Honest Trymore Ndlovu: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Honest Ndlovu, Honest Trymore Ndlovu

Zimbabwean local landowner Honest Ndlovu arrives at the Prosecutor’s office at the Magistrate’s Court in Hwange on July 29, 2015. (Getty)

The man who owns the land where Cecil the Lion was shot and killed is facing criminal charges in the much-loved lion’s death.

Honest Trymore Ndlovu is the land owner where Cecil the Lion was shot and killed in Zimbabwe. Walter Palmer, a dentist in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is accused of killing the lion that was so popular at Hwange National Park. Ndlovu and Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter who lured Cecil away from the safety of Hwange park, are facing criminal charges for the illegal hunt.

Ndlovu and Bronkhorst are scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Honest Trymore Ndlovu Owned the Land Where Cecil Was Killed

Cecil the Lion was a majestic, beautiful lion that was the pride and joy of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, often referred to as the face of the park. The lion was lured off the park by a professional hunter, then killed, and beheaded by a Minneapolis dentist, Walter Palmer. The Internet has exploded with anger at the lion’s death. Palmer allegedly paid $50,000 for the opportunity to kill Cecil. This photo is part of a video posted on YouTube Bryan Orford to commemorate Cecil. You can watch the entire video here. Click through this gallery to see more photos commemorating the majestic beauty of Cecil the Lion, who should still be roaming free on the nature preserve where he felt so safe.

Cecil the Lion was a majestic, beautiful lion that was the pride and joy of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. (YouTube)

Honest Trymore Ndlovu owns Antoinette Farm, the land where Cecil the Lion was lured onto before he was killed, according to a statement posted jointly by The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority and the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe. Antoinette Farm is located in the Gawyi Conservancy in the Hwange district. Ndlovu is a prominent farmer in the Gwayi Conservancy.

Cecil the Lion: The Pictures You Need to See

Cecil the Lion was killed illegally by Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis. These are the pictures you need to see of the beloved lion of Hwange park.

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2. Ndlovu is Facing Criminal Charges for His Part in the Illegal Hunt

Ndlovu is facing criminal poaching charges, along with Theo Bronkhorst, for the illegal hunt. Zane Bronkhorst is still wanted for questioning. Both Ndlovu and Theo Bronkhorst are scheduled to appear at the Hwange Magistrates court on Wednesday, according to ZimEye. Each man might have to serve up to 15 years in prison if convicted, Sky News reported. They might also face a $20,000 fine each, New Zimbabwe reported.

The charity Lion Aid explained that the hunt was illegal because the area hadn’t been assigned a lion quota. With the proper quota, it is legal in Zimbabwe to bait lions, shoot them with a bow and arrow, and even lure them off a park. But Ndlovu did not have a lion allocated for his land’s hunting quota for 2015, making the hunt illegal.

Theo Bronkhorst: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Theo Bronkhorst, a professional hunter and owner of the Zimbabwe-based Bushman Safaris, is facing criminal charges in the hunt and death of Cecil the lion.

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3. Cecil the Lion was Lured Away from Hwange Park and Killed by an American Dentist

Walter Palmer, Walter Palmer Minnesota, Walter Palmer dentist, Minnesota dentist hunter hunt zimbwabe cecil the lion

Walter Palmer in his dental practice’s office. (YouTube/River Bluff Dental)

Cecil the Lion was lured away from Hwange park with bait that, according to Lion Aid, had been set for a leopard. Walter Palmer, the Amerian dentist from Minneapolis, killed the lion and was reportedly “furious” when he discovered the lion had been collared. Palmer has since publicly apologized for the shooting and stated that he regrets killing Cecil. Sky News reported that Palmer thought everything about the hunt was legal and he had no idea the lion was a favorite of the region. Interestingly, The New York Times reported that in 2008, Palmer pleaded guilty for hunting a black bear outside an authorized zone and trying to pass it off as being killed somewhere else.

Walter Palmer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Walter Palmer, a dentist and big game hunter from Minnesota, is accused of paying $55,000 to slay Cecil, a famed lion, in Zimbabwe in an illegal hunt.

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4.  Zimbabwe Authorities Say the Accused May Have Been Planning to Try to Pass Off the Hunt as Legal

Theo Bronkhorst (Facebook)

A photo from the Bushman Safaris’ Facebook page. The company’s founder, Theo Bronkhorst, is facing charges. (Facebook)

Theo Bronkhorst (pictured above) and Ndlovu tried to cover up their illegal hunt. Bronkhorst tried to destroy Cecil’s collar in order to try to cover up the killing, Lion Aid stated. ZimEye reported that Bronkhorst and possibly Ndlovu further planned to hide the illegal kill by doing a quota transfer, recording that Cecil was shot in a different area where a quota was available. Cecil’s collar had a GPS tracker and recorded where he was shot, so the cover-up was not successful. Bronkhorst’s hunting license has been revoked and the lion trophy has been confiscated.

5. Cecil Had Been Collared for a Research Project

Cecil the Lion was 13 years old and had been collared for a research project by Oxford University. He was likely the largest lion at Hwange national park and never bothered any of the tourists. A petition has been started online seeking justice for Cecil and it has more than 253,000 signatures.

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These are amazing videos showing the majesty of Cecil the Lion, who was killed by Minneapolis dentist Walter Palmer in Zimbabwe.

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  3. None of the above are what we need to know. The land around the Gwayi and Hwange has been a hotbed of corruption reaching all the way to the top levels of Zimbabwe government for the last fifteen years. What we REALLY need to know, is who Honest Ndlovu is related to – which politico?