Nicolas Holzer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nicolas Holzer Goleta Murder


Nicolas Etienne Holzer stabbed his two young sons and his parents to death inside their shared home in Goleta, California, reports The Santa Maria Times. The bodies were found in the home on the night of August 11 by Santa Barbara County sheriff’s deputies. The weapons used in the attack were a pair of kitchen knives.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Nicolas Holzer Told Cops He ‘Had to Fulfill His Destiny’

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Brown told the media during a press conference that Holzer’s reason for committing the heinous act was so that he could “fulfill his destiny.” Holzer was arrested at the scene “without incident.” According to a press release from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, Holzer dialed 911 himself to report the murders. The statement added that he was “calm and matter of fact” when he made the call.

2. Holzer’s Young Children Were Killed While They Slept

It’s reported that Holzer killed his father, William, 74, then his two sons, ages 13 and 10, while they slept. He then went on to kill his mother, Shiela. William Holzer body was found dead in the family’s den, his wife was found close to the room. The family’s Australian Shepard-type dog was dead in a hallway in the home, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff. The sheriff’s office added that Holzer and his wife divorced “8 or 9” years ago and he was awarded full custody of the children.

3. He Lived in the Home With His Kids & Parents

Walnut Park Lane Murders

The Holzer family lived here together along this quiet Santa Barbara suburban neighborhood. (Google Street View)

The home at 635 Walnut Park Lane is owned by the Holzer Family Trust, according to City Data. Claire Anderson a reporter with KCOY tweeted that Holzer had lived in the home with his grandparents and sons for seven years.

4. Holzer’s Father Was a Well-Known Scientist

The Santa Maria Times reports that William Holzer was a “well-known-scientist.” According to his LinkedIn page, William Holzer is an “Independent Defense & Space Professional.”

5. Prior to this Incident, Holzer Had No Priors

Holzer is being held in Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of four counts of murder with no bail. Prior to this incident, Holzer had no criminal record.

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  1.  thanks to that 2 custody evaluations  that judge decide to take away from mi sister my 2 nephews 7 years ago now Sebastian 13 years old  and Vincent 10 years old. His father Nicolas Holzer in August 11, 2014 kill them and his father too.  The judge said the he will give to Nicolas Holzer all the custody to hem because he and tha his family  have  more money and conform environment a diference of my sister that she do not have anything.  I ASK TO DR. RICK WHAT’S WAS MORE IMPORTANT LOVE OR MONEY AND HE LAUGH OF US. And said I can not answer this question.  The day of cort were the judge decide  to take away my nephews Juanita Holzer ask To the judge the please review the 2 custody evaluations because Dr. RICK  DO  NOT TRANSLATED EVERYTHING RIGHT AND DO NOT WRITE EVERYTHING WHAT HER FAMILY DECLARES AND EACH INTERVIEW,  the judge said that DR. RICK have worked with the court house for years and he have very good prestige that is why he take his final decision.  We are from Mexico, we ask for help to different places one was Casa de la Raza, one time a they help my sister to translated in the court hose after  my sister spend his money with 2 lawer (I do not have the information for this moment for the first lawyer I will write latter)   the second Pina Michael A Attorney At Law and any one help her even  my sister tell then how mentally bad he was. We make one report to child protecting services and that same.. no one do anything about it. And look everyone’s what’s appended with the legal system thanks to  DR. RICK CUSTODY EVALUATIONS. ANTONIA FREER

    • Who was Dr. Rick.? Last name? perhaps you can now sue him. Welcome to the court system. Its all about the money…

  2. Here is another fact about Nick. He has an older brother named Scott, an adopted younger sister named Susie and they used to live on randall Street in ridgecrest california. I knew them when i was a kid there.