Martin Shkreli: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Martin Shkreli Twitter

Martin Shkreli pictured on his Twitter page.

A former hedge fund investor has become America’s most hated man after he raised the price of an AIDS drug by over 5,000 percent. The financial whizz is Martin Shkreli, 32. The Albanian-American has raised the ire of people across the country after news emerged that Shkreli had purchased the rights to the drug Daraprim through his company Turing Pharmaceuticals. It’s a drug that’s been used for over 60 years to help those with weakened immune systems. Overnight, the price of the drug shot up from $13.50 per tablet to $750.

It’s used mainly to treat toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that’s common in AIDS and HIV patients, as well as cancer sufferers. Earlier in September 2015, the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the HIV Medicine Association sent letters to Shkreli saying the proposed price increase on Daraprim was “unjustifiable for the medically vulnerable patient population” and “unsustainable for the health care system.”

Shkreli was arrested on securities fraud charges on December 17, 2015, related to his time as a hedge fund manager and CEO of a different drug company. Read more about his arrest here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Dealt With the Initial Fallout by Posting Lyrics & a Video Link to Eminem’s ‘The Way I Am’



On his Twitter page, Shkreli has been dealing with the fallout of his price increase by posting the lyrics and a video-link to Eminem’s “The Way I Am.” A song in which the Detroit rapper lashed out at those who he felt were putting to much pressure on him. He also then retweeted a message from his Turig Pharmaceuticals co-founder Edwin Urrutia who wrote “an inordinate amount of pharmaceutical experts on Twitter today.” Then Shkreli retweeted praise he’s gotten for some of his media interviews on September 21. You can watch his appearance on CNBC below:

Previously, he told the New York Times that Daraprim is “one of the smallest pharmaceutical products in the world.” Adding “It really doesn’t make any sense to get any criticism for this.” His general point was that the drug’s pricing would have little effect but it doesn’t get used that much anymore.

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A medical CEO is fast becoming the most hated man in America after he dramatically raised the price of a prominent AIDS drug.

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2. On His OKCupid Page, He Says He’s ‘Really Good at Logic, Difficult Situations & Tough Choices’

Martin Shkreli OkCupid

Shkreli breaking a mental sweat. (OKCupid)

On his now-deleted OKCupid page, don’t worry you can see a cached version here, he describes himself as “native new yorker seeks girlfriend. intelligent, handsome and all sorts of other good qualities. i am endlessly entertaining, providing comedic relief and artistic thought in one convenient package. what a catch!”

When asked what he’s doing with his life, Shkreli wrote ” i started a drug company to find treatments for rare and severe diseases. i have spare time, however, and i’m excited to build a relationship and share my life with someone.” He’s “really good at logic, difficult situations and tough choices.” Shkreli says he spends “a lot of time thinking about human suffering.”

One thing he doesn’t mention on his dating profile, is his love for League of Legends, a competitive strategy computer games featuring teams, leagues and cash prizes. After not being accepted by ateam, even though he offered them $1.2 million, Shkreli started his own group of gamers in August 2015.

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3. He’s a Disciple of CNBC’s Jim Cramer, During His Time as an Intern He Was Investigated by the SEC

According to a Bloomberg profile, Shkreli began his life in finance as a 17-year-old intern for Mad Money host Jim Cramer. During his time there, Shkreli opined that biotech stock would drop, Cramer acted on the advice and made money. This led to a brief SEC investigation that came to nothing. By his 20s, he started his own hedge fund, Bloomberg writes “Shkreli developed a reputation for using a stock-gossip website to savage biotech companies whose shares he was shorting.”

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4. He Was Sued for $65 Million in 2014 for Misuse of Company Funds by a Biopharmaceutical Company

Martin Shkreli Wikipedia

An early edit to his Wikipedia page.

His hedge fund MSMB Capital Management was in the news when a drug was developed within the company to treat muscular dystrophy. The drug was named Retrophin in 2011. Three years later, Shkreli was fired by the company after he was accused of misuse of company money, something that resulted in Shkreli being sued for $65 million, reported Forbes. He thought the accusations were “preposterous.”

Shrekli was arrested on charges related to the alleged fraud. Read about his arrest at the link below:

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Martin Shkreli, the CEO of a pharmaceuticals company and one of the most hated men on the Internet, has been arrested on federal securities fraud charges.

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5. He Was Named as One of the Worst CEO’s in Biotech by TheStreet

In his annual list, TheStreet’s Adam Feuerstein named Shkreli as one of the worst biotech CEOs out there. Feuerstein argued that Shkreli is too concerned with Twitter and is public persona rather than research.

Martin Shkreli Photos: Pictures of Medical CEO’s Life

A medical CEO is fast becoming the most hated man in America after he dramatically raised the price of a prominent AIDS drug.

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  1. If the drug could be profitable at $13.50/dose, why was it for sale in the first place?
    if the drug is so important to the folks crying foul, why didn’t they buy it and give it away for free?

    • Um, because you still have to have a lot of money to buy it to begin with. Did you even think about that question before you asked it?

  2. I think he wins the most shittiest man on the planet after the Cecil the lion killer. Arrogant little git. How come hedge funds are sinking so low as to harming people’s health? Investors -have you no morals in the oursuit of money you likely do not even need.
    Doctors blacklist this firm, show what the people power of the 1960s can achieve. As yo you, if you read this, grow up, you sick little man.

    • Because it doesn’t matter if he’s a Democrat or a republican. He is a horrible person, that’s all you need to know. It doesn’t matter what your political views are pieces of shit are just PIECES OF SHIT!

        • YUP. Very true, Confirmed and heavy Dem donor. Considering the amount of money that went to the hedge funds int he last 6 years at $98 billion a month intentionally, no surprise idiots with no experience in life and people would get cash.
          If he were a republican/libertarian, this would be the rallying cry of how evil and greedy the republicans are.
          It would be followed by a speech by Bernie at 5:00 and at 9:00 Clinton would demand laws be passed to raise the amount of money that can be borrowed to pay for over priced drugs (raising them even more).
          So…what we are hearing now is that is does not matter….but only in some cases and when its politically convenient.

    • I knew it! It’s because that’s how the left works. If he was a Republican it would have been in the headline. Anytime a report leaves out the persons political affiliation 99.9 percent of the time they are a Democrat…..SAD!

  3. After a layoff just two years short of retirement I was advised to invest in the market by friends. My first and only investment was Mankind, a diabetes drug delivery system. The money went down the drain so fast it made my head swim. Now I see this little shit stain bragging to his stock market cronies on Twitter ” I shorted Mankind, their equity is 0 “. I want to go to New York and go down to Turing in SoHo and stick an ice pick in his ear.

  4. Martin Shkreli, I work in healthcare, To raise the price of a medication that cancer and aids patients need is the ultimate of greed. The decision of a self centered, self absorbed, selfish, truly arrogant person.
    Somewhere your lesson for the injustice you do will come to you and haunt you. You have no idea how these people suffer and cannot pay for their care, the tax payers do most of that.
    Unbelievable, cruel, selfish and disgusting!!!

    • Excellent Sue! You hit the nail on the head, its difficult to understand how he can live with himself knowing that he has made it impossible to treat deadly diseases because of his arrogant greedy ass. People are dying because of this shithead! Hitler was too greedy and you know what happened to him. I do not know any other people from Albania, but I’m sure most are very good people, he must have fallen out of the nest on his head when he was young.

  5. I bet he eat them pills like skittles and check party mix why he take dick in the ass lower the cost of that dick you take in the ass i bet that dont cost shit you sick bitch and it’s kids out here dying so you can live bet you got the aids come out the closest bitch😡😡😞💰💊💉🔫💴💵💣💣📨📩

  6. The guy is already under investigation by the SEC. He takes the fifth amendment to avoid incriminating himself. Would he need to do that if there wasn’t something criminal to be hidden? He’s harming the public image of reputable pharmaceutical companies. Information about the dangers that patients face if they need this drug and can’t afford it,is hard to find. If anyone dies a result of his price increase, should he tried for murder?

  7. Hi I’m Rhonda, I don’t know how many meds I have taken in my life… I was adopted when I was like 23 or 25…. I don’t really remember how my mom told me that I had HIV or anything… people tell me that people like me shouldn’t even be on this earth but I don’t care what they say I’m a human being and I deserved to be heard. I’m really scared to have a boyfriend because I know that I can give other people HIV…. I want to be married with 3 kids and I don’t want to grow up 2 be a loner but how can I do all of that and I’m HIV I started to think is there anything that I can do…Well I don’t know but… I’m happy to have people just like me who were born with it.. It makes me a little mad when I see things on T.V about HIV but then again there trying to help people so they don’t end up like me or make a child like me I guess that kinda good….. but it really dose hurt sometimes I just wanna be normal, like all the other girls, you know have a crush get a first kiss without thinking about it… But I will Never regret who I am and what I have its made me who I am and I guess that’s whatz important… I really don’t like the meds they give me one word Nasty.. :-).. last year in September my cd4 was very low 24,Well, I always thought I will never be negative but it has happened and all thanks to Dr, Odia pray God to keep protecting me all the days of my life. You may ask what FINALLY make me negative…? Well I met a man that treats me the way a woman should be treated, like a princess! to cure me of my illnes and helped me to look for a way, He is Negative and hopefully will stay that way :) but he nor his family discriminate against me, or even say anything about it for that matter. And, I am finally in a pretty good place in my life, with someone that loves me and wants to be with me, a good job, I finally feel like I have a purpose in life and want to continue LIVING! I hope all of you wonderful people out there never give up hope like I did for so long!… even me for a while!! NEVER GIVE UP! Contact him:( drodiaherbalistcenter @ gmail . com )

  8. Buy the drugs in UK much, much, cheaper. Make him and his company a non factor. He should never make another penny off this. It up to the people. Make it happen.

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  10. If this drug is 60 years old and is no longer under patent, why do other pharma companies not produce it? Surely someone could make it and provide some competition for this guy. Sell it for, say, 350. Something is very suspicious about this whole story.

  11. need to eliminate exclusive patents in a shorter time. stop subsidizing europe and canadas drug prices by gouging americans.

  12. Would love to run into this little sissy ass I would knock his teeth out and keep on walking. What a little greedy pile of shit this guy is .What goes around comes around you can be sure of that…

  13. Everyone’s mad as hell at this guy, but not at the fact that he is legally allowed to do this. He’s just playing the ‘game’ and exposing the ridiculousness of it all.

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