Gabriel Gaeta Pictures: The Photos You Need to See

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  1. You uploaded my status which is the one I posted of Gabe and that’s my personal Facebook, I would appreciate it if it could come down.

  2. The death penalty would be doing him a favor, for the brutality of his crimes he deserves to get whats coming to him in prison. God bless the lil girls family and REAL friends.

    • Great question asking why didn’t the parents report their daughter missing? I wish there was a prison for stupidity and carelessness, in this regard. Their actions contributed to their daughter’s death. How can you not see your 6 year old child for a period of time and not look for them? Complete morons/idiots!!!!! I’m so angry!! Castrate the animal!!!

  3. this is an animal not a man. was it not enough raping her? why kill her? he wasted the life of that kid for nothing! who knows how long he had been doing that! she was just six! she could be so frightened or was threatened by this monster if she said a thing! lethal injection was good for this moron!