Deputy Ben Fields: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ben Fields, Deputy Ben Fields, Ben Fields south carolina cop

Deputy Ben Fields. (Twitter)

A South Carolina sheriff’s deputy has been fired after videos were posted online Monday showing him violently throwing a high school student from her desk in a classroom.

The videos of the incident involving former Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields surfaced just hours after it happened at Spring Valley High School. The Richland County School District 2 and sheriff’s office say they are investigating.

Ben Fields Video

Sheriff Leon Lott and students who were in the class say the girl was asked by the teacher to get off her cell phone, but refused, and then would not leave the class room when asked by an administrator, so Fields was called. She allegedly refused the deputy’s requests to get up from her desk. Fields then was told to remove her from the room and that is when the videos begin.

Here’s what you need to know about Fields and the incident:

1. Fields Told the Student ‘Are You Coming With Me or am I Going to Make You?’

Fields, 34, had been suspended without pay while the sheriff’s office investigated internally. He was the senior school resource officer at the school. The investigation was completed Wednesday.

“Deputy Fields did wrong this past Monday, and we take responsibility for that,” Sheriff Leon Lott said. He said the incident started because of the student and “she needs to be held responsible for what she did.”

“What she did doesn’t justify what our deputy did. I don’t want anybody to think that,” Lott added.

The school district said it told Fields to not return to any school in the district permanently. The Columbia FBI Field Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division have launched a civil rights investigation. That investigation will continue, despite Fields being fired.

The girl, a senior, in the video was arrested, according to the sheriff’s office and the charges have not been dropped. Her name has not been released. The girl’s lawyer, Todd Rutherford, said she was injured. She has a cast on her arm, and suffered back and neck injuries, along with rug burn to her face.

The girl’s mother recently died and she entered foster care, her attorney told the New York Daily News.

Fields’ attorney released a statement after the deputy was fired:

The 15-second video was posted on social media just hours after the incident happened on Monday. It shows a white officer grabbing the black student by the arm as she sits in her desk.

Fields, at one point during the incident, says to the girl, “Are you going to come with me or am I going to make you? Come on. I’m going to get you up.”

In the video, Fields pulls on her arm, moving the desk and the girl and then grabs hold of her shoulder and neck area. He turns over the desk, throwing it and the unnamed student to the ground. He then drags her toward the door, pulling the desk along with her and then throws her out of it before jumping on top of her to handcuff her as the video ends.

The incident started when the teacher, Robert Long, saw the girl on her cell phone and asked her to put it away, her classmate, Tony Robinson Jr., told WLTX-TV.

“She really hadn’t done anything wrong,” he told the news station. “She said she took her phone out, but it was only for a quick second.”

An administrator, who is seen in the video, came to the classroom, and eventually called for Fields, the school resource officer.

Robinson said he could tell Fields was going to do something as soon as he arrived. He said Fields moved the girl’s laptop and then told another student to move a desk out of the way.

“I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick to the point that other students are turning away,” Robinson said. “They’re just scared for their lives. That’s supposed to be someone that’s going to protect us. Not somebody to be scared of.”

Students in the classroom sit, most in silence, as Long, the teacher, and administrator also watce. In a second angle of the video, Fields can be heard telling another student, “I’ll put you in jail next.” Watch that angle below:

Niya Kenny told WLTX-TV that Fields was yelling at her when she spoke up to defend her classmate.

“I was screaming ‘What the f, what the f is this really happening?’ I was praying out loud for the girl,” Kenny told the news station. “I just couldn’t believe this was happening I was just crying and he said, since you have so much to say you are coming too. I just put my hands behind my back.”

Kenny, 18, was charged with disturbing school, a misdemeanor, and released on $1,000 bail.

“I know this girl don’t got nobody and I couldn’t believe this was happening,” Kenny said. “I had never seen nothing like that in my life, a man use that much force on a little girl. A big man, like 300 pounds of full muscle. I was like ‘no way, no way.’ You can’t do nothing like that to a little girl.”

A third video, from yet another angle, was posted online by Reginald Seabrooks:

Seabrooks wrote in the video description on Youtube, “The officer in this is a cool dude,he is not Racist!!!. Girl was asked her to put the phone away,but told teacher no and Administrator was called and asked her to come to his office. She told him no,he then called the resource officer. When he got there he asked her nicely to get up.Over and over he did nothing wrong. They asked her to get up but she wanted to show off. To some it looks bad but she wanted to prove that she was bad.”

Fields was Seabrooks football coach at Spring Valley High School, his father told CNN.

A student in the classroom tweeted his eyewitness account of the video, saying “to be clear,” the girl was “sitting quietly at her desk,” and did not provoke the deputy before the video started. Aaron Johnson said “nobody even knew what she did,” and why he grabbed her.

Sheriff Leon Lott said the teacher and administrator both gave statements supporting Fields’ actions.

Johnson said, “When I asked (their teacher) Mr. Long if he felt bad for what happened to her … his reply was ‘she should have cooperated.'”

Robert Long, Robert Long teacher, Robert Long spring valley high school teacher

Robert Long, a math teacher at Spring Valley High School, called for an administrator after a student refused to get off her cell phone, students say. (Spring Valley High School)

He added, “I think we were all in shock and afraid they would say something to us, he put another girl in handcuffs for standing up, like standing up for the girl.”

The video quickly went viral, with #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh trending worldwide on Twitter and Facebook.

The district told WLTX-TV in a statement, “We are aware of an incident that occurred today at Spring Valley High School. Video of it has been posted on social media. The incident is under investigation. We are working closely with the sheriff’s department.”

Ben Fields, Deputy Ben Fields

Deputy Ben Fields, left, with fellow Deputy Scott Puckett at a “Bid for Bachelors” charity event in 2013. (Facebook)

Lott said Tuesday he was “shocked” and “disturbed” by the video. An internal investigation is expected to be completed soon, possibly by Wednesday. Although he said he is focusing on the actions of his deputy, he stressed multiple times his claim that one of the videos shows the girl hitting the officer. In the videos, the girl can be seen pushing her arm, and possibly hitting, the officer, but only after he had already grabbed her by the neck and was starting to throw her to the ground. Her motions appear to be in self-defense.

Lott also said the girl does bear some responsibility.

“If she had not disrupted that school, disrupted that class, we would not be standing here today,” Lott said at a press conference.

The high school has about 2,000 students, according to the district’s website. Of those students, 52 percent are black and 30 percent are white.

The video has raised comparisons to an incident in McKinney, Texas, in June, when a police officer there violently arrested an unarmed black teen at a pool party. Eric Casebolt later resigned from the department. He is still facing an investigation. Read about that case at the link below:

Eric Casebolt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Eric Casebolt is the McKinney, Texas, cop who has resigned after a video raised questions about his conduct while arresting black teens at a pool party.

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2. He Is Accused of ‘Recklessly’ Targeting ‘African-American Students With Allegations of Gang Membership’

Deputy Ben Fields is facing a lawsuit in federal court accusing him of violating the civil rights of a student at Spring Valley High School. The student, Ashton James Reese, was expelled from the high school for “unlawful assembly of gang activity and assault and battery,” in 2013. He was accused of participating in a “gang related” fight in a Walmart parking lot near the school.

You can read the complaint above.

Fields, who did not respond to the fight, led the investigation, and described it as a “huge gang fight,” that was an attempt to unite three gangs at the school. He said Reese was identified as being in the video and being part of a gang. But Reese denies he is a gang member, according to the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Reese’s attorneys claim Fields, “recklessly targets African-American students with allegations of gang membership and criminal gang activity.”

A jury trial is scheduled to begin on January 27, 2016.

Fields was also sued in federal court in 2007 from his time as a patrol deputy. A jury eventually ruled in Fields’ favor. Read that complaint below:

In that lawsuit, Fields was accused of violating the civil rights of a man and woman at an apartment complex in Columbia. The plaintiff, Carlos Martin, says was driving his car near his home and saw a police officer driving his cruiser in the parking lot. He said he nodded to the officer “as a friendly gesture and greeting.”

Martin said shortly after he parked his car and was walking to his apartment. He says he then heard the officer, later identified as Fields, running toward him calling, “Hey you.” Fields asked for Martin’s license and registration and asked if he was the cause of excessive noise that a resident had complained about. Martin told Fields he wasn’t the source and had just got home from work.

Deputy Ben Fields, Ben Fields, South Carolina police officer spring valley high school video

A screengrab of the video showing Deputy Ben Fields grabbing the female student. (Twitter)

“Deputy Fields became agitated when Plaintiff Carlos Martin, with absolutely no disrespect, addressed Deputy Fields using the colloquial term ‘dude,'” the lawsuit states. “Despite (Martin’s) attempts to assure the Deputy that he intended no disrespect, Deputy Fields nevertheless became increasingly angry. Deputy Fields’ unprovoked anger escalated to the point that he grabbed (Martin), slammed him to the ground, cuffed him, began kicking him, and chemically maced him until his clothing was drenched and the contents of the can of mace was depleted.”

According to the lawsuit, Fields later seized a cell phone from Martin’s wife, Tashiana Rogers, and never returned to her. He also arrested her. Rogers, who was then Martin’s wife, said she recorded the incident on video, and that’s why the phone was seized. The charges against both were later dropped when the prosecution failed to show up for court.

Fields, in his reply to the lawsuit, said Martin was playing excessively loud music from his vehicle, and he was going to cite him for that before Martin become boisterous and used profanity toward Fields. He said Martin pulled away when he tried to handcuff him, and then started kicking him, so he used force to arrest him.

Also, according to the lawsuit, Fields “made ridiculing and suggestive comments that he was going to take Plaintiff Tashiana Anita Martin to a Motel 6.” He denied that claim.

Carlos Martin, an Army veteran, spoke to the New York Daily News after Monday’s video went viral.

“He became even more violent because I didn’t react like most people would,” Martin told the Daily News.

Rogers, who is now divorced from Martin, also spoke to the newspaper, saying, “I felt like if he had felt the consequences from 2005, this wouldn’t happen today.”

Corey Jones: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Corey Jones, a drummer and city employee in Florida, was fatally shot by a plainclothes police officer on I-95 in Palm Beach Gardens after his car broke down.

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3. Students Say They Saw Fields ‘Slam’ Students, Including a Pregnant Girl, for Years

Ben Fields, Deputy Ben Fields, Ben Fields South Carolina

Fields is the deputy assigned to Spring Valley High School.

Fields is the senior Richland County deputy sheriff assigned to Spring Valley High School as a school resource officer, according to the sheriff office’s website.

He supervises one other deputy at the school.

Former and current students flocked to Twitter to lodge their complaints about Fields.

One student says she saw Fields “slam” a pregnant student in 2012:

Parents in a group called the Richland 2 Black Parents Association told WIS-TV the video is “egregious and “unacceptable,” adding in a statement, “Parents are heartbroken as this is just another example of the intolerance that continues to be of issue in Richland School District Two particularly with families and children of color. As we have stated in the past, we stand ready to work in collaboration to address these horrible acts of violence and inequities among our children.”

The district said it is “deeply concerned” about the incident. “Student safety is and always will be the district’s top priority,” the school district’s statement said. “The district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of our students.”

Columbia Mayor Steven Benjamin said in a statement, “Though this incident involved a Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy and not an officer with the Columbia Police Department, we cannot and will not accept this kind of behavior from any law enforcement officer and I firmly believe we need an independent investigation to get to the bottom of this incident and see that justice is done.”

Officer Nouman Raja: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Officer Nouman Raja fatally shot Corey Jones in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, after a "confrontation" on the side of I-95. Jones was armed.

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4. Fields, Also a Football Coach & Power Lifter, Became a Cop 11 Years Ago After Junior College

Ben Fields, Spring Valley High School


According to his now-deleted Twitter account, Fields is also the defensive line and strength coach for the Spring Valley High School football team.

Fields became a coach in 2012, working with the defensive line, and added the strength coaching responsibilities a season later, the team’s website says. School district officials said at a press conference Tuesday that Fields is no longer coaching.

Videos posted on YouTube, which have now been removed, showed Fields weightlifting:

ben fields weightlifting, ben fields powerlifting, school cop who threw girl

Ben Fields displays his powerlifting prowess in a now-removed YouTube video. (YouTube)

Fields said in during his deposition for a federal lawsuit filed against him that he is a competitive power lifter, saying it is a “sport,” where you “try to lift as much as you can at one time.”

In his deposition, Fields says he does not take steroids, but has not been tested for steroids in the past. He said he has taken supplements, including Creatin, to help build muscles.

Students said on Twitter they were afraid of Fields because of his stature:

Fields grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and graduated from a private Christian high school there in 2000. He then graduated with an associate’s degree from a junior college in Kansas and moved to Columbia, South Carolina, because his parents had relocated there, he says in the lawsuit deposition.

His father, Wayne Fields, is the president and CEO of the Oliver Gospel Mission in Columbia, where Ben Fields worked for one year before becoming a police officer.

He said he was encouraged to become a police officer by a deputy sheriff who taught at Midlands Tech, where Fields took three criminal justice classes.

Sheriff Leon Lott said Fields is dating an African-American woman. Lott has since faced criticism on social media from people who say dating a black woman does not absolve him of racism.

Lott has not responded to those complaints.

Read more about the sheriff at the link below:

Sheriff Leon Lott: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sheriff Leon Lott said he isn't sure race was a factor in Deputy Fields' actions because Fields is dating a black woman. His statement drew a lot of anger.

Click here to read more

5. He Received the ‘Culture of Excellence’ Award Earlier Last Year for Being a ‘Role Model’

ben fields

Fields received the “Culture of Excellence Award” last year. He is pictured with Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School Principal Karen Beaman, who presented him the award. (Richland County Sheriff’s Office)

Deputy Ben Fields was honored with the Richland School District Two Culture of Excellence Award in November 2014, according to the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s write-up about him winning the award says Fields has worked with the department since 2004 and became a school resource officer in 2008. He is also assigned to Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School.

Fields, the sheriff says, “has proven to be an exceptional role model to the students he serves and protects.”

Niya Kenny: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Niya Kenny, an 18-year-old student at Spring Valley High School, was arrested after standing up for a classmate who was taken down by Deputy Ben Fields.

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  1. AND why are people bringing up race in this? So stupid. Just because they’re different races doesn’t me it’s automatically racism. Chill and think.

    • And another disrespectful non rule following individual. Do you see any correlation? The authoritative figure wouldn’t have been called in if the little brat would have respected her teacher and gotten OFF her cell phone during class! She got what she deserved!

      • She got what she deserved, really? You really think the punishment fit the crime? OK then, next time you commit a minor traffic violation, the cops should pull you over, lift you out of your car, and throw you across the street, because that’s what you’ll have deserved!

        • Next time i get pulled over for breaking the law and the officer asks me to step out of the car i will. If i don’t, yes I will get dragged out

          • no you wont, well maybe you will since you have no knowledge of the difference between codes, statues and laws or maybe you will because you have no knowledge of the constitution or maybe because you do not know what the police officers real duties are!

        • Your dam right.I wish the cop was there to drag that 320lb black kid who pushed the 66 year old white teacher to the ground.They don’t want to post or talk about that do they.And you all ask why do we need cops at school.Well your question has been answered.All this poor me shit just cause your black you act like an animal you get treated like one.I wish that same cop was at that school to drag his sorry black ass across the room.

          • Please, the correct word is “you’re ” and NOT “your!” Remember that if you’re (you are) trying to make a point.

          • Do you really think he should be able to drag a 320 lb black kid?? Thats because the cops were not there, because its more easy to terrorize little black girls, that a well build guy that could stand up for himself. Fields its nothing than a coward

        • That is Not what would happen, instead:The cop pulls me over and asks me to exit the vehicle, and I do so. Diffused! Instead an african american in a class full of africa americans decides, i am gonna make a scene. The cop did what he could and now he has been smeared for doing his job.

      • This stupid argument needs to end! Kids should not be flung like rag dolls – put at risk of serious injury – because they give you attitude! If so, start throwing around every teen you see because it’s pretty common. You probably had a smart mouth once or twice too STEVE. You have kids? You’d be singing a different tune if your daughter got man handled by a grown ass man like that. SMH with you freaking lunatics thinking any crazy reaction from a cop is A-OK.

      • uneducated retard responses like yours are embarrassing for the human race . Pull your hear out of your ass you boot licking sycophant.

  2. I can’t believe some are defending this a@@hole bully. He should lose his job and coaching job. He should not be allowed to work with minors. He should also lose his firearm permit. He is a loose cannon.

  3. That deputy should not be fired. That 16 year old girl did not follow school rules or follow the law. At least we all know she will end up in prison. The only reason why this police officer was fired is because he is white and she is black. That’s the only reason. I hope he sues this girls family for millions. And sues the county for millions. This is why cops don’t care anymore. They do the job and because he or she is black the cop is racist. What a joke. Most people who go to jail in the first place are black. We all know how teenage black girls are they are loud rude no respect.

    • Leave race out of it. There ia better way to handle this than a body builder throwing a person a cross a room. If he doesn’t have the patients to deal with unruly hard-headed kids he should not be working with them. This is excessive for any situation. His history show that it is routine and he should not be working with the public. Whit black blue orange it doesn’t matter. What if it was your kid? If you allow a man to handle your child like that because she didn’t comply, your parenting skills should be questioned.

    • What part of the world are you from saying black girls are loud and rude. I know some of the most rude girls I have ever seen are white girls, not only to the public but to their parents.
      And about the jail thing. Black kids mess do not get pushed under the rug like white kids mess doesn’t.

      • You’re right, it doesn’t get pushed under the rug…we just never hear about it!! Bc anytime anything involving a black kid happens, we only hear about it if a white is involved so a race issue can be made of it.

        Those racist pieces of shit Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make sure of that.

        • Fuck you your the racist. There is no such thing as race and we all know it. It is an invention of the past in order to keep slaves (white and black) in the proper place. Please read up on Mitochondrial Eve and how skin tones have lightened with migration to colder climates. Educate yourselves, read college books, and grow up with your obsession about race. HE BEAT THE GIRL UP!!!!! A BIG MAN BEAT A GIRL UP!!!!!! NO ONE DESERVES THIS!!!!!HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL!!! HE IS AN ABUSIVE MAN WHO ABUSES HIS POWER AGAINST TEENAGERS WHO HAVE TO JUST TAKE IT. Thank god for cell phone cameras because now people can see the way officers treat citizens. If this was a “WHITE” looking girl then you would be outraged, huh? But because she is “BLACK” she deserves it because she (insert reason here.) What was she rude? well then why didn’t he just shoot her? too many witnesses this time? A police officer cannot beat people up for being *rude*.He does not work for a private corporation either and he is not above the law. No police officer is.

            • What about the 66 year old white teacher who was pushed to the ground and knocked out cause she took a black kids phone away.He wad 320 lbs sack of shit.Anybody want to talk about that.Of course not,this was 2 days after the other incident with the black girl.I guess its the truth they have know respect for authority so stop crying race.all you sorry fucks

              • yes I saw the incident and he was a complete asshole but the difference between that situation and this one is that the student that was twice the teachers size was arrested ad handled but the school. But when the officer slams a little girl 3 times smaller than him, he almost walked away scott-free. if it wasn’t for the video of the incident the officer could have done anything to the kids without any repercussions. it doesn’t matter what your Fucken color is. right is right. wrong is wrong. people are in more of an outrage because the officer could have gotten away with slamming kids like hes been doing for the past couple of years. if a white kid got flipped and dragged across the fucken ground by an officer that was receiving no consequences, you best believe people would be pissed too. what is a human life worth to anyone these days??

          • Watch the video you clearly are blind.if this was your child you would understand that it’s not about race it’s about abusing your badge to get away with the law.

          • Hey did not beat her UP! She forced him to remove her and she fought him as he did! That man is very large! That girl is small! Had he lost his cool and beat her she would be lucky to live through it! He didn’t beat her at all! He took her out of the desk. Moved her away from the other desk and cuffed her! At what point in any of the 3 videos did you see him beat her up? How many punches did he beat her with? Or did you see him picking her up over and over and beating her against the ground? No he took her down and arrested her!

        • Chicago……. More black on black crime than anywhere in the country. Less media coverage for more shooting incidents than anywhere else, less coverage than when one…” ONE” school resource officer uses physical force on a student that will not obey rules. The deputy I guess should have allowed her to stay in a position to hit him again???? I guess had he just begged her on his knees to please do what she should , maybe after the fiftieth time begging she would have complied . This is ridiculous ! All we are doing is tying the hands of law enforcement. Being black is NOT A REASON FOR MEDIA ATTENTION. Unlawful action is. This deputy took someone into custody who was breaking the rules, and refused to comply. Simply stated” it appears the black community wants to held to no accountability for actions” especially when the correction comes from a white officer………shame on all of you for being hypocritical. If this was your child at home she probly would have been slapped or spanked. The officer never struck her.

          • He didn’t have to strike her hell, he did much worse! He slammed and threw her! You are disgusting defending this animal! He was out of control and should be put under the jail for it! Filthy scumbag!

          • Black on black, or any other crime, means both people are criminals and treated that way. Police officers, rarely, get hand cuffed when they assault someone. They almost never get prosecuted. When they are they don’t often get convicted. If a parent treats their child this way in public they would spend at least one night in jail. Apples and oranges on that argument.

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        • Lets see if a white girl was in this situation it would be called grief…but because she’s black she is not allow to have any emotional problems …SMH… IT”S NOT ABOUT RACE…AND I AM A BLACK WOMAN……

        • I agree kelli. That’s why I married a white man because I was tired of dead beat, abusing, drug selling, pant sagging, non-working, jail bird black men.

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      • no we can’t all agree the problem children are usually the poorest children. Does the name Mendez ring a bell? How about wealthy (millionaire) teen Ethan Couch who killed four people while driving drunk in Texas? Does Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris come to mind when you think of poor children who are the “problem”. Poor people are better than all wealth people I have ever met. Will you and your family PLEASE stop teaching? You are probably teaching the *poor* children to be ashamed of themselves. I can’t believe your a teacher and in high school. This is where the negative stereotype, those who can’t, teach, comes from. I get that you were trying to say hey it’s not just the blacks but the poor whites, Hispanics and all other, made up category, people who are the problem. But, no dear, no, problems come from all people, all countries, all economic backgrounds.

      • Lyndsie you just said it yourself all three teachers agree the problem children are usually the poor children “NOT JUST THE BLACK CHILDREN” that implies that the blacks are always a problem, just like the rest of us are trying to tell your ignorant bitch ass.

    • Well, he can’t sue her family. She is recently orphaned. No family left to sue. She never talked to anyone and was new to the school. She IS IN MOURNING! And you are a MORON!

    • so you would be cool with this officer throwing you or some lady you loved around like that. You’re a filthy liar. He is a coward punk bully who should be in prison. He is a huge body builder picking on a fifteen year old GIRL. You dipshit are only saying this stupid shit to because you are a troll piece of shit.

    • The sad truth is that racism is alive and well as illustrated in the comments of this idiot the fact is that instead of hiding behind white sheets and hoods they hide there hateful ignorance behind badges and blue uniforms ,black robes with gables in there hands I pray for the day that you reap the same seeds of hatred and ignorance that you sow nothing stays the same forever and you will be made to be held responsible for the injustices you have visited on others simply because of the color of their skin based on your history who would be surprised at what is happening today you are the product of your hateful ancestors after all who have visited your hate and bigotry upon Indians Africans the planet the animals I could go on but you know who you are and what you have done and you hand down your hateful evil legacy to your children you should be ashamed of your past and your present

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        By the way, what the hell is “gables in their hands”?

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              Your ancestors would probably beat the fuck out of you for not being able to keep power over us, and making them a laughing stock in history. It’s so funny that you have all these prejudiced views of Blacks, when your ancestors were gypped by the wealthy Whites into believing that skin color actually makes a difference as to how much your life is worth. If they were alive now, they’d cast you aside as much as they cast Blacks aside. Why? Because you have no real status in society. You’re probably a good ol’ boy, with barely–if any–assets to your name. All they would do is throw you this little red herring (race) to keep you appeased while they kept you down. I wish YOU could go back. Then you’d see exactly how cutthroat your people collectively are.

              You’re only racist because it makes you feel minutely better about your existence. Instead of opening your heart and your mind, you perpetuate the stereotype of White people: Devils. You should reevaluate how you’re representing your race.

            • BRAVO! Your ancestors were rapist. you sweet little porch monkey you I can tell there is a little spice in there somewhere. hey can you tell me the square root of all the liters of proud white blood you have flowing through your corroded veins. You fugly motherfucker.

        • Shelly meant “gavels”, you know she was referring to JUDGES, right? You of the bible reading, corn pone eating, pointy hat wearing, west of some Mississippi shitbox, jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care, redneck, should know all about Judges, and Deuteronomy, and Lamentations, and Peter. You have read all those and indeed all the books of the bible? So judge not lest ye be judged, huh? I would sure as hell rather make a spelling error than be YOU! The best put down you have is OH, you made a spelling error on a blog where everyone types quickly and with passion. Come OOONNNN!!!!! KYLE! Where is that superior white brain now, you bland cauliflower you?

          • The Superiors are done tossing bananas to the animals. Go on back to your cages now. You’re free from being our entertainment for the night.

            • but bananas are delish. so pig fucker you don’t eat bananas, or watermelon, again you always bring up old clichés now I am guessing you to be at least 40 years old but probably closer to over 60. cant wait for you to die so I can escape my prison to use the outhouse like your superior ancestors… oh I can’t go on. We all know that your time for racism is over. it was all lies in order to convince stupid people to do the bidding of the master and get in line. you are just the last in a long line of poor hillbilly whose time has come and gone. all your insults were really really really really lame and weak you are pathetic. don’t forget to change your colostomy bag.

              • Your animal perception on my age is really close…only off by 20-30 years. I’m 26. Fortunately nobody had to teach me not to associate with you jigaboos…it came naturally to me like it does all human beings. Keep chimping out and banging your cage tho. You’ll evolve (maybe) sooner or later.

                  • They aren’t jokes in the least bit. Sorry I’m not pulling out my thesaurus to describe animal sounds and behavior. I was trying to figure out what my age had to do with anything and then it hit me…you’re one of those that is naive enough to think that racism doesn’t exist, or is much less now, than it used to be!! Wishful thinking and dream on buddy. It’s just as prevalent as ever. As long as we continue to be attacked based on race, we’re gonna retaliate based on the race of those attacking. However, even tho I have a pretty full arsenal, I’d love to hear where I can get some newer jokes from. Your speech seems to imply some exist.

                    • so whose going to stop first, who will have the last word.

                      you might be a racist so racism exists within you and millions maybe billions of others. but I have never experienced this kind of racism so I have lived a really great life. I have heard plenty of ignorant comments but I just don’t pay attention. this poor girl really bothered me. Fifteen. well wasting my time with you was okay at first when I believed you really were a racist so insulting you was fun but I think you are throwing these old sayings out there because you haven’t really thought about any of this because you’re not really a racist you’re just playing internet games with people. I really want to support this girl because it was brutal to watch her take that beating. So I will sign the petitions again and vote and do what I can. We have to fight injustice and brutality even if there are people like you who don’t stand for anything good.

                    • you need a thesaurus that you will pull out from somewhere. you need help to describe monkey sounds. alrighty. so why not use that might arsenal instead of REPEATING the old slave on plantation/animal bull. we’ve all seen the same fucking movies. and I quess racism is dead if your friends can’t even think of cool new ways to put themselves down. try to get the morning shift to help you out.

                  • Take a beating?? She wasn’t injured at all. I bet you didn’t watch the 3rd video. In it you can clearly see when he just goes to pull her up (and Im ignoring the fact now that she caused this to be escalated this far), to which she responds by trying to hit him with her left leg and throws punches with her left arm. That’s when he reacted. People are acting like this girl is now dead or in the hospital…and she wasn’t even injured!! You wouldn’t know it tho from the way this is being blown up.

                • It’s a shame that you even conduct yourself like this.
                  Come to Fort Worth, TX. Come say these things to me, a 24-year-old Black woman, and see how your thoughts and actions invoke consequences.

                  Your ignorance is astounding. I should say you were the monkey, and certainly not any of my people.

                  • A sow mammy running her mouth at some commenter that wasn’t even talking to her. Who’d have EVER seen that coming?

                    The only thing that anybody has to fear from you is u getting ur dirty ass hair that you don’t wash for weeks at a time on them and possibly contaminating them.

                    It’d be a total waste of time for anyone to come call you out on your shit to ur face since the exact same thing is going to happen to them as it will happen over the computer if they did…not shit.

        • Know your history white people brought black people over on slave ships by white men. They breast fed your babies while they fucked our women. Fuck you and your ancestors.

        • It’s funny how White people try to educate us on a subject we already know.

          Here’s a little lesson for you: slavery has existed since LONG BEFORE American slavery was even fathomed. Money is the root of all conquest; the desire for power overshadows moral responsibility. Did our own people aid in selling us? Yes. But historical research has pointed to the notion that more often than not–the Whites who enlisted the help of these Africans did in fact do so forcefully. Look at the evidence of the time, and let’s make some inferences, shall we?
          At this time, Europe was very wealthy. Access to money, education, and the most modern resources they had at the time–do you honestly think these White men took the time to negotiate with the Africans for every single slave that was acquired? That’s a negative, Batman. History proves that in times of conquest, force and fear are the most effective tactics to get what you want.

          So let’s remember–the Whites came to Africa, not the other way around. The Whites were looking for slave labor, not the other way around. The Whites took these captives to America, not the other way around. And the WHITES committed heinous moral crimes toward their slaves. Not the other way around.
          So before you start “reminding” is who sold us–remember who abused us. Y’all seem to have a collective history of abusive natures, huh?

          White people make me laugh.

    • Watch the video you clearly are blind.if this was your child you would understand that it’s not about race it’s about abusing your badge to get away with the law.

    • Just because she said no u think it is okay for him to choke, body slam and throw her across the room, then you are just as pathetic of a human being as he is. if it was your child or a relative of yours you would not feel the same way. People like u are what is wrong with America. He will be the one being sued and if there is true justice he will also be the one going to jail. Regardless of how u might personally feel what he did was assault on a minor and that my friend is a felony AND a civil rights violation. He went way outside of what is allowed and that is why he was fired.

    • Seriously??? Pls don’t reproduce cause I fear for their life’s if you feel this is okay. And the girl lost her mom and grandmother this year and was placed in foster home she goin through an emotional time on top of being new to that school. The cop was wrong hands down it doesn’t matter if she didn’t get up when she asked him there are better ways to handle it now God forbid he severely injured her does she deserve that also?? Clown

      • She didn’t brake shit it’s all about the money.That lawyers is in with a doctors office just like the rest of the lawyers are.They all do it to make money.And to make it look worse than it really is.Im still waiting for someone te respond about the 320 lb black kid who pushed the 66 year old white teacher to the ground.All because she took his phone.And she was knocked out.Funny how nobody wants to bring that issue up.

    • If a full grown, adult, male police office cannot find a better way to detain a cell phone from a high school student except flipping her desk over and throwing her across the room than he should not be a cop. Her race does not matter white, black, purple, blue or orange. The fact is he used excessive force when it was not needed what-so-ever. He is surely a danger to students and to those around him and should be fired and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. He is supposed to be a role model, he is supposed to have the better judgment, and he swore an oath to protect our citizens. He is the reason people hate cops and no one trust the police force in this nation. If he had handled it like an ADULT and not like a CHILD throwing a temper tantrum when someone wont listen to him, this all could have been avoided.

    • This guy is s punk. If you really feel like you do about black people approach a black person and say what you think, let me know how that turns out. And when you get your lights punched out don’t call for the police.

    • You’re apparently a racist and you cant lump all teenage black girls together in one category. By the way, I work with students and teenage white girls are also loud, rude and disrespectful! They are more so than the black students because they feel that they are entitled and can do whatever they please! The white girls roll their eyes, spit at teachers, and some even dare teachers to do anything to them so they can call their parents and have the teachers job taken. You’re an idiot and you apparently have never worked with students!

    • Nick your first two sentences are spot on: That deputy should not be fired. That 16 year old girl did not follow school rules. After that you make it about race, has nothing to do with that, spoiled brats come in every color. Right? This one just happened to be black, many a white child and any other color can be a brat. Had I not had parents who gave a crap and made me mind, I could have just as well been this young person. So I don’t see where race has anything to do with it. Just sayin.

    • Want to see if your comments were differently if this was you or your loved one. The officer’s actions were not justified. He is another bully wearing a badge. Furthermore, the teacher and the admin need to be fired. You don’t become educators to deal with only the good ones. This was a teachable moment and one that was loss by those in charge. Piss poor school management.

    • First of all, you racist piece of shit, learn how to write a proper sentence, you have a period and at least two commas missing in one of your sentences, I’ll leave it to you to try to figure out which one. Good luck (bahahahahahaha)!!! Second, YOU’RE the damn joke. My high school sweetheart was black, and she was as polite and respectful as a saint. You and your “buddy” Fields should be thrown in prison and arbitrarily thrown across the cell, into each other by the guards, for sharing the same neanderthal, defective brain.

    • The student and officer are wrong. Student with cellphone during class-time. She’s at school, during school hours. She can instagram, snap-chat, FB and take selfies on HER time, not during school hours. She should have listen to her teacher, and comply with his order. Or, the teacher could just continue with class and act as if she’s not in the class, period.
      As of the officer. He’s in the wrong for using such force. I think he was more showing off than anything else.

    • Not only should this ape be fired so should the asshole teacher and vice principle

      What do you think the kids learned form this lesson ? To fear ? To react the same way for minor situations when they are out an about? Uneducated loser … stuck your head even farther up your ass that is where it belongs

    • You are a moron. I work with teenage girls all the time sad to say both white and black sass me sometimes . Over phones, Boys, makeup etc. and if you have daughters which I hope you don’t if something likes this happen to them from a man of any races that you will say she deserved the over reactions of a lunatic. Over something as petty as a phone.

  4. the force was extreme but fit the occasion i didnt know cell phones were allowed in public schools . the girl was completely in the wrong and it seems everbody has jumped past that point . was she hurt while refusing his request, Please! her lawyer has seen the dollar signs

    • You’re a fucking punk and if you were standing in front of me saying that I would kick the shit out of you. 34 year old man 250 lbs. vs a 16 year d girl 110 lbs you idiot

      • How’s this 320 lb black kid.Pushes 66 year old white substitute teacher to the floor cause she confiscated his cell phone.And she was knocked unconscious.And he was only 16 as well.Anything to say about that.And everybody wonders why there are cops at these schools.So that’s your answer every time one of them cries poor me I’m black shit.Abother one of them answers acts like an idiot and proves the point of how sorry they act.

  5. If I were the head of law enforcement I would sentence Leon Lott and Ben field to death for brutally stupidity assault Leon Lott comments about the female student was the one who first struck a officer that is bullshit excuses and lies open your fucking eyes if that was your child I would tear Ben field with my bare hands drain his blood dry from his body there’s no honor hurting U.S citizens police officers supposed to serve and protect not abuse and bully people especially young students those who hurt kids are cowards and monsters soulless heartless monsters behind human face where’s your fucking dignity hurting innocent people are considered lower than garbage Ben field & Leon Lott are lower than garbage Catalina police officers are no better than Islamic bastards who killed people for money let me remind everyone who reads this in this world we’re all human beings and under the stars under the heaven we’re all but one family although we have different regions different cultures but I’ve believe that truth people should not be treated like animals we’re human beings and Ben field he’s a fiend with no soul nor human heart lower than garbage he’s a demon

    • Would it matter if the young girl was Muslim? This is a sickening situation overall. This thug decided to manhandle a teenager like she had just killed her teacher with a machete. For all the force he used, her crime should always fit the punishment. Is it a crime to be a disruptive teen in every high school in South Carolina? No blows to any students but a blow to all of the adults egos.

    • I hope these guys have to look over their shoulder for the rest of their racist ugly lives ;…. the asshole teacher also

  6. Hey Officer Field if you did that to my daughter, I’ll be Fucking kill your kids and after that I will stick a bullet in your Fucking Head. I don’t give a fuck if you are a COPS, See how you feel if someone hurt your own kid. Mother Fucker. You should Fucking Die.

  7. Sadly — this is because she didn’t put away her CELL PHONE!!!—yet there are FIVE other students in the same class recording this on there CELL PHONES!!!! SMH…The police are praising the other children for having there CELL PHONES on and recording the entire incident…Smh….Hummm i wonder if there next….

    I know someone you cant about the facts but lets see: THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE BUT RIGHT AND WRONG (EXCESSIVE FORCE!!)

    1. This was a new student
    2. She just lost (death) her MOTHER three weeks prior to this incident and cell phone had photos of her mom.
    3 She was placed with a FOSTER FAMILY
    4 No one disputes the fact this CHILD was quiet and didn’t say much for the short time she was there
    5. This was a school issue not a law enforcement issue.
    7 NO matter the situation —Throwing a child across the room is unacceptable!!!!, she was already down with the desk on top of her, he could have handled this situation differently because is he THE TRAINED ADULT!!!
    8 The officer immediately lied and said he is not a racist because he has been dating a black woman for a long time…NOT TRUE- So why did the offer feel the need to lie?
    9 IT WAS WRONG!!!
    10 Lastly, it doesn’t matter if she was black or white, no one deserves to be thrown across the room by someone who is entrusted to protect and serve. She did not pose any threats to herself, the other student,, the officer in question or the faculty.

  8. Please tell me what this man should have done? The teacher got no cooperation and called an administrator in. The administrator was unable to get her to cooperate as well so the officer was called in. The officer asked her several times to cooperate. She refused. What do you suggest he should have done? Said sorry, she won’t listen to me? C’mon he was doing what he was trained to do. Nothing more, nothing less. The girl brought this on. This is not racist. The girl obviously needs some help. Someone said she has no one. The community needs to reach out to her. A senior in high school should already have learned respect. Someone needs to step in before it’s too late.

    • you are either a teen or early twenties moron or you are trying to bait people with your ignorant shit Nick the prick with a small dick. And for dumb Debbie he should have called her parents and he definitely should not have beat her to get her to leave the class. Maybe a counsellor could have helped the situation but no Americans would rather pay a cop than pay a nurse or counsellor. Remember your teen years you old douchebag. Some kids are not afraid to stand up for themselves, they have to to survive, but you would not understand that an act of teenage rebellion should not be cause for a beat down. at any rate I hope Deb and Nick get the beat downs they need to have compassion for people. Getting slammed fucking hurts, it breaks bones, but fuck that girl right she’s just a black girl anyway right? you two tired ass losers. keep you brainless comments to yourself the internet, the whole world would be a better place without dummies like you two and officer KKK Fields. you mindless racist horrible arrogant automatons.

      • No, it doesn’t sound like she’s a teen or early twenties moron, sounds like she is a person with morals and respect for authority. People keep saying “what if this was your child;” I’m sorry, my child wouldn’t ignore their teacher, my child wouldn’t disrespect authority and if they did, i would expect a punishment just like the one this girl received. You are all forgetting how this started. What is this world coming to? Children have 0 respect for anyone but themselves, white or black.

        • You would expect for the officer to slam your child and drag him/her across the room? You’re a terrible parent.
          Every child ignores authority at some point. Your kids don’t even obey you 100% of the time. It’s a human trait to be defiant.

          You must have fuckin’ robots for kids.

        • You cant say that –you don’t know what your child would do if they lost a parent –shipped off to live with foster family in another city where they don’t know anyone, then to top it off — Instead of counseling she gets assaulted!!!!! THIS WAS NOT A LAW ENFORCEMENT ISSUE!!!!! And wasn’t about respect —- Its a failure in the system to this CHILD!!

        • Please, don’t ever say what your child wouldn’t do especially if you’re not around to witness it. I’ve seen children (black and white) as young as kindergarten slap, kick, punch, and hit their teachers, only to be told by parents probably just like you that my child wouldn’t do that. I guess they deserve to be slammed and thrown across the floor. Give me a break. We’ve all been young and done things wrong, including Officer Slam, and i’m thankful to God no one slammed and threw me. You and Officer Fields both should be slammed and thrown. You wouldn’t expect that for your child over defiance for a cell phone. You would be outraged! People really disgust me when speaking about something that has never happened to them and saying what they would have done but you don’t know what you would do until you are faced with that situation! Did you even read the article? The students are all saying that he behaves like this all the time and they are terrified of him. That’s not normal! I wouldn’t want my child anywhere near him! There is a difference between fear and respect!

    • They are not trained to toss a 15 year female across the room after they have brought the student to the ground!! Why the fuck does he need to toss her!!!

    • are you too stupid to figure it out ??? there were many professional options ! Try to think of any on you own if can . Did you even go to school? or graduate ?

  9. So losing family is now an excuse to show your ass in school when a reasonable request is made by THREE authority figures?! I don’t think so.

    I remember kids in my class losing parents while we were elementary students. Not one of them started acting like a defiant little fuck.

    Why don’t you people supporting her quit being apologists for her bad behavior and see that this could’ve ended verbally with the teacher?? She caused this!

    • and what is the officers excuse for his bad attitude? On his period, getting over a tough breakup? Herpes or hemorrhoid flare-Up? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You cunt!!!! So if someone acts up they should be beat huh? That is what your parents did to you? Explains a lot bitch.

      • Fuck YOU, you stupid waste of sperm and egg!! I didn’t act like a defiant piece of shit in school or at home. Yeah you’re a real badass, Mr. Keyboard Warrior. Wish this was face to face so I could beat the brakes off your cocksucking ass!!!

        • you like sucking cock too? figures! whose going to beat me? You? wish in one hand shit in the other see which gets filled first. LMFAO. I have a hard time believing that someone who types as beautifully as you do would not be a mouthy fucker who at least 10 people hate. You tried to be a badass first dear. You are obviously God almighty because you have already judged the situation and all signs for you point to beat all the defiant little fucks huh. Who are you kidding? Only yourself dear. That whole comment was stupid and now you don’t like me so you want to beat my ass? You should apply for the now vacant position previously filled by officer fields. You would fit right in. TTFN. You are the little abortion that got away.

    • You’re an idiot and please don’t speak anymore! She was not unruly, she just didn’t want to give up her phone. I’ve seen students act like real asses with less punishment than what this child received! Grow a brain and quit trying to defend a racist, over reacting, disgusting animal!

    • after she had the phone out she put it away and apologized the TEACHER this authority figure wouldnt let it go and told her to leave why??/ the phone was put up so lets call in a officer who’s ONLY purpose is to protect and serve and to help when a crime has been committed. what CRIME was committed? NONE! so what she said no im not leaving she has every right to do that, (many people protest and refuse to leave places all the time) its NOT A CRIME! then u abuse her then put her in handcuffs under arrest and whats the arrest for? you cant be arrested unless you commit a crime. so lets go to resisting arrest hmmmmm how can you resist arrest if there is no reason for a arrest? what he did was a clear violation of her civil rights and yes she has rights like everyone else. was she being a brat maybe was she being disrespectful maybe but, since when is being disrespectful or a brat a reason to break someones arm and cause bruising and rug burns?

  10. All this does is teach black people that they can disobey ALL authority, break the rules, break the law and practically get away with murder with ZERO consequences. This girl knew what she was doing. The Black Lives Matter movement is basically encouraging African American youth to fight a battle that DOESN’T EXIST!

    • What other lessons do black people need to learn? why haven’t they learned these lessons yet huh? Salem why don’t you teach them. yeah!! Why don’t you yes you teach them all the lessons that you want them to learn. so that way from womb to tomb *they* can all please you. get that ball rolling would you? We all know that black people have been getting away with all crime including murder since the first black person was born right?

      Do you even read your comments? Do you even read anything?

      • The main lesson ALL negro mammy’s teach their young from the time that they can walk is to hate Whitey. Niggers are the most racist people on the planet. This has not changed in 150 years and I doubt that it ever will. Until the negro learns to take responsibility for their own plight they should remain segregated.

        • cunt this is not true. where do you get your insults from Gone With the Wind? You must be really old, come on be honest.
          You racist and the other one. the only way to deal with you trolls is to call you names. you’re like children who no one loved enough to try to raise. you must be so bored with your life that you just make racist comments to see what people will type. Human beings support other human beings when they get beat by twice her size bullies. You are not a real person, you have been brainwashed or are pretending to be brain washed so that you can get some excitement into your life. and I will prove this…

          you are commenting on a story that has to do with a man beating a woman not with you stupid insults from 1936. so for hours you keep reading my comments so that you could come back with those old comments and I keep telling you that you are using insults that are not only really old but also so overused that there was not even 1/2 of an original insult. I kind of want to keep it going to see if I can get a unique thought from you. You know true racist usually like to come back with threats about how many minorities they have injured or killed but now you…yet. What state do you live in?


    • I’m white and I can tell you that you’re a problem. There’s no need to make this racial. This is about poor parenting and a lack of respect for authority. You’re a moron and I’m ashamed of you no matter what race you are. There is only one race…the human race and we will all suffer if we don’t look out for and help one another.


    • The main lesson ALL negro mammy’s teach their young from the time that they can walk is to hate Whitey. Niggers are the most racist people on the planet. This has not changed in 150 years and I doubt that it ever will. Until the negro learns to take responsibility for their own plight they should remain segregated.

  13. This person blakethecunt goes through websites finding articles featuring African-Americans, regardless of the content, and the first words will be – ugly niggers……Cunt you’re just a bored lonely troll.

    • I commissioned a poop-fic to fap to from here with 3k but no one gave it. I will not be denied getting my poop based anime OC fiction story damnit! The Nation of Sealand won’t deliver but I know’s comment section commercial scam spamming robots will!

  14. CUNTY!! I finding out so much about you. you complete me. you just go around looking to find a way to spend all night throwing out insults. you have no life.. this is my first time running into such an experienced pussy. you have popped my sweet dark cherry! just like your forefathers!

  15. hey anon so that’s how you spend your time at work looking for black people in the news. I don’t care dude. I already knew you were a troll because of how stupid you sound. I said that about a million times . and you cant hurt my feeling or get me angry. I was only playing a game with you. so believe whatever will help you sleep the day away.

    • Actually I first commented on this on Monday and it’s been marked in my browser here at work since. Not really sure what makes this black people news as opposed to just news, but whatever you say. Really no reason for this to be news at all.

      • now is that you talking or are your black “friends” at work still feeding you these sayings. send me picture! no courage huh? I doubt that you are sitting around putting in new comments for just little ol’ me. where else can I read your poetry?

      • You useless waste I did not write black people news I wrote black people IN the news as opposed to trying to troll on a story were the main person was white. you get it now thick boy.

  16. I really wish puerile would get over the whole racism thing. .. The individual could just be a bad person, it should not always automatically be racism. …

  17. It’s natural for young students to be on their cellphone they just need courtesy and taught discipline for class but assaulting them like criminal and they say students misbehavior that is despicable the Carolina polices really need search their hearts and souls because that is very unnecessary what Ben field done. That had brought nightmare to all parents livelihood he should instruct her polite way like parental type but assaulting her clearly unacceptable and unnecessary the police system are false heck if that was my kid I would beat Ben field to death hung his copse in stake at Carolina police department we U.S citizens are not punching bags doesn’t make him tough hurting people he’s no role model he’s a demon no soul no heart he’s a monster also police officers are not just polices they’re U.S citizen themselves. A soldiers live is worth a country and citizens live is worth the world that is truth I’ve speak.


  19. Too bad there will be NO JUSTICE for this CRIME!!!

    Vigilante Justice is the ONLY answer. Beating, tar and feathers, hanging…all too good for this POS

    • Wouldn’t that be rather extreme? I mean, just because she defied authority? I agree she should be in jail to show the other jigs the consequences of being a jig, but hanging?

      • The stupid banjo lipped kafffir that made that comment was talking about the cop. It would be funny to see this chain dragger say these things to this cop or even try them. They’d probably end up biting a curb followed by a boot to the back of the head.

  20. So for all the dumb ass people who thinks this is ok, how would you feel if your child or family member got assaulted for something so trivial? Let him snap your neck over a cell phone and trust me you will be ready to sue him!

    • The difference is that the “dumb ass people” who think this is ok teach their children respect and their children wouldn’t be dumb enough to do this.

      • Hahahahhahaahaha you obviously have NO CLUE what your kids are doing on a friday night… keep sucking off bullies and teaching your kids to as well…you sound like a coward who raises cowards…

            • These animals can only learn how to cause problems. These banjo lipped kafirs are taught at home they can do or say whatever they want and that if some stands up to them to stop their shit, calling “racist” will get their chimping out overlooked. This video makes me laugh so hard that I get tears in my eyes.

  21. What’s really sad is the young women could have avoided all this by simply doing as she was asked by what the teacher who first asked her to stop talking on her cell phone during class. But she made a choice, a CHOICE to be unruly and disrespectful. When you put yourself into these situations you are no longer a VICTIM. Of course the newer generation doesn’t understand this, their parent’s are their best friends and don’t make children follow rules or have consequences. It’s very sad. Why did she have to act this way and choose such consequences for her delinquent behavior? Very very sad that she chose such a path. Maybe, just maybe, unless society paints her as an innocent victim she might learn something. Many a time when I was younger I learned from my parents though discipline and many a spanking that I couldn’t always have my way and that the RULES applied to ME too. So when I was in school I DID as I WAS Told and the school didn’t have to discipline me because my parents already had years prior to my senior year in high school!

  22. Arrest the parents as the responsible parties to the ignorance of their child and reprimand the child by expulsion. It’s bad enough that the girl disrespected the teacher and was ignorant to the requests to stop using the phone in class in the first place but she was just as disrespectful to an officer of the law. The child is clearly on a path to become a social detriment.

    The officer only took care of the job he was asked to do. When he attempted to detain her peacefully she assaulted him. An officer being assaulted has every right to subdue the offender.

    This is the result of poor parenting and a lack of respect. Both poor parenting and the lack of respect people have any more is what really needs to be arrested.

    • The cop is an ego maniac Nutbag. A little girl, and he can’t act in a civil manner. What an idiot. He has been fired…..cant you read? Obviously not.

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    • Haha!! You are just fooling yourself. You probably pride yourself on how “your kids would have acted”… well, I used to teach the kids of people that sound like you… trust me, you have no idea what your kids are doing, despite what was taught to them. Come for a car ride any Saturday night and ill show you what your precious rule followers are up to: rolling face somewhere or boozed up in the woods somewhere while you write comments like this to sooth your anxiety that your kids might be just like the rest…nothing special. Or did you birth special little snowflakes? Keep teaching them to suck off authority who acts like bullies and your just setting them up for a life time being pushed around. Its the rule breakers who succeed, and change the world. Keep letting your reality be defined by those who can lift the heaviest weight… reeeeeal admirable… lol… i hope my son proudly spits in the face of any man who tosses around a little girl like this… cause hes a true coward… as well as the teacher and whatever other suit watched her get abused…all for a phone? Cmon Mr. Robert Long… cant stand the phones that badly that your class cant “function”… hah sorry excuse for an educator…just a bitch…

  23. Whats sad in this case is he takes no responsibility for what he has done, a big grown man publicly humiliating this young student. He needs to be fired and not only sued but charges should be brought against him by thay school and the parents of that child. Hes a sicko and doesnt deserve to wear a badge, put him in jail where the big boys are and see if he can get away with it!

    • He is used to beating the shit out of uppity niggers so jail would be no different for him. Can’t believe I’m reading a niggers post about taking responsibility phhhhffft like any member of your race ever has?

  24. 1. she isnt a child.
    2. race shouldn’t be a factor.
    3. students also tweeted eye witness accounts she started it.
    4. she assaulted an officer and refused to cooperate with teachers, staff and an officer of the law. Should we always just be like oh u said no? thats fine bro keep, never mind.
    5. I’m a mom, people say what if that was your kid? Well my kid wouldnt have acted the way she did. I try like most parents to raise my kid with respect. Honestly if your kid disrespected 3 administrators and an officer itd be worse when they got home. Or what would your parents/guardian have done if you did that.
    6. She made a conscious decision to act like a badass/hardass, well at least she learned now instead of later in life that it’ll get you no where but in trouble.

    • It should teach you that you get no where but in trouble but these ghetto niggers are using it to hit the lotto. You watch this little inbred hood rat will get a payday out of this somehow.

  25. This is a warning sign of the many troubles in this country we need to address.
    The courts have taken away so much of the teachers ability to discipline students today.
    Society and the home have broken down.
    Respect for school and the law has diminished and so we have the sort of incident that happened in South Carolina.
    When it happens like this did, we blame the police and the system.
    We need to blame the parents, the courts, political correctness and the softness of this country.
    The officer was extreme and should be fired.
    However, the student who started this mess with horrible and out of control behavior, should be expelled from school and also arrested for hitting a police officer.
    Of course, we know the student will not be punished because we are afraid of the backlash it would cause.
    That my friends, is the reason we have problems like this.
    It is time this country stops running from problems and confronting them.

    George Vreeland Hill

  26. Bottom line brat or not, that doesnt give him the right to treat people that way, If i cant whoop my child i will be damn if some fool who cant control his anger is going to touch any of my kids like that. If you think that type of stuff is alright then you have serious mental problems or your just an ass with issues because she is black.

  27. STOP THE RACE BAITING. So every single incident in the entire nation is framed as having racial motives – it’s really becoming nauseating to hear this every damn time – as if all black people are innocent no matter what the situation. Hey, I have an idea; COMPLY, FOLLOW OUR LAWS and STOP BEING THUGS AND THUGETTES. If you do this, your complaints of racial targeting will be cut by 85%.

  28. This incident wouldn’t have occurred if the Richland County School System and many others across this nation were run by Strong Adult Leaders. LEO’s have to wear many hats and are second guessed for every $%^&ing action they take and 99% of the time those actions are dictated by the ignorant respect less individuals they encounter. It is so easy to be a good, peaceful law abiding person but society and the media don’t want that. Children shouldn’t be allowed to run anything and in the past schools handled their own problems and police were only called in for emergencies. LEO’s should REFUSE to work in schools and should be removed from that environment. School systems have many high paid alleged College Educated PROFESSIONALS to handle unruly students and should do what they get paid to do, which is surely more than a LEO. Law Enforcement Officer’s from the bottom to the top, in this country better wake up and reconsider/ rewrite their JOB descriptions/ duties. This country has slid sideways and is being run and led by so many corrupt, liberal, bleeding heart, lazy, cowardly, dollars suckers and is doomed.

  29. Someone please remove this scum from the biosphere. Better yet, compost him and return him to his rightful place in this paradise.

  30. Anyone of you fool are hearing yourself Ben field is fiend with no soul nor heart what he did was very unnecessary unacceptable assault battered he’s no better than Islamic terrorists and you’re no better than that monster Ben field siding with him you’re worse than he is. Lower than garbage shit for garbage he deserves death and all of you fools know blind deaf and dumb like that fiend Ben field he’s no human open your fucking eyes u saw the true image of that demon.

  31. Ben field disgrace his code honor and vows to serve and protect that is he supposed to do and he disgrace it by beating up a female student his honor is strained in innocent blood making him most disgraceful garbage of all have you heard of domestic violence man beating up a woman that’s what he did and u called that nothing search your soul and heart if you have any of them siding with that monster Ben field is like running over a dog in a empty street something that gets in the way that is he was doing and you’re being same as him you’re no good and you’re worse than he is

  32. “I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick to the point that other students are turning away,” Robinson said. “They’re just scared for their lives. That’s supposed to be someone that’s going to protect us. Not somebody to be scared of.”
    Officers are not legally obligated to protect you, merely to uphold laws and serve the government. He is more than likely a steroid abuser which caused this violent reaction. I don’t think she deserved to be body slammed, but we only see the video start in the middle of things, and we don’t completely see what is going on in the beginning, so before you all jump on the rasict cop hating train think of the way media is tricking an portraying everything, dont believe everything you see…

  33. It seems like none of you guys understand what’s going on here. Some of you aren’t black so you don’t know how it feels. Yea totally agreed if the kid was white it wouldn’t have been mentioned on the news worldwide. Race? Stop talking about race? Why? Some of you whiteys just don’t know what we’ve been through and still do. Yea donald trump is one of them!!!!! Like it or not yea I said it. I bet if he was president he wouldn’t do anything to change about violence towards people of color.

  34. The video only caught 1% of the situation, he was called in like 5 mins before the student recorded the shit.. she was being very dis-respectful and provoking the officer the video only shows the last bit… she got what she deserved.