WATCH: ISIS Executes 1,500 Iraq Army POWs Point Blank [NSFW]

Warning: This video is very disturbing and shows death.

This video, reportedly released by the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), purportedly shows 1,500 Iraq Army POWs being rounded up to be slaughtered.

According to, a right-leaning website that found and publicized the video, the footage shows:

The voice speaks how they captured soldiers covering their uniforms with civilian clothes. Then they show soldiers pleading cursing Maliki while others chant “long live Islamic Nation.” The last man they slapped as they went down to the river had part of his back showing as his shirt was short and they blurred his skin lest it was sexually arousing. Then they are seen shooting the captives in the head and tossing them in the river under a pool of blood as the narrator from the ISIS stated victoriously.

Whatever the story is behind the video, it’s disturbing. And as ISIS flags are clearly seen throughout, the terrorist organization is likely involved with these murders.


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With these videos constantly coming out, how can anyone be stupid enough to surrender to these vermin?

Stephen Webers

ISIS(another word for SCUM) should be PRIORITY ONE FOR EXTERMINATION!!!! Cockroaches deserve more attention than you dungballs. How can our so called President see this and not send troops back in there to EXTERMINATE this EVIL!!! Our soldiers died and fought for this outcome???????? NO WAY!!!!!!! Mercenaries start organizing,because we have a President with no backbone but, he certainly has a big mouth!!! that is all

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