PHOTOS: ISIS Crucifies Alleged Spy

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  1. why isnt r governemnts going in against these people? or ar the weapons salesman making so much money from them they want it to carry on, well if you want it to carry on then why not say to them ok we will stop bombing you we will give you this bit of land and all and yu can live peacefully as you wish weith your rules and what have yu, but if you r behind any attacks on any coutries soil direct or indirect then you will be classed as a act of war and will ave the full force of the rest of the world on you,. i.e big bombs, maybe they will want to live in there own bit and actually think hey we have a huge area to live as we want,. they have enough people following them so why go against anyone else aslong as no one fights amnymore, they ahve there own currecny and they can do what they so please, but be warned if they keep fighting then r governemtns will attack as if there whole country is on there side which they are. if tyhey truly beleive in the kora which it seems they do and they truly say that there only commiting these murders coz of the other countries bombings then why not have a ceasefire. let isis live there holy life in there own land, and the world will bne alot more peaceful , these videosa are ust making our countries public angry at our governemtns for not doing anything, i love the internet , its shown how the west n europe and others only go war when its something of a alteria motive, pushed into by the eilte and rich , not by good against evil, otherwise this is just as bad as what hitler was doing aparently!!! except instead of against jews its against everyone thats not them! which is worse!! please sort it out everyone, i dont want my duaghters growing up in a world where the only people fighting for what they believe in is the bad guys!!