Norris Greenhouse Jr. & Derrick Stafford: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Derrick Stafford, Norris Greenhouse Jr., Marksville police officers, jeremy mardis, chris few

Lt. Derrick Stafford, left, and Officer Norris Greenhouse Jr. have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, police say. (Louisiana State Police)

UPDATE: Body camera video from the shooting was released on September 28. You can watch the video here. Read the original report below.

Two Louisiana police officers have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, an autistic boy who was fatally shot by the officers while they were chasing his father’s SUV Tuesday night, police say.

Marksville Police Lt. Derrick Stafford and reserve officer Norris Greenhouse Jr. were also charged with attempted murder. They were taken into custody Friday night, Louisiana State Police Colonel Michael Edmonson said at a press conference.

“Nothing is more important than this badge that we wear on our uniform,” Edmonson said at the press conference. “The integrity of why we wear it, because the public allows us to wear that. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege. And tonight that badge has been tarnished.”

Stafford, 32, and Greenhouse, 23, were moonlighting as marshals for Avoyelles Parish Ward 2 when they pursued Mardis’ father, Chris Few, and opened fire on his vehicle. Two other officers, Lt. Jason Brouillette and Sgt. Kenneth Parnell, were also involved in the shooting, but have not yet been charged.

Few, 25, who was not armed, was also wounded in the shooting and remains hospitalized. His son was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Greenhouse, also a full-time Alexandria city marshal, is the son of a civil attorney in the local district attorney’s office, which has recused itself from the case as a result, the Town Talk of Alexandria reports.

The officers appeared in court for the first time Monday and were held on $1 million bail.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Few Had His Hands Up Before the Officers Opened Fire, His Attorney Says

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police

Chris Few, with his son, Jeremy Mardis. (Facebook)

The arrests were made after investigators reviewed body camera footage from the scene. Investigators also interviewed witnesses and recovered forensic evidence from the scene.

At a press conference Friday night, State Police Colonel Michael Edmonson said the body camera video was “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.”

On Monday, Few’s attorney told the Associated Press the body camera footage shows Few had his hands up in the air before the officers opened fire, shooting him and killing his son.

Mark Jeansonne, Few’s attorney, told the AP, “this was not a threatening situation for the police.”

Few’s fiancee, Megan Dixon, told The Guardian newspaper on Thursday she watched what led up to the shooting.

Dixon said she saw the two marshals’ black and white cars approaching Few’s vehicle from behind as he pulled away from a bar where they had been talking. She said she saw Few point toward his son, indicating he was in the car and didn’t know what to do.

Few was afraid of the marshals because he had a prior personal conflict with one of them, Dixon told The Guardian.

Jeremy Mardis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeremy Mardis, a 6-year-old autistic Louisiana boy, was fatally shot when police fired into his father's car during a chase. His dad, Chris Few, was also shot.

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2. It’s Still Not Known Why the Officers Were Chasing Few

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police

Chris Few, the father of Jeremy Mardis, the 6-year-old fatally shot by Louisiana police, was also critically wounded. (Facebook)

Several key details of what led to the shooting have still not been made public. The officers involved in the shooting have not yet been interviewed by investigators, police said.

The marshals initially said they were trying to serve a warrant on Few, but state police have not been able to find a warrant out for him.

The shooting happened at about 9:30 p.m. at the end of the chase. It’s also not yet known when the incident started.

According to the Acadiana Advocate, Few has several traffic violations and a recent DWI conviction, but there were no outstanding warrants or ongoing criminal cases in Marksville city court or the area district court. Police and the district attorney said they were not aware of any outstanding warrants for his arrest.

The shooting happened on Martin Luther King Drive in Marksville, a city of 5,700 in Avoyelles Parish.

Avoyelles Today initially reported the marshals cornered the suspect in his vehicle. Few then put his vehicle in reverse and struck the police vehicle, the news site reported. The officers exited their vehicle and fired their duty pistols through the driver’s side window.

But on Thursday, State Police Colonel Michael Edmonson, the head of the department, denied that Few had put the vehicle in reverse, saying “no, I didn’t say that. That didn’t come from me,” according to The Guardian.

On the night of the shooting, the officers were moonlighting as city marshals.

The marshals work for the city courts and serve warrants, according to the Associated Press. They carry firearms and have police powers. Their boss is Ward 2 Marshal Floyd Voinche Sr., a local bus driver who was recently re-elected.

He told the The Advocate two of the marshals were serving warrants Thursday and the third was working on traffic patrol. Marksville is in Ward 2, which also has its own police department and is patrolled by the state police.

John Lemoine, the city’s mayor, said Voinche hired deputies and bought patrol cars about three months ago, and they started issuing citations, including traffic tickets, in Marksville, which Lemoine told the Advocate is beyond the marshal’s normal role. He said city officials haven’t been able to get an explanation from Voinche.

“You can’t get in touch with him; he’s never come before us,” Lemoine told the newspaper. “There’s no communication.”

Lemoine wrote a letter to the state’s attorney general in September asking for a legal opinion on whether the marshals have the authority to write citations in the city. The attorney general has not yet responded.

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3. Stafford & Greenhouse Are Both Named in an Ongoing Use of Force Lawsuit Against Marksville Police

The four officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, The Advocate reports.

Lt. Derrick Stafford, Lt. Jason Brouillette and Sgt. Kenneth Parnell are full-time police officers for the city of Marksville, and Greenhouse is a reserve officer and deputy marshal with the Alexandria City Marshal’s Officer.

The Marksville Police Department does not have a use of force policy, according to The Advocate.

Stafford and Greenhouse are both named in a federal lawsuit filed against the Marksville police (you can read the lawsuit above). A man named Ian Fridge said he was tackled by officers and hit with a stun gun while he was at a Fourth of July event in Marksville.

Fridge, an open carry advocate, says in the lawsuit he was carrying a gun openly when the officers grabbed him from behind. Fridge said the officers took his cell phone and deleted the video he took of the incident. The case, filed in late July, is still pending.

4. Stafford Was Charged With Aggravated Rape in 2011

Stafford was indicted on two counts of aggravated rape in 2011, while he was a Marksville police officer, according to the archives of the Alexandria Town Talk. Stafford, of Alexandria, was indicted by a Rapides Parish jury, the Town Talk reported at the time. The then 28-year-old was accused in that case of raping two different women in assaults occurring in 2004 and 2011.

The case was dismissed without prejudice in 2012, meaning the charges could be brought again, the Town Talk reports.

5. The First Grader at a Local Elementary School Was ‘Caught in the Line of Fire’

Jeremy Mardis, Chris Few, boy shot louisiana police


Jeremy Mardis was “caught in the line of fire,” Avoyelles Parish coroner Dr. L. J. Mayeux told the Associated Press.

The Acadiana Advocate reports the shots all came from outside the vehicle and through the driver’s side.

According to The Guardian, orange spray paint marked the orientation of Few’s car and three police vehicles on Thursday.

“The particular placement of the cars – and a spray of glass from the passenger’s side of Few’s car – seems to indicate Few was not backing toward the officers. His car was perpendicular to them, and the officers’ shots hit the driver’s side broadside,” the newspaper reports.

Jeremy was a student at Lafargue Elementary School in Effie, The Advocate reports.

Blaine Dauzat, the Avoyelles School District’s superintendent, told Avoyelles Today grief counselors were sent to the school Wednesday to assist students and school employees. He also expressed grief over the boy’s death.

“Tonight is about the death of Jeremy Mardis. Jeremy Mardis, 6 years old,” Colonel Michael Edmonson said at the press conference announcing the arrests. “He didn’t deserve to die like that and that’s what’s unfortunate.”

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  1. I’be been fighting this incident for a year and a half, and my treatment by these officers was absolutely ignorant, arrogant, and illegal. Having no criminal record, I’ve had felony charges hanging over my head all this time when in fact I was the victim. It angers me further to know that such a tragic death could have been prevented if these patterns of reckless and irresponsible behavior would have been addressed. Justice will finally be served, I’m just saddened that it ALWAYS takes the loss of life to finally happen.

    • Mr. Fridge, I have read your story and I have one too. Norris arrested my son and charged him possession of a narcotic. It was his medication. One pill not in a bottle but his prescription. He also at the time of the arrest took over 6000.00 dollars that my son had on him. The money was in his truck that he dug until he found. It was his hard working money that he had on him because he had gone to look at a vehicle to buy. I filed a complaint with the city chief and he (smith) tolde Norris had other complaints. I did get his money back and did prove to the DA that the medicine was prescribed to him. They dropped the charges but it still lingers over his name as an arrest and a charge😡 this senseless murder could and should have been avoided. How? They unlawful cops didn’t need a job, badge or gun. Sad Sad Sad, it took the death of innocent child and his father seriously injured to get these thugs exposed. 😡

  2. Just because you wear that uniform, it doesn’t mean your above the law. It’s officers like yall that make the good ones seem bad. A six year old. When you go before God, have fun explaining that one. #alllivesmatter

    • Assistant D.A.’s son (Greenhouse)
      He’s not the first of the brothers to commit crime. If not for State Police and national news old Charlie would have made it disappear, same as when his 3 run amuck….. back to Greenhouse, they are gonna hang ya black, stupid, wanna be them, fall guy ass out to dry the same way they did Shelby McGlory… this whole system is crooked and it starts from the TOP… was Parnell and Jason supposed to lie for y’all? I’m sure your daddy and uncle Charlie will get you into the best REHAB available. Lol

  3. two black police officers murdered a 6 year old white child.

    Where is the outrage?

    Why is the races of the people involved not in every headline?

    • As far as the media is concerned, a shooting is only about race when the ‘victim’ is black and the officer involved is white. When the circumstances are reversed, the media is suddenly and conveniently color-blind.

        • Thankyou! I just hate when they always throw this race card shit… black or white! These no good as cops need to be stopped! And finally, justice was served! We ALL bleed the same… ALL lives matter !!

          • I’m a black man living in L.A. and couldn’t agree more! I don’t care what color these scum bags are. Get them off the street and to the nearest prison.

            My heart and prayers go out to the Mardis/Few families. My eldest son turned 6 a week and a half ago. Little Jeremy will never see 7.

            That’s a damn shame!

            R.I.P, Little Man.

          • If Chris Few was black his picture would be all over the news with everything he’s ever done “wrong” from his Facebook post, weed smoking to problems he had in Kindergarten and they’d be saying he should have just obeyed the cops…but since he’s white you have to find his picture on the internet while all you see on the news is two non-white officers in jail for murder and Few supposedly had his hands up (How in the hell would his lawyer know that)) and did nothing wrong! If he did nothing wrong why did he flee from police and since the pursuit ended at a “Dead End” why isn’t anyone asking why were Few and his son at a “Dead End” if he wasn’t a criminal fleeing police! If Few recently was convicted of DWI and has several traffic offenses it would seem like the police would at least have probable cause once they saw him behind the wheel to stop him! Was Few really an upstanding citizen….or did he cause his sons death?

            • “convicted of DWI and has several traffic offenses” ???????? and that justifies using deadly weapon on him????????????? you fucking /no doubt black/ idiot

    • You sir are stupid. No matter the color, police have power over the populous. anytime that power is misused there should be an uproar. why are you stupid, because if the officers had been white you would be no billing them in the grand jury process.

    • No need for it when justice is immediately enforced!! More common than not, “white” officers are made to be a hero just doing their job. I personally feel plenty of them white and black, are overly aggressive and take matters into their own hands.. on this one here I hope they can receive what they done to so many different people

    • Oh please all these people saying “it ain’t about race” are full of SHIT. Had it been reversed that town would be on fire with in 12 hours and every store in town broken into “In the name of Justice”. This was an innocent child not a thug with a rap sheet a mile long so no one is much interested in it.

      • So the lesson here is don’t run from the police with a child in the car. Be a man and do the right thing.

    • Why do you think the races SHOULD be involved? Why does it even matter? A child was killed! It doesn’t matter what color anybody was!!!

    • FUCK YOU! Two black officers kills a white person. Where is the grand jury and prosecutor who refuse to indict? GO FUCK YOURSELF!

    • The only difference is the police got indicted and $1 million dollar bail. The system is broken and this government doing the bidding of the bankers and oligarchs are the reason.

    • Agreed, if two white officers had shot and killed an innocent black child it would be the lead story on NBC Today Show and every other single 24 hour news channel.

  4. Should have known when the story first came out with no mention of race it was black on white crime.

    White people the only race it’s ok to decriminalizate against.

    • Jason Brouillette and Sgt. Kenneth Parnell Who are also involved in the shooting are white officers who weren’t yet arrested so how is this about race

        • The Freddie Gray reply is to the Anonymous poster who said Brouillette and Parnell are white so this isn’t about race. In the Freddie gray case, 3 officers were white, 3 were black. But it is held up as a racist incident.

    • I PERSONALLY will pray for you, sir! Because if you actually pay attention… you have so many BLACK citizens of avoyelles parish saying that these BLACK officers were clearly wrong and need to be punished! It should never be about race.. but in the society we live in, often times it is. We are ALL entitled to our own opinions.. but that statement that you made was PURE IGNORANCE! It deeply saddens me that you all rather talk about race, then focus on the subject at hand… an INNOCENT 6 year old lost his life. Excuse me for being blunt, but to hell with the color of their skin… they couldve Ben BLUE for all I care… wrong is wrong!

    • Amen and hallelujah to that. Had it been the other way around shit would be on fire and every lottery ticket and big screen tv stolen. In the name of Justice of course. Nothing screams Justice than theft and martyering of 2 bit thugs.

      • Lola, shut your illiterate, red-neck ass up and go shoot a deer. Your commentary lacks substance, and I can tell you’re poor. Have a seat bitch!

        • Because a person has a different opinion than you it gives you the right to be little and make fun of them. You are the pos and need to respect others opinions as nd debate without throwing insults.

        • And cops who defends their lives and kills drug dealing, and robbery thugs don’t get charged? Might I mind you that a little 6 year old child with his hands up was gunned down, and neither cop had a warrant? And you dare compare these situation with the likes of thugs like Micheal Brown who just robbed someone, and charge a police officer who was a huge grown man? Don’t even get me started on Trayvon Martin who tried to smoother, and crush a man’s skull on the pavement. Trayon was a grown man towering about 6 ft tall. Let’s not forget that President Obummer made a national speech claiming Trayvon could have been his own son. I agree they are both thugs.

          FYI White lives matter too not just thug lives.

  5. Luisiana state police colonel still does not get it. When i read what he said:“Nothing is more important than this badge that we wear on our uniform,”
    It means that the badge is more important than peoples (in this case a 5 y.o. boy and his fathers) lives.

    • No need for it when justice is immediately enforced!! More common than not, “white” officers are made to be a hero just doing their job. I personally feel plenty of them white and black, are overly aggressive and take matters into their own hands.. on this one here I hope they can receive what they done to so many different people

  6. It says right there the article that Mr. Few and one of the officers(and use term loosely) had a “history” so that tells me that the cop was most likely a bulley and liked to F with Mr.Few and saw Mr. Few out driving around and thats when the “fun” was going to begin, they didnt anticipate that he would try and get away from them and that probably angered the Marshall/cop whatever he was doing at the time.
    Anyway My Condolences to the father his son didnt deserve to die like like that. AND YEA IM OUTRAGED!! ALL LIVES MATTER!! not just loudmouthed BLM asshats

  7. It’s about cracking down on Libertarians. These four bet the farm that C.Few was carrying. Charges should be first degree murder & first degree attempted murder. It was a planned attack no doubt about it. Just read the lawsuit provided herein. The idea was to make an example of C.Few. Had he, indeed, been carrying the mainstream media would have destroyed his character denouncing his beliefs & political affiliation. Greenhouse’s father should be investigated, thoroughly. I mean bank accounts, taxes, real estate holdings, and relationships to include: family, friends, political associations, business/law partners and clients (criminal & civil). The rogue second police department seems to answer to no one…. Uh oh, do they answer to Daddy Greenhouse? Bet they do!

  8. What these two did is terrible. A father should have not lost his son like this. This is a terrible way to die. I met greenhouse well both of them once. Didn’t thought that Jr was capable of this but it’s sad because his father might get Jr off the hook. I hope justice come for the little boy

  9. This is what we can expect from obama’s army. Once their criminal records are expunged, deleted, and destroyed. They’ll all be LEO’s. We all know what this is. There is a classic historical and accurate silent film that warned of this apocalypse…Birth Of A Nation. I’ve known black LEO’s. Sure, they used the job to seduce married women (mostly white) and there were rumours of them doing shakedowns on pimps and dealers but those were the sixties, seventies, and eighties. The job didn’t pay well and the “DA looked away.”

  10. There are two rats in the woodpile. Likely that these two gunmen are involved in high illegal activities beyond this shooting. Reviews of their telephones, cell phones, computers and other electronic media including police radio chatter should give a clue as to their activities. Maybe these hitters represent the drug cartels who have often kill in the same manner.

  11. Louisiana has the very best law enforcement and politicians that MONEY CAN BUY. These two thugs will never be brought to justice. Just follow the news in Louisiana and see how many CRIMINALS with relatives in law enforcement, politics, judicial EVER GO TO JAIL !!!!! Typical South Louisiana!!!!!!

  12. All people should realize that murder is murder no matter what color finger pulled the trigger. Media please stop feeding the race card. There are only two kinds of people in this world Christ believers and non believers. Let’s be more of a believer and put others above ourselves.

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  14. Two black officers shot a white kid. If this was turned around, it would be a race issue and they would be rioting in the streets. This is a screwed up society we live in.

  15. How was his hands up if the car was being chased and shot at? And why isn’t there much detail out? and why is it that when a white cop shoots blacks the video is always out? but when black cops shoots whites not it’s suddenly not out? yes i have sympathy towards the kid who was shot but I’m not understanding what happened.. because it doesn’t say anything about if this man was armed or not.. doesn’t and the car was stopped obviously from what i heard the child was in the front seat..

  16. been reading a lot about the judge who let the police officer off for rape , I do hope the FBI is checking into all the crimes this judge has been involved with .He sure needs some serious jail time , As for the citizens in Alexandria and Marksville , If you have been arrested or had any dealings with the police , Here is a good chance to sue , or be retried .

  17. I don’t understand what happened or why. I’d sure like to see that body camera footage. I suspect the spiritual world is involved, these two officers probably find it impossible to understand the actions they took when the incident went down. I say this because Google Earth reveals an awful lot in real imagery near where this incident took place Satan deceives the whole world. And I think he is ultimately responsible for what happened in this incident because the biblical references are in plain view.

  18. RACISM 101!! It’s the same whether the BLACK person is a cop or the so called suspect. Y’all constantly criminalize BLACKNESS… Let Few had a been a BLACK MAN, and he didn’t have to have a weapon.. Few did!! He put his, others and his sons life in danger by using the car as a weapon!! But let him had been a unarmed BLACK MAN with his back turned, running away from the police and y’all Don’t charge or make sure the cops are found not guilty

  19. What the officers did here was despicable. These guys were clearly negligent and I would have said the exact same thing if the negligent officer was Caucasian. But Louisiana dodged a bullet here. If the races were reversed the state would be on fire and the officers families would have to go into hiding.