Abigail ‘Abi’ Hanna: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Abigail 'Abi' Hanna


A former babysitter of 2-year-old Lyndon Albers has been accused of kidnapping the toddler and leaving her by the side of the road with a shaved head. Massachusetts State Police arrested Abigail Hanna, 21, at her home in Topsfield, Massachusetts, on the night of November 21. Less than 24 hours after Lyndon Albers disappeared from her home in Hamilton. Police have not given a motive for the crime.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Psychiatrist Told a Massachusetts Court That Hanna Doesn’t Understand the Charges Against Her

Abigail Hanna in court

Hanna appearing in court. (Screengrab via WHDH)

During her appearance in court on November 23, a court psychiatrist told a judge that the accused is not fit to stand trial, that she doesn’t understand the charges, and can’t work with an attorney. He added that she suffers from hallucinations, both audio and visual, and has a history of suicide attempts. The doctor then said that while he interviewed Hanna, she sat on the floor. WCVB’s Kelley Tuthill reported that Hanna has been remanded to Worcester Recovery Center and could be due back in court next week depending on doctor’s recommendations. There is no bail.

2. She Got Engaged on November 5

Abigail Abi Hanna Nathan Wolters Facebook page


According to her Facebook page, Hanna got engaged on November 5, a little over two weeks before Lyndon Albers was kidnapped. Her fiance’s name is Nathan Wolters. She says on her page that she studies English Literature at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts and that she also works as a counselor there. A source from the school told Heavy.com that she is no longer a student at Gordon College. She wrote poetry and posted links to her work on Facebook, one called “Ribbon,” goes “Reaching towards an / Infinite wasteland, I / Begged for release. / Broken in motion and / Onward instead, yet / Never to find peace.”

On Wolters’ Facebook page, Wolters says that he works as a custodian at the school and is also a student at Boston Architectural College.

Hanna is a native of Boston. She is well traveled, according to her Facebook page, having lived previously in London and studied screenwriting at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California.

Her former school, Gordon College, is a Christian university that was involved in a controversy in 2014 over legislation that prohibited federal institutions from giving contracts to businesses that discriminate on the basis of sexual practice. The school’s president, Michael Lindsay, said he regretted signing a letter that involved the college in the controversy. Gordon College officially banned “homosexual practice” but said it was reviewing that that ruling.

The Boston Globe reported in 2014, that the school’s alumni were standing up for gay rights at the school.

3. She Has Battled ‘Depression & Body Image Issues’

Abigail 'Abi' Hanna Instagram


A high school classmate of Hanna’s from Connecticut told the Boston Globe that the suspect had suffered with “depression” and “body image” issues. That friend added that there was nothing to suggest she would do anything like kidnap a toddler. According to Hanna’s Facebook page, she attended a Christian prep school, The Master’s School, in Connecticut. The class mate told the Globe:

I didn’t expect something so severe to happen. Especially because it seemed like after high school she had more support from others, and was doing what she wanted to do…. I was honestly just shocked.

The scene outside of Albers' home, along Lincoln avenue in Hamilton, Massachusetts. (Screengrab via CBS Boston)

The scene outside of Albers’ home, along Lincoln avenue in Hamilton, Massachusetts. (Screengrab via CBS Boston)

CBS Boston reports that Hanna has been charged with kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a child and breaking and entering. She is being held without bail. Investigators say that Hanna broke into Albers’ home at around 2 a.m. with a weapon on November 20.

Hamilton Police Chief Russell Stevens had earlier said that officers didn’t believe the crime was random and said there was no threat to other local children.

WCVB’s Kathy Curran reports that she was found naked, her head shaved with bruises and a shaven head. Her condition was not initially revealed when she was found. Stanley Forman tweeted that she was rushed to a local hospital. NECN reports that she was taken to Beverly Hospital and then taken to Boston Children’s. Her condition is said to be stable.

My Fox Boston reports that the state police Air Wing and K9 units were involved in the search for little Albers. NECN adds that roads have been closed around Hamilton. She was found alone by the side of the road in Rowley, Massachusetts.

NECN reports that Massachusetts State Police have served a search warrant at Albers’ home. That search began at 2:45 p.m. Eastern time. Later, WCVB reported that a search warrant had also been executed at Hanna’s home. That station says that officers began questioning Hanna shortly after Albers disappeared.

At a press conference, Hamilton Police Chief Russell Stevens said “As a parent, I feel very much for these parents, so I’m happy that we reunited her with her family.”

4. Her Family Said They ‘Will Continue to Care for Abi’

Prior to her November 23 appearance at Newburyport District Court, Hanna’s family put out a statement that read:

We are so thankful that (the girl) is improving and wish her and her family complete healing in every way. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. We also will continue to care for Abi, whom we love very much. We ask that everyone respect the privacy of both families in this very difficult time.

Meanwhile, Albers’ family also released a statement via CBS Boston:

We have suffered a horrific ordeal. We are grateful to have our daughter back. We are extremely thankful for the incredible efforts to rescue our daughter by the Police and all emergency responders. We are extremely grateful to the kind couple who found our daughter. We are extremely thankful for having the best family, friends and community supporting us through this difficult time.

We are asking for privacy out of respect for the young ages of our children, and out of an understanding that as parents we need to be able to restore a sense of calm, comfort, and normalcy for the well being of our children.

5. The Couple Who Found Her Didn’t Know if Albers Was a Boy or Girl

The town of Hamilton is about 30 miles north of Boston. The town of Rowley is around 5 miles away from Albers’ home. WCVB reports that she was found by a couple who weren’t sure if she was a boy or girl. They put a coat around her and called the police. They were later identified as Tom and Marge Crosby of Ipswich, Massachusetts, reports the Boston Herald. They were en route to a store they own in Amesbury. Marge Crosby told the Herald, “Tom says ‘I think I just saw a baby on the side of the road.’ I said ‘What, are you crazy?” While Tom says “I don’t want to say a vision but that’s what it was — a vision. I drove by and then quickly it flashed through my head. I said ‘Was that a baby or was it a doll?’…We didn’t know if it was a girl or a boy. It looked like a boy right away.”

Lyndon Albers Missing Found


According to Missing Kids, no Amber Alert was ever issued for Albers. The only reason it never got issued was because she was found before it could be processed. reports NECN.


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Why would you put her fiancé’s name and information on blast. That is so wrong and I think you’re a complete asshole for doing so.


I agree Chrisina. If the childs parents, her own parents, friends, and everyone else had no inkling she was capable of such an act then why should her fiance ?. . . Pam, you strike me as someone who likes to sit on the sidelines, gloat, and point fingers. I hope your name is never dragged through the mud, because thankfully my head doesn’t work like yours.


For this young adult girl, to damage a 2 year old in this way,would mean that she was abused herself. It’s more than depression and self image. It’s ……………………………….. You know how bad it can get. She has lost logical, compassionate thought. This does not happen overnight and is not a simple poor choice.

Strawberryhill (@strwbrryhills)

Stop it, depression and mental problems always get blamed for anything bad someone does. She’s not a victim and was no longer at the college, sounds like she was ticked off at everyone and wanted payback for getting fired by the parents. You don’t just fire someone, she had to do something that got her fired. How this child was treated is by a wicked person who hates, is angry and violent.


And sadistic. This was pure sadism. Girl looked totally fine in pictures and Facebook videos before the event even if she was doing crazy stuff on Facebook she looked cheerful and not at all like she does in the viideos now.


We all make mistakes, just some of our mistakes aren’t as publicly broadcast. Our prayers and love and support go out especially to Abigail and Lyndon; as well as to the families of all involved.


This is kidnapping of a baby , torture and battery . This is more than a mistake . I would not be surprised if this is a culmination of years of rage and violence . Her childhood is probably littered with causing harm to animals and younger children . Excuses , minimizing and overcompensating the entitled child . I don’t believe this just happened .


This adult woman planned this and had many opportunities to stop herself ei: get in the car , break into the house , remove a sleeping child , inflict burns on the baby , shave her hair , cause a head wound and dump her naked in the cold night .The baby is small,and had no power to stop this monster . This was not impulsive .


Violence against a helpless vulnerable child is not the type of “mistake we all make”. Abi may look very familiar and harmless to you but she is a violent criminal, regardless of her mental state.

John-Mark Unsworth

We all make mistakes, just some of our mistakes aren’t as publicly broadcast. Our prayers and love and support go out especially to Abigail and Lyndon; as well as to the families of all involved.


John-Mark, are you going to spam every comment section of every article on this woman with the same BS? What she did wasn’t a “mistake.” It was clearly premeditated and for someone like you to gloss over this in every article makes me wonder what your own relationship to the suspected abuser is. Care to share?


Shea’s a criminal and should rot in hell this was no mistake. This was a calculated crime. How would you feel if this happen to one of your kids? Would you still say it was a mistake


Doesnt seem calculated at all. and she covered no tracks, which is significant of Mental illness,psychotic break.
She didnt just make a “mistake”, she committed a serious violent crime….. But she should not “rot in hell ‘ either.
Shell probably serve time while getting treatment. You can bet if shes found incompetent to stand trial, that dept of Mental health, wont unlock her for serious amount of years.
She is lucky she is female, otherwise she’d be at Bridgewater state


What does Gordon College’s past have anything to do with this article? You call that a “fact we need to know”? More like a “good chance to push an agenda.”

And leave the fiance out of it. No need to link to his Facebook page. You guys are relentless. A perfect example of worthless media.

PS quoting the Globe pretty much ensures you will be reporting on opinionated speculation and most assuredly not fact.

Jimmy Loban

I knew somebody whose wife suddenly fell ill after she had just succesfully emigrated and got the passport et al and then immediately gave up work, but luckily she was fit enough to have several children, weird.
Her lawyers said she had a history of suicide attempts and hallucinations. Abigail Hanna, 21, could barely stand during her first appearance in a Massachusetts court.
But 3 weeks earlier she was lucid enough to have a long term relationship with somebody who she had just accepted a marriage proposal from.
Weird female story No:2


Was the fiance’s name, occupation and place of employment one of the facts we “needed to know”? D-bags.


her fiance dodged a bullet. he better see the HUGE red flag & stay away from that train wreck.

Reality check

This story is just bizarre, there’s not real explanation for any of,, seems like the media was just grasping for any kind of information about this girl and so far it’s just a guessing game about motive,, one of the comments was even demonizing the parents claiming abuse.

It’s amazing what sick minds will come up with when left pondering.

It turned our pretty well the child is safe and will probably have no memory.

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