PHOTOS: Iran Holds ISIS Cartoon Caricature Contest


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Ihsan Adnan

ISIS or ISIL is infidels and are not related to Islam, they might act and kill by the Islam name, or even protected and supported by some countries which said that they are Muslims, but in fact they have nothing to do with Islam.
Khawarij as prophet Mohammed told us about them.
Rest for sure, they will vanish soon. As It Was Written So It Shall Be Done!


Extremely anti Semitic yet 9,000 Jews choose to live there and Jews are represented in The Majlis – Iranian parliament. Your view on Iran is based on one ex-president. pathetic really. UK’s prime minster publicly announced a year ago that he was shipping over weapons to ISIS, so, of course the West has been funding them. And entries for this contest are from all over the globe, so you can’t blame Iran fully as much as you’d like to. Maybe you’re anti Iran. And Jihad means struggle, something that each human does. No such word as jihadism, stop twisting and making up Arabic words for you’re own pathetic agenda. What kind of trash are you running??

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