WATCH: New ISIS Videos About Syrian Refugee Crisis

Two new videos purportedly released by the Islamic State take advantage of the European immigrant crisis. They are the third and fourth such videos allegedly released by ISIS since yesterday, when two videos titled “Would You Exchange What is Better for What is Less?” and “Warning For The Refugees About The Crusaders Deceptions” were released. You can watch those here.

Above is the new video “A Message To the Refugees of the Abode of Infidelity.” It is stated to have been filmed in Wilayat Hadramawt, or “State of Hadramawt” in eastern Yemen. In it, an ISIS jihadist rants against the current immigrant crisis.

Above is the second video, titled “Muslim Asylum Seekers to the Abode of the Disbelievers.” It is stated to have been filmed in Wilayat Hims, or “State of Homs” in Syria. In it, another ISIS authority figure rails against Europeans and their lies.

Watch more funny videos here.


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