WATCH: SWAT Team Raids Gamer While He’s Live Streaming

At a time when police are becoming increasingly scrutinized for their militarization and excessive use of force, you think they’d be more careful.

Kootra, an employee at The Creature which live-streams video games on, found out this wasn’t the case.

Fortunately, he had his camera rolling.

Kootra became a victim of a cybercrime called “swatting”, which according to Urban Dictionary:

A goal achieved by hacking where the hacker tricks 911 systems into deploying SWAT to an unsuspecting victim’s home under false pretenses.
A new cybercrime called “swatting” is capable of putting people in danger from SWAT in there own homes by strangers thousands of miles away.

Usually hackers “swat” someone to disrupt their game, and are able to do so anonymously because they hide behind alternate IP addresses.

Kootra was privy to the fact that he might have been swatted, so he just sat and waited with his webcam recording while a SWAT team busted in on Creature headquarters.

As you can see, the SWAT team immediately break all protocol.

As one YouTuber pointed out:

By going through his cell phone the cop actually broke the law as it is illegal to search a suspect’s cell phone without a warrant. You can sue for breach of constitutional rights.

No word on what happened to Kootra after the SWAT team turned off his camera.


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Sounds like he swatted himself, or had someone do it, because why would you go to such lengths to record it when you probably could have called the cops and defused it, since he knew they were coming.


They have all their Web cameras on during a LIVE stream. Hence the LIVE stream part. It was a sick fan or crazy asshole who wanted to play a joke on The Creatures.

Anthony Joubran

Yeah, someone on twitter is claiming responsibility for it like a idiot, as if the police don’t monitor that shit. They probably around know who it is they just have to get enough evidence together to prosecute.

Theo H

Look at this yellow bellied wimp…he loves playing games with guns and being some kind of macho man but he was all yes sir please don’t hurt me sir to these goons with guns. Now me, first off I’d tell them to stop shouting like a bunch of drunken hooligans, then I’d explain the situation and have them on their way. Of course if they tried it on with me I’d chin them so hard they wouldn’t believe.


Dude shut up I’m pretty sure that if a goddamn swat team came into your place of business you would not “chin them so hard they wouldn’t believe” no I think you would be rational and attempt to cooperate so you don’t go to jail


Oh sure man, go ahead and FISTFIGHT A FREAKING SWAT TEAM! Or better, try to disarm them!
can humanity get more retarded than you?


I call bullshit on this. It’s quite convenient how he’s framed perfectly in the camera during most of the video. The pat down was weak, and any good cop would have done that while he was on the floor since he would have had more control. And when they did stand him up, it was interesting that no one felt the need to keep a gun trained on him. Hmmmm … I think this was all staged.


Call “bullshit” if you like. The guy was framed because that was the available space, and he was told NOT to move other than to get on the floor and put his hands behind his back; the LAST thing you want to do when weapons are on you is start to wander – good way to get holed. The pat down was NOT weak, look again, and standing him up for a search was exactly according to protocol. RULE ONE: IMMOBILIZE SUBJECT The officer had complete control, in fact 1/2 the time during the pat down he had his free hand on the securing cuffs. As to being covered while cuffed and under an officer’s direct control….yeah, right. You’ve seen too many movies and played too many video games. When you graduate a police academy, post again. IDIOT


This guys friends are douchebags, they couldn’t care less that he has got real life pigs holding him at gunpoint.

Alex H

This is sick innocent people especially peoples dogs get killed by stupid shit like this. Hope who ever did this gets multiple years in prison. Also officers who went through this mans phone without a warrant need to be sued, and that dick head cop who called him boy and antagonized him should be moved to working behind a desk.

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