Anjali Ramkissoon Photos: Pictures of the Miami Uber Attack Doctor

Read more about Anjali Ramkissoon in Spanish at

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  1. No body will have the balls to discipline her. The woman w hot body’s like he’s skate out of trouble. If I had to guess, she’s a lousey doctor.

    • Yup. Except that she has already been crucified on social media and her reputation is now beyond salvagable. Good for her.

  2. It’s really disgusting to see an article that doesn’t know the facts. Everyone has a bad day and they should never ever get treated like this. What if someone did something to her. Besides you really can’t say anything without being there.

    • Oh so I really can’t say anything because I wasn’t there???? PLEASE do not tell me what I can and can not say no matter where I am. You see…..when you are a doctor, police officer, congressman, or any person who has a job/duty that requires people to have a higher level of trust in you. Besides, ….you really do not need to be there as you stated since the video pretty much covers all I need to know about what a doctor should not be caught doing.

    • Am I missing something? She attacked the driver because he refused to transport her…
      Of course we can say what we want even if we weren’t there. Aren’t you saying something? Were YOUR there?

      • @Michael Voight. Yeah you’re reading comprehension. The person who was filming was the one who ordered the Uber. She jumped in the car instead. Also, if you think it’s valid for her to attack him because he refused to drive her, then I guess a guy can punch a woman in the face who refused to go out with him.

    • Oh just a bad day, huh? Don’t down play situation and the fact that she is exhibiting psychotic and mentally ill behavior. And if you need to destroy things, make sure its your own property and that your frustrations are not taken out on another person. It’s not ok. And obviously the physical abuse….I don’t even know why I need to say this.

    • What a skank and worthless ho. She didn’t have the grades or MCATs so she had to attend a Caribbean so called medical school. Jackson will accept any trash as an intern and this ho fits the bill. I don’t trust Indians or their atrocious malodorous odors emanating from their repulsive bodies. I’d say lock her ass up and let her ride elephants and workship her cows in Mumbai or Bombay. No person with an average IQ would have this skank as their MD.

  3. I would marry her today. She is fiiine. I want her to have all my our babies

    She was depressed and got drunk as a result and did the foolish because of the alcohol.

    Yes I blame the alcohol. Think about it guys.

    I’m not saying she isn’t wrong and shouldn’t be punished. It’s just the explanation of why things went haywire.

    I want her babies still

    • Spoiled rotten cunt is what she is. Anyone who wants her babies has no clue what they are thinking. This person is a nightmare in a relationship.

    Darryl K. Sharpton – Chairman President & Chief Executive Officer Public Health Trust Board of Trustees
    Carlos A. Migoya = President & Chief Executive Officer Public Health Trust Board of Trustees Jackson Health System

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    Jackson Health System recent Trustees Meeting Link here:

  5. Well… there’s always porn. I’m sure she’ll get a call from Bangbros, Pornhub, or the likes about doing a few videos.

  6. Yea maybe she went out of control that day, but d driver also hasn’t done a great thing,he could have as well let her travel esp when d main passenger was OK with it. N plus nobody was seriously injured too. She was totally drunk, but need not judge her medical knowledge anything with it. She really totally went out of her mind really at that point of time

  7. how can she be a doctor? google her name with images. she is like a kim kardashian. would u want her as your doctor?

    Anjali Ramkissoon

  8. ..have to wonder if alcohol also played a factor in her near fatal crash. State board needs to investigate this girl regardless of excuses, she could have serious problems that could ultimately endanger patients.