John Livingston: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

John Livingston, John Livingston North Carolina

John Livingston was killed by police in Harnett County, North Carolina. (Family photo via WNCN)

A 33-year-old father of three was killed by deputies in North Carolina who mistakenly raided his home while looking for an assault suspect.

John Livingston was shot during a struggle by Deputy Nicholas Kehegias, 26, the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office says. Livingston was unarmed, his friends told WNCN-TV.

The altercation began after Livingston asked the deputies if they had a search warrant when they tried to enter his trailer home. When they said no, Livingston told them, “not without a search warrant,” and closed the door, witnesses told WNCN. The deputies then kicked down the door and entered the trailer.

The sheriff’s office has only said a “confrontation with an individual resulted in a shooting.” They added that the shooting occurred at about 3:40 a.m.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Livingston Was Shot Multiple Times While Lying on the Deck Outside of His Trailer

John Livingston, John Livingston North Carolina

Livingston’s roommate shows the position he claims Livingston was in when he was shot by deputies. (Screengrab via WNCN)

Witnesses say the assault suspect police were looking for no longer lives at the trailer Livingston shares with his roommate, Clayton Conner. His roommate said Livingston asked the deputies if they had a warrant to enter the house. After they said no, he closed the door, Conner told WNCN. The officers then kicked down the door and jumped on Livingston, beating him and spraying him with mace, according to Conner.

As the altercation moved to the deck outside of the trailer, Conner says police began to user a Taser on Livingston. At one point, Livingston grabbed the Taser to try and stop it from stunning him, and one of the officers, Deputy Nicholas Kehegias, opened fire.

“He barely had the Taser in his hand but he had it where it was constantly going off and the officer I guess that spoke to him rolled over there, says he got the Taser and shot him in this position,” Carroll told the news station.

Livingston was shot at least four times, WNCN reports. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said a deputy suffered minor injuries.

2. ‘Wrong Guy, Wrong House, Wrong Everything’

John Livingston, John Livingston North Carolina

John Livingston, right, was not armed when he was shot by police in Harnett County. (Family photo via WNCN)

While police called Livingston a suspect in press releases, neighbors and friends say they weren’t looking for Livingston and the deputies should have stopped when they realized they didn’t have the right guy.

“They shot the wrong guy for the wrong thing,” neighbor George Thomas told the Fayetteville Observer. “Wrong guy. Wrong house. Wrong everything.”

Police did not provide details of the shooting to Livingston’s family.

“They just said there was an altercation between John Livingston and the Harnett County sheriff’s (deputies),” Libby Lovings, whose daughter is the mother of Livingston’s children, told the Observer. “They didn’t provide any details. Just said there was an altercation and that John Livingston was no longer with us. And I think he probably got a little mouthy. Do you really need to use all that kind of force? They supposedly dragged him out by the beard, started beating him, then pepper sprayed him and used a Taser gun on him, and then shot him.”

3. His Friends Called Him a Hard Worker & Talented Carpenter Who Loved His 3 Children

John Livingston, John Livingston North Carolina, John Livingston kids

Livington was the father of three children, pictured here. (Family photo via WNCN)

Livingston, originally from West Virginia, was a carpenter, his family and friends said. He was in a relationship with Jessika Cardwell since they were 16 and they had three children together, 14-year-old John Livingston III, 11-year-old Kandis and 8-year-old Cameron, she told the Fayetteville Observer.

“He was the greatest father you could imagine,” Cardwell told the newspaper. “So kind-hearted. All the kids around here loved him. John had the best personality. Where he went, he would light up the party.”

His roommate, Clayton Conner, and other friends told WNCN Livingston was a hard worker and very loving. He was a talented carpenter. A few months ago he built the deck where he was killed, Conner said.

4. The Deputy Who Shot Livingston Has Been on the Job Since 2013

Nicholas Kehegias, Deputy Nicholas Kehegias, Nick Kehegias, Nichoals Kehegias north carolina, john livingston deputy nicholas kehegias north carolina

Deputy Nicholas Kehegias shot and killed Livingston. (Central Carolina Community College)

Deputy Nicholas Kehegias, who shot Livingston, has been placed on administrative leave, per department procedure.

Kehegias, who is assigned to the patrol division, has been with the sheriff’s office since 2013. He graduated from Central Carolina Community College’s Basic Law Enforcement Training program in May of that year, according to a press release on the college’s website.

He was the fastest officer in the physical abilities test and had the highest state exam average out of his seven-member class. He was the class leader and gave a speech at the graduation ceremony.

According to the press release, the cadets completed 624 hours of law enforcement training in areas including criminal and motor vehicle laws, vehicle stops, first responder care, firearms training, driver’s training, sheriff’s duties and subject control/arrest techniques. They were required to pass 35 blocks of instruction, a 12-week physical training program and a four-hour written state exam to become certified law enforcement officers in North Carolina.

5. The Shooting Investigation Should Take a Week or Less

The shooting is being investigated by the North Carolina State Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The investigators declined to provide any further details about the case.

They are waiting for the the autopsy report, ballistic and lab results. After the investigation is completed, it will be up to the Harnett County District Attorney’s office as to whether the deputy will face charges.

Livingston’s family also said they plan to speak to an attorney and could bring a civil lawsuit against Kehegias and the sheriff’s office.

The investigation should be completed in about a week or less, a SBI spokesperson told the Fayetteville Observer.


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Apparently not! If he had been black, then this would be a BIG deal. Well it is a BIG DEAL to John’s loved ones and friends.


Interesting, because if he was Black, you would be saying how he was a thug and deserved to die.


I am Black and it’s a big deal to me… Popular broadcast and social media doesn’t represent popular opinion… And there is a big difference between the Black Millennial generation and earlier ones…

Jeepers Wilcox

omg shut your yap (everyone ever) no one cares about your witty “blah blah blah white lives matter too blah blah” – you are just saying that to be witty and feel like you have a cause you are nobly writing text on the internet about while not doing ANYTHING in life to aid the thing you are “outraged” about and making a dumb quip. If someone says that, be like, “Hey, a couple months ago called and they want their stupid internet statement that is mad stale and make you sound like a broken record made of sheep who are trained to follow things with their brains turned off. Get authentic or get in a house fire. Sick of the avarice ubiquity. Make life better. Shut your yap about Black Lives Matter. I’m thooper thorry that you feel like it’s “liberal” to point out that there is bad stuff that happens. Bad stuff effects everyone. But, think about this: A group culminates to state that black lives are important, and white people break the internet over it. Like, “How dare they state that they matter,” as of that is some unequivocal slight to the very core of America’s being. Historically, black lives don’t matter do the justice system, or else there would be an improvement in black lives globally in America. But, if a justice system is literally just mulching the core of black citizenry, you are just kidding yourself. And that matters. That’s ok that it matters. You probably give money to your stupid kid’s school’s book fare. That matters, too. But, to treat an entire American community cause and reduce it to some political game makes you honestly look ill-equipped to speak about these matters, because people who are advanced beyond this ill-fated desperation for a cause lead buy the populace so you don’t have to form your own pioneering awareness, simply regurgitate what political rhetoric got spit out by your dumb friends while you are on Facebook getting PWNED be not realizing it’s just a funny to sell you shit. If you say “white lives matter,” all it shows is that you are incredibly misguided, and anyone with a little more sophistication sees that as the case. And that should make you question yourself and your motivations, and, really, probably the entire foundation of what you are as a person and whether you do anything original at all in your life. Probably not, if you say “white lives matter” because the only people who say that shit are disenfranchised middle class white people struggling to create an identity because they are the saddest, culture-less people that exist, they are defined by allegiance to other people’s ideas and brand preferences. People who say “white lives matter” watch “Orange is the New Black” and partially believe that’s what a woman’s prison is like. Indicators of complacence in perceived social comfort without acknowledging that in a decade, it won’t even be about race, it will just be about being poor, and when that’s you, you’ll take a second to remember this, and you’ll say to yourself in revelation the thing that you should be thinking about: “All lives matter.” Believe you me, the minute you are ACTUALLY oppressed, you’ll know it, because every family you know will have a dead family member murdered, every girl you know will have had serious trauma befall her by the age of 14, you won’t have heat in the winter, and people will be hunting you every evening, and if they kill you, no one cares about you, no one gets in trouble, and it’s business as usual. And you’re dead. White lives matter? Not for long, pally.


Kahegias must a good ol’ Southern Boy chewing tobackey and spittin’, ready to fight and shoot anyone that gives him some guff. sarc/.

More than likely a GD’ed transplant from the pretentious North…

He was so very busy being first in the Law Enforcement class, especially the shooting part of it, that he must have skipped the part of course that dealt with permissable legal action regarding warrants, and he likely missed reading that section of the Constitution, the 4th Amendment guaranteeing the protection of a man’s rights within his home, whether it is a trailer or a castle…

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” NO warrant was issued that allowed even a portion of this…

So, the Police seeking a man on an assault warrant, but WITHOUT a search warrant, battered down another man’s door, the wrong man, dragged him from within his home, electrocuted him and beat him, and then shot and murdered him… This will end in a settlement of many millions due upon the backs of the Harnett County Taxpayers, but no amount of money will bring this murdered father back to his children, nor husband to wife, nor son to mother…

Cop needs to do 20 to 30 years.


This cop needs a ride in the electric chair as a reminder to the rest of the a-holes on the force that this will not be tolerated and if he is not put to death the rest of the force should be hunted to extinction.


Indeed. If it is a capital crime to kill law enforcement so should it be when law enforcement kills innocent civilians.

Unfortunately, the way the system works with bed fellow police and prosecuting attorneys, rarely are the criminal elements within law enforcement ever held accountable.

This. This is why police get walked up on and shot point blank.


What’s the point in a civil lawsuit? The system is completely broken, by design. Kehegias is clearly a criminal. How did the investigation turn out for the cop who shot the 11yo boy to death in his bedroom for holding a knife? The boy’s parents asked for medical personnel to be sent as the boy was having a psychotic episode. 3 cops showed up from two different agencies. NC FOP publicly supported the killer. Never heard any more about it. Recalling the female deputy who was murdered many years ago in Brunswick County? She was on the phone when she was murdered and was trying to speak to someone approaching her. Corner ruled suicide. Recently in Charlotte, an officer was persecuted for actually correctly carrying out his duties. He was exonerated but is now considered ‘damaged goods’. Something is rotten in NC law enforcement.


In most cities police officer are trained for at least a year and go through thorough background checks before they’re given a gun and a badge, not so in the USA. In the USA it’s common for a 2-3 week instruction period, hence more police shootings than needs to happen. Officers are not properly prepared for certain circumstances and shoot to kill, rather than shoot to wound. Falsify reports to save their jobs. Makes me ill just thinking about how backwards the USA law enforcement is…..still Cowboys and Indian mentality.


Where are all the morons who would say that Livingston should have just cooperated with the police? They seem to come out of the woodwork when an African American is involved. Or is it just black people who should surrender their Constitutional rights to the demands of police?
I hope this case serves to illustrate that it is not any particular people who are out of control, but rather many police officers. And to make matters worse, those that are good cops will still back their “Brothers in Blue” even though they object to this type of response. It goes back to that old saying, “Who’s policing the police?”


I believe we should reorganize the police force. Each officer will wear a body camera while on duty, and be paired with a dispatcher whose job is to work with the patrol officer through the entire shift. The results could be less stress and fear, and more patience, and a better experience for both the cops and the public. I predict this will eventually result in the removal of the firearm from the patrol officer’s tool belt, for lack of need.

Az gal

That cop on paid vacation now, is a murderer, pure & simple. The taxpayers will be punished for his crime. He should be hung!


Maybe he should have complied with the officers! He looks like a thug biker! Probably a hardcore thug! If he didn’t have anything to hide, he should have just stepped aside.

C Bigsbee

What a GD dumbass, I bet when the details come out the suspect they were looking for won’t even half ass fit the description of the guy they shot. Those deputies should have got a little more legal training and a little less gun training
#white lives matter?

Jeff Biss

Politicians have granted police the power to murder because enough citizens want them to be tough on “criminals”, or whatever. Police are a problem because enough Americans want them to be “tough”. Face it, Americans are far too violent and simplistic to produce a functional, liberal, democratic society. We get the society that we allow to happen.


John didn’t deserve that shit, he was a great guy. That deputy should be locked up for the rest of his life for wrongly taking a life. He should loose his life as well. N his kids should be rich from now on… the sheriffs dept will be paying out their ass….they took an innocent life of a great man. Stupid fucks……..I’ll be praying for his family…


I sincerely hope they send that cop to jail for murder. I aslo hope that they are charged with caring for his now fatherless children. Finlly I hope the kids grow up to be successful cop killers who kill many of em and never get caught. This type of gestapo bullshit is the reason people are ready to have a revolution in this country. My heart goes out to his family and friends.


The problem is that police in this country are bottom of the barrel scum of the earth worthless good for nothing no talent idiots. It is just like the military when you go in and are being evaluated for duty, but you have no skills or talent of any kind and are totally worthless to the entire military, they make you an MP (military Police). They only gave Barney one bullet for a reason people and we got a lot of Barney’s out there.

Thomas Nuckles

If there was forced entry without a warrant, and as there were obviously no exigent circumstances, this is simply murder. There are reasons we require warrants, and one of them is to prevent tragedies just like this. I don’t care anything about this cop other than the simple and unarguable fact that his criminal entry into a house resulted in a death, and he should be charged with murder. If North Carolina has the death penalty, he would be the ideal candidate for it.


Cops shoot all people. Go to There are alot of cases where cops shoot for the craziest reason. One of the worst on there is the one where a cop shoots into a families suv with kids in ot for
not stopping at a check point on CA NV border.


J.R. Bird

John was a friend of mine since I was around 14 or so. We used to hang out and party with friends in Anderson Creek area. I worked with him and his father framing and stocking shelves at the PX on Fort Bragg. They had no right to enter his house and apparently didn’t even ask what his name was. For the most part we have some pretty good cops out here. For you that don’t know its pretty ghetto around here, and we aren’t all hicks. At the same time, we obviously have some officers that aren’t so smart either. I really want to know who the other officer was that was there and what role he played in the cataclysmic debacle. No one including the PD has said anything about the other officer, they seem to happy with putting it all on kehagias the rookie. John III at 14 is now the man of the house and just because his dad answered the door at 3:40 am expecting an emergency to be beaten and dragged out of his house then shot for doing nothing wrong. I would like to thank this reporter and Tim brown for covering this or else no one might have ever know about the cold blooded murder of a very close friend whom my sister visited a few nights before. As a father of 3 boys myself, I can’t do anything but imagine if it was me cause I would have told them the same thing but at 265lbs. They would have had even more of a fight, so god knows what would happen if someone tried to kick my door in. Everyday since this happened I squeeze my kids a little tighter when we go to bed because tomorrow is never gaurenteed even when you do the right things and don’t live in rough neighborhoods. This could have been anyone anywhere just keep that in mind, Jessika, if you get to read this, I miss all of you guys and if there is anyway I can help leave a post on fb or let shannon know and to everyone else his family doesn’t have much and could really really use some donations for funeral costs and daily functions for his kids and Jessika. Thank you to anyone that reads this and feels compelled to step up and offer assistance. Anything even $1 would be greatly appreciated.


J r bird. Start a go fund page for your friend. It is not about black or white. It is about rich or poor. I am more than willing to send some money to his family. Just tell me where.


“According to the press release, the cadets completed 624 hours of law enforcement training in areas including criminal and motor vehicle laws, vehicle stops, first responder care, firearms training, driver’s training, sheriff’s duties and subject control/arrest techniques. They were required to pass 35 blocks of instruction, a 12-week physical training program and a four-hour written state exam to become certified law enforcement officers in North Carolina.”


Damn I’m just gonna start shooting when police come for me. I need to get a gun. I’m gonna take some of these guys with me.


We should all matter. It’s the media, white people get blasted, beat down by police and it’s just too bad. I don’t care if you are a Martian, cops should not be kicking the stuffing out of us, and the media should report this misconduct no matter what color the person is.


This entire article is fabricated. That is not what happened. Smh at the people who wrote this tall tale.


More useless roll crazy pigs violating unarmed people’s 4th Amendment rights. Meanwhile all of you retarded people support them when it’s them who are the only real terrorists you should be worried about in this country.

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