. You will need to move out and find wherever you can to live and do you want to. I will not let people believe I condone what you do.

It escalates from there, with Pierce being called “a damned queer” and then being physically attacked.

His mother says she knew he was gay since he was a little boy, but she still believes he’s gay by choice.

His mother maintains, “You know you wasn’t born this way.”

2. A Go Fund Me Page for Him Raised $60,000

After news of Pierce’s ordeal spread online, a Go Fund Me page was set up in his honor. At the time of writing, the page has raised $60,000 for him to start a new life. The latest update on the page reads:

Oh My you guys! I am in tears! I didn’t realize that this was even set up for me! I am so thankful for all the comments, support and donations! I don’t even know how to thank y’all! I wish I could give each and everyone of you a huge hug! I was trying to respond to everyone but I couldn’t keep up!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is all just so amazing!!!

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!


The page has been shared 20,000 times on social media.

4. The Video Highlights the Age Old Debate Between Science & Religion

During the viral video, Pierce says he’s studied biology and psychology, and there’s scientific evidence that sexual orientation is determined shortly after or even before birth.

His mother is not interested in scientific proof, preferring the truths of the Bible.

“Scientific proof trumps the word of God,” he says.

3. He Just Started College

According to his Facebook page, Pierce has just started studying business administration at George Highlands College. His page describes him as a fan of the University of Alabama’s sports teams. Among his other likes is openly gay UK athlete Tom Daley.

5. In Addition to Funding, Pierce Has Seen an Outpouring of Support

Pierce’s Go Fund Me page was set up by his boyfriend. It has been drenched in encouraging support for Pierce and other people in his position.


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Old Verger

Daniel, God wants each of us to grow into our full potential as human beings. Nobody can do that and live in the darkness of the closet at the same time. You have bravely stepped out into the sunshine, and that means you’re well on the way to living fully the life that God has given you to live.


You are what’s wrong with this world. You have to love Christian acceptance. Once again you’ve proven that your religion is as hateful as ISIS just set under a different fairytale. I’m personally straight before you go there with a jebus rant . I’m hoping you have fun in hell you judgmental idiot. Because that’s where your bible says you’re going. Now go read another book. Maybe you’ll learn something. Because you obviously can’t read your own properly. That’s for damn sure. Yep same thing goes for you. Have fun roasting. As an atheist if you’re right I’ll be there too but after living a life helping people instead of judging and spewing hare I’ll be the one doing the torture not being tortured. Ha! Sucks to be you.

Sorcerous Tiger

I’m confused on why you feel that way about what Old Verger. There wasn’t anything hateful at all in the comment. He said that nobody can grow into their full potential as human beings while being in the closet, and that coming out of the closet is a good thing that he did, and that he’s well on his way to living his life fully. That’s not even an exaggeration; it’s literally what he said.


I think this “Chris” is just randomly posting hateful comments to everything he sees, but quite clearly doesn’t read. He posted the same thing twice and neither time did it make any sense at all as a response. Just ignore him. Some people are just miserable and like to spread their venom and lack of understanding around the Internet. I feel sorry for people like that.


As far as I know there is no God, but since you mention God I wonder which one you have in mind, I guess Odin, Tor or Allah? ;-)


Gosh, are these stories slanted. I watched the video and think the following: Daniel was extremely disrespectful to his father for telling him that he didn’t parent him, and I believe his father has the right to be upset. He, after all, did feed, house, clothe, etc. Daniel for 20 years. And if Daniel posted negative comments about his father, then that was wrong, as well. I believe it is wrong to broadcast family issues, especially about someone who financially supports you. And there are WAY better ways Daniel could have chosen to come out. I feel that he should have shared it privately with his family first. It’s as though he was purposely instigating a confrontation by doing it on YouTube. I really felt like he was trying to instigate something, rather than relieve his conscience. It felt very immature.

Also, Daniel was the one who used the word “disowned,” not his parents. It’s Daniel who said that he would not return and that they were disowning him, so Heavy is wrong to say that his parents disowned him. I can’t stand it when words are twisted to make things seem worse or better than they really are.

ON THE COMPLETE FLIP SIDE, I think his parents are 1000% wrong and hypocrites for their behavior toward him, especially his stepmother. Her behavior, in particular, is unexcusable. The other thing I can’t stand are people who claim to be Christian and then act in the most un-Christian manner possible, and who skew the Bible to support their own personal bigotry. I personally go to church and recall hearing about loving one another and living in peace with others who are not like ourselves. I must have missed the sermon on condemning and hating gays and lesbians (NOT). I also support completely my gay and lesbian friends, who I believe should be able to love who they chose. Finally, I think Daniel should press assault charges against his stepmother. He has proof, so that should be a slam-dunk.

I guess I prefer to see the whole story. Rarely is someone 100% right or wrong. I wish Heavy would tell their stories without such strong bias.


His parents are hypocrites and i do not like those that claim being a Christian and they act the opposite. Especially those who are racist. But as you will know, the bible has been altered many times.


You are what’s wrong with this world. You have to love Christian acceptance. Once again you’ve proven that your religion is as hateful as ISIS just set under a different fairytale. I’m personally straight before you go there with a jebus rant . I’m hoping you have fun in hell you judgmental idiot. Because that’s where your bible says you’re going. Now go read another book. Maybe you’ll learn something. Because you obviously can’t read your own properly. That’s for damn sure.


Yeah it’s the effing law to feed and clothe your kids. Only pieces of shit use that to qualify themselves as good people.


He was 20 years old at the time. There is zero evidence that the parents failed to feed and clothe him even beyond their legal duty.

Instead of taking other people’s money, how about get a job?


Daniel came out to them privately in October of 2013. The recording was made when the family, who seemed to accept him being gay at the time, chose to stage a “pray the gay away” intervention. That is what he recorded. Also, he was not the one to post the video to youtube. A friend did. He was merely documenting the situation in case it got out of hand and his safety was compromised. You can watch his only interview accompanied by an informative article with FACTS if you search for his name and his local TV station, 11 Alive.


His experience has happened to hundreds of thousands of young individuals WHO DO NOT GET PAID for it. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and anyone that continues to fund his 6 figure payday for intentionally recording his parents act how so many others do, is an idiot.


As a foster mom I’ve seen tons of children who are abused numerous times verbally and mentally by their parents! I’m talking about real kids, (you know under the age of 18) What do they get? NOTHING. Somehow this “kid”, who is 20 years old not so much a kid, is making off with 90K? Give me a break! There is something wrong with the world today!

a real christian

There’s nothing wrong with kind people wanting to help. Don’t turn this into something ‘wrong with the world.’ Yes, there are other kids hurting in the world, but that’s NO excuse to make the actions of kind people into something that’s bad. YOUR crappy attitude is what’s wrong with the world today.

L'Ours Géant

Merdeuse pouffiasse. Tu penses que tu savais tout. Qu’est-ce que tu sais d’etre un jeune homme gai? Rien! Tu n’est pas lui. Tu n’as pas les même experiences. Tu parlez un jeu trés grande, mais tu n’avais pas jamais jouer. Ferme ta gueule!

a real christian

My Bible tells me to love others, not judge them. That’s not my place. Doesn’t loving a person mean accepting them as they are, and letting their lives be between themselves and God. I’m sorry that you were given hate instead of acceptance, Daniel. That’s not who God is. Jesus didn’t hang out with the sanctimonious, for good reason. You “christians’ who feel entitled to judge others, look in the mirror. That’s how you’ll be judged.


As one of the other commenters posted “I guess I prefer to see the whole story. Rarely is someone 100% right or wrong.” I too found Daniel to be VERY disrespectful. Maybe his defenses were up since he knew this “pray out the gay” was going to happen, but I watched as this young man manipulated their words, claming they kicked him out when they didn’t. I had big fights with my family when I was 19, after a particularly violent one, I got kicked out too, there was no outpouring of funds from strangers. You know what I did, I got a job!!!!!

I don’t necessarily agree with his parents, but I can relate to how quickly something can go from bad to worse. Frustration can turn to anger very quickly when you have a smart a$$ little kid getting in your face. The path to raising a child is not easy, it’s a thankless job, many mistakes are made, the saddest thing I saw was a family who chose their faith (aka pride) over love. You don’t even have to be a parent to imagine your worst moment in a heated fight, one where you lost your temper, said or did something that you wish you didn’t, that you wish you could take back. Now imagine that embarassing, shameful momentary lapse of reason was caught on tape for the whole world to see. How would the public view your actions? Daniel was wrong for posting this online. Share it with friends, get some hugs and sympathy, but he could have chosen to rise above it, become an advocate for PFLAG not continue to shame his family for the mistake that will haunt them for years to come.

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