WATCH: Hamas Fires Rocket in Crowded Neighborhood

A news reporter from New Delhi Television claims to have captured on film a detailed example of how Hamas assembles and fires rockets from the Gaza strip to Israel.

The video, which you can watch above, shows a small blue tent that was built across the street from the reporter’s hotel. According to NDTV’s description, the following morning, a rocket was fired from that location with a loud explosion.

The tent reportedly went up in the crowded residential neighborhood on Monday morning at around 6:30 a.m. local time. According to NDTV’s reporter, three men took many trips to and from the tent, often carrying wires. The men then changed clothes and took the tent away with them.

On Tuesday morning, only minutes before the 72-hour cease-fire was set to begin, a barrage of rockets left Gaza for Israel. The film above captures one of these rocket launches.

Israel, under international scrutiny over the mounting civilian death toll in Gaza, points to Hamas’ human-shield tactics and its practice of launching rockets from residential areas. This video provides rare footage of that practice.


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Hosni Habif

I must compliment this web site for it’s excellent factual reporting of terrorist actions that hamas takes, which kill thousands of muslims that don’t know the truth regarding the goal of hamas leaders. The UN is a strong supporter of terrorism in the middle east .They have supplied hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to terrorist groups. Many of the terrorist leaders have multi million dollar bank accounts. The UN also provides $ 500 million dollars a year to hamas to run schools in Gaza which teach children to be terrorists. The 10,000 teachers on the school pay roll indoctrinate the children with lies so as to create a continuing flow of terrorists. The UN employees in Gaza, can’t be trusted as far as you can throw them. The next thing the UN will do is once again send hundreds of millions of dollars to the terrorists to strengthen them for a new war against Israel.


Normally Katyusha rockets range 5 to 6 feet in length. That’s the size of a human. And it needs to be launched from a tripod. Nothing in the video of such. . The video cuts off and what is noticeable is that the long black electric cord dangling above is not seen in the video of the background with men under the tent, but witnessed when the reporter is running to the suspected launch location. I’m just not comfortable with labeling this an assemblage and launch of a Katyusha rocket video.

Take a look at videos on the internet of Katyusha rockets being launched. They take ‘little’ time to set up. Why would anyone set up a rocket in broad day under a tent and change clothes, when it could be launched within a matter of seconds? I don’t trust the video. Sorry. I watch many videos of Al Qassam launching rockets, this just doesn’t look legit. And this video isn’t necessary to inform me that a few Al Qassam launch near civilian targets. It has happened in the past.

The fundamental flaw most people can’t get through their thick heads is it is not about whether an insurgency is launching rockets near civilian targets, it’s about not blasting everything around the target – killing women and children which comprise of 80 percent of the victims in Gaza according to the United Nations – in order to kill those ‘three’ insurgents. No government has a right to level an entire neighborhood for the actions of a few. Unless you’re Palestinian and Israeli. The former means your life is worth nothing and the latter means international laws don’t apply to you :)

Hosni Habif

All over the Muslim world there is death. However, I don’t hear people saying much about those countrtes. Only Israel. The 170,000 dead Syrians don’t count. Neither do the tens of thousands who are being murdered all over the half of the world ruled by Muslim leaders. I recently went to a lecture by a former radicalized PLO terrorist. He said he supports Israel and the Jewish people. I asked him why and he said , We muslims are taught that you can kill an infidel and you will go to heaven and be rewarded.He said the concept is out of control because we kill other Muslims who dear to disagree about how to practice our religion. However, people focus in on nonsence such as what make or model rocket is being fired. Hamas brags about their 10,000 rockets they will shoot in Israel and somehow this is acceptable. And everyone thinks that Israel has no right to defend itsellf. There is conclusive proof at this time that hamas uses human shields at or near launching sites. However, no one seems to care that this is being done. Why isn’t anyone condeming this practice?


Wait. So your brilliant logical conclusion is that it is okay to kill Muslims in Gaza because Muslims in other countries kill Muslims? I want to be sure that is what you are saying.

Furthermore, rockets in response to decades of ethnic cleansing, genocide, and apartheid is called resistance. Every human has the natural right to perform that which protects their families, culture, and lands. Under those circumstances, Israel has a farcical and incredulous claim of self defense.

An assailant usually can not claim self defense. unless you are the Israeli regime.

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