WATCH: First Moments of Gunfire at Eagles of Death Metal Bataclan Concert
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WATCH: First Moments of Gunfire at Eagles of Death Metal Bataclan Concert

A new video of the Paris attacks on Friday shows the beginning of the terrorism at the Bataclan concert hall when the band is on stage and gunfire is first heard.

Officials say 89 people were killed and many more were injured in an assault on the Bataclan theater, a famous concert hall in the center of Paris that was filled as an American rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, played there.

Witnesses said the attackers entered the theater at about 10:40 p.m. Paris time. They used guns and grenades to kill concertgoers. Hundreds were then taken hostage before police stormed the building. The gunmen were wearing explosive devices and blew themselves up when police closed in, authorities said.

The Islamic State has officially claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris. It is the first time that ISIS has officially claimed an attack in Europe.

To read more about the Bataclan attack, click here.


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Educate yourself before you speak not all Muslims are the same..dont condemn an entire race because of a small group of extremists.. Do you blame all Germans for Hitler? All Christians for the KKK?

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