Marsha Gay Reynolds: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Marsha Gay Reynolds. (Facebook)

A Jet Blue flight attendant who was a former Jamaican beauty pageant contestant and college track athlete was arrested after she ran from a security checkpoint, leaving behind her Gucci heels and 70 pounds of cocaine, police say.

Marsha Gay Reynolds, 32, turned herself in to federal authorities in New York on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Reynolds ran from the security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday after she was asked to step aside for a random screening, authorities say.

“Our nation’s security depends on every individual with security clearances to honor the trust placed in them,” U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, Eileen Decker, said in a statement. “The defendant’s conduct violated that trust and, in the process, exposed the public to a major narcotics transaction and the dangers inherent to such a transaction. The intervention of the Transportation Security Administration and law enforcement ensured the safety of the passengers and staff at LAX.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Reynolds Took Off Her Heels & Ran Down an Up Escalator, Police Say

Police say Marsha Gay Reynolds was asked to go to a secondary screening area. When she did, she dropped her bag, took off her heels and ran barefoot down an upward-moving escalator, the Associated Press reports.

TSA agents did not chase Reynolds because they feared her bag may have contained explosives. A dog was brought to screen the bag.

According to the affidavit filed by investigators, Reynolds was wearing jeans, heels and a black suit jacket, while carrying her “known crew member badge” when she arrived at the Terminal 4 security area.

You can read the full affidavit below or by clicking here:

After being picked for the random security screening, Reynolds became nervous and took out a cell phone, making a call and speaking in a foreign language, a TSA officer said. She then ran, according to the affidavit.

Agents “did not attempt to pursue Reynolds, as his primary concern was the abandoned luggage that Reynolds left behind, and the public safety issue that it potentially presented,” according to the complaint.

2. The Cocaine, Packed Into 11 Bags, Is Worth About $3 Million on the Street

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(Los Angeles Airport Police)

The Los Angeles Airport Police said they found 11 bags of cocaine wrapped in green cellophane and labeled “BIG Ranch.”

The drugs would be worth about $3 million on the street and $750,000 wholesale, authorities said.

Police also found clothes and Trojan Magnum condoms in her luggage, according to the New York Post. The TSA agents did not get Reynolds’ name, so she was able to return to the airport later Friday night for a red-eye flight to New York, the Post reports.

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3. Reynolds Was a Track Star at NYU & a Miss Jamaica Runner-Up

marsha gay reynolds, marsha gay reynolds facebook, marsha gay reynolds lax, marsha gay reynolds flight attendant, lax flight attendant drugs

Marsha Gay Reynolds. (Miss Jamaica World 2008)

Reynolds was a member of the New York University track team in 2004, according to the university’s website. She is originally from Jamaica.

She was a sprinter on the NYU team. Reynolds studied English, American Literature and Creative Writing at the school, according to her Facebook page.

She was also a beauty pageant contestant. Reynolds was the third-place winner of the 2008 Miss Jamaica World competition and runner-up in the 2007 Miss Jamaica Universe pageant, according to the Jamaica Gleaner.

According to a biography provided by the 2008 Miss Jamaica World competition, Reynolds was also the first runner-up in Miss Jamaica US in 2005. She was a “local government representative for Eastern Kingston,” and was working for the Law Offices of Andrew Hirschhorn, a Bronx, New York, law firm, at the time.

Her talents are listed as singing and acting. She won the talent portion of the 2008 competition by singing Celine Dion’s “To Love You More,” according to news reports.

It is not clear how long Reynolds has worked for Jet Blue. The airline told the Los Angeles Times it is cooperating with the investigation.

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4. The Incident Has Raised Concerns About Security at LAX

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The Los Angeles Airport Police union has raised concerns about security procedures at LAX after the incident.

“Flight attendants and other crew members are not normally subjected to searches, but this is a perfect example of why Los Angeles airports need 100 percent screening of all passengers and airport employees” the union president, Marshall McClain, told MyNewsLA, calling for 100 percent screening of all passengers and employees.

McClain told the Los Angeles Times he doesn’t think this was Reynolds first time exploiting the security procedures.

“I don’t believe anybody would trust a mule with that amount of dope the first time out,” he said. “You’re talking about $2 million worth of cocaine…. That’s pretty troubling. This is more than likely not her first time doing this.”

marsha gay reynolds, marsha gay reynolds facebook, marsha gay reynolds lax, marsha gay reynolds flight attendant, lax flight attendant drugs

An air traveler puts his shoes back on after passing through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security check at Los Angeles International Airport. (Getty)

The TSA has previously warned about the threat of “insiders,” including airline and airport employees, the Associated Press reports.

In December 2014, several Delta baggage handlers were arrested on charges they smuggled guns from Atlanta to New York, according to the Associated Press.

Peter Neffenger, a TSA administrator, testified before a Senate committee on March 1 about the concerns.

“We will pay particular attention to the insider threat,” Neffenger told the committee.

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5. Reynolds Will First Appear in Court in New York Before Being Returned to LA

marsha gay reynolds, marsha gay reynolds facebook, marsha gay reynolds lax, marsha gay reynolds flight attendant, lax flight attendant drugs

(Los Angeles Airport Police)

Reynolds is expected to appear in federal court in Brooklyn on Thursday, the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California said in a press release.

She will then be transferred to Los Angeles court.

Reynolds was charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute.

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    • It’s never out of season to be a racist. If your ethnic group Never committed a crime, then your comment would make a little more sense. But if your ethnic group has Ever committed a crime, you’re just as guilty as whoever was caught, right?

      • Nooo. This is reducto ad absurdum. If your ethnic group commits the MAJORITY of crimes, and constantly WHINES about getting arrested, then you have a point. Otherwise, no.

        • And your ethnic group consumes the most drugs. Most of my bf’s clients are white. The love that white… “Where’s the blow??!” 😭😭😭

        • Such an ignorant comment from an apparent ignorant person. On a macro level the MAJORITY of any illegal/criminal activity was and has been committed by we all know who…Let’s see; colonization, rape, robbery, assault, perjury and I could go on and on but I will digress. Besides this Blacks are less than 13% of the total population in this country so mathmatically your argument has no basis. Try getting educated before typing next time mate. For now, you go that a way>>>

        • No black people ever:
          Enslaved entire races of people
          Committed mass genocide
          Lynched people for the color of their skin
          Started programs of mass incarceration to benefit from free labor
          Tied a man to the bumper of a truck and dragged him to death because of the color of his skin (James Byrd)
          Tortured and murdered a 12 year old boy for whistling at a white woman (Emmet Till)
          Burned other people in ovens
          Burned down churches killing children because of the color of their skin (Birmingham)
          Raped a race of people so much that the entire race has mixed blood
          Poisoned the water supply of entire communities
          Shot people in the street because of the color of their skin
          Took people and made human zoos

          White people are the most barbaric and violent people in the world so I think you need to rethink your statement, racist.

          • I’ve got pictures that say otherwise shitskin. Keep pushing with the delusional monkeybanter, you’ll give them a good reason to commit genocide.

          • Alison, try looking up ‘knockout game’ for a current version of bigotry and racial hatred. And it’s not white-on-black crime.

          • You are the racist if you want to attribute that all to whites. All so-called races have committed crimes. It’s about who has the technical power to so to weaker groups. But keep up the hatred, racist.

          • Try researching the African culture you say you are from…slaves were sold to America from the African continent you so admire. North America was just one of many countries who saved those slaves from slaughter by the hands of the countrymen they now put on a pedestal. Slavery is wrong, but was normal custom in most countries in the past. This was not inherent to only North America. We (USA) was the first to end slavery, however we are still subject to inept and ignorant conversation like yours stating that we have it worse than others.
            Your individual points are accepted, but many of the facts are left out, skewing the truth. Any and all discrimation is unacceptable and should be addressed, but this country, by far is the greatest on earth for opportunity to become who you choose to be.

          • black people, specifically Africans(Rwanda, sudan, nigeria, etc, etc etc) have commited mass genocide and all the crimes but much worse and are still doing them, and on a much larger scale than anything that happened in the usa

          • Really, Allison? Where have you been hiding, huh? I am Black and proud to be. And for sure white people can be intensely cold-blooded but ALL races are guilty of many of those things. Mass genocide was committed in Rwanda by black people against black people. Go to Rwanda and see the church full of skeletons. I bet you don’t know that White people are a MINORITY in terms of world population. Check it for yourself. The combined populations of Europe, Australasia, USA and Canada where the bulk of white persons originate is less than that of India which is second to China. All races of people have members who practice evils against other human beings. India has a caste system, yet they are all Indians. Do you know what life expectancy is for all of the continent of Africa? As compared to the Caribbean Islands? In 2016? Do you have a clue why Americans have dismantled their factories and shipped them to China and Mexico? I think you should read about the United Nations and the work that they do. I think you should read about countries where the populations are significantly non-white and figure a few things out.

          • Don’t entertain these racist cave people. Their time is short. ALL ethnic groups commit crimes, but looking at these ignorant Klansmen and Klanswomen who CHOOSE to be ignorant your people do outbid all of us FAVORED AND CHOSEN PEOPLE OF COLOR (BLACKS, HISPANICS, NATIVE AMERICANS) for being the most barbaric, heinous, having to make a deal with the devil to get off the mountain, the only race with MONKEY DNA, savage. culture stealing heathens. I feel like this if you all abhor our people so much please refrain from LIFE because we are the FOUNDERS of everything, including this wireless internet compatibility you have as one of your people would say “How bow dat?”. Let’s not say anything living in your cracked glass houses built by people of color, hell people of color raised you all, fed your offspring, raised your ancestors, built the houses you live in, designed the engines you drive to work..need I say more? RESPECT the oldest nation of people you guys are the youngest, and probably are suffering from the side effects that your DEMON PEOPLE brought over here. But hey you guys will see soon the seed of ESAU, not worried you and the devil are being ALLOWED to do what you do in the world. This is why OUR people need to wise up and keep our focus on The Most High and let these savages run their demonic world while they can…heck we come from the best man to walk this earth YASHA/CHRIST nobody cares about you all, you are heathens, this is the ignorant ones, there are good Caucasians about 20% so this is not for you.

    • Blacks get profiled, as we know.. Think of all the white mules doing the same work, Just walking & Driving by unchecked… White seniors citizens are the biggest mules and the safest mules used today… Also… Look at the Kennedy’s… They were dealing the drugs of their day… Now they are revered in this country as some type of Royalty of America..

      • I guess that all the times that she got through with the drugs she was not profiled?
        The race card is getting old…joker

      • Oh Please! Shut up with ur racist bullshit! That shit is tired already. It doesn’t matter with who got away with what. This right now is about her and The fact of the matter is that she got caught with drugs worth 3 million dollars. It seems like this might not be her first time doing this. She should’ve remained calm instead of running like a damn lunatic and maybe she would’ve gotten away with it. So stop trying to change the nature of this news into something else and stick to the facts!

        • The racist fact is: Obama is black, sort of. He pretends he’s black to wag his d ick around. Still gets no credibility, since a lot of boys are dead who slept with him. And he’s a coke head himself and pardons black cocaine dealers (majority) every year and is now pushing to let all dope dealers out of prison. So, yeah, it’s about politics and the race baiters like every black in America to try and take full advance of it. She won’t serve a week. Wait and see. ‘Cuz she black.

      • It’s only done by a count. If you happen to be crew member number 20, let’s say, since the last random screening, then it’s your turn. No matter who you are or what sex or what job.

    • Yes they do. There are criminals in every ethnic group. That doesn’t change the fact that institutionalized racism leads to a separate and unequal system of justice for black people that is so unequal that black people have to fight for society to give any value to their lives at all.
      But none of that is relevant to this article at all, which is about a flight attendant running drugs and the dangerous lack of employee screening.

    • While whites bomb a church, shoot up a school.
      and shout “All lives matter”

      Stop spreading propaganda on a serious issue. BLM is a call against real racism. This criminals’s fall shouldn’t undermine the purpose of such an honest movement. She has nothing to do with it.

  1. Who cares what pageant she was in..
    She is a Filthy POS spreading hard drugs around & DESTROYING LIVES. I hope she gets LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE

      • They actually behead, and then hang headless bodies for all to see. It’s a fascinating & rather effective deterrent. You only get caught once, & tax payers are spared the financial burden of incarcerations.

    • Yeah? I thought the same thing and I am there all the time. She should have just quietly walked back out of the terminal with her bags and tried to disappear. She could have said she needed to make a call or go to the bathroom. I don’t know how closely they make sure you go back through, they just turn you away from the bypassing of security. I would say she panicked, not that it’s difficult to imagine.

  2. for all of to say that her boyfriend made her do it or that she is a drug mule. you need to get your head checked you idiot’s. she probably sells it and to only be charged with intent to distribute is a joke. she should be charged with trafficking .she just threw her life away by doing stupid shit like that. yea, and BLM (black lives matter) it’s ok to ruin people’s lives by selling this shit . Hopefully she spends the rest of her natural life In jail with the rest of the BLM.

  3. It doesn’t matter that she was black/Jamaican/white, she committed a crime on US soil, and at a prominent airport (LAX), so what’s up with their security? greed and corruption doesn’t have a race… and she and her drug dealing partners need to pay for their crime; but she won’t snitch on the cartel, or they will WIPE OUT HER FAMILY TREE. So she will do the time, and get out of prison ready for Medicare. She will survive because of her looks, and the guards, warden, other prisoners, AND complete strangers will make sure she has what she needs to survive and do the time. I can’t believe LAX DOESN’T look closely at their own people, so much goes on internally, that those turn a blind eye. I think she cut someone out, and they snitched or sent suspicion her way, and the next thing… she’s kicking off her heels, and sprinting like the track star she is, lol.

  4. In Other words the TSA is too FKN lazy to do their Job,
    “We will pay particular attention to the insider threat,” TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger told a Senate committee. But the TSA has also said a full screening of employees would cost too much, instead choosing to focus on random screenings of workers and making sure background checks are up-to-date, the AP reports.

  5. ‘Black Lives Matter’ will be complaining Marsha was profiled b/c of her skin color. Blacks should be profiled; they disproportionately commit the most violent crimes, and are notoriously
    self-entitled — meaning many blacks believe they can commit crimes without consequences b/c all other races owe them!

    • Absolutely!! They know it too! Look at how they are reacting to Trump running for office. They need to be stopped. When they start shutting down highways in Chicago because the thugs are shooting at vehicles it’s time to profile anyone with dark skin be it Muslims , blacks, Mexicans . The silent majority needs to take the country back . Damn Monday’s bitch about police shootings hoping to get a lottery win but when one of their own is killed all goes silent . #fedupwiththebs

      • The silent majority is too busy protecting the pedophile priests and shooting up schools, movie theaters and colleges. How much time do you think there is in a day sir?

      • Take what country back? You sir (and I use that term very loosely) are more of an “immigrant” than anyone person that you could possibly think of. Talk about entitled!? The fact of the matter is that all of your ancestors came to this land looking for unearned benefits i.e., free land and free labor via the slave trade. This country was built on the backs of slaves and there are a lot of people who are still benefitting from that time period in American history. So to hear people say that “we” need to take our country back meaning whites need to take something back is ridiculous in every sense of the word. It was never “yours” to begin with. GET IT?

      • Dark skin? I dare you to try to profile me. I’m Native American. My family has been on this land for more than 1,000 years. Go on, try me. This country was never yours. So what are you trying to take back?

      • Lots to say, but nothing coming out. It’s like every time you say something so ignorant or foul you digg yourself in a deeper hole and soon wont be able to get out. these comments was about Reynolds and her situation. What are you so damn mad at….

    • While whites are busy bombing colleges and shooting up malls, elementary schools and movie theaters, not to mention molesting little boys.. you are right. Profile the blacks so whiteys can keep killing their own families and friends..

    • Oh shut up. A random person committing a crime who happens to be black has not one thing to do with the black lives matter movement which is about institutional racism that is so intense that the very lives of black people are treated as disposable.

  6. Smart girl. She’ll probably exchange immunity from prosecution for info on the traffickers operation…will get off with probation and a fine as a first time offender. Not bad…

    • Yeah. That’s not going to happen. She’s going to get some real time she to the volume of drugs and the fact that she was using her status as an flight attendant to transport drugs. This is a federal offense and a very serious one. The Feds have strict sentencing guidelines that they rarely veer from. Our anxiety about breaches of airport security will further ensure this woman doesn’t get any type of break.

  7. Another self-entitled Obama supporter! And I guarantee that most of his supporters will find this comment racist. They get more offended by the comment, than being offended by the fact that yet-again another of the “Black lives matter” group is once again making headlines for being arrested for committing yet another major crime. And you wonder where others get this racist opinion of blacks?

  8. Umm… explain to me how, if she would have stayed calm maybe she would have gotten away with it?! The smartest thing she did that day was run! Brought her a couple mor hours of freedom. Those drug sniffing dogs are 100% accurate!!

  9. Please don’t tell me that my people are dumb enough to think that this lady was singled out because she was Black? That’s stupid on a very impressive level. This is why we can’t get ahead, we keep making excuses for ourselves. SMH

  10. She didn’t turn herself in. She was taken into custody by the DEA when she attempted to board a plane Wednesday out of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    • I thought so. Article said she turned herself in to the DEA at JFK. I thought, “she went to the airport…to turn herself in versus going to a local precinct?”
      Made no sense to me.
      She was probably trying to flee the country. Makes sense. I mean she did have more than $2Mil worth of cocaine in her luggage. She wasn’t trying to deal with that, I suppose.
      And considering the volume she was packing…I’m not a betting woman, but I’m betting she had done this a number of times before she was caught.
      No drug dealer, drug lord, or narcotraficante is going to tag a F/A, first timer with that kind of load.
      LAX, I would think, would be screening everybody. Scary thought that they weren’t and airport/airline employees are taking advantage of it to this extreme.
      But thank God she wasn’t smuggling a bomb.

  11. TSA didn’t run after her for fear of explosives ?!? Huh? People will now just walk away from crime for fear of “explosives” on them. The new normal. I hope they checked her bra. Serious size difference between the two pix. Or maybe, silicone! HA.

  12. Why arent foreigners afraid of U.S. Laws? Is it because they only partake in the perks they get from the U.S. Government and then run back to their countries so that they cannot be punished for breaking our laws? Isnt anyone in the INS doing their jobs?

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  14. Magnums…Jamaica…high heels…Oh ho ho biaotch they got your criminal a** now, and the Gucci shoes and your little dog too!

  15. She was probably the “hidden secret” connection providing all the East Coast “Celebrity” Soul Brothers and Sisters with
    the White Powder. A True “Jackie Brown”….riding the LAX people mover to the terminal while listening to the R & B hit “110th Street”
    which was we New Yorker dope adicts used to go get Drugs during he Nixon, Ford, and Carter Administration “Day”.

  16. Someone said she was NOT a hoodrat because she worked, is pretty and has minimal status. Lol please. Being a hoodrat has nothing to do with being in the “hood” or from the “hood”. It’s a mentality of greedily and aggressively doing anything & everything for cheese – hence the word hoodRAT, having no respect, morals or principals. Personally I know more ppl that work for the federal government that sit on social media all day while tax dollars pay their salaries ~ hood rats! Or ppl who claim to be cultured but will burn cigarette holes in your furniture. “You can pay for school but can’t buy class” JayZ

  17. In this day and age nobody can be trusted not even airport personnel everyone should be screened exactly the same.

  18. Was absolutely NOT her first time smuggling. Drug runners always test things out with mules using smaller amounts first a few times at least, before they give mules millions of dollars worth of product to smuggle. The condoms she had were probably used for swallowing even more cocaine to increase her smuggling profits, which paid for those expensive Gucci shoes she was wearing. She will get sentenced to at least the minimum, which is 10 years.