WATCH: ISIS Executes 1,500 Iraq Army POWs Point Blank [NSFW]

Warning: This video is very disturbing and shows death.

This video, reportedly released by the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), purportedly shows 1,500 Iraq Army POWs being rounded up to be slaughtered.

According to, a right-leaning website that found and publicized the video, the footage shows:

The voice speaks how they captured soldiers covering their uniforms with civilian clothes. Then they show soldiers pleading cursing Maliki while others chant “long live Islamic Nation.” The last man they slapped as they went down to the river had part of his back showing as his shirt was short and they blurred his skin lest it was sexually arousing. Then they are seen shooting the captives in the head and tossing them in the river under a pool of blood as the narrator from the ISIS stated victoriously.

Whatever the story is behind the video, it’s disturbing. And as ISIS flags are clearly seen throughout, the terrorist organization is likely involved with these murders.

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  1. ISIS(another word for SCUM) should be PRIORITY ONE FOR EXTERMINATION!!!! Cockroaches deserve more attention than you dungballs. How can our so called President see this and not send troops back in there to EXTERMINATE this EVIL!!! Our soldiers died and fought for this outcome???????? NO WAY!!!!!!! Mercenaries start organizing,because we have a President with no backbone but, he certainly has a big mouth!!! that is all

  2. This mass murder is nothing . It doesn’t touch the tip of the problem. Millions have been killed by the various muslim terrorist organizations and the world looks away. In fact the United Nations is one of the biggest supporters of terrorism in the world. The UN gives aid to the PLO & hamas who use the money for weapons and teaching muslim children to become terrorists. Hamas receives $500 million dollars a year to run schools for children in Gaza. They employ 10,000 teachers who are nothing more than terrortsts who train these children to be murders . These schools store weapons and rockets and should be shut down if the UN really wants peace in the world. While almost all the countries in the world focus their hate on Israel, Christians are being eliminated in the middle east and no one makes a peep.

    • U blind folded fool…. Try some research before jumping to rhe conclusion, who r u listening to u fool, BBC AND CNN, huh, ISIS is being created by israel and US. one thing u jews shoul fear is that u have created a mindst, u only control their leaders, what if the leader ship changes and true MUSLIMS lead ISIS, that day u we will see on bbc and cnn the US and israel striking relentlessly on ISIS, because then it will mark the begining if the end of the terrorsists beasts , the jews

  3. All the turmoil we see today is created by the jews, nuke them, and the world will be a better place to live in, of they cry and talk of the houlocaust , a bullet in their head is all they deserve… Do some serious research and u will see that this mindset is created by beasts , the jews, fools who know nothing about islam , and just brain washed by cnn and bbc will post comments here against a specific religion, these were POWs, in history we have seen many such cases, what about the innocent civilians being killed by israeli beasts in gaza, is it not terrorism , then it means judiasm is all about terror. The world never saw such videos before 9/11. When the double standard liars came to iraq and afghanistan , to enforce peace, this is what we see today, it should force a sane person to do some research on who is behind all this mess.

    • Kitty you are attending a dangerous mosque. They are filling your head with hate. You give Islam a bad name.It makes no sence that the Jews who number several million are controlling the whole world. Half the world is controlled by Muslim countries with Muslim leaders. Almost all these countries expelled all their Jews in 1948. Therefore, little influence is exerted by Jews in the Muslim world. Most of the Muslim countries are filthy rich from oil revenue. I don’t know of any Muslim leaders giving money to Israel or Jews. There a over 1,500.000,000 Muslims in the world . How are the Jews controlling each of the 1,500,000,000 Muslims? How did theJews cause 170,000 Syrians to be killed or thousands of Egyptians or Lybians or Irarians,etc.,etc.,etc. They were killed by Muslim fanatics who think like you. The hate you express comes right out of NAZI propaganda manuals. You missed your calling. You would have been thrilled to death if you had a job in one of Hitlers Death camps. You could have murdered people all day and gotten a pay check. On behalf of the good Muslims, you need to seek mental health and stop giving Muslims a bad name.

      • Well said sir. Intolerance and hatred has had many faces. IS are no different than Nazi Germany. If they believe in God/Allah or whatever, they are in for one major shock when they die, because they’re receiving a one way ticket to Hell where satan is waiting for them. Take plenty of sun block boys, because you’ll be like fucking Kentucky fried chicken!

    • You are a dangerous, bigoted, uneducated imbecile blaming the Jews. I am not Jewish by the way. Sadly arseholes like you are given platforms to voice their vitriolic intolerant nonsense. If I had the chance I would stove your fucking head in, you fucking tit.

  4. how come there is no blood on the bodies… and after a shot in the head with a military gun… there must be blood everywhere!!!
    Are there using air guns… and the guys are just moving their feet when they hear the shot…
    Normally the body moves at the location of impact… which is not the case… blood should be running everywhere….

      • Usmc sniper bring the shit to usa for Isis don’t understand usa its United States of America bring it I will shoot every one of u all low life scum fucks I’m that dam good

  5. Poor bastards. The fear on there faces is obvious. Running to there deaths… outrageous…. Those horrible sick mother flickers burn in he’ll when your time comes. Karma……….

    • Makes me want to serve out there again and blow those coward mothers off the face of this earth.fucking die isis you horrible filthy scum….. hope you get fucked in the arse by a donkey dick…..

  6. Isis y’all some bitches u fight men not lay them down like dogs for the kill …..cowards all of those fucks come to the hood….well end u