LaVoy Finicum Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

LaVoy Finicum funeral

LaVoy Finicum. (Getty)

Mormon Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum was killed on the night of January 26 as the militia standoff near Burns, Oregon, came to a head. Famously, Finicum, 55, had told the media on January 6 that he would choose death over surrender. His death was confirmed by Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who wrote on Twitter:

Finicum was killed during a traffic stop, reports CNN. He died one day before his 56th birthday.

The FBI on Thursday released video of the shooting. You can watch it here.

Oregon Public Radio reports that Finicum and some of his comrades were pulled over around 4:30 p.m. local time between the towns of Burns and John Day. In a clash with state police and FBI agents, five men and one woman were arrested, and Finicum was killed.

Since January 2, activists have been occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Those armed protesters, led in part by Ammon Bundy, were protesting the sentence of Dwight and Steve Hammond, who were found guilty of committing arson on federal land.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cliven Bundy Said Finicum Was Sacrificed ‘for a Good Purpose’

LaVoy Finicum Funeral

Finicum pictured on January 15. (Getty)

Finicum, whose full name was Robert LaVoy Finicum, was a neighbor of Cliven Bundy’s ranch, where the infamous 2014 ranch standoff occurred. They were neighbors despite Finicum living in Arizona and Bundy living in Nevada. On January 5, 2016, Finicum told NBC News that he may want to go home to Arizona soon, saying, “I need to get home. I got cows that are scattered and lost.”

When he heard about the recent arrests and death, Cliven Bundy, who is Ammon Bundy’s father, told Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce, “Isn’t this a wonderful country we live in?” He added, “We believe those federal people shouldn’t even be there in that state, and be in that county and have anything to do with this issue. … I have some sons and other people there trying to protect our rights and liberties and freedoms, and now we’ve got one killed, and I can say is, he’s sacrificed for a good purpose.”

Bundy later confirmed Finicum’s death to CBS Las Vegas reporter Patranya Bhoolsuwan. In a statement on his Facebook page, Bundy wrote:

The resolve for principled liberty must go on. It appears that America was fired upon by our government. One of liberty’s finest patriots is fallen. He will not go silent into eternity. Our appeal is to heaven.

2. During the Standoff in Oregon, Finicum Had Become Known as ‘Tarp Man’

An MSNBC report on the standoff dubbed Finicum “Tarp Man” as he could be seen covered in a blue tarp with a rocking chair during the incident. When asked by NBC News why he chose to sit out in such a visible position, he said that he wanted officers to be able to find him. Finicum said, “I do not want the FBI federal agents to have to go running around in the dark, kicking in doors looking for me, OK? I want them to know exactly where I’m at.” He added, chillingly, “I’m telling them right now — don’t point guns at me.”

3. He Posted a Video of His Family Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ Just Hours Before His Death

On his Twitter page, Finicum went by the moniker “@OneCowboysStand.” His bio on the page reads, “Rancher, Loves Freedom and willing to fight and die defending it.” His last Twitter post was a video of a group of children singing “Amazing Grace.” His Twitter pseudonym is taken from his book title, One Cowboy’s Last Stand for Freedom. In an interview with NBC News, Finicum said that he would rather be killed than arrested, saying, “I have no intention of spending any of my days in a concrete box. There are things more important than your life and freedom is one of them. I’m prepared to defend freedom.”

According to Mormon tradition, cremation is not encouraged and a proper funeral burial is preferred.

4. He Was a Man Who Loved ‘Nothing More in Life Than God, Family & Freedom’

Lavoy Finicum Dead Dies


On his official website, Finicum wrote:

As he has watched the ever increasing encroachment of government into the lives of the American people he has felt to make a stand for freedom. He has drawn a line in the sand and that line is the Constitution in its original intent.

The Constitution of the United States of America is a charter to protect the freedom of man by putting strict limits on government. We are living in a day when that supreme law of the land has been shredded by the very government that took an oath to uphold it. By their actions the Federal Government has become lawless and stalks the liberties of this land under the guise of social justice.

Shown below are LaVoy and Jeanette’s 11 children. This is why freedom is so important!

He describes himself as a rancher who “loves nothing more in life than God, family, and freedom.”

Meanwhile, on his wife, Jeanette’s LinkedIn page, she lists foster care provider as her full-time job. During his involvement in the Malheur standoff, the 11 foster children that were in the care of Finicum have been taken away. Finicum complained that those children were his and his wife’s major source of labor and money on their ranch, reported Time.

One of the couple’s daughters, Arianna Finicum Brown, 26, told the Oregonian that she wasn’t worried for her father’s safety during the standoff. She said, “I talked to him, and he said they were telling people to go if they weren’t there for the right reasons, they didn’t want anyone there who could make everything go bad. He had no plans to be violent. My dad was a really good guy.”

5. Ammon Bundy Has Been Arrested in Oregon

Ammon Bundy

Ammon Bundy pictured on his Facebook page.

KATU reports that Ammon Bundy and other members of the militia, including Ryan Payne, were arrested by the FBI and Oregon State Police on the night of January 26 during the traffic stop where Finicum was killed.

It’s unclear who shot first, but one person was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Michele Fiore said that person was Ryan Bundy, another son of Cliven, who was shot in the arm.


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kind of an idiot to tell the cops to shoot him and then try to pull his pistol 3 times


So I can ask them to shoot me, and that gives them the right? You clearly haven’t watched enough of the video evidence to know, there were shots fired before he exited the vehicle, and shots fired as he exited with his hands in the air!


get off the drugs and TRY to connect with realty. Tried to pull his pistol 3 times? What kind of idiot tells the cops to shoot him? Maybe a brave desperate man who finds himself in a situation where he has three passengers in his car that he desperately wants to keep from getting killed, knows full well that he is in the middle of a well planned ambush, that is quite likely put together to kill him and everyone in his vehicle.

Lenda Beck

Have something worth while to add to the conversation.. it cracks me up people who have no information complain about grammar.. cause you you like to just complain …


your the worthless piece of trash, because when you say that, it tells me your ignorant of the law of the land our Bill of Rights!


“Good riddance to a worthless piece of trash”…….who guarded the Constitution, you know, that “piece of paper” zerOBAMA talks about.
Kinda like when you are about to step in front of a train and someone pulls you to safety, and then you remark “pushy bastard!!”


‘Im trying to figurer out which part of the constitution says you don’t have to pay grazing fees on public land….hell even the oil companies pay their oil leases. You people are firkin morons…or mormons…same thing. These people were trying to “bleed the beast” to quote the mormon’s long standing description of their nearly 200 year strategy of stealing other people’s tax dollars… and then this dipsht actually begs the cops to shoot him…then fake surrenders as he looks for potential targets to shoot at in-between trying to pull his pistol. poor fk didn’t even bother to train to get his pistol out. kind of typical of these people though….he probably thought his death would spark a revolt. he’s in good company, Charlie Manson thought the same thing


REAL WORLD, even the oil company would stop paying if the feds did to them what they did to the Bundy’s. REAL WORLD, I get really tired of the absolutely clueless, brainwashed individuals spouting the silly nonsense about him trying to pull a pistol out of his left hand coat pocket wit his right hand, while surrounded by heavily armed feds. He was quite likely unarmed and the feds screwed up and planted a gun on him in the wrong pocket. But hey, the blind squirrel liberal democrat trolls have received their orders, so they go on threads and post their silly, profane posts just to try and irritate normal, rational, thinking people.

Ken Justis

Hey Joey green next time I am in your state I will look you up. You probably will not enjoy the experience as much as I will you sniveling whining communist coward just as were the cowards that shot down an unarmed man.

Larry O

In what world is a man that has a fully loaded AR15 Assault Rifle that belonged to him inside his vehicle, and a Ruger 9mm SR9 pistol concealed under his coat in a holster considered to be “unarmed”??? You talk like you are just as insane as Finicum was.

And tell me, just what kind of man makes a living by exploiting free child labor?? You actually consider him to be a “hero”?

Lenda Beck

It is legal to carry inDirect ya want to shoot every o e who carries… he never had a gun in his up raised hands .. working on a ranch is good for kids you dweeb…they send bad kids to ranches to help them yes he was a hero.. so far in Nevada and Oregon no guns ever branished feds did…. this land grab is happening all over America.. these ranchers are the last one who haven’t been ran off by feds… they are standing up and now they are branded terrorist… real crap that is.

Ken Justis

Hey there little Joey we can just pick up our guns when ever we choose try reading the constitution. You will find it in the second right listed. And what the hell would some that lives in college no about hard labor. You still live with mommy punk.


6. Please need to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints indoctrinates young boys, adolescent boys, teenage boys, young men, and men that THEY are the chosen priesthood holders and “Elders in Israel that will rise up and save the Constitution as it hangs by a thread in the last days.” Ask any active Mormon man you know if this is true. In fact, it’s one of few true things about the church.

So, when someone asks why these Mormon guys are up in Oregon fighting with the federal government, or why Cliven Bundy and Sons were in Bunkerville, NV in 2014 resisting the BLM during their violent & illegal seizure of his cows, you can tell them that the Corporation of the Presiding Bishop (the LDS Church), brainwashed them and then distanced themselves when some men took that brainwashing seriously. The only thing these men are really guilty of is believing exactly what they were taught in church their whole lives.


Former LDS Priesthood Holder
I resigned in 2014 after learning the truth


Hey, Im glad SOMEBODY is struggling against our two faced masters, who write two laws on the same subject and enforce whichever is most convienient.
The FBI are given license to act like the Facist arm of our government, and that is MORE wrong than anything these men have done. I was accused of being a racist and militant because of a ball cap I purchased at a barber shop. I dont own a firearm, dont know anyone whose a member of any of that shit, but was persecuted at work by all the blacks.The FBI behave with the instruction that their opponents are madmen, rather than reasoning men, and therefore are pre-exhonorated for the illegitimate use of deadly force. It happens again and again. That is state sponsored Fascism. Im much more concerned about that than I am the abuse of some misguided people who very well may have stood down, had their concerns been addressed in truth rather than by corrupt stupidity.

Lenda Beck

People do not even take time to learn…Mostly college people taught socialism in colleges…this all could have been dealt with with out shooting anyone…they were many other ways. A spike strip for one.. although letting them go to John day would have been ok.. who were they hurting? They were hurting no one.going to a meeting… if they committed anything unlawful it would have been only a minor infraction… the arrested the reported reporting….they have arrested people for using free speach tint this great

pete kantor

First, Finicum had broken the law by illegally occupying federal property, damaging federal property, and then resisting arrest. He was shot and killed, just like blacks who break the law and resist arrest. He was armed and dangerous. Second, Cliven Bundy’s claim that his ranch has been in his family since 1877 is a flat out lie. His parents bought the ranch in 1948. Third, there are a lot of problems in the USA. We do the best we can to deal with them in a legal and civilized way. That means, unfortunately, no instant gratification. In the words of the late Justice Scalia, when he swindled the election of Al Gore, “Get used to it.”

Dirk L. Zollinger

Just like blacks who do things illegal or resist. Riot in Ferguson, buildings burnt, businesses looted, people beaten, drugs stolen, threw rocks and other projectiles at Police Officers. Riot NYC, people beaten, buildings looted and windows broken, Police Officers had rocks and bottles thrown at them. Baltimore Maryland, where the President told the Mayor to give the protestors room, buildings trashed, and looted, people assaulted by protestors, fires started Police Officers had projectiles thrown at them. In all three of these there were Officers that were injured. You know what’s funny, there was not one protestor killed by someone of authority, imagine that. You people priorities are really screwed up.


Terrible journalistic content here.
Glad Finicum is toast-exactly what he said he wanted and provoked. I hope all the trailer trash terrorists in this Malheur takeover get the max sentence, get their property and livestock confiscated -this stunt of theirs cost tax payers millions of dollars.

May they all enjoy their dances with big Bubba!


This country has wonderful right supporting laws on the books, but then counteracts these laws with local ordinances, and fees, and license requirements, such that the greater law, supposedly preserving ones right, has no power, and has become a placebo for mass hypnosis. This is the mechanism used against peoples of every government since the beginning of laws; it is done because it works.
The masses of people, wishing to believe all is well, may do so, because they are not affected by the enforcement of laws contradictory to those protecting THEIR rights, and so they give the greater credibility to those in whom they trust their lives. Its not that they believe them more; its that they NEED to believe them more, in order to believe that they continue to live in happy happy land, where mommy and daddy have everything taken care of, and there will be milk and cookies for breakfast in the morning.
You cant argue, or inform such people. They will never listen to reason or objective truth; they aren’t willing to.

Karen Jenkins

Mr paul you print alot if misinformationn on lavoy shame on you!!lavoy had 11 of his own kids not fostered by him n his wife..he had four foster boys..not 11..get your info straight.noone pointed any guns at the feds at all!!

Wyatt Earp

And just how did the Federal government get the land…Massacred and stole it from rightful owners… The Native Americans… You damn hypocrites… Get your shit straight…Bundy’s had as much right if not more to the land than the Federal crooked lying ass government…

William Elliott

This was a simple case of premeditated murder. It is sad that America has a murderous government hell bent on taking away pur constitutional rights. These police and government agents need to be tried and convicted by a jury of their peers. It is so sad that America has turned their heads and hearts away from getting involved in a manner that would protect our God given rights. It is easy to say I don’t want to get involved and then complain about the outcome. America needs to wake up before we find ourselves in concentration camps in our own land ,run by our own government.A great man once said”give me liberty or give me death”.


God Bless Lavoy!!! Read the autopsy “MURDER” They stunned him & then shot him! He knew they had snipers & wouldn’t be stupid enough to try & pull a gun! People see what they want! He was not a dangerous man, then shot to kill & kill they did! Hopefully that chapter of America Shame is over! As far as Bundy & all pioneer ranching families, they were targeted by our own Gov;t. , rates right up there w/ Syria! A person w/ common sense would appreciate the grazing of cows w/ all the wildfires destroying people entire lives & taking the life of the HERO fire fighters who had died trying to protect people. May all their spirits soar!

Connie Needham

The only shoots fired was from the FBI. The protesters were also going to meet the sheriff in the nexted county. Why a dead man’s road block in a curb on snow when they could have been with a sheriff that they felt safer talking too? No one had to die that day. If someone is running to law enforcement why stop them??????

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