Brandi Chin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Police in Fairfield, California, are searching for a woman who is accused of throwing a dog during a fight. The incident was recorded on a surveillance video, which went viral.

The woman has been identified as 31-year-old Brandi Chin.

The video, which can be seen above, was originally posted to Facebook on December 19 by David Shields. It has been viewed more than 44,000 times.

The dog, a pug named Ben, is owned by Chin and her boyfriend, the boyfriend’s roommate told KTVU-TV.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Dog Was Thrown While Chin Was Fighting With Her Boyfriend, a Friend Says

Brandi Chin, Brandi Chin Fairfield California, Brandi Chin dog


The video shows a woman, identified as Chin, carrying the dog, a pug named Ben, by the leg. She then throws the dog toward a man, who is believed to be her boyfriend. Friends and witnesses say she was arguing with her boyfriend before flinging the dog at him, KTVU-TV reports.

Candy Seward, whose roommate is Chin’s boyfriend, told the news station she and others wanted to take the dog from Chin, but she stormed off before they could.

The dog can be seen rolling several times after he hits the ground, but it is not known if he was injured. Chin’s boyfriend then picks up the dog, and yells at her, before bystanders intervene.

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2. Police Say They Believe Chin Has Abused the Dog Before

Brandi Chin, Brandi Chin Fairfield California, Brandi Chin dog

Brandi Chin’s profile picture. (Facebook)

Police told KTXL that Chin was recently seen “walking down a business district in Fairfield, and she apparently had the dog by the tail and she was swinging it around.”

Ben is believed to still be with Chin, who has not yet spoken to police.

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3. Chin Is Allegedly ‘Hiding’ From the Police

Brandi Chin, Brandi Chin Fairfield California, Brandi Chin dog


Police said they have not been able to find Chin.

“We are currently looking for her at this time. She is, from what I understand, hiding from us,” Sergeant Michael Ramirez told KTXL-TV.

Ramirez said they believe Chin is hiding in the Vallejo, California, area, and hope that someone who knows her will contact them.

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4. Chin Is Expected to Face Animal Cruelty Charges

Brandi Chin, Brandi Chin Fairfield California, Brandi Chin dog


Ramirez said they want to press animal cruelty charges against Chin, according to KTVU-TV.

He said they want to take ben from Chin because, “the dog doesn’t deserve that.”

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5. The Case Is Being Investigated by Police & the County Human Services Agency

The Fairfield Police Department is investigating. (Facebook)

The Fairfield Police Department is investigating. (Facebook)

The Fairfield Police Department said they have conducted interviews after being made aware of the video, and the investigation is ongoing.

“Thank you to everyone for sending us messages about the video of the suspected animal cruelty. Fairfield PD did respond out Thursday with Humane Animal Services. We are working with them to investigate the case,” Fairfield Police said on Facebook. “If anyone witnessed the event please contact us. We are also interested in speaking to the person who recorded the video so we can thoroughly investigate the case.”

Anyone with information can call police at 707-428-7300.

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  1. FROM WHAT I WAS TOLD FROM MAIN SOURCE PERSON, WHOME IS GOOD FRIEND OF MINE, IS THAT BRANDI CHIN WAS IN ALTERCATION FIGHT BRANDI bit a girl on back, drew blood and ripped out her earring as well. I just want someone to inform the girl who was bit on back . That she needs to be tested for hiv, BRANDI is a known carrier of aids. I’m not trying to spread rumors , it’s just out of care and concern. BRANDI boyfriend “Ben” whomever lol pug is named after is also a known carrier of hiv as well.

  2. That poor dog is probably dead by now. If you think that stupid fucking cunt is in Vallejo then go get her bitch ass! It cant be that hard to find to her!! Its just that people dont care enough. Why do we tolerate this? Id go hunt her down myself if it didnt mean id end up in jail for doing the right thing. Damn so many of these abusers are women now. Wtf!

    • You are suggesting that a dog is “just a dog” and deserves to be treated like that? Most people I know who take good care of their animals are also kind and caring in general, and do have the same emotions with human beings. On the other hand, it is well known that animal abusers often go on to abuse, kids, elderly people, etc. So even if you don’t care about animals at all (which I think you should, you will never get such unconditional love as from your dog!), her behavior is showing her to be a lousy human being in general.

    • I am appalled that anyone would treat anything breathing like that. Dog, child, man. She is an abuser. You know they say that if you abuse animals you tend to then abuse children.,

    • and maybe every one here does have the same emotions with human beings. maybe you’re the one who would get farther ahead in life if you had compassion for helpless creatures.

    • Hey Brian,that dog did nothing to deserve that kind of treatment!!…WE should have that kind of emotion towards humans,who the fuck do you think threw the dog because she was fighting with her waste of a life boyfriend!!…She has done this sort of thing before and will again!!…Empathy for humans,my ass!!

    • Brian – there is always one with your opinion every time this happens. Sae your opinion, we all have the same emotions for humans.

    • He was just on another post HAPPY that a black mother/grandmother was murdered for no reason. I guess he has no emotions for Black lives!

        • Guys, this ignorant bastard is just bouncing around on different pages seeing how he can get them stirred up. Best thing to do is not respond to him and he will go away. Unless you enjoy going rounds with him.

    • Wtf do u mean “it’s a dog”. No sh*t Sherlock. Why does caring for one exclude caring for the other? Idiot. My heart is big enough for both.

    • Dumbest comment ever.
      Animals can’t speak for themselves that’s why people like this fat ass Brandi feel that they can abuse them. Most humans are mean and only care about material things and money. Take a look at the Internet, worse bunch of creatures in the world.

  3. You’re joking right? Are we back in the 80’s where the ultimate and most often used put – down was “he has AIDS”? Idiot.

  4. I would have to slap that bitch if I see her grab her by her fat face and toss her to the ground then kick the hell out of her and her loser boyfriend

  5. I hope Brandi Chin burns like a pig in hell for hurting that poor animal!! If there really is a God, I hope he punishes that cunt in the same cruel manner she punished that poor defenseless dog!

  6. Feel free to let Brandi Chen know how you feel about this: 503 Pennsylvania Ave., Fairfield, CA 94533-6029 (707) 428-4425.

  7. Her boyfriend Benjamin Perez was interviewed and defended Brandi saying she loves the dog and the dog loves her… Arrest them both! There isva special place in hell for these 2. They reside at 503 Pennsylvania Ave in Fairfield Ca.

    • This shit is fuckin crazy I know the rotten cunt she is back in Fairfield and she is way sicker then any of you even have a clue about she has been known to violently ejaculate Benjamin her “ex” but was just seen yesterday with at 503 Pennsylvania avenue and that chick candy who is currently living there with Brandi’s man who is still with her is a tweaked out whore Brandi brought home and when she was forced to go into hiding decided she was Ben’s New friend\slut and is full of shit her and Ben took the dog home had it for a minute and Ben let Brandi back in and she took the dog back and threatened to kill on her way out after yet another heated and physical altercation and also if you are looking for her off that fb picture good luck she don’t look like that at all she looks way older then 31 and is twice as fat and ugly as that photo matter fact as long as o known she has never really in person ever looked as decent as those photos and she is a rotten sick bitch and does not have any kind of conscience and is a fat selfish cunt who Ben’s partial reason for letting her get away with the most foulest crap I’ve ever seen in my life and she is a spoiled lazy thief and evil sorry excuse of woman hopefully kills that bitch.

  8. Brandi I hope you’re reading what people think of you. You need serious mental help and I hope you get it. I’d like to do to you what you have done to Benny. You are a worthless human being.