Levi Black: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Levi Black Facebook page suicide


A 17-year-old student in Indiana hanged himself in the locker room of his school before the start of school. The student is Levi Black of New Castle, Indiana. He was found dead in Shenandoah Middle School on the afternoon of November 11. He just turned 17 on October 26.

If you, or anybody you know has suicide thoughts, please call 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255 to talk to somebody. Those numbers are open 24 hours a day and are confidential.

Here’s what you need to know about a life that was ended far too soon:

1. School Was Suspended After Levi Was Found Dead

(Shenandoah Middle School)

(Shenandoah Middle School)

According to an alert on the Shenandoah Middle School website, the school is closed on November 11. That message just says there was a “situation” at the school.

2. He Was Last Seen Being Dropped Off for School

Black was last seen being dropped off at school on the morning of November 11, reports WTHR. He was found dead inside of a boy’s locker room in the school at around 10 a.m. on November 11. His death has been described by WTHR as “self-inflicted.” Henry County Sheriff Richard A. McCorkle told The Indianapolis Star “We have some terribly distraught kids here.”

3. He Was a Wrestling Enthusiast

According to his Facebook page, Black lived in New Castle, Indiana, but was a native of Middletown, where his school is located. The two towns are separated by a little over 15 miles. In March 2015, he wrote on Facebook that he was back on the site for the first time in a year.

On his page, he says that his hero is Olympic gold medalist wrestler Jordan Burroughs.

4. Twitter Has Been Bombarded With Tributes to the Young Man

As news of his death spread, Twitter has been bombarded with friends and those who didn’t even know Black, paying tribute to the young man. Here are some of the most touching:

5. Teenage Boys Are 4 Times More Likely to Commit Suicide Than Their Female Counterparts

Levi Black Suicide

Levi Black pictured when he was 12 years old. (Facebook)

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, those aged 15 to 24 account for nearly 11 percent of suicides in the U.S. Suicides among men are four times higher than women. If you, or anybody you know has suicide thoughts, please call 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255 to talk to somebody. Those numbers are open 24 hours a day and are confidential.

Hunter Park Photos: Pictures of Missouri University Student

A 19-year-old computer science major is accused of making terroristic threats against black students at the University of Missouri.

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  1. Levi just self-destructed….but, what is the real truth. My guess is that he suicide is really not a shock to those who knew him well… RIP brother…

      • Thank you “College Kid”, I did not know Levi, but I used to live near N.C. and even video taped a dance at Shenandoah many years ago, my heart goes out to all of Levi’s family and friends.

  2. This is rude and unnecessary, and to put it simply, invading. Use of his image, his school, and community members’ support to get clicks on your article is disgusting and infuriating to those of us mourning. Removing the article would be appreciated, but learning from this shows the respect you should give others. Take this down, and never use someone’s suicide as personal use for traffic on your website.

      • Dear One’s The world is in prayer for Levi’s family of great pain and sorrow, I have a free website called May it give some peace
        and comfort. God Bless Shenandoah Schools! Our Lord is with you all ! respectfully yours Lori Foster

      • Why won’t you leave the family alone it’s terrible that someone who doesn’t know Levi or the family to do something like this leave them alone I knew Levi plz leave him alone ! 😡😥😢 who would do something like this this is so stupid and is nothing to do with you

  3. Please delete this I was a close friend of Levi’s and am very close to the family. I considered Levi to be a brother to me and I’m certain that his family would not want this to be public

    • I am Levis brother.. If you know anything about funeral arrangements please let me know my Facebook name is Sean Sweezy Phillips just message me please

      • Dear Levis Brother, I’am deeply sorry for your loss of your dear brother , I have a FREE WEBSITE CALLED may it give you some
        peace and comfort. Our Loving Lord, is with you and your family, Remember always God’s Mercy is endless, and Levi was a victim of depression. Levi’s heavy cross,
        was placed in Jesus Sacred Heart. I will pray always for Levi, and God’s Divinity of Love to be among you, and your family. On my site you may wish to go
        to a u tube video called Divine Mercy in song, it’s towards the beginning on the site. These are inspirational writings by our Lord, given to me, to be able to
        give to other’s especially in sorrow. God Loves You, Lori Foster

      • His only REAL BROTHER is named Andrew Black. And his only sister is Skylar. So stop being a poser this is a website that needs to be taken down. A website about Levi should be made by the family not by someone who didn’t even know him or the family. This website is totally uncalled for. What if skylar or aj saw this? They would be so upset Skylar is my best friend so leave her and the Blacks alone. 😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • The sheer nerve you possess, the ignorance and self-entitlement, to demand they take something down, just because YOU don’t like it, is simply stunning! May I suggest you go fuck yourself, and quite hastily?

  4. You don’t know ANY facts about this boy. You don’t know him, his family, and you probably never heard of his hometown before your sick article. You don’t even have your FACTS right in the first paragraph.

    Shut this blast off and let the family have some peace. This is hard enough for them.

    You have only proven one thing that parents have been trying teach their kids for a long time. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA…SICK PEOPLE ARE STEALING YOUR PICS FROM YOUR PAGE AND USING THEM FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSES.

  5. This article is trash. It’s sensationalism at its finest. I’m all about journalistic freedom – but detailing the life of a minor pertaining to a suicide is very unprofessional.

  6. Freedom of speech ASSHOLES….the article stays online. Any death information is free game for journalists….of course, you Stalinists hate the press, dont you.

    • I know a lot more about journalism than you, buddy. There is also a thing called ethics. The lack of those ethics is why this guy will always be stuck writing on a tabloid-style Internet smut site rather than with a reputable news outlet. No editing, no code of conduct, no skills.

      • Ethics? Are you fucking kidding me? Your “journalism ethics” was seen by millions of people today as a full fledged Professor of Communication Melissa Click of the University of Missouri assaulted a student journalist!!!! The truth is plain to see…. Hey, asshole, the First Amendment is to protect offensive speech!!!!! Now, you little Stalinist can try and try to stop offensive journalism with your ethics bullshit, but the people are not buying that shit anymore.

        • How does some journalism professors in Missouri, who were clearly in the wrong, pertain to an article on a teen’s suicide in Indiana? I don’t need to carry on this argument – you prove more by your own words than I could by not saying anything at all.

          • “your vision of ethics” will never trump our “First Admendment right”… exists as a pillar of the First Amendment, offensive or not.

            • Aren’t you the same person who claimed to be his brother in the above post?? This is disgusting. Claim to be family and want the funeral arrangements….sickening.

              • God damn u got me pissed off you talking to the wrong mother fucker that way they don’t communicate with me just want to be there to say one last goodbye to my brother.. You are the sick fuck for saying something like that I loved my brother with everything I had and still do so don’t ever go saying shit like that

            • Jeremy, this is a totally different “Anonymous” that is paying you respect, I meant what I said and I’m not the ignorant offensive a-
              hole talking on this site.

      • Really.. Take your journalism and shove it up your ass or I will.. This is a sad time for my family and u worried about arguing over journalism.. What a human being you are

        • Because they don’t communicate with me stupid fuck.. I want to make sure I am there to say goodbye to my brother so before u go labeling anybody watch what the fuck you say real shit

          • I’m not sure all this shit is about but a family is hurting right now and sometimes other family is left out of all of it but for blasting this on social media weather you be family or not there are newspaper to find arrangements to day you good-_byes no need tobfight and agrue here let the young manrest in peace like he intended for reaal

    • I believe that people want such callous comments removed, Sir. If you had a heart and a brain with those precious freedoms that where earned by the blood of our soldiers, you may have inferred this much as well.

    • Please understand this freedom of speech shouldn’t cause pain and harm to others. I went to school with Levi, and this article was posted way to soon. Yes, people have rights but, they’re also restricted. Think of it this way, you’re me sitting in french class after your schools finished its Veterans day Program. Your teacher is called out into the hall way by your guidance counselor and when she walks back in you can just feel the emotion wafting off her, and before she can even begin to tell us what has happened she bursts into tears. Then you come to learn that a student has taken there life in the middle school’s old gym. My High School is connected to the middle School, thought I’d clarify that. You hear people in the hall way literally wailing and you find out its his sister her friends are walking her around the high school to help calm her down, but it doesn’t work you hear her cry and gasping for air and then she wretches, because she was crying to hard. people in class are crying and you’re just sitting there numb to the core not knowing what to do or say because you didn’t know who it was even after you were told but you can’t help but cry for the lose of someone you didn’t know. Levi was friends with people I knew I’ve heard he was the happiest Kid you could ever meet. He always knew how to cheer everyone up but he couldn’t cheer up himself. Please think before you speak. You may have freedom of speech but you also have a brain to help restrict the hurtful things that can come out of your mouth. Levi’s death shouldn’t be free game he was human like you and me he was hurting and felt like no one was there to help him. And now he’s some form of social media, some form of hilarity to the sick people who live on this planet who feed of others pain and sorrow just so they can fill there pockets with money, because they can’t quench the thirst of their bottomless pockets.

  7. In regards to my son Levi Black, birth name Lee Roy Pappilli 3 rd. I am his biological father. Unfortunately I have been left out of the loop in regards to his life situation. I just want to let it be known how much I love him and will miss him as I have everyday of his short life. I know that my son had alot of traits that he got from me. I was also a wrestler 3rd in state and an avid fan of the sport. There are no words that can describe how sad and confused I am due to this loss. I wish and pray to God that I would have been allowed by his adoptive parents to be involved directly and first hand in his life in order to try and help him through his troubles. I am hoping that I will be able to be part of his brother and little sisters lives. I am their father and I love them all deeply and nothing in this world holds more value to me. God bless you son please believe that I am so sorry that we only had such a short time together but those were the most precious memories that I have of you laying on my chest while you would rub my face and say repeatedly,”da da”. You were such a beautiful baby and handsome young man. I will always hold you in my heart and hear your voice. God be with you son r.i.p

    • To all whom have to struggle with this terrible situation I pray for understanding and healing. To my brother Lee I send my deepest. We have to talk to today’s kids people. Be involved with their lives and help them understand their problems and sort any issues they may have. Love and understanding is all we can do. R.I.P. Levi!!

      • Kurt, before you talk to any children, you should consider learning English, so as to not dumb them down any more than they already are.

          • No, my mentally weak friend, ridiculous is the fact that you think I am going to criticize his grammar AFTER the fact that I have already done so. Logic, much like correct punctuation, do not seem to be your strongest attributes.

  8. The so called family that had nothing to do with levitate in life are crawling out from under rocks in the lime light of the boys death.

    Screw concealing the situation of this boys death. Shine more light on it so we can understand what could have driven this kids to such a tragic end.
    It could be understanding this will save another child.

    • Nancy this is Levis biological father. I think you made a mistake when you referenced Sean and his relationship to Levi. Yes Sean is his brother and my step son. Unfortunately Sean was blocked by the Blacks for some reason that I’m uncertain of however confused. However this is the reason that he had no details of the arrangement, because he was not informed. I was not informed either nor told of his death. I had to find out that my son died on a message from facebook. Lee and his brother and sister were taken into child services while his mother and me were separated and in different states. At the time I was fighting a case in AZ and could not leave the state. Ultimately I lost the case and had to serve four years in the az state prison. During this time my wife didn’t comply with the courts and the children were put into foster care. Ultimately she signed over her parental rights and lost custody. I refused to sign over mine but unfortunately lawfully could do nothing to get custody of the children. I tried everything but the law said I had no love coming. I established communication with the Black family and we corresponded for quite some time and came to what I thought was a nice arrangement. They said that the kids were blessed to have two mommies and daddy’s and that they would never keep me out of the kids lives and when they got a little older would explain to them who I was. I accepted this and respected it. They said that they would send pictures and updates on the kids and let me come visit them at some point along with alot of other promises. The pics and updates came for a short time but out of nowhere stopped. Our contact was ceased also. I tried for a long time to reastablish contact but got nowhere and when I found a way to get in touch with the kids I was blocked. We never had bad words or issues. I am uncertain what happened. I just decided it would be best to wait til my son was of age and try to talk to him personally at that time. Now this happened and I am crushed. I was not responsible for them being taken nor was I guilty of the charges that I did time on which were for attempted aggravated assault. I just wanted you to hear this so it would enlighten you to something, sometimes things are out of our control as in Sean case. It’s better to judge with both sides of a situation. I lost my kids and did not deserve to never be given the opportunity to prove myself as a worthy parent as I would have been but the law has its stipulations sometimes that just are not just. This is all true to the word.I don’t know who you are referring to so called family bud but I certainly hope you aren’t speaking of me. I’m his biological father and am hurt really bad right now. You don’t know me or nothing about my circumstances regarding my son so if you were referencing me you need to check yourself. Right now it’s just about Lee and all of this bickering between people that is going on is ridiculous and disrespectful to my son. In person nobody would let that happen to my family or myself so you should think about that before you persist. Un-believable how people make everything about themselves. Ego trips are for asshole with identification and self asteem issues. Keep my son and family out of your drama!!

      • You sound like the kind of useless, retarded, trailer trash “father” no child should have to endure. Judging by your ridiculous English, your IQ should be par with the current room temperature.

      • Dear Levis Father, Our Lord is with you, and I’am deeply sorry for your great loss of your precious Son, Levi. I have a FREE WEBSITE
        I believe it will bring you peace and comfort. I will pray for you always, Blessings of God. Lori Foster

  9. This is absolutely horrible and disgusting! This is clearly just pulled from various social media and internet sources and not a news account. It is people like the ones running this site that perpetuate everything that is wrong with social media. This violates this young man’s memory, his family, and his friends. This is what fuels rumors, speculation, and misinformation.


    • Lana Swo-APE – not just is your grammar absolutely horrendous, you also seem to suffer from some severe mental disorder. By definition, when one kills themselves, one is, in fact, committing suicide. Also ” THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER UR MIND WHEN UR DEPRESSED” the fact that nobody else has control over my mind is in no way influenced by me being depressed or not. Word of advice – whatever medications you’re currently taking, ask your doctor to increase the dosage, since it’s clearly not working.

        • I’d rather be whatever your definition of “punk” is, than that fat, retarded, dyslexic, uneducated, mustache wearing, nigger loving, trailer trash welfare cunt Lana Swoape is. But thank you, I value your opinion!

        • Please take this down, I’m Levis friend I go to Shenandoah middle school. you need to take this off it tears me apart to see someone who has no contact with Levi to do this would you do it to anyone probably not so take this down! 😱😨😥😢

      • It’s “You[comma] are the biggest DUMB ass in the world[period]”. You know, speaking of pathetic, retarded, illiterate dumbasses…

    • That is so mean why why would you say that are you stupid Levi was an amazing person I hope you are ashamed of yourself Levi was a handsome young man and his personality was the brightest I’ve ever seen! 😢😔 he made me laugh so hard sometimes I miss him so badly I know that he is in peace now he is amazing

  11. Can y’all stop and let the boy rest in piece. Dear god. His real family just wanted to know some answers that’s not a crime. What happen is horrible but this is nonsense just let him rest. That’s all I gotta say.

    • Let him rest in “piece”? I’m pretty sure he is still in one piece, you mentally crippled fuck. However, he might not be resting in peace, since suicide is a sin, and these trailer trash hillbillies seem to believe in this kind of shit.

      • Fucking trolls, what you not got enough shit to do today, fucking TROLL go back to your bridge and hide you fucking pansy ass bitch, cmon out in public you fuck, 5 mins alone with your bitch ass would be too long, pussy’s like you hide behind a keyboard and run your mouth from 5 states away… You are Soo cool… Fucking bitch ass Troll…. Pay him no mind he is like a gremlin, ate to much after midnight got his Brains all twisted and mushed…. Bitch ass…

        • Another eloquent, superbly crafted and formulated reply by a 12-year-old dyslexic little boy. May I suggest you come back once you’ve finished puberty, and have actually grasped the basics of the English language, so you won’t look as utterly stupid as you do? I just can’t take anyone too stupid to spell “pussies”, “too”, or randomly capitalizes adverbs like “so”, or “troll” seriously. Judging by your completely brainless grammar and moronic capitalization, I would almost wager you’re German. German, or some little 80-pound wigger from the trailer park. Possibly both.

  12. It is sad to see the level society will stoop- a young man gave up on his life because he could no longer see past his demons. His community is in shock, his friends heartbroken, his family devastated. My hope is that none of them stumble upon these comments – a show of hatred and unkind words.
    My hope is that Levi found his peace- that his friends can use this experience to open their eyes and be more aware- that the community can support his family through their grief- that his family can somehow learn to face tomorrow with a missing piece of their heart.
    Levi was an amazing young man that provided friendship and support to many. He had much to offer his community. His loss is felt by many.

  13. I barely knew the family, but I pray continually for them. My daughter goes to New Castle Middle School. She came home that day and told me that everyone was mourning and crying. Those who barely knew him reached out a hand for those who did. His passing was mourned across towns, communities, counties, and states. I personally don’t agree with everything in this post, but I am not going to publicly swear online. But whether you agree with this post or not, swearing online and showing how heartless you are is just plain wrong. This seventeen year old doesn’t deserve this kind of whatever sick kind of mourning and remembrance is. My prayers go out the family, community, and all who knew Levi.

  14. I barely knew the family, but I pray continually for them. My daughter goes to New Castle Middle School. She came home that day and told me that everyone was mourning and crying. Those who barely knew him reached out a hand for those who did. His passing was mourned across towns, communities, counties, and states. I personally don’t agree with everything in this post, but I am not going to publicly swear online.
    But whether you agree with this post or not, swearing online and showing how heartless you are is just plain wrong. This seventeen year old doesn’t deserve this kind of whatever sick kind of mourning and remembrance is. My prayers go out the family, community, and all who knew Levi.

  15. Dear one’s, My deepest sorrow goes out to Levi’s family, and all who knew him. You may view a
    free website for peace and comfort. God Bless,Lori Foster

  16. Dear Ones peace of God be with all of you . I have an inspirational website you may wish to view called Please go to (every 15 min. pro.) click on Pleasant Hill School. I believe you will appreciate the video, and music. Please tell your friends. Your School is in my prayers always, with love Lori Foster

  17. Dear Ones, I have an inspirational Band you may wish to Listen to, to help uplift you in some way called ” The Thirsting” go to youtube and type in Oceans of Mercy, by the Thirsting, and
    another song is” Once is a Lifetime”, and 3rd song “I Thirst” by the Thirsting. Blessings Lori

  18. Dear ones, I have a youtube song you may like called “I will rest in you (with lyrics) Jaci Velasquez. I hope to place on my site. Also I have a new story “My view in the sky” towards
    the bottom of my site. Blessings to YOU ALL. Lori