#CruzSexScandal: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ted Cruz affair, Ted Cruz sex scandal, #CruzSexScandal

Ted Cruz, here at a campaign event in Wisconsin, has been accused of having an affair with five women. (Getty)

The National Enquirer’s March 25 issue features a potentially troubling accusation against 2016 Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz: a private investigator is looking into claims he’s been having an affair with five different women. While the Enquirer didn’t name any names and ran only pixelated photos, the Twittersphere has been rife with speculation and Internet detective work under the hashtag #CruzSexScandal. Internet detectives claim to have identified three of the five women whose pixelated likenesses appear in the Enquirer story, two of whom worked on other candidates’ campaigns in 2016 and one of whom worked for his own.

The “story” has dominated Twitter, with #CruzSexScandal trending worldwide and allegations of hush money and questions about what the other candidates knew flying, especially in light of Cruz’s recent high-profile spat with Donald Trump over the use of Melania Trump’s photo in campaign ads. But there are plenty of reasons to be more than a little skeptical of the Enquirer’s report.

Through the media, Cruz attributed the story to the Trump campaign and adamantly denied the claims:

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Twitter Users Identified Three Women from the Enquirer’s Photos

Cruz Sex Scandal, Ted Cruz affair, Cruz Katrina Pierson

The Enquirer’s photos paired with those of Katrina Pierson, Sarah Isgur Flores and Amanda Carpenter. (Twitter)

While the Enquirer ran poorly pixelated photos of the women it claimed were having affairs, it didn’t take long for Twitter to figure out their identities. Internet radio host Bob Zicari posted the following to his Twitter account shortly after the story broke:

From left to right, the women identified in the photos are Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson, former Carly Fiorina staffer Sarah Isgur Flores, and former Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter. Carpenter is married, while Flores and Pierson are not.

It’s important to note that the women identified in the photos are so far only confirmed to have their photos used in an Enquirer story.

2. Cruz Is Accused of Paying “Hush Money” to Fiorina Over His Alleged Affair with a Staffer

Sarah Isgur Flores, Ted Cruz affair, Cruz sex scandal

Sarah Isgur Flores with a fellow Fiorina aide in 2016. (Twitter)

Twitter users have speculated that a major donation to Carly Fiorina’s campaign was given in response to the sex “scandal.”

Sarah Isgur Flores served as Carly Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager during her 2016 run for President. During the early stages of that campaign in July 2015, a Ted Cruz-affiliated Super PAC, Keep the Promise I, donated $500,000 to rival Carly Fiorina’s official campaign fund. The Washington Post noted that the donation was “unusual” at the time. Since the Enquirer’s accusations, however, Twitter users have alleged that the donation was “hush money” to keep silent about the affair:


It bears repeating that no one has proof of anything, and Fiorina has herself endorsed and campaigned with Cruz since ending her campaign. Moreover, a photo from Flores’s Twitter shows Fiorina and the Cruz family being quite friendly:

3. Katrina Pierson Works for Trump as a Spokesperson

Katrina Pierson Trump, Katrina Pierson Cruz, Ted Cruz affair

Ted Cruz and Katrina Pierson during her 2014 Congressional campaign. (Getty)

Katrina Pierson, a spokesperson for Donald Trump, is one of the women accused by the Enquirer of an affair with Cruz. Her current employer and the timing of the announcement have led to skepticism about the story, including this bit from left-leaning blog Crooks and Liars:

The pictures they weakly disguise are pretty easy to match up with people. The image above suggests that Katrina Pierson is one of his so-called mistresses, as well as others.

It feels to me like Trump dropped a whole lot of garbage over at the Enquirer to discredit Ted Cruz, and that sense is backed up even more by the fact that one of the lovely ladies is supposedly Donald Trump’s spokeswoman.

Trump has a history of taking advantage of massive media coverage using information later revealed as false. In 1994, he told the press Prince Charles and Princess Diana of the United Kingdom would join his Mar-a-Lago country club. While Buckingham Palace denied the report, Trump got weeks of free media retentionm and a brief correction in the New York Times a month later was barely noticed.

For her part, Pierson dismissed the idea of a scandal before she was named, in a manner that suggests no love lost between the two and blaming Rick Wilson of anti-Trump PAC Make America Awesome:

Wilson, for his part, denied her allegations:

When the “scandal” broke, she denied issued a categorical denial:

Cruz and Pierson do have a prior professional relationship through Texas politics. In 2014, Katrina Pierson challenged incumbent Republican Representative Pete Sessions’s seat, and was ultimately unsuccessful in garnering the nomination. During that run, however, the Cruz family had high praise for her. Rafael Cruz, a Texan preacher and the father of 2016 candidate Ted, endorsed her run, calling her a “strict constitutionalist.” The younger Cruz had called her “a fearless, principled conservative.”

Trump also denied involvement, in the process taking a shot at Cruz:

4. Trump Threatened to “Spill the Beans” Shortly Before the Story Broke

Melania Trump nude, Donald Trump wife, Ted Cruz ad

A PAC supporting Ted Cruz ran Facebook ads featuring this nude photo from Donald Trump’s wife Melania. (Twitter)

Make America Awesome, an anti-Trump PAC, ran the ad seen above on Facebook ads in Utah ahead of the state’s caucus. Trump called Cruz out on Twitter, including a cryptic threat:

Cruz responded indignantly, calling Trump a “coward:”

Trump later backed away with a meme featuring both wives:

It’s unclear what Trump meant by his comments, fueling speculation in light of the Enquirer’s accusations, and the woman on his payroll involved with them.

5. A Cruz Staff Email Was Found in the Ashley Madison Leak

Ashley Madison hacking, Ted Cruz sex scandal, Ted Cruz Ashley Madison

The homepage of Ashley Madison, a website for aduletrers. (Getty)

In 2015, hackers calling themselves the Impact team hacked adulterous dating site Ashley Madison’s email list, publishing the results on the open-source site Pastebin. Included in the list of email accounts associated with accountholders, in addition to White House workers and several House and Capitol Police accounts, was one email account associated with Cruz’s Senate office. The email was a publicly available address, and there’s no evidence that anyone actually involved with Cruz or his office set up the Ashley Madison account.

Cruz’s Senate staff quickly put out a response denying any connection with Ashley Madison and (correctly) pointing out that the email was not private:

The email address in question is press@cruz.senate.gov, a publicly and widely available forwarding address that is often entered into web contact forms by people with no connection to our office.

The explanation was credible, and no further action was taken by the Senate or Republican Party.


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Reading comprehension is your friend: the picture caption does NOT say Carly Fiorina is in the photograph, but rather, a “Fiorina staffer” – I sure hope you idiots can read a ballot!


Thank you for doing the work the main stream media ignores. Imagine if this story was about Trump? Will Rush Limbaugh mention it today? Doubt it, he has gone all in for Cruz.


That is pure Trump style rumor spreading just like High school – how immature. Did you hear who did who? Grow up America – all liberal [yes Breitbart is now a left leaner] sources fed the trash by Hum? Trump maybe?

How about Donnie boy debating Ted one on one about Economics, jobs, and foreign policy. Then throw in some Constitution that Trump like to change and ignore. Trump want to change the 1st amendment so he can sue Journalists, he wants to expand the Taking clause of the 5th so he can condemn more homes, businesses, and farms. Yes he want government to sue and condemn people property and then sell it to him on the cheap.

Yes he want the 9th and 10th amendments limited so the Big Federal government can dictate to States.

Oh and finally he wants single payer health insurance like Europe and Canada.

Grab Boyd

Breitbart is operated by a Cruz supporter. He organized a pro Cruz superpac. Ben Shapiro and others KNEW about Cruz scandal for a while and did NOT mention it in Breitbart.

Jane S

That is FALSE, sport. Breitbart has been in Trump’s pocket for months. It’s now called Trumpbart


No it isn’t false. Breitbart biggest financial backer is a Cruz supporter. And yes, it is called Trumpbart….usually by the same silly people who start black lists against people who don’t slam Trump 24/7 and pimp Cruz 24/7.


No. It’s been co-opted by Trump supporters, but is controlled by Robert Mercer who is behind the main Pro-Cruz PAC group.


Profit up 10: You lie just like Ted Cruz. Stop listening to Ted’s Lies and educated yourself where Trump really stands on this issues. Cruz is just another name for BUSH!!! He is a plant for the NWO!!1 Ted and Heidi Cruz CFR, NAU etc…


Not even the Enquirer would run this story solely on Trump’s word. The editors would require some evidence in order to defend themselves against a libel suit. Remember, the Enquirer has been right about many sex scandals, including John Edwards, Gary Hart, and Tiger Woods. And yes, it appears that Breibart had the story a month ago and chose NOT to run it.


Finally you used the word wants…..the “want” was giving away your education. Back your facts Cruz mini me….who is spouting rumors now?


There was a very interesting panel discussion on CNN regarding the lying that is so prominent in Trump. His supporter seems very accepting almost as if it’s what makes him exciting. This is what you support.

BTW all those sex scandal you are talking about is another one of his lies.


Ta Da!

The Cuban Mistress Crisis has been bandied about it right wing news for weeks….they are rather verklempt over the fact they were scooped. Breitbart had the file under wraps for weeks and had been hinting about it openly but kept it under wraps since the site’s big boss is on Team Cruz.


excellent reporting. very thorough and extremely interesting. Looking forward to more articles on this topic. Fantastic.


Those are Heidi’s Sister-Wives from the fundie compound, when cruz speaks it’s like “conservative erotica”, says Glenn Beck.

Ta Da!

The Cruz Cuban Mistress Crisis has been boasted about at Breitbart news for weeks but since the site is owned by a Cruz donor, the story was quashed. Team Rubio also claimed to have a Cruz scandal as their weapon of mass destruction but since his campaign crashed & burned the file they DC insiders were calling “The Thing” ….went dormant.


the Enquirer story broke BEFORE Cruz posted Melania’s pictures (check the article (http://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/ted-cruz-sex-scandal-mistresses-cheating-claims/) It is dated 3/23/2016 14:19 PM.
I’m not sure when the Melania ads came out, but it seems to be well be fore Trump tweeted out his “I’ll spill the beans on your wife”
So, possibly different scenarios here: Cruz, hearing about the Enquirer, attacked Melania to create a diversion.
Any other plausible explanations? , since we know Trump is a counter-puncher.


Ted hold that Bible high as you tell us all about these woman..hahaha what a rat.


Pardon me, most do not care except this guy pretends to be the moral authority on any subject and the “American values” candidate. Ted Cruz is a loony religious zealot and belongs to a bizarre religious sect that is very extreme in its viewpoints. He wins votes on his “moral imperative” and constitution “freedom loving” campaign. HE throws this out there, and now, it appears he is NOTHING like that at all.


He has no religion but the Religion of Cruz. That is the beginning and end of his belief system.


It matters because he’s using his religion to smash others with and to judge others. According to the religion he professes to believe in adultery is a crime, punishable by stoning in the Bible. Otherwise, yeah it shouldn’t matter. Does say something about his “word” and how much it means when he makes a “vow” though.


Funny in that Cruz was the one who told Trump the NI has broken stories before, which was a dig at Kerry and his love child—Now his words have come back to bite Cruz in the ass-


Where there is so much smoke there has to be fire. So much scandal surrounding the bible-thumper who compares himself to god, and from almost every campaign. Now this?? This guy is creepier than creepy, and the media parading him around the last 2 days make themselves look foolish and him maniacal. I’ll stick with the guy who doesn’t hold himself up as the second coming. Go Trump!!


Trump once left his 3 small kids and wife at church so he could go screw his mistress. Not a Cruz fan but if you’re gonna hit Ted on his alleged affairs best not to forget about Trumps multiple CONFIRMED affairs.


Its not the affair its the denial. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Monica Lewinski. Cruz – I did not have sexual relations with any of those women. Bull Bull Bull. Trump – I slept with a lot of hot women when I shouldn’t have but now I’m married to an even hotter woman so its good.

Jim Vian

On and on it goes! And now they’re spending millions of dollars defending the real coward Ted Cruz! His supporters, backers, followers, Super PAC or whoever, posted the first disparaging attack picture of Melania! Even though he’s too much a coward to admit it, Cruz was responsible for bringing the wives into the fight by the posting of the GQ cover pic of Melania! If he says he didn’t know, that even shows him to be more irresponsible because it is his responsibility to monitor the actions of any groups or Super PAC’s supporting him!


It is so inspiring to see the 2 top vote getters in the “family values” party rolling around in the gutter with nude pictures of wives and allegations of adultery. “The Donald” is a proud adulterer who has boasted about the size of his appendage and his attractiveness to the opposite sex. Sen. Cruz is hoping to pray his way into the White House. Neither of these gentlemen is exactly presidential in their behaviour.


Exactly! The Trump supporters are salivating over this story but they forget Trump has had many affairs.

Richard Schwab

Wow! Who cares if any of it is true, These women are REALLY good looking. What a tremendous relief after seeing the pigs and sluts Bill Clinton still chases and Michelle Obama with her Hate-Face. I hope we can expect more of this cosmetic relief throughout the bitter inner Party battles of the months ahead and of course we’ll need twice as much when Hillary fills the screen with her boring dialog in those hideous 60’s pantsuits. It’ll be like watching Bruce Jenner strip.

Judith Phillips Woods

Both candidates are behaving very very badly
IF the story is true. And I say if because the timing is quite convenient for Trump

.shame.on Teddy
If it is NOT true…then Trump has stopped to get an unbelievable low


I read on a news page today that Rubio was behind the Enquirer story. I like Melania Trump. As a woman with a master’s degree, I like it that she is well educated business woman who is a legal immigrant and who speaks 5 languages. So what if she is gorgeous? Cruz would like trade in his wife for her.And in that naked photo- I didn’t see one single thing you can’t see on a beach these days.


I have zero love for Cruz, but he’s still more credible than the national inquirer.


Really? Did the National Enquirer ever shut down the government for his own political purposes? No. Cruz cost the USA billions of dollars in the shut down so he could use it for political brownie points. You want this kind of guy running our government? He loves the sound of his own voice and is pretentious as hell. He calls himself a “sapiosexual” and reads pretentious college freshman assigned literature to his conquests. lol! What a tool. I could see him doing this as he thinks he’s the second coming of Christ.

If you don’t believe me look into his father. His father raised him from birth to believe he is some messiah figure that will fulfill a prophecy of some sort. Scary stuff.

David Jennings

The enquire does not publish what they can not corroborate from more than one source…..I was working in a situation that they ‘expisosed’, and they were absolutely correct in what they said, and most of it was news to the on set crew…..”I read it first in the Enquirer”, at two in the morning after we wrapped, standing in a check-out line at the grocery store….I do not believe they would publish blind anything they were handed by Donald Trump or anyone else….

pretty boy cruz

his handsome good looks and charming personality make all the women gush


What this article didn’t mention is that there is a supposed Ted Cruz sex tape out there! Allegedly there is a news org in possession of the tape but they have not as of yet released it. Many well known Republicans were talking about it on Twitter with hashtag #TheThing. Many of the tweets were deleted but screenshots were saved. Damn, there’s a Ted Cruz sex tape out there somewhere. lol


I don’t trust Ted Cruz or any republicans, we all know they are into some weird stuff. They all pretend that they hate sex but all get caught..Just do a simple google search! My problem with this is, I just don’t believe any women would bang Cruz. He is so weird looking, he looks so greasy and gross. I don’t see a chick hooking up with him. I don’t see Cruz putting the moves on either Trump can get chicks cause he has tons of money and will spend BIG TIME on them. Cruz does not have as much money (not even close) and he wouldn’t be able to spend on them since he is married…I just don’t see what any of the girls would have to gain by sleeping with this weirdo… By the way anyone is who is a “conservative” likes men secretly. You don’t have all that hate for gays unless you are secretly hiding something from your self.


They slept with him because he’s a Senator and has power, he allegedly paid many times for sex as well. I agree, the GOP candidates are dirty as hell. All the Trump supporters conveniently forget about Trumps multiple affairs. The only seemingly reasonable one is Kasich and he has no shot.


Interesting Carpenter left Cruz campaign July 2015 just when things get going. As his head of communications I would expect her to stay through, not leave, unless there was a falling out.
Anyone know why?


Not every move is part or consequence of some conspiracy. She went from a job behind the scenes to one anchor job on the air. I’m sure CNN is paying her more and it’s a step up from “head of communications” for Cruz.


Look at all the giddy Trump supporters. Did you all forget Trump ditched church while his wife and kids were still there to have a tryst with his then mistress? A mistress he got pregnant then subsequently married? Trump has admitted to multiple affairs in his past. So you’ve proven Cruz is guilty of the same thing Trump has done in his past.

LOL, pot meet kettle.

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