Did Ted Cruz Pay ‘Hush Money’ to Carly Fiorina Over #CruzSexScandal?

Ted Cruz at a campaign event in Wisconsin. (Getty)

Ted Cruz at a campaign event in Wisconsin. (Getty)

Did 2016 Republican Presidential contender Ted Cruz pay Carly Fiorina’s campaign to keep her quiet about an affair? It’s unlikely, but Twitter speculation abounds.

Chatter about the “scandal” stems entirely from a National Enquirer story that hit newsstands March 25, alleging Cruz had affairs with five women. The Enquirer ran pixelated headshots of five women that the tabloid claims had affairs with Cruz. One of the headshots appears to be of Carpenter, but there’s no evidence to back up the Enquirer’s report.
A Ted Cruz-affiliated Super PAC, Keep the Promise I, donated $500,000 to rival Carly Fiorina’s presidential campaign in July 2015. The Washington Post noted that the donation was “unusual” at the time, but Twitter and the National Enquirer claim to have a key piece of context: Cruz was having an affair with Fiorina staffer Sarah Isgur Flores.

The Enquirer claims that Cruz cheated on his wife with five different women over the course of his campaign. While the Enquirer pixelated the photos it ran with the story, Twitter sleuths posting at #CruzSexScandal have claimed to unravel a few of the mysteries:

Sarah Isgur Flores, in the center of the supposed de-pixelated photos above, worked for the Fiorina campaign during the 2016 election. As goes the theory, when Fiorina found out about the affair, Cruz silenced her with a half-million-dollar donation.

It bears repeating that no one has proof of anything, and Fiorina has herself endorsed and campaigned with Cruz since ending her campaign. Moreover, a photo from Flores’s Twitter shows Fiorina and the Cruz family being quite friendly:

It’s also important to note that the allegations come on the heels of a heated Twitter spat between Cruz and Donald Trump about the use of each others’ wives on the campaign trail, and that another named woman, Katrina Pierson, serves as a Trump spokeswoman. Left-leaning blog Crooks and Liars found the extent of these coincidences strained credulity:

It feels to me like Trump dropped a whole lot of garbage over at the Enquirer to discredit Ted Cruz, and that sense is backed up even more by the fact that one of the lovely ladies is supposedly Donald Trump’s spokeswoman. That’s just a little too convenient.

Katrina Pierson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Katrina Pierson, spokesperson for Republican 2016 frontrunner has been accused of carrying on an affair with Republican rival Ted Cruz. Here's what you need to know.

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      • NOOOO PLease don’t send Ted to Canada We already have plenty of sluts in politics up here. U can keep him as a Gift from us to you. LOLOLO Good Luck.

      • No thank you. He’s your problem now and we don’t want him back. It was your choices of a whole bunch of potential Republican nominees and you chose the very unCanadian Canadian psychopath Cruz and the loud mouth celebrity with bad hair.

        • Yes I agree. We have already elected our doped up drug addict pimp for the next 4 years. Ted is your problem and while on the subject. Remember the bet in Moscow Olympics??

          The loser in gold medal hockey game get to keep Justin Bieber. Well you got to keep J Bieber too. Wow we have done so well to drop 2 guys on you that will be a burden on your society.
          Sorry to give you the bad news.LMAO. Any ways we still love our American neighbors.

      • Canada won’t let him back in the country and no one in Canada would buy his extremist religious ideology he imposes on every issue and policy.

    • Naw. TRUMP is the Bible-thumping hypocritical bigot. Correction, He would actually have to HAVE some ethics in order to display hypocrisy towards them.

      • Hey ‘genius’! The one important fact you left out of your ‘story’:
        KATRINA PIERSON worked for CRUZ as a consultant before joining TRUMP.
        So to allude that this is something TRUMP is making up is nonsense.
        HOLLY ROLLER TED, is no better than BILL CLINTON.

        It’s PATHETIC!

        VOTE TRUMP 2016!

      • Sounds like you like liars, and men who backstab their wives into believing God summoned Cruz to run for president. Really? He’s a scumbag and if you think he’s Mr. wonderful you’re a scumbag too.

    • I think voter fraud and manipulation are why Cruz does well in states that have a caucus and not a primary. Most of Cruz wins, except for Texas, his home state, were caucus states.
      Read up on the differences sometime.

      • If he’s so innocent why did Ted Cruz-affiliated Super PAC, Keep the Promise I, donated $500,000 to rival Carly Fiorina’s presidential campaign in July 2015. Why donate to a rival,? Who does that and why? Plus after her drop out of the race she endorses him and is now campaigning for him.

  1. 9 comments from totally stupid people. look at the source. come on people, what is wrong with you. if you beleive this story you have to beleive the oceans and seas are filled with six headed monsters, there is life on Saturn, and Harrisoin Ford had sex with the devil

  2. Vote for TRUMP. On November 8, 2016, vote to Make America Great Again! Today Corrupt Wealthy GOP Party Establishment Elitists are forsaking America, the Presidency, the Senate and killing their own Party due to their endless attacks on their own leading presidential candidate, TRUMP. The GOP’s nominee replacement for TRUMP is their easily controlled puppet candidate Cruz! Make no mistake; Cruz is equally responsible for ads maligning TRUMP, his wife and his family. If Cruz had any pride and or honor, at all, he would pull out of this corrupt GOP campaign process now, and leave it to America’s voters to decide. The GOP billion dollar budget plan for the “Anyone-But-Trump” endless attack campaigns and ads have not stopped TRUMP. The attack by the GOP Party is in fact a form of economic terrorism against America, All Americans and their hard fought for freedoms, and Democracy in America.

    America is not a dictatorship, at least not yet anyway! Democracy, in America today, is both the prize and the casualty. ALL Americans must have trust and faith in the Democratic Process and voters’ choices for candidates, and let the process work as it’s supposed to! Learn to recognize the truth and fight to protect the truth, your families, your children, and yes Americas’ hard fought for freedoms. America is a Democracy. America is not CUBA, at least not yet anyway. Keep America Free. Take back America for All Americans, On November 8, 2016, vote to Make America Great Again. Vote for TRUMP.

    • You are correct, this guy Cruz has a bad track record based on issues and policies he supports and the ‘sneaky’ way he does things i.e. Cruz complete disenfranchised Ben Carson by providing misinformation that Carson wasn’t running. What planet he lives on and what era he lives in makes him a scary guy. Carly Fiorina didn’t win anything people were appalled by what she stubbornly would not admit that the Planned Parenthood video tape was a bogus tape and the people were being prosecuted in court for the tape of misinformation. Carly, is just another nut that the current GOP seems to spawn.

      I don’t care who these candidates have sex with as long as they’re consenting adults. But I do care a great deal about the issues and policies and I don’t like any candidate bring their personal religious beliefs to their policy making, We are a secular country for good reason, it’s called separation between church and state. In many middle eastern countries have mixed religion and politics and it’s never worked for centuries. I think the GOP problem is that none listen to the people, the GOP disagree with each other within the party, they disagree with democrats and they never have a solution just attack without saying how or what they will do to offer something better for the country or the people. GOP wasn’t always this way but the current GOP is imploding from within and the Republican voters are mad as hell and that’s why their are so many looking at Donald Trump as a candidate for President. Little to they know that Trump will not be able to get done what they want because a President is not a dictator and can’t get things done by himself. The model of big business is very different from the model needed for a working government.

  3. This is why Trump keeps calling him lying Ted at the moment. Because I guarantee its true. Trumps waiting for Ted(real name is Rafael by the way) to say he didn’t do it and then the truth will come out verifying Terd Cruz is a liar. And it will back up Trumps statements of calling him a liar. Bye bye Terd. We don’t need another Bill Clinton.

  4. Why is Cruz more worried about who put the story in the paper than he is in getting a retraction of the story? Why isn’t he threatening to sue over this false story? He is a lawyer, so he should go after the Enquirer is the story is false. it seems to me that he is trying to change the narrative from what he did to who exposed what he did. That sticks me as incriminating.

  5. y is no one dicussing euranium one corp. ,clintons deal giving mining rights of euranium in us to putin and russia.bill clinton gettin 500,000 dollars to speak at the cremlin.hilary clearing the deal while secty. of state.and then getting millions into the clinton foundation.

  6. how does cruz say hes a conservative when he borrowed 1.2million from goldman saks to run for the senate and 800,000 from bank of america.then forgot to put it in financial statement.(a conservative)

  7. Why isn’t Cruz challenging the Enquirer to present proof of the affair. If they won’t, he can’t demand a retraction or an apology, or even sue. Instead he is trying to find out who leaked the story to the paper. Wouldn’t you think he would be more interested in clearing his name ( if it really is possible to do so) rather than talk about who gave the information to the Enquirer. I watched his use this technique a lot during the debates. When a subject that he did not want to address surfaced, he would deftly change the topic to something he wanted to discuss. IT seems to me that is what he is doing here, and not for nothing, it makes him look guilty. I think as time progresses, it will be proved that the Enquirer did have proof of the affairs. Also, Cruz’s campaign giving half a million to Carly Fiorina while she was still a candidate is questionable. Maybe it was hush money.

  8. Did Heidi’s money go to Fiorina to cover up Ted’s affair or did he use his campaign money? Cruz sent out an email to his supporters that he is short $500,000 in expenses and requests donations from his supporters.

  9. Heidi Cruz filed separation papers against ted2011-2012, citing infidelity, nothing reported in news, lets have Ted Cruz swear on his bible he had no affairs

  10. Its really fascinating that not only is Cruz caught up in the National Enquirer smoke signals but ALSO! the DC Madame list. These are two separate, unrelated sources. Hard to imagine Raphael not coming out as a serial adulterer and possibly one of the biggest hypocrites in the history of politics.

  11. Trump might be a moron but he sure got one thing right, that Carly is obnoxious and no fun to look at. Lyin Ted affairs are going to be fun, pass the popcorn.

  12. Cruz is unfit to be President based on his policies and issues. Read about what Justice Kennedy said when Cruz gave his arguments on a case in the Supreme Court, it was not faltering.