WATCH: 250 ISIS Prisoners Marched to Execution in Underwear

ISIS has released another shocking video as the terrorist militia continues its violent marauding through Iraq.

According to Daily Mail:

An Islamic State fighter claimed the men were from the Syrian government’s Tabqa air base which extremists seized on Sunday, handing them warplanes, helicopters, tanks, artillery and ammunition.

The video begins with a line of men being marched through the desert in only their underwear.

It then cuts to bloody piles of bodies.

ISIS Is Now Taxing ‘Citizens’ of Islamic State

Islamic State militants are now collecting taxes from people within their self-proclaimed national boundaries. A photo of an alleged receipt can be seen here.

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1 comment

  1. Better to die fighting these gutless pigs than surrender and then be butchered when you’re defenceless. Their days are numbered, the US will come for them.