Why Did Gillette Sue Dollar Shave Club?
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Why Did Gillette Sue Dollar Shave Club?

gillette, dollar shave club, gillete lawsuit

Gillette is one of the most recognizable brands in the razor industry. (Getty)

Gillette, the world-renowned razor making company, filed a lawsuit Thursday against subscription service provider Dollar Shave Club. Gillette alleges in the suit that DSC violated Gillette’s patented razor technology.

The suit alleges Dollar Shave Club infringes on a Gillette patent for the way its razors are designed, including the blade materials used on the blades. Gillette also alleges that DSC’s razors have damaged its business. Gillette is seeking damages and an injunction to stop the sale of all Dollar Shave Club razors that violate said patent.

Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service that sends customers new blade cartridges each month. The company launched in 2011, but blew up in 2012 thanks to a YouTube video campaign. It is based in Santa Monica, Calif.

The Gillette lawsuit, filed in Delaware court, says that Dollar Shave Club has more than 2 million subscribers. The company sells three different types of blades, with subscriptions costing between $1 and $9 a month.


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