Wisconsin GOP Polls 2016: Trump and Cruz in Tight Race

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Donald Trump is in a tight race in Wisconsin. (Getty)

As the Wisconsin Republican primary approaches, the candidates find themselves in a tight race. According to RealClear Politics, Ted Cruz has an average lead of just .7 of a percentage point on Donald Trump in the latest early polling numbers.

Cruz received an endorsement from Gov. Scott Walker and hopes that will help him secure a win in Wisconsin. The candidates will participate in a town hall forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Tuesday. There are 42 delegates at stake in the April 5 primary.

Here’s a look at the latest Wisconsin Republican polls.

RealClear Politics Average

RealClear Politics keeps a running average of the Wisconsin polls. The average includes data from three polls. The Optimus poll conducted March 22-24, the Emerson poll conducted March 20-22 and the Free Beacon/Basswood Research poll conducted March 19-20.

Ted Cruz 33.0
Donald Trump 32.3
John Kasich 23.0


The Optimus poll was conducted March 22-24. It has a margin of error of 1.1 percentage points.

Donald Trump 31
John Kasich 29
Ted Cruz 27


The Emerson poll was conducted March 20-22. It has a margin of error of 4.6 percentage points.

Ted Cruz 36
Donald Trump 35
John Kasich 19

Free Beacon/Basswood Research

The Free Beacon/Basswood Research poll was conducted March 19-20. It has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.

Ted Cruz 36.2
Donald Trump 31.4
John Kasich 20.8

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The California Republican primary may be months away but early polling has already been conducted in the state. Find out the details on the latest numbers.

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  1. Not ready yet for Cuban American President not me . But if Trump looks that bad Kasich is my choice. If Nikki Haley in the race I will go for her . I am Indian.

    • If a white person said im gonna vote for candidate A because he or she is white they’d call them racist, but when 96% of black voters voted for obama you didnt hear a peep out of the media. Or when an indian says they’d vote for nikki haley because she’s indian thats racist and also very stupid because your saying you dont care what her policies are, all ypu care about is her skin color or nationality

      • What are you talking about? I personally don’t think any white man have the ordacity to challenge or accused any race of racism. All races on the planet had suffered unimaginable, inhuman, unprecedented, unfathomable lowest level of punishment, treatment and enslavement in the hand of the white man through ideological and scientific racism. History show it. Is it through theory of Aryanism perpetrated by the doctrine of Nazism and neo-Nazism which claimed the indo – European and Caucasian and their descendants as a master race and subrace respectively while the blacks, indian, and Italian and other races as subhuman which need to be exploited or exterminated. This scientific racism has been exploited for century. The killing of over 2 million Herero people by the German(first genocide in history rarely mentioned because it happened in Africa) holocaust, killing of the indians, lynching of blacks in America, the list goes on.
        Yes, it s not racism for black to vote for Obama nor racism for Indian to vote for Nikki Haley.
        It is ludicrous for any white race to stand akimbo and accuse other race as being racist when they are the one who had perpetrated the worst ideological and scientific racism. As the Poet, Robert Burns rightly put it, It is an account of ” Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourns “

        • Good god you need to study history better, your leaving out a hole bunch of the so called “white man” racism. Here are just a few examples:
          In Cambodia, a genocide was carried out by the Khmer Rouge (KR) regime led by Pol Pot between 1975 and 1979 in which an estimated one and a half to three million people died.The Manchu Qianlong Emperor of Qing China issued his orders for his Manchu Bannermen to carry out the genocide and eradication of the Zunghar nation, ordering the massacre of all the Zunghar men and enslaving Zunghar women and children.
          Tutsi government massacres of Hutu, part of the Burundi genocide
          Mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against Nanking (current official spelling: Nanjing) during the Second Sino-Japanese War.
          The campaign of persecution against the Yazidis and other minority religious groups by ISIS, including mass killings and genocidal rape, has been called a genocide.
          Set your mind free, stop looking at history through funnel vision. Look at the facts and then realize that color alone does not determine that content of a mans character.

        • Racism is racism it doesn’t matter what your skin color is or anything like that anytime you single out a single race just because of skin color or nationality it is racism I don’t care if you’re white black brown purple pink green it doesn’t matter racism is racism everybody get over it there is only one true race and that is the human race

        • obama is a white hater5 since lncoln the mass murderer was to free thesev b hoodlems as you see they as a rase bring the whole human rase down donald is george washington tis is a country dying of cancer arrest obama with sargent of arms in derlick of duty treason he is shjould be put onna boat and loose the rights he is trying to take from you he is a jay hawker remember rapiaol cruz wants to be 1st spanic tp seize country remember johnny wilkes both is a hero . lincoln was a genide mass murderer of his own country men . its time to remember its time to remember the alamo get up and fight lewis wagner

    • You know your statement is ridiculous and sounds a little racist in nature. You should be listening to what the candidate says or represents not their ethnicity , race, or how the are anatomically put together Why should you being Indian matter?.

    • you dont care if you are voting for another illegal? Or a murderer? you vote RACE? omg… how STUPID you are. its how we got obama…and stupid women voting for hillary because she is a woman is really stupid- considering that she has the WORST RECORD of ANY Secretary of State.

    • Hold on–Obama’s still attempting (despite congress) to reverse the damage that other Giant Brain, George Bush has done to America.

      • That is wrong. He has weakened this country to the point where we are getting walked on and taunted. No one believes us.
        Obama has to face the Supreme court next month over the amnesty bill he came up with. 93% of applicants get approved to be here and most of them head straight to the welfare office. How is that undoing anything???

          • If that statement is a mark of your intellect then your opinion isn’t worth anything. You would do better to think twice before publicly advertising it. The world already has a low opinion of our education system. Don’t make it worse.


    • Antonio, you’re as dumb as Trump if you think that knucklehead has any chance of stepping one foot in the White House. My lord, his knowledge on foreign policy is obsolete like his brain but you idiots don’t care if he puts this country at risk with all his foolish bigotry. You are UNBELIEVABLE.

  2. Sanders is the only anti-establishment candidate that will win in the general election. I urge Trump voters to vote Sanders, Wisconsin is an open primary state so you can vote for whichever party you want.

    I know you all want Trump but look at the polls. Go to realclearpolitics DOT com , they are a poll aggregate site showing you all the polls and trends over time. Both of the Dem candidates will beat either of the GOP candidates by huge margins in the general election. The trend is their leads will only grow over the GOP candidates as well.

    If you want an anti-establishment candidate you really only have one choice to elect one in the general and that is Bernie Sanders.

    Don’t take my word for it though, go check out all the polling data yourselves. I know there is a lot of support ala Sanders for Trump and his supporters are just as fervent. However just as many people will come out to vote against Trump as those that will come out to vote for Trump which will cancel out all the new voters he’s energizing. He is that polarizing of a candidate whether you want to admit it or not. Sanders does not have that problem and if he beats Clinton in the Dem Primary then you will get an anti-establishment president, otherwise say hi to President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Mark my words.

    • You’re insane if you think socialism is the way this country should go! Have you ever lived in a socialism country? Of course not because you if you did you would know that the taxes that we pay will escalate to the point you will no longer be able to buy that Xbox. Nothing is free… Do you understand that NOTHING IS FREE. The moral of the worker class citizens will significantly decline and there will be no incentive to do YOUR VERY BEST. You need to learn Regan economics. Yep the government will own everything. No one wins under socialism!

        • I’m not trying to be a snot, but Communism is a political system, like democracy or a democratic republic is a political system, and socialism is an economic system, like capitalism.

      • You ask …”Have you ever lived in a socialist country”… well let’s look at some programs that are socialistic … of course, Social Security and Medicare, but so is the Armed Forces, the Fire Departments, the Police Departments, Libraries, Public Schools and Universities and teachers. Basically any program that is made available to the masses and paid for by tax dollars is socialistic by nature. Get an education, why don’t you.

      • The United States is a Constitutional Republic. Constitutional Republics are not socialist countries… nor are they communist countries. The United States is a capitalist country.

    • Bernie needs to go home! Voting for him is a waste of time, money and resources. Hillary will be our next President. Besides who votes for a candidate that offers this and that when there is no money? And then you guys dare to tell us about honesty. There is not an honest politician!

    • Sanders won’t beat Hillary. She’s already bough out the delegates. If Sanders wins, America is in trouble, but ha, ha. Obama already lost my job so all the rest of you Bernie voters will have to support me. Thanks for that……

    • So let me get this right, Hillary will win the election against any Republican candidate because Bernie “anti-establishment” Sanders’ supporters will support her in the general election? So much for your fake “revolution.” Trump is the only anti-establishment candidate running. Only Democrats would think a career politician like Sanders is anti-establishment.

    • Sanders is a communist friend with Fidel Castro. If you like Sanders go and live in Cuba, and then let me know

    • If you – ANONYMOUS – are so all-knowing and prescient — and wise — “WHY” DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE YOUR FACES AND IDENTITY —- that was the old klan trick! YOU are just as hurtful — everything Trump says and does is OUT THERE —- you folks are the REAL AND PRESENT DANGER.

  3. Trump will only be president to white racist, non educated, violent, ignorant people. He hates Mexicans, Blacks, Disable and Muslims. So he will not be a fair president for all of us…….

    • Where do you get your information??? What has he said that makes him a racist? Is legal an adjective that makes someone racist. Is stopping Muslim immigrants temporarily racist. You should ask the people of Brussels. It’s interesting that all the countries that he said he will stop the FREE funding have called him a racist. Does wanting equal value in trade make him racist. You listen to too much media. They turn mole hills into dramatic mountains!!

    • Trump can’t save this sick country. It needs to be euthanized. I think Jesus is the one for that job.
      The mean racist blacks hate Mr. Trump because he is white. The

      real vicious blacks want him dead because he likes the police. The Mooooslims hate him because he doesn’t like the killings too many of them endorse. The Mexicans hate him because he wants them to stop breaking into this Shithole country because it is loaded with whacks like you. If I was Mr Trump, I would give this country the middle finger.

  4. Sanders is the only communist/ Marxist candidate, doesn’t anyone research his history, no one did on Obama either, now the establishment is trying to hurt trump on his campaign manager, they got nothing else, Wisconsin watch out, I hear Ted Cruz has some ground game with MIT and jeb, so corrupt

  5. Trump will be a great president. Look how he has helped the economy already with his beautiful real estate, he’s the only candidate that has accomplished positive American growth and jobs. He deserves to lead the country.

  6. I’m Cuban-American, college educated, and I have a higher IQ than most Hispanics. Sad to read many Hispanics are so manipulated by the liberal press, by the socialist propaganda that keeps them oppressed. Someday, our people will find a strong leader like Martin Luther King, someone who will rise and become President, someone who will set the record straight and call for a fair deal that will create opportunity, real jobs with real wages, and give Hispanics a place at the table of America’s bounty. For now, I’m voting for Trump in our New York primary because I listen to his speeches, the full text of his speeches, not the sidewinder snippets taken out of context or reframed or morphed by juxtaposition or the sniveling media pundits at Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Daily News, Blogs like Huffington, Slate, Salon, etc. Cuban Americans are desperately trying to come to America, trapped in Central America ever since President Obama normalized relations with Cuba. And the communists want us to slam the door shut and reverse our open policy of asylum for Cubans fleeing this horrible failed state. Trump wants to build a wall to better control immigration. I know he, and not the Democrats, will then create the ultimate deal that will liberate Hispanics to pursue the American Dream and allow us to make America great. Kennedy said a rising tide lifts all boats. President Obama and the democrats failed our people. They broke their promise to create immigration reform.

    • Thank you, Dr. Pangloss. I’ve known many immigrants here in Florida, legal and illigal, all escaping governments of tyrrany and opression. Seeking ‘The American Dream’ that so many of we native-born take for granted. Me and family have admired future President Trump for a long ti

  7. Who has more international business knowledge than Trump ? Be honest. America needs fresh thinking like Trumps.

  8. Well, at least I can now rest assured that only about half of Wisconsin is comprised of imbeciles. I’m actually ANXIOUS to see Trump get in office–think of all the jaw-dropping entertainment value he’ll give while we wait for him to be impeached and in record time.

  9. Trump is real.. others are phoney. Trump has heart, the others are scripted.. Trump speaks the truth.. others are false… Trump cares, really cares about our future.. the others just want to get elected. Cruz did not grow up here.. he does not know the true heart and soul of America.. Trump IS the heart and soul of America.. get past your stiff mind.. see the man.. see his family.. see his heart.. overlook his trivial faults. Trump will win, and America… the real America will be great again.

    • Trump is real…narcissistic and egotist… Trump has heart full of ill-passions (e.g. vengeance and lust)… Trump cares for himself and his future… Trump is just another populist with empty demagogy words (big words bigger than other words… Let’s make America great again – America is and will always be the Greatest Nation on Earth!!!!… He thinks He knows more than anyone about ANYTHING!???? What a clown! … He is NO DIFFERENT than OBAMA… He has supported the Clintons and all Democrats always and he claims to be a Republican… What a joke!

      Where do you think Cruz grew up? He grew up in Texas and study the Law and the American Constitution. He is a Lawyer graduated with the highest honors in Harvard and Prince. He has not sold his soul to the best offer as Trump does….

      • Now, how in the world do you think ole Teddy got to go to Harvard–you do realise that you do not just pay admission to a prestigeous college and they automatically let you attend?

  10. Mr.Cruz grew up in Texas.Mr.Trump grew up trying to make a living so he has and is living the USA dream.Take your pick.

  11. Go TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trump lies now. What will he lie to the people about if President.
    Let’s take back America

  12. I don’t get why people say trump is a racist and against women, I think this is the media and both establishments brain washing people again, most of the people that work for trump are women and as a businessman , he has been friendly with people of all races and cultures, and yes wisconsin my family is African American and we support trump, hopefully trump can pull it out in Wisconsin with all the negative media, I’ve heard you have lost 70,000 jobs in Wisconsin, wise up before its too late

  13. I am a Caucasian woman voter, who is actually educated and a business owner. This country is going to hell quickly and we cannot afford to vote for anyone except for Trump! He is the only candidate that knows how to truly help this Country economically and close the borders to terrorists and Mexicans who either want to kill us or take advantage of us! Trump is a fighter and he won’t give up on America like some others who just have an agenda. Woman should be smart enough to know that all the back and forth is just talk. If Trump didn’t like woman, then why would he put his daughter in charge of his multi-million dollar company? People need to read between the lines and see what he can do for this Country that others can’t because they will be obligated to too many insiders. It’s all a political game that Trump refuses to play! Vote Trump 2016!

  14. nICKI Haley is an establishment Elitist who support illegal invaders pouring across the border and turning America into a 3rd world nation. Why in the Hell would you be stupid enough to want her unless YOU were an idiot or invader??? And Kasich is a nit wit who actually believes in compromising with Democrats. Compromise with a radical Communist Party is INSANE. so for instance if they want to borrow another 10 trillion dollars and print up another 10 trillion dollars in funny money….what is the compromise? To only print up FIVE Trillion in monopoly money. I am telling you people out there that you are stupid and naive as Hell. I just can’t believe that in an age where information is everywhere…we have so many idiots and morons supporting Elitists who are destroying the former United States of America.

  15. ted cruz is the best candidate and the most conservative person.we hope that all of you people could see that Donald Trump is there to destroy The republican party image and give the victory to Hillary CLINTON,, But that is not going to happen . a lot people are praying for this nation and the victory is for Ted Cruz..God bless.

  16. TRUMP is actually NOT looking bad at all…he is leading Cruz in Wisconsin in the latest poll if you check out the Clear Poltics website. The mainstream media can be very deceptive…they not mentioning this fact or downplaying it. They actually want impressionable voters to believe that he is loosing. I have noticed how they continue to highlight older polls that had Cruz slightly ahead of Trump but the most recent results now show the reverse… it is Trump who NOW has the lead! So who knows what the true reality is on the ground in Wisconsin…one thing for sure…Only TRUMP is telling the TRUTH… Cruz and Kaysech are career politicians who are backed by the “status quo” RNC and special interests.TRUMP is the only candidate who is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”— He will be the leader of ALL the citizens of America and not just a privileged few. The time is ripe for a SEA-CHANGE and only TRUMP can make it happen because he truly wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! TRUMP 2016!!!!

  17. I personally don’t think any white man have the ordacity to challenge or accused any race of racism. All races on the planet had suffered unimaginable, inhuman, unprecedented, unfathomable lowest level of punishment, treatment and enslavement in the hand of the white man through ideological and scientific racism. History show it. Is it through theory of Aryanism perpetrated by the doctrine of Nazism and neo-Nazism which claimed the indo – European and Caucasian and their descendants as a master race and subrace respectively while the blacks, indian, and Italian and other races as subhuman which need to be exploited or exterminated. This scientific racism has been exploited for century. The killing of over 2 million Herero people by the German(first genocide in history rarely mentioned because it happened in Africa) holocaust, killing of the indians, lynching of blacks in America, the list goes on.
    Yes, it s not racism for black to vote for Obama nor racism for Indian to vote for Nikki Haley.
    It is ludicrous for any white race to stand akimbo and accuse other race as being racist when they are the one who had perpetrated the worst ideological and scientific racism ever recorded in history As the Poet, Robert Burns rightly put it, It is an account of ” Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourns “


  18. Vote Trump. I am Dem turned Vote Trump. Read “The Accidental Superpower” by Peter Zeihan Bestseller List. You will see why you should vote for Trump.

    • NATO should have gone out of business with the fall of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Warsaw Pact! Trump has a great foreign policy! If America does not fix itself by fixing its economy, you will soon see how wise the Donald is! There are clowns in this race, but it is not Trump! I am African American and I think Trump will be better for minorities like African Americans and Mexican Americans as well!

  19. reading these comments below I can not believe people would vote for heritage or looks or that the candidate is a women. I voted for my children s and grandchildren s future. I voted for What the message is the candidate is sending. i never trusted Ted.GOP is standing behind him now and holding their noses doing so. What message is that sending and why are they so afraid of Trump? I did not want to vote for what the establishment wants to benefit themselves. Big donors are controlling them along with special interest lobbyist and the media always pick the president. Want more of the same both parties doing nothing? Want t America to be like Europe? Not for my children. Wisconsin before you vote look at the candidates resume see what he has accomplished. Try to not let the donor adds sway you. we ignored the here in the east coast knowing yet again we are being brained washed to vote for who they want not whats best for future generations.

  20. Boeing is laying off 4000 plus employees. We need Trump for our economy. He also was endorsed by the Border Patrol today. We don’the need another establishment senator or governor.

  21. I lost all my respect for kasich, why the heck is he still in this race, he’s a spoiler, and the establishment has promised him a position, I’ m sickened by it all, people better wise up , I guess not, people voted Obama in for 2 terms, I am against Bernie, but at least he admits he is a socialist, why do Bernie supporters want 50 percent taxes? The top 1 percent could never pay for it all , even if they contributed 100 percent, Ted Cruz will never win independents and regan democrats , he will lose millions of trump votes, if people in Wisconsin vote for Cruz it’s a contested convention, exactly what the establishment wants, so they can shove who they want down our throats

  22. Trump is a good man who cares deeply for our country. He sees our country is deteriorating under current politicians such as Obama, Clinton and two houses. He is not a polished politician and speak with writers’ scripts. He is a regular man with brilliant business skills and insights which took his companies to a much higher level when he inherited from his parents. He create thousand of jobs for common folks and he even stand by his campaign manager Corey S when one reporter- Fields’ attempt to grab Trump’s arm and Corey stop her may be or not bruise her arm. This is a rally with thousand of people and this kind of incident is hard to avoid. Common folks like us would really appreciate if our boss stand on our side! Yes, Trump sometimes talk too raw and many people get offended. But we have to see a bigger picture- our country- jobs and sound economy- strong military- strong border wall- fight ISIS and Trump is the strongest candidate to lead this country which is heading to a financial slippery slope. Cruz, as I see is a hypocrite who allow his people to distribute pamphlets or post online in Iowa that Dr Carson is dropping out and tell voters come to vote for him when it is not true as Carson still in the run. The affairs story from Enquirer may has something true – because Cruz is a lawyer to sue NE or Stone is his specialty but he didn’t. He play a victim part and blame everything on Trump. I hope those smart Wisconsin voters see it. I just do not like when some people hold a bible on one hand claiming his conservative values and lie or did all bad deeds.

  23. Cruz is not eligible for President, because he is not born in US. All other GOP minority candidates were eligible because they were born in US.

    Cruz is also a part of Washington corruption. He puts his $1,000/visit hooker bills into his senator expense report for reimbursement by he tax payers as job related expenses, he give Fiorina $500,000 hush money to cover his personal sex scandals. These are not ethic violation but a criminal acts. Wake up Wisconsins, we need to stand behind Trump to eliminate those corruptions in Washington and Trump is the only one who can get these job done.

    • The People of Wisconsin need to be made aware of this kind of Corruption by Cruiz. He isn’t any better then Bill Clinton. They probably used the same hookers I bet. Unbelievable….

  24. First of all I think that both Trump and Cruz needs to start acting like Candidates instead of Teenagers in a School argument. Secondly I feel that Cruz needs to tell the people of Wisconsin that he lied about Trump putting that article in the Enquirer Paper when he Knows for fact it was one of Rubio’s people that sold the story to the Enquirer.Cruz and Rubio knew about the story months ago, plus how would Trump have that kind of information. Cruz used the Fact that the enquirer endorse Mr. Trump, so why not blame him for the story. Cruz also knew about the Story Ran in Utah about Mr. Trumps Wife. Because his People showed it to him before they had the story run. Mr. Cruz could of stopped it, but no, he says he didn’t know about it. He used the story to get the Votes because Utah is an Evangelical State and a Mormon state. Just like Wisconsin being an Evangelical State and Cruz using his lies to win Votes. Either Mr. Cruz has to step up and say he is Lying about the stories or I Think the Republican GOP Should make the People aware of the Lies that Cruz has been spreading around. I Feel run on your own Merit or get out of the Race. It’s that simple.

  25. Ifbtrumpmhsdcsortvs littlevtomhuyntvntimebtomdelifernlongndetailedvpolifyvspeechesvon
    2) illegal immigration
    3) islamicvterror,nthebeleftionbeould bebwon. nobody sane
    4) a solid,grounded sttackmon Hilsry…Trump would gennsnynpointsxahesdvinmpolls.
    Petty bickering,whosecwifebisbprettier,etc.nGIVEvus Substance

  26. Does anybody really know what
    Cruz’s policies are???!!!
    He voted with Obama to cut funds from Military!
    His plans are to cut funds from Social Security & Medicare!
    In one debate Cruz stated he wants TRUMP to build Wall! Then
    why do we need Cruz?
    What has Cruz accomplished since he’s been in gov’t & what
    are his successes overall? CONSTITUTION SAYS PRESIDENT
    Kasich wants immigrants, not knowing whether they are criminal, illegal or not, let into USA! This is a man who is meek, weak, & an overall nebbish!
    TRUMPSTER 2016

  27. Voting ted Cruz is putting Hilliary or Bernie in the White House, it’s a contested convention, just what the establish wants, the establishment is too corrupt, I can’t bring myself to vote for Ted Cruz after he cheated in Iowa, and demeaned the people in New York, I am sick and tired of this consistent conservative crap, nothing will ever get done, business as usual , the establishment isn’t telling me who to vote for, now the RNC is trying to change the rules, I am voting trump , give him a chance for 4 years, he can’t be worse than Obama, maybe he will bring America’s jobs back

  28. The trump haters won’t even give him a chance, will never get a trump hater to change their minds or listen, there the ones not informed and keep voting establishment corrupt people in office, and yes our politicians are very corrupt, it’s covered up and the people don’t know what’s truly going on, I am also voting trump, going to give him a chance,

  29. I hope so ,polls are showing Cruz up by 10 in your state, why are people in your state voting for the same old corrupt establishment, I don’t get why the media Keeps saying that he is against women, I am a woman and I am voting trump

  30. can someone please explain to me why people of color pull the race card when things don’t go their way. What do white people pull?

  31. Get lying Ted out, No one but Trump and we haven’t started on Hillary yet but we’re coming in full force! In Jesus name!

  32. I would like to know why Ted Cruz’s files are sealed? If Heidi Cruz filed separation papers in 2011-2012, citing infidelity? That’s right no one asks, vote trump!

  33. Trump has to be the real deal… every phoney rat, from both sides is against him… we know what they are.. and so we know that Trump must be for America, cause they certainly are not.
    here’s some beens. Heide Cruz is the force behind the union of the Americas and Canada, which will deisolve American sovereignty. She has tone of money, Heidi owns Cruz. Heidi is a globalist, Cruz is from Canada. I don’t trust liein Ted! TRUMP EM !!