Dr. Jan Seski: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jan Seski, Dr Jan Seski

Dr. Jan Seski poses with a Caracal cat he killed during a hunt in South Africa in 2012.

Another American doctor is facing accusations that he illegally hunted and killed a lion near the Hwange national park in Zimbabwe.

The country’s Parks and Wildlife Management Authority identified Dr. Jan Casimir Seski, of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, as a suspect in the April killing of a lion that has been deemed to be illegal following an investigation that intensified after the death of Cecil the lion in early July.

Dr. Walter Palmer, a 55-year-old dentist from Minnesota, was identified last week as the suspect in Cecil’s killing and has been in hiding since, while facing possible charges in Zimbabwe and the wrath of the Internet.

Seski, 68, has not yet commented on the accusations.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Like Cecil, the Lion Was Hunted & Killed on a Farm Near the National Park

Jan Seski, Dr Jan Seski, pennsylvania doctor hunt lion killed zimbabwe

Seski poses with a Nyala, one of 10 animals he killed during a hunt in South Africa. (Bowhunting Safari Consultants LLC/Facebook)

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said in a press release that the lion was hunted and killed illegally on Railway Farm 31, which is near Hwange national park. Details of the hunt and killing haven’t been made public.

The agency has identified the Zimbabwean land owner as Headman Sibanda, who allegedly breached hunting regulations because he didn’t have a quota and permit at his farm. He also owns Nyala Safaris, which conducted the hunt. Dr. Jan Seski has been identified as Sibanda’s client.

Police said Sibanda is assisting in the investigation.

Cecil the lion was also killed on land outside the national park, the Antoninette farm, and the property owner, Honest Trymore Ndlovu, and the hunter hired by Walter Palmer, Theo Bronkhurst, have been charged criminally in connection with the illegal hunt and kill in Cecil’s death.

Walter Palmer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Walter Palmer, a dentist and big game hunter from Minnesota, is accused of paying $55,000 to slay Cecil, a famed lion, in Zimbabwe in an illegal hunt.

Click here to read more

2. Seski Is a Bowhunter Who Has Killed Several Animals in Africa

Jan Seski, Dr Jan Seski

(Melorani Safaris/Facebook)

Like Dr. Walter Palmer, Dr. Jan Seski is a bowhunter. Photos posted on social media and hunting websites show Seski with several kills, including dead elephants and hippos.

Bowhunting Safari Consultants LLC posted on its Facebook page in December 2013 that Seski killed a trophy Nyala and nine other animals during a recent safari.

The same safari company posted in August 2012 that Seski had returned from a trip to Zimbabwe with a trophy Caracal cat.

Grizzly Stik, an arrow-maker, posted a photo of Seski in September 2014 with an elephant, saying it was the sixth he had elephant shot and killed. The company said:

For this hunt Jan used our custom-built GrizzlyStick Momentum UFOC 175 arrows cut to 29 inches and fletched with 4-inch DuraVanes to accommodate his finger-shooting style. The arrows weighed 1275 grains when topped with a 315-grain AshbyBroadhead with a FOC of 29%. Shot from an 85# Matthews Monster bow, this set-up generated 106 ft. lbs. kinetic energy.

The arrow was shot quartering into the elephant, penetrated a rib and one lung, lacerated the heart and liver, and was recovered in the gut. The elephant went a short distance and died. With results like this, no wonder Jan is a firm supporter of our Ultra-Magnum Arrow System.

Several photos showing Seski’s kills were also posted to the website Alaska Bowhunting Supply, which sells Grizzly Stik products.

Dr. Jan Seski Photos: Pictures of Suspected Lion Hunter

Dr. Jan Seski is the latest American doctor to face accusations that he paid to illegally hunt and kill a lion near Hwange national park in Zimbabwe.

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3. He Is a Gynecological Oncologist in Pittsburgh

Jan Seski


Dr. Jan Seski is a gynecological oncologist and operates a practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jan Seski M.D. and Associates.

According to Seski’s website, Seski graduated from the University of Michigan medical school and completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He also completed a fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and also served as a member of the faculty there.

Seski moved to Pittsburgh in 1981 and has held academic positions there, including as the Division Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Allegheny General Hospital.

“He was a pioneer and leader in the development of bloodless surgery for Jehovah’s Witnesses and currently is the Medical Director for the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital,” his website states. “As a winner of multiple teaching awards, he is highly regarded for his skills as an educator as well as a clinician. He has authored numerous scientific publications in medical journals and textbook sections.”

Seski is also a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Surgeons.

“He is a renowned gynecologic oncologist and surgeon with over 30 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of female cancers as well as a host of complicated benign gynecologic conditions,” Seski’s website states.

Seski lives with his wife in a gated community in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“We hardly know him because he’s up there in his own little world,” a neighbor, Thalia Fowlkes, told the newspaper. “He’s not somebody you talk to. If you see him, he’s like, ‘What are you doing here?’”

Dr. Walter Palmer Is Being Eaten Alive on His Yelp Page

Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who paid $55,000 to hunt down Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, is being torn to shreds on his River Bluff Dental Yelp page.

Click here to read more

4. His Practice Was Fined in 2013 for Buying Unapproved Foreign Drugs

Jan Seski, Dr Jan Seski

(Xodus Medical/Vimeo)

Dr. Jan Seski’s practice was fined by the U.S. government in 2013 after pleading guilty to buying unapproved foreign drugs. The practice paid a $100,000 fine.

The U.S. Attorney’s office said:

In pleading guilty earlier today before Judge Crawford, the medical practice admitted that between December 4, 2008 and May 25, 2011, the practice ordered $973,795 worth of foreign versions of the oncology drugs Eloxatin7, Gemzar7, and Taxotere7 from and had them shipped through Oberlin Medical Supply of San Diego. The drugs ordered by the practice were determined to be foreign versions of these drugs and were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States.

Dr. Walter Palmer also had a history of wrongdoing. He pleaded guilty in 2009 to a felony charge of making a false statement to federal authorities. Palmer admitted he killed a bear in Wisconsin in an area he was not permitted to do so, and then lied about where it was killed to cover it up. He was fined and put on probation for a year. He also settled a sexual harassment claim with a former employee in a separate case. Read about that at the link below:

Dr. Walter Palmer Accused of Sexual Harassment [Documents]

Dr. Walter Palmer, the dentist who hunted and killed a famed Zimbabwe lion, was accused of sexual harassment in 2009. Read the documents from that case here.

Click here to read more

5. Zimbabwe Has Suspended Lion, Leopard & Elephant Hunting Outside Hwange Park

Jan Seski, Dr Jan Seski

Seski with an elephant he killed. (

Zimbabwean officials announced on Saturday new restrictions on the hunting of lions, leopards and elephants.

According to the Associated Press, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has suspended hunting of lions, leopards and elephants by anyone who does not have the permission of the agency’s director.

“Hunting of lions, leopards and elephants outside of Hwange National Park has been suspended with immediate effect,” Zimbabwe’s wildlife authority said in a statement, according to the AP. Hunters inside Hwange must get authorization from the wildlife authority’s top official and be accompanied by parks staff.

Theo Bronkhorst: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Theo Bronkhorst, a professional hunter and owner of the Zimbabwe-based Bushman Safaris, is facing criminal charges in the hunt and death of Cecil the lion.

Click here to read more

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  1. Thank you guys so very much for outing these murderers who otherwise do what they do in relative obscurity. Each and every one of these murderers need to be outed so that the public can know what kind of murderous monster they have in their midst. To murder for pleasure is a sick and twisted pursuit. These troubled folks need psychological help!

    • These educated idiots should get the same punishment they gave to these helpless animals. What register do I have to sign to send these murderess where they committed such crimes?

      • In case you can’t reach him at home, try the clinic!
        Address: 3358 5th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
        Phone: (412) 621 – 2888
        Clinic: Jan C. Seski MD & Associates

        • Way to go, potentially making it difficult for cancer patients to get life-saving treatment, not only from Dr Seski, but from his partners. It is truly tragic that the majestic animals have been killed, but does it justify a witch hunt that will now prevent these patients from potentially getting treatment from one of the most skilled surgeons in the field? Perspective is so far out of whack here folks.

          • Really? are you aware he was arrested for smuggling cancer drugs illegally out of Africa….gee sure wish he was my doctor…..smh!

            • Really?! I see you don’t bother to read beyond the headline before making up the details.

              He was one of many dozen oncologists that were scammed by an internet pharmacy and purchased legitimate drugs manufactured for overseas markets. You see they were trying to save their patients money. The FDA ‘approved’ version of the exact same drug costs 2 to 3 times as much as the one with European packaging. His ‘crime’ was that he, of all doctors, should have known it was too good to be true and would have if he didn’t turn a blind eye. They were the real drug, the FDA tested a random sample. It’s all in the FBI public releases on the case.

              • No he didn’t. He imported contaminated and useless foreign drugs in himself to hurt his patients but make more money for himself.

                He admitted it.

                • No he didn’t. Try reading the FBI public reports on the case, instead of making things up. He, along with other doctors, bought drugs from an Internet pharmacy. The drugs were the legitimate medications, just not in FDA approved packaging.

                  The articles did note the danger of such practices, but there was no mention that the drugs involved were fraudulent.

          • No, were not out of touch people like and the likes of both those Dr’s are out of touch. You have your heads up your anal sphincter.

          • Anti Hunter your statement personifies why the gyno, dentist and the like of you guys think you can do what ever you want to do without reservation. We the People are gonna put you and your kind out of business. The only perspective out of whack is yours bone head.

            • You’re insane. I don’t even like hunting. I like seeing real human beings get good medical attention. By highly skilled surgeons. Of which now there will be likely one less.

              I don’t know the details of the “cancer drug smuggling”. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that he was trying to get drugs that his patients were denied by insurance companies.

              I’ve met Dr Seski and seen what he can do for his patients. While I am against hunting, I am also against disproportionate punishments by people without all the information.

              I understand it’s hard to imagine having two conflicting viewpoints like I do, but it happens.

              • You’re a fraud and you are just here trying to do some pr for your fellow Safari Club international poacher.

                Your fake name isn’t covering for you,

              • There’s no way I’d go to a murderer for my care. If you like the idea, fine. These “thrill killers” (a/k/a “trophy hunters”) are all about the thrill they get from the murderous act itself. (Not unlike any thrill murderer.) “Dr. Death?” No thanks!

            • Yes. I’ve worked with them both and despite what you think based on this story, they are highly skilled and better than many other surgeons I have known. If it came to life or death of a loved one I could look past something I disagree with in order to get the best possible outcome. Call me a realist.

              • Seski is a fraud who tried to kill his patients with contaminated, cheap, ILLEGAL foreign drugs so he could have more money to poach.

                You are just another Safari Club International poacher.

              • Okay, let’s not get sucked into the old ploy about changing the subject when you know you’re way off base (a/k/a…wrong). Thrill killing (a/k/a “trophy hunting”) is about the thrill derived from the murderous act itself. Anyone, whatever his/her profession/occupation, who thinks he / she can add some purpose or value to his / her life by a rush, a high via murder is sick and should quit trying to fool themselves. These sickos aren’t fooling anyone, just deluding themselves. Thrill killing (“trophy hunting”) is WRONG. Understand now?

                • Obviously trophy hunting is wrong and I agree with that. I disagree with mob justice making threats here and on Yelp against this man and his family. Posting personal information can lead to an imbalanced person doing harm to another human who has yet to be charged or convicted of any illegal activity. Despite what your moral compass tells you, he doesn’t deserve this degree of over reaction, at least not without the facts on the table. Yet the anonymous internet allows us to be judge jury and potentially executioner to a stranger. Bravo, humanity.

          • Are people supposed to excuse poor behavior from someone who is skilled in his field and if so, where do you draw the line?

          • How can he be one of the most skilled when in 2013 he was investigated and found to have purchased unapproved foreign drugs to use in his practice? He doesn’t seem to respect animals of any kind, human or other wise. I would not want my life in the hands of such a person. Trophy hunting is of the past an sociopathic in nature. The thought of this man as a doctor completely repulses me!

            • His office purchased very expensive cancer treatment drugs from an internet pharmacy, as did dozens of other specialists who caught up by the same scam. When a year’s course of drugs can run 6 figures, saving your patients a couple percent is worth the effort.

              The drugs were the real thing, just cheaper because they weren’t in FDA approved packaging for sale in the U.S. You do realize we pay 2 to 3 times as much as the rest of the world for the exact same drugs?

              • He imported in fake and contaminated foreign drugs to be able to skimp on patient care and make more money so he could poach.

                He did it directly and he admitted it. he should have lost his license but the medical licensing boards are often as corrupt as he is.

                he’s a danger to every patient.

          • Seski was importing in ILLEGAL foreign drugs that were contaminated to give to his patients, and putting their lives at risk if not killing them. He did it to make more profits so he could slaughter endangered species so your kids and grandkids will never be able to see them.

            He’s only still practising because the medical boards are filled with corrupt Seskis that help people like this kill others.

            Mr Safari Club international, your gang of poachers always stands by criminals, doesn’t it?

    • Someone should turn this guy and all the others like him loose in the wild and let them be hunted mercilessly just the way they are behaving with no regard whatsoever for their life. This is beyond cruelty, especially hunting endangered and threatened wildlife. Such a disgrace.

  2. Jan Seski should not be allowed to practice – if I were one of his patients I would feel violated – you can not trust a doctor that kills for sport.

    • I was a student where Dr Seski trained. He’s an odd fellow. Abrasive and occasionally mean in the operating room. But hands down one of the most skilled gyn/oncology surgeons I have ever worked with. I can guarantee he has saved vastly more human lives, than he has taken animal lives. While he should be held accountable, if he in fact broke any laws, it would be doing many patients a disservice to shut down his practice over an outcry for something entirely unrelated. Big game hunting, to me, is reprehensible, but legal when done through proper channels.

      • And Dr. Joseph Mengele was reportedly a very competent doctor as well and a highly skilled surgeon. So, I guess if you are sufficiently skilled in a demanding craft like surgery you are entitled to a pass for being a world-class p***k?

        • You are dumb. If you seriously just compared Dr Seski to Dr Mengele you are dumb. You have no concept of perspective or context. Seski hasn’t even been charged with a crime, only suspected. Dumb dumb dumb. And yes, having worked in medicine I see a lot of “poor behavior” from world class surgeons. Nothing criminal, but I will tolerate a lot of attitude for superior surgical outcomes. Any rational person would. Feel free to go to the nice polite politically correct doctor with mediocre outcomes.

          • I work in medicine too and if you think serial killing of animals for fun is nothing more than a minor eccentricity, a case of inconsequential political incorrectness, then I’m not the dumb one here. When Mengele was committing his crimes nothing he did was considered “illegal” in the place or time that he did them. So I guess being lawful is not synonymous with being good. Seski, who has reportedly killed six elephants on various trips to Africa in addition to lions and a virtual zoo of other victims, likes to kill, period. As such he is a wicked, vile little man, pure scum. Trying to refute that fact because of his technical skills as a surgeon or because he has allegedly “saved” some unfortunate cancer patients doesn’t wash. Serial killers don’t get a pass just because they drop coins in the poor box and an MD does not absolve one who is morally base.

            • I still laugh when I see people talk about “serial killers” as if he were killing humans. I love animals as much as the next, but seriously people, get a fu’cking grip. We are doomed as a society. LOL

              • Serial = “of, consisting of, or arranged in a series, rank, or row”, killing = “to deprive of life”. Yes, we are doomed as a society if geniuses like you with your shrewd grasp of the English language are in the majority. Oh, and maybe try expressing a complete thought sometime without using the f-word. I know it may be how you regularly converse in the trailer park but not every sentence requires use of the expletive.

              • Thrill killing (a/k/a “TROPHY HUNTING”) is premeditated murder that is entirely motivated by the perpetrator’s unexplainable “pleasure” derived from the murderous act itself. Sound like any serial killers you’ve maybe heard about over the years?

        • What do you want to bet he has no idea who Joseph Mengele is? So much for the argument about Seski not being as horrible as he seems.

      • He’s a fraud, and the worst is what didn’t make the record. He has been harming people for years, not only by illegally importing in contaminated foreign drugs so he could steal more money.

        the problem is that medical licensing boards are often as corrupt as Seski and they protect their own.

      • It ain’t about what’s “legal.” How many times does that have to be said? Beyond being just plain creepy, with the smirking killers on a “killing high” knowing how much the killer enjoyed the act of ending a life, it’s wrong for reasons well beyond any applicable laws. Need to hear this another hundred times before it sinks in?

    • Picking your nose and eating the snot in public is also legal…there are just things that civilized people don’t do. It’s not a matter of legality (though [ahem] “trophy hunting”) should be illegal)…it’s a matter of why anyone would feel the need to murder to satisfy their own troubled ego, etc. Surely there are many more peaceful ways to get a “rush”…without the needless murder component.

    • Theys plenty what’s “legal” that considerate, thinking people don’t do (e.g., finger their snot to eat it in public is but one example, there are many, many other examples). Understand? Let me help you get it…if it were legal to murder a human…would you do so simply because it became legal? Think. Thrill killing (a/k/a “trophy hunting”) is done specifically because the murderer gets off on the very act itself (the murder). That is just plain sick regardless of its “legal status.” Try really hard to become familiar with this really basic grasp of reality. You can do it! Try.

  3. A barber in Minneapolis has his murdered animal heads all over his shop: Tom Lane, Lowry Avenue Barbers / 2413 NE Lowry Avenue / Minneapolis MN 55418

  4. Do the people of Zimbabwe get any say in this? Or is it only outraged asshole liberals from first world countries that get to decide. As far as as I can tell, the people of Zimbabwe don’t give a shit. And their government don’t care either, they’re just pretending to care so everyone just shuts up.

  5. Male gynecologist… so when his fingers aren’t on the bow killing beautiful animals they’re being slipped inside silly sluts who want men for their gynecologists ….
    … it’s like a hole new level of nastiness.

    • This is a stupid statement. You obviously have no idea what a GYN/Oncologist does. If your idea of being a gynecologist is fingering “silly sluts”, you’re just dumb.

    • That is a low, humiliating way to talk. I am a patient of his and I am very offended by that statement. I had major surgery by him in late March, and I trust his skills highly. Why does everyone here have to be so nasty…what happened to kindness? I don’t like killing either…I HATE it…and I don’t believe in what he does for sport…but it’s very difficult to find good doctors who take your insurance…I have been going to this practice since 1986…he wasn’t my dr. until the other doctor retired and then passed away. Please, think before you judge/…

      • We all, for whatever reason(s), make choices in life. An analogy to help you understand (please don’t take this literally…it is an ANALOGY): Some folks, at a restaurant, would be perfectly comfy if their water is served in an obviously dirty glass (they’d drink from it just fine)…others perhaps would send the glass back to the kitchen. You’re stating your choice about the doctor, we’re saying we’d send him back. Try to stay on topic in the future? This is about thrill killers (such as the doctor in question)…who derive a thrill, a “rush” from the murderous act itself. Quite sick, really.

  6. He’s a criminal and a deviant, a common poacher, and he gets his money to commit his crimes from fleecing the American taxpayer and insurance companies.

    This is what happened when health care was taken over by profiteers.

    There is much more, but the problem is that state licensing boards and universities try to protect their own. They hide the records of MDs who have killed patients, stolen, operate while intoxicated, prey on children and women, and much more because the goal is to protect profits for their constituency.

    The credentials are often as empty as the Grand Canyon, just puffed up trumpery.

    One of the worst examples of this man’s deviancy and mental illness is a photo of him posing with a tiny, tame baby deer that he shot with arrows.

    This is not sport. it is deviance. That is his attitude toward life. Is it any surprise that he breaks the law when treating patients? He has no regard for life or law.

    He doesn’t care if even his own children and grandchildren never get to see the endangered species that he is annihilating to feed a diseased ego.

    • Intelligence would tell you poachers don’t pay money to hunt. It’s also amazing you can tell a deer is tame by a photo. Let me guess the lion was a vegetarian?

  7. Thankyou heavy for exposing these sick bastards. Keep it coming and we will do the rest. I have left a message on his vagina business website. This is one of the gynos who recently lobbied the Americsn gov to pass a law that allows for the regular inspection of childrens genitsls. Sick! I hope someone shoots him with a bow. I hope he dies painfully. To everyond else i have bombarded all the safari websites. If the media keep on at this hopefully we will put them out of business. I am in England so i know it goes on Camilla and Charles and the rest of the royal family are filled with a blood lust for animals on an industrial scale. In fact most rich people seem to have this need to kill the worlds wildlife.

  8. It’s really easy to email your two Senators at I urge you to ask them to support the Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animal Trophies Act. It would extend current U.S. import and export restrictions on animal trophies to include species that have been proposed for listing as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Current law provides protection only for species whose status on the list has been finalized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and it can take over a year for the agency to complete an assessment. Democrats Bob Menendez (N.J.), Cory Booker (N.J.), Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) and Ben Cardin (Md.) are co-sponsoring the legislation.

  9. Thank you so much Tom for outing this guy. The wild animals of Africa salute you! The more of these guys that get exposed the more it will deter others from doing it if they feel they will lose their livelihood, reputation or in the case of these medical professionals, their patients. Can’t imagine many women would want to go to Dr Seski now. I know I wouldn’t. Why would anyone want to give money to this evil man and fund more of his hunting sprees?

    • Hey Melanie…. I lived in Africa for over 35 years. The vast majority of wild animals in Africa are of the two-legged variety, and they kill far more animals (two-legged and four-legged) than any of these hunters that you get so excited about. Who gives a crap about an old, flea-infested, decrepit lion? I can assure you the Zimbabweans don’t. When you get so hot and bothered about innocent tribal women and children being mutilated, raped and murdered in Africa as you do about one lame lion (who would shortly have been exiled by his pride, anyway, and left to die), maybe we’ll take your misdirected bleeding heart a little more seriously. For now, you’re just a misguided rich white woman with a broken moral compass…..

      • and you’re a jackass for assuming that animal livers don’t care about human rights. Getting riled up about a poached lion does not mean we don’t also get riled up about civil war or genocide and other human rights violations. But ppl like you are so jaded that animals mean nothing. It’s line people fr poor countries that ignore a suffering dog because they see peoe suffering and poverty. There is no excuse to be heartless be it for animals or humans and no matter where you live and what you have seen you can have empathy for all injustice including a flea infested lion (as you say)

      • Cape Doc…If you have lived in Africa , you should know a 13yo lion is not old yet. He still had about 5-7 years left in him before he would have been exiled. Especially since there were two males in the pride. And last time I looked we can care about women being raped and mutilated too. I happen to belong to many groups and have many interests. People flock to animals because they have no voice, and can’t come out and say ” Hey there is a lot of assholes coming here lately. and luring us out with beef jerky and skinning us.” People can ask for help. And humans are selfish, arrogant, mean and spiteful creatures. Qualities you seldom see in animals. I haven’t gotten a email from a lion in Zimbabwe telling me I won the lottery. And to please send them $1000 to process the winnings. Lions have a big ecological impact believe it or not. And while some do not care .. Some do. In the 1950’s we had over 250.000 lions in Africa. 1970’s they were down to half that. Now there are 30,000 left. So you want us to wait till they are gone? So we can tell our children or grand children we were just to busy with other stuff to care? In the 1800’s people who were struggling to survive, but still cared enough to save the American Bison. Your trying to tell me we can’t have time to do this now? In the 1970’s the same with the Bald Eagle. Maybe in those times there was nothing else to care about hey?No other atrocities to deal with? You may not be able to multi task with your morals. But others can.

        • At 13, Cecil was hitting the expiratiion date for an alpha lion. He had already been pushed out of his last pride. His current one was much smaller and located near the edge of the park, away from food sources. Even with the help of Jericho, his pride mate, his next fight was likely to be fatal.

          BTW, in his prime, his pride was responsibke for the deaths of over 500 zebras, wildebeests, etc. per year. Even now, it it would need to kill every other day or so.

          • Excuses, excuses, excuses. So you gave it your best trying to justify the thrill killings by a relatively small group of very disturbed folks who get (apparently) a HUGE RUSH from the MURDEROUS ACT itself. Sick is sick, my friend.

      • CapeDoc Brought to you be Safari Club International. the organized crime gang of poachers that buy off US politicians

      • Here’s what you need know: Good deeds can be accomplished without it involving murder. We should all do as much as we can to lend a helping hand (to help where we can) whenever we can. The thrill killing needs to stop.

  10. While I do not approve of hunting lions and other animals that are endangered or close to it, I am a meat hunter for deer, elk and moose. It is perfectly legal. Just because some of you liberal pansies do not approve – tough! It will never be illegal to hunt in a proper and ethical manner just like you will never be able to ban guns in the US. I get so sick of you freaks trying to push your views on everyone else.

    • There you have the difference, Mr. AA. You are a meat hunter, not a trophy hunter. It sounds like you hunt relatively close to home, and don’t travel 5000 miles and drop 50,000 dollars to get one of the last elephants, lions, or rhinos on their wall. People that do that are despicable, and if the laws don’t provide for it than the people in their lives such as family and patients should set them straight in any way possible.

    • Calling people names like “liberal pansies” and we’re the freaks? At least I don’t fulfill aggressive tendencies thru killing ….now that’s a freak!

    • Let’s explain this again for those who didn’t quite get it the first couple hundred times around. When a person goes to the store to buy a pound of burger, or harvests a deer to eat, here’s what DOESN’T happen: there’s most likely no “high five” involved in the transaction, most likely no one posed for a picture with the burger (a creepy smirk as part of the photo), and, most likely, no part of the burger ended up hanging on a wall, the burger didn’t cost hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, didn’t involve traveling thousands of miles, and the trip didn’t take a week or two. Thrill killing (a/k/a “TROPHY HUNTING”) is premeditated murder that is entirely motivated by the perpetrator’s unexplainable “pleasure” derived from the murderous act itself. Understand?

    • He doesn’t get to see any blood thru the “Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery” at Allegheny General Hospital so have to get it thru other means I guess. His neighbors seem to think he’s a very odd old goat too. . . as well as people who trained with him. Why don’t these old geezers just calmly go into the sunset? The world would be a far better place if they would.

      • Now wait a moment. There are plenty of folks, who, when retired go on to do all kinds of good deeds via volunteering and such. No point categorizing all mature folks with the likes of these “trophy hunting” losers. (Reports are that the doc is, in fact, and odd duck in his home life too.)

    • And the thrill killers (a/k/a “trophy hunters”) sick, twisted, odd, disgusting and ugly smirks in the ubiquitous photos that are taken.

  11. If these guy’s ever go to trial and are convicted, their punishment should be;They are given a small pocket knife, nothing else, then placed in the middle of a high density game area for a week, if they even survive past the first night and do make it out alive they are released. The whole ordeal should be recorded and turned into a new reality television program.
    Then they are banned for the rest of their lives from hunting anything.

  12. Anonymous says is a coward if you think it is ok to post someone’s address and phone number on the internet while hiding your identity. If you want to post things of this nature have the balls to identify yourself. This man has been accused and not CONVICTED of anything.

  13. What a bunch of rich shits. They should be hunted and shot with a bow and arrow and have there heads mounted at the entrance of the parks in africa

  14. His address

    Line 1 Street Address – 3358 5TH AVE
    Line 2 Street Address –
    State – PA
    Zip Code – 152133110
    Country – USA

  15. Pure Evil !!! In my opinion…anyone who purposefully tortures and/or kills animals for greed or personal vanity should be doused with gasoline and set on fire!!! They don’t deserve to be a member of the human race.

  16. Just look at all the NRA/Crossbow trolls on here…I hope these wretched so-called doctors of “life”(?) get what is coming to them. Thanks for calling them out here. And I do hope they will all reap what they sow…in this case an arrow in their mindless hearts…then butcher them and hang them out. Life for Life!!! And good riddance. Women…”get a female doctor for your body please…and kick these creeps to the gutter where they belong.

    • Many of them are Safari Club International, the organized crime of poachers who contribute lots of graft to corrupt politicians. These two doctors are part of that.

      i hope people start listing the politicians they contribute to to help them commit crimes.

  17. Giant pieces of shiat who have too much money and not enough thrills in their life that the it way they get off is killing. No different than serial killers mentally

  18. I’ll bet you couldn’t get any type of treatment, cancer or otherwise, from the “special” doctors if you didn’t have insurance. See how far you get if you needed their specialties….not very far. Money talks, no money, no help!!

  19. I find it hard to believe that these 2 scumbags didnt lose their medical license w all the illegal shit they did in the past. I just cant understand how these 2 fukheads can get pleasure by killing an elephant wc by the way is highly intelligent. These 2 fukin cowards if they think there tough, why dont we put them in an arena like the gladiators. If they are real men. Bottom line they should lose their license to practice medicine. What fukin assholes. They should be tarred and feathered and dropped in the jungle .

    • Palmer lives mostly off his wife Tonette Evans money.

      Her family money is what pays for both Walter and Tonette to poach. She does it too. Wall Street type parasites.

      “Tonette Palmer also known as Toni Palmer is the daughter of one of the Jensen brothers that founded Norman G. Jensen.

      NGJ founded in 1937 in North Dakota by brothers Norman and Gordon Jensen is one of the biggest Customs Brokers companies, today the company is run by Toni along her siblings Gordon, Dennis and Mary and her husband Steve Midthun.”

  20. Another psycho with mental illness. If he can kill this beloved animals, this Satan evil doctor can also kill human beings!!! Beware of this psycho!!! He is sick in his head.

  21. Famous lions or not, illegal hunting or not, it’s time to ban trophy hunting once and for all. What makes these rich twits any different from illegal poachers? In fact, it’s the same type of greed that fuels the poaching industry. There is NO reason to hunt a giraffe or lion or elephant or lynx or leopard or rhino except to pose with its corpse and hang its head on your wall like some psychopath. Only demented and mentally ill people with loads of money call this disgusting hobby a sport. For those that want to call us bleeding heart liberals for speaking out against such inhumanity, or who want to assume that we only care about animal rights and not human rights, you are ignorant. Injustice is wrong in all forms, be it human or animal. Who does this for fun, and lures and tricks an animal in order to make it easier to kill and then uses a cross bow to make sure the animal suffers the most and dies the slowest? Who poses the corpse after the kill and keeps evidence of their kills as trophies and relives the pleasure they found in such murder? Oh, that would be serial killers…..and trophy hunters. Only difference is serial killers are eventually caught and imprisoned for their crimes, while these “hunters” go back to their jobs in medicine of all things and such. You want to call this sport? Then let’s even the playing field so the animal has just as much a chance at killing you. No camouflage, no trackers, no gps, no bait…just you and the lion in a ring with the only weapons you were born with. Let’s see how you do then. And that’s what makes you cowards. You kill giraffes which is about as pathetic as killing a puppy. You kill for the pleasure to kill, and that makes you no different than a murderer. Human or animal, doesn’t matter-it’s a living, breathing, feeling creature with a family unit that deserves respect and the right to life just as much as the pathetic and heartless souls that feel its their right to “take” its life away for fun..

  22. Jan this is Walter. I saw your pics on the internet and I must say “you are not up to my standards you pathetic excuse for a human. My lion was more famous than yours”. Just kidding. It warms my reptilian brain and stirs my loins to see a fellow blood thirsty dr. There is nothing like the feeling of slipping it in a warm piece of meat while other men are there cheering you on. Maybe you can come and visit my hunt club after this blows over. We just put new linoleum down in the masterbation room and it is well stocked with any type of lube that you desire. I can slip out something special from the office and we can give each other novacane injections in each other’s penises if you let me know when you will be here. Let me know ahead of time and I will fast, so we can do each other. Remember “what happens at the hunt club, stays at the hunt club”.

  23. In 1995,my 75 year old mother had stage 4 colon and cervical cancer,Dr.seski treated her and performed surgery on her on a Saturday because of the urgntcy,his staff told me he never before did Saturday surgery,cut to the chase my mother recovered and lived 20 years before dying at age 95,but wait did the magnificent dr. seski save her?my mother had friends who prayed for her,I had an experience that none would believe,GOD saved my mother,If she or I knew he was killing animals like he is accused of we both would have walkedout of his office,what a demented fool? really posing with animals that are near extinction in some instances,what a jerk,sorry we gave you the previliage of having my mother and al the payments to you for funding your great expeditions,hope you come back in an afterlife as one of those hunted animals,really that was you relief from the pressures of practicing,you should have been an alcoholic of sorts

    • Ron, your mother was lucky. He was buying illegal contaminated foreign drugs to give patients so he could make more profit.

      Also he often had interns doing the actual surgery. This is from another patient’s family member. They were not so lucky. the corrrupt medical licensing boards let people like this get away with it. it is all about the money, and people often have no idea what these criminals are up to.

      “This sick doctor, Jan Seski, was unfortunately my mother’s doctor…My mother died January 2005…I can remember my mother had an operation in 2000…They had her in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after her operation…Every time my father and I was allowed to go into the ICU to see her…They would have her sedated…This went on for a week…Until I went to the front executive office…And, I told them that they were killing my mother in that Unit…The representative went up to the ICU to see my mother to see if they had her sedated…She was…And, she called my mother’s nurse over to ask her why she had sedated her…She lied and said that she did not sedate her…So, the executive said, “if you did not sedate her, then you can get her up now, right.”…I want her up now…The executive then told me to wait out in the ICU waiting room with my father…And, she would come out to get me and my father…She did…And, there was a meeting with the executive, my father, my mother’s nurse, the head ICU nurse…My father and I learned from the executive that Jan Seski was in the hospital himself…That they were going to get him out of his hospital bed to explain this…Like, my father and I asked them, who operated on my mother?…When Seski, came to the meeting out of his “hospital bed,” he said was pissed…But, so was I…My mother specifically stated that she only wanted him to operate on her…She did not want an intern…And, that is of course what she got….Seeing his picture on the TV stating he killed these innocent animals made me sick to my stomache..This man needs to be put in JAIL…Take away the key…And never leave him out…My mother suffered terribly by this fool…I say take him back to Africa and put in the same room with a wild Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Elephant,…I pray they tear to shreds…This man is worse than an animal…He is the Devil’s Apprentice…If not, the devil himself”

      • All this long erroneous post exposes is that the majority of people have no idea what goes on in a complicated surgery and postoperative course, and blame the doctors regardless of what happens. You have no idea. Smh

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  25. My wife ran into dr seski at the mall late in the evening one day last week. They were talking and my wife casually mentioned she was having trouble with her beaver. Early the next morning dr seski was at our door with his bow and arrow.He had a crazed look on his face, like he was in a trance. He was dressed in brand new camo. Not the cheap wall mart stuff, this was cabelas, head to toe. I slowly talked the dr out of his trance. I did not want to snap him out of it all at once for fear he would go on a killing spree and shoot the neighbors poodles. After he came out of it I mentioned his nice camo outfit. He told me that when he kills animals that are going extinct sometimes he gets blood and fur on his camo. He likes to look good when he poses with that shit eating grin standing over dead animals. After the small talk I asked him why he was at my house. He said he was here because of my wife’s beaver. I laughed and told him we lived in the middle of the concrete jungle not the jungle jungle.i shooed the good doctor away, and told him he could get all the bloody meat he needed at the Kroger down the street. The rest of that day I kept wondering if that sob was going to pose with my wife’s beaver with that shit eating grin.

  26. Thank you for exposing these vile and sick human beings. No one should trust them in any way, especially not medically. They clearly have a lust for inflicting pain and harm. What must go through their minds to be able to commit such atrocities to living things.

  27. Here is the number for Seski’s Practice: (412) 621 – 2888
    Press option 2 and you will be connected to a 24 hour live answering service. As to speak to a Supervisor. They will decline to tell you what company they are with, but one of their reps disclosed its Teleplex. Let’s let them know what we think of them working for the alleged poacher.

  28. Imagine being his patient knowing that your money was being used to kill innocent and/or endangered animals!!! That would certainly mess up my day..

  29. Dear Dr. Seski,

    Last April, I had a pretty good life when you shot and killed me for no reason in Zimbabwe. I’m still trying to figure out why, as I was just a regular lion trying to protect my pride and bothering no one. I figure you must really not like yourself very much if you feel the need to do what you did to me. Well, I’ve come back to haunt you in the form of the Zimbabwean authorities, who are also wondering why you had to illegally kill me. I hope you can sleep well at night considering how you’ve hurt me, my pride, and the people of Zimbabwe.

    Your Lion

  30. Comment left by a family member of a woman that Seski killed.

    He preys on the poor and defenseless, human, which is how he ends up with the money to poach. Bagging humans as trophies because he makes money off each and every one.

    “This sick doctor, Jan Seski, was unfortunately my mother’s doctor…My mother died January 2005…I can remember my mother had an operation in 2000…They had her in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after her operation…Every time my father and I was allowed to go into the ICU to see her…They would have her sedated…This went on for a week…Until I went to the front executive office…And, I told them that they were killing my mother in that Unit…The representative went up to the ICU to see my mother to see if they had her sedated…She was…And, she called my mother’s nurse over to ask her why she had sedated her…She lied and said that she did not sedate her…So, the executive said, “if you did not sedate her, then you can get her up now, right.”…I want her up now…The executive then told me to wait out in the ICU waiting room with my father…And, she would come out to get me and my father…She did…And, there was a meeting with the executive, my father, my mother’s nurse, the head ICU nurse…My father and I learned from the executive that Jan Seski was in the hospital himself…That they were going to get him out of his hospital bed to explain this…Like, my father and I asked them, who operated on my mother?…When Seski, came to the meeting out of his “hospital bed,” he said was pissed…But, so was I…My mother specifically stated that she only wanted him to operate on her…She did not want an intern…And, that is of course what she got….Seeing his picture on the TV stating he killed these innocent animals made me sick to my stomache..This man needs to be put in JAIL…Take away the key…And never leave him out…My mother suffered terribly by this fool…I say take him back to Africa and put in the same room with a wild Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Elephant,…I pray they tear to shreds…This man is worse than an animal…He is the Devil’s Apprentice…If not, the devil himself”

  31. Dr. Seski is a wonderful doctor who saves HUMAN lives. Perhaps all the crazies posting these horrible remarks should remember that fact. I thank God everyday that he was there when I needed him, his expertise , his compassion and his comforting treatment. I had stage 3 (of 3stages) cancer when I found him and I am alive today because of him. LEAVE HIM THE F… ALONE SO HE CAN CONTINUE TO SAVE HUMAN LIVES!

    • When you kill like he does all the so called good is out the window. Jeffery Dahmer abused animals as well. Are you going to defend him?
      Maybe someone should chase you around with a bow and arrow you fuck nut.

  32. Isn’t Jan a girls name?
    Must be you loser no dick piece of shit. Hitler was better man you even though you both share the same impotence problem.

  33. What a dick chode. Bet his small penis has something to do with his pathetic attitude and need to kill beautiful animals. Paying someone to bring you to a animal isnt hunting, its cowardy and pathetic.