The Rhoden Family Photos: Pictures of Those Killed in Pike County

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        • Maybe not everyone grieves on facebook dumbass? Personally I find it insulting to the deceased. Would you ask this same question 10 years ago?

        • Maybe not everyone grieves on facebook dumbass? Personally I find it insulting to the deceased. Would you ask this same question 10 years ago? Just pathetic.

        • It’s Holdren not Holder. I find it weird that he has no photos of his children with Hanna on his FB page, yet dozens of himself.

        • Mhmm for one Corey did once and that’s when he found out all that happened no they didn’t live together and the 4 day old baby girl is his daughter and that was the only one they had together other child was from a different guy and why he don’t have pictures well for one if you ain’t friends with him on fb then you can’t see all of them so yeah there’s your problem cause he has alot of them and the baby on facebook…… You should really get a life and stop making this your Daily choice too be mad about

          • Cory is not the babys daddy. Charley gilley hannahs brotherj cory is not the new bporns father charley gil

      • Frankie rhoden was her fiancee..he was killed too.. His sister had just had a baby but they don’t mention the father was there

    • Divorced or separated? Why living together? New situation, was someone angry about it?

      Someone knew them enough to get them off guard. Family member or family friend, knew the extended family, where everyone lived.

      Truly tragic. Hope the perp is caught alive, and given a trial.

    • Americans – a people of no hope. When I redd all comments here I understand the problem. There are so many cruel people and why do the website here let the idiots write comments? Americans is a people without sympati – the result of triggerhappy warlovers. USA will in few years fall, and then the the russian will rule with the chinese. What a world IT will be.

      Show some respects for the dead and theres reputations. Assholes!

      Love from Norway!
      (Where the police even dont have a gun because we are normal persons. ;)

      • Your nation is the size of one of our small cities, and with a completely different racial and ethnic markup. You don’t come across as very bright and obviously don’t understand the cause or resolution of these issues.

      • Please don’t package all Americans into one box. It’s silly. A large pseudo-democratic republic like this operates very differently from a smaller, more homogenous nation. Know that many of us do not buy into the ideals you see on the media. Please, come live here for at least a decade and then you will understand the nuances of American society. In the meantime, silence your ignorant generalizations. Thank you.

      • Yeah we have seen what the world looks like when Russia is a superpower. I grew up in the 80s. People starving, no food on the shelves, brutal police tactics, people killed simply for protesting the Soviet system. It was a living nightmare for anyone who lived under Russia’s iron grip. America is the only free nation left in the Western world. Norway, Sweden, Denmark etc. are hopelessly overrun with Muslims who hate native scandanavians and are erasing your culture. You don’t even have basic freedom of speech let alone the right to bear arms or protect yourselves from violence. Norway is almost gone and will be an Islamic nation under Sharia Law along with most of Europe soon. You are an idiot who is only trolling online because you’re jealous of those fortunate enough to be born in the United States. Better buy a prayer rug boy. You’re definitely going to need it soon.

        • Does Canada not exist in your world? We are a very multicultural free nation! It seems you have so easily have forgotten your neighbour. There is a huge issue with having guns! You seem to be a very ignorant person with extreme views! Gun’s are the biggest problem the american people have!

          • Seriously? Guns are the biggest problem we have? 20 trillion in debt, 50% of the population on government assistance, economy on the brink, drug addiction up while war on drugs seeming futile, politicians “above the law”, and aborted baby parts being sold for profit… and “guns are the biggest problem in America”… sounds like you are the one with “extreme views”.

            • “Aborted baby parts are NOT being sold for profit”. The people who made that lying video about Planned Parenthood are being prosecuted in the state of Texas. “Fetal tissue” is a fact whether you like it or not. And, it has given the world vaccines which were epidemic -like polio, rubella and so many others. And, fetal tissue either from a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or induced abortion, are going to be needed for researchers to come up with a vaccine for the zila virus.

              • Polio in the past few years became an Epidemic in India. Innocent and Polio free Citizens of India blindly lined up for FREE Polio Vaccinations brought into their Country by the WHO, World Health Organization, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as Charity.
                A least 48,000, Yes Thousand innocent Victims Received Real Polio Crippling Life Sentences. They also Funded the Mosquito Research (Zika Virus?) aimed at population CONTROL. Now money is being spent on non earthly meat production that genetically alters human DNA. Keep getting flu shots and eating GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) food from Grocery Stores. the Spaen of Satan has a job to do. Destroy Mankind and the Earth. Is it Not happening? Eyes ate to see with. Aborted baby parts are being sold. Brains cost the most.

                • People in India who did NOT get a Polio vaccine became infected with this debilitating disease. Those who took the vaccine did not become infected with Polio. Derpy anti-vacs are the dumbest people on Earth.

                  • Vaccines have saved millions from diseases that crippled, maimed and caused untold suffering – why are these
                    People that God told them so believe in
                    Messages from an invisible Being and not believe in the Humanitarians , doctors and scientists that are here on earth doing the work of “God”.

              • The Zika Virus is also a Sexually Transmitted Virus. Babies are Neurologically Brain Dead or Damaged. Zika Virus Infected Mothers are being encouraged to Abort the Fetuses in Central and South America. Population Control, people…….Sex = Brain Dead or Damaged Babies if the Mother or Father is infected with the Lab created Zika Virus or “new” strain. Testing…….1, 2, 3, Testing…. btw, Prince Phillip of Great Britain stated that he hopes to come back as a virus so he can lower the population. Will he be 1st in the Line?

        • Your impression of 80’s era S.U. sounds awfully simular to what the U.S. is like today for blacks. Based on that alone the U.S. days are ….

        • Was it really the Russians who invaded Russia before 1917 and slaughtered the Christian Monarchy Family?
          Czar Nicolas II, his wife Alexandra, their 4 daughters. 1 son, a lady maidservant. their doctor and even the family dog had their lives taken by a people they once helped. Greed and Sick game playing is why it happened. They robbed the whole country. They killed 120 to 170 Million Christians and made the remaining citizens Communists and atheists.. Communism never existed on the planet until it was invented by foreigners to mother russia who do not beleve in God. From 1917-1989 this evil took place. The first concentration camps were built called gulags. Sick stuff….. their rule ended in 1991. Putin is now rebuilding churches, old and new. Sorry it was still a rough time in the 80’s. All evil shall one day very soon be gone. It is going to get real bad because of evil and greed, but rest assured it will be destroyed and evil’s day of reckoning shall arrived. May all murdered victims be truly resting in peace.

      • This is a small minority of Americans posting on here. Do not lump us all in with some of this group. We do have heart and sympathy here. Also respect,

        • No. It has been proven that the shooter was sadly another mind controlled victim. Evil……on the island that day……..Social Engineering to keep Citizens from ANY Country from being able to Protect and Defend themselves after Crooked governments confscate yout guns. Hitler, Mao and Lenin confiscated the people’s guns. Look what happened to tbe people. Governments use Social Engineering to CONTROL US & keep themselves in Power. Look it up.They want to be begged by you to take away your rights and freedoms and it is here now. It will get worse. Don’t fall for it. If we don’t incite tbe martial law that tbey want….they WILL attack us, but blame another…… Or a man made natural disaster…,..Just sp you beg for change = control for them.

      • When the ‘ Emigrants ‘ increase you will wish you had a gun. Your ‘ Normal ‘ is quickly becoming naive fool ! No more homogeneous society , think Sweden .

      • So you have never heard of your countryman Anders Breivik… know, the mass murderer of Norway??? According to your post, you believe HE is “normal person”.

      • hahaha….They are going to need some guns with all the Muslims that Norway welcomed who traveled to Syria and Iraq. Are you still offering classes to these animals in how to treat females?

      • Hey “Thomas from Norway”… You are misguided. If it wasn’t for the United States Marines deploying to your country every year and protecting YOUR country, you’d be speaking Russian by now. How dare you pass judgement against AMERICANS!

      • Dear Thomas, There are millions of sympathetic Americans – they just are not posting on these sites. Please don’t blame a nation for several people who write insensitive comments. Peace from the USA.

      • I’m from piketon Ohio and from the comments I’ve read all the honkey crackers in southern Ohio have twice the brains that you freaking idiots have! Kiss my ass ! From a honkey cracker !

      • The term “cracker” came from slaves calling their masters who “cracked” the whip. Now get pickin’, Buckwheat!

          • How many mass shooting have crackers committed. They’re the real terrorist. Always worried about the Muslims blacks and Mexicans when you are the most vile

            • Nah, crime statistics prove black on black crime is the highest in the US, following that is black crime on everybody else. Blacks are only 17% of the population with many honest, hard working non criminal blacks among them. Whitey is not the blacks problem. The Khazarian “Jew” is all of our problems. Better wake up sheeple before their wishes come true & all of us are put into Rex 84 or FEMA Camps with a chip in your heads! Or right hand! Rioting will get you there by martial law. Do some serious Research on Khazaria. On the Barbary Coast slave trade where “white” Celtic Irish slaves were rounded up off the Irish Coast by Muslim Turks and shipped to Africa to be sold as slaves. while blacks in Africa were being rounded up by Arab Muslims by the millions and slso by larger tribes of their own to be sold as slaves. Whose ships? Mostly “Jew”ish Where to? Mostly South America. Out of 180 million blacks only 4% ended up in the US. Just 2% of “whites” owned slaves as most “whites” came to America as indentured servants for 7 yeats or more to pay for themselves and their families cost for the ship ride. Many died on the way, just as blacks did. Muslim Arabs STILL own slaves today. Convert to Islam? So sad. Their religion still endorses slavery. Research The 24 Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion=Khazarians and you all will finally realize who and what keeps the whole planet in chaos, terror and tyranny all day someplace while they get richer. They worship false Babylonian gods and he requires blood. Do not confuse .”whitey” with their lighter or whitish skin. Know your enemy. And their sold soul minions. Follow the carnage of Attlla the Hun, Ghengis Khan and the Khazars. Johns Hopkins knows their DNA and so did Jesus Our Savior.
              I do not like to see hate, especially when the only wsy to beat tbem at tbeir sick games is with to each of us as one whole undivided under The Heavenly Father of Jesus/Yeshua and all humans. Many among us are truly the spawn of Satan. His job is to destroy humans and the Earth. Look around. Is it not so? He hates Man. He will make it worse in these last days. He has but a short time left. So will you be at his VIP Party for your eternal soul? I believe the killers of this family will be at his party for them for eternity.

        • No it’s stupid uneducated blacks and red dots that’s the problem! It’s because of them we are fighting for are right to protect ourselves and others. Our city’s are not safe ! There are shootings and killings in city’s every second! Not very often do you hear of a tragity in the country like this! So no your the problem

          • I don’t here about blacks terrorizing a movie theater, shooting up a school a church. Gang violence yes blacks are guilty but so are whites. And it’s extremely rare for a Muslim to harm someone in America for every terrorist attack committed by a Muslim here there are 10 crazy white kids or men that have shot some stuff up. I think American terrorist is accurate for our race.

          • Just for the record it’s spelled “tragedy”. The reason crime in the U.S. keeps going up is because there’s a bias against blacks that leaves them in jail (at best) regardless of relative innocence. Lest you forget, the Rhodens were running a drug op.

          • Notice how there were three marijuana grow sites at the family’s home? Many people have said that even as far back as the 1970’s Pike County was known for its excellent weed. So over the last 50 years the white folks there are allowed to grow weed and break the law on a daily basis, so no crime is never reported because the cops let them. So the FBI never gets any stats on that 50 years of criminal activities, where as black people are arrested on trump up charges all the time. Plus, there is no rule or law telling law enforcement in hick towns to report crime in the first place. This means the FBI stats prove nothing except all white crime is not reported.

          • You mention “stupid uneducated blacks.” Yet, you’re the one who spells cities as “city’s.” Learn how to pluralize. By the way, it’s tragedy, not “tragity” — you need Hooked on Phonics. The contraction for “you are” is you’re. So in reality, Einstein, YOU’RE the problem.

  1. Hope it’s not a friend or relative, though for all the unmarried baby makers/social media junkies in this family, and the fact that most were killed in theirs beds, its likely someone they knew enough to have in the house.

    • What does them being unmarried with kids or social media junkies like 99%of the population these days have anything to do with it? That person can rot in hell for this. No one deserves this. Plain and simple.

      • You’re kidding, right? This family is warped dysfunction personified. Bunch of overbreeders, guns for toys….. look at that overhead photo in the news stories….. looks like a poorly-run junkyard. This crime probably surprised very few.

        • Who is anyone to judge what this family does. You should mind your words as words have power..put out negativity and it will bite you back. What matters is that some person in absolute premeditation sought out to take innocent lives that were not theirs to take….it is heartless, evil-driven, and absolutely tragic. My compassion and prayers are with everyone touched by this tragedy. FUTMZ (@_F_U_T_M_Z_), ED Foster and Joe —Where is your senses of humanity with malicious comments, some with racial undertones-perfect examples of the moral decay of society with no consideration of compassion or love. Can you imagine the absolute grief caused by this senseless, evil, hate or passion driven act? What if it was your loved ones or your families? Shame on all of you. Stop spreading the hate that has led to such moral decay in our society. . My prayers and compassion are with this family and all of those touched by this horrific sequence of events.

          • Wow…this comment is just hilarious! You should be ashamed of yourself! People are DEAD. Innocent babies found laying in their mother’s blood, and you want to make a joke out of it! This individual is right. You ALL should be ashamed of yourselves. Sorry that there are people in this country born into less than privileged lifestyles. Families that are poor and live in rural, struggling sections of our country still love each other and deserve our sympathy and respect just like the rest of you would want! Perhaps you should keep your cute, inappropriate comments on YOUR Facebook page. Or are you too superior to have one?

        • Wow. Insightful comment. You certainly have an excellent view of the world there from your mommy’s basement. I am surprised that one as well bred as you would recognize a junkyard, poorly run or otherwise. It’s obvious that you are a jerk who derives his self-esteem from commenting on others in their hour of misfortune. Seek help.

          • yes if you want the truth of it , it looks like a meth mess from the google views of all the involved properties and if you want to defend that kind of thing then you are the one that is messed up. Yes meth does kill and this is a perfect example of it face facts.

            • Truth is you have no clue what happened or who these people were Jewboi so pretty much anything you say about them carries about as much weight as a small pile of bird shit.

        • Funny, that’s how many people view people from overpopulated major cities. Overbreeders who see guns as toys. On the subject of poorly-run junkyards, randomly choose a name of any major city in this country and you’d find a pretty good example of what one looks like.

  2. Authorities should refrain from giving animals cool-sounding nicknames. How idiotic is that?? They need to refer to the shooter correctly as “The Coward” or “The POS” or “The Flotsam.”

  3. It’s pretty sad when people leave comments on here like what I just read and you know who you are. It’s pretty obvious you know nothing about country life and you probably have a very unsuccessful life or maybe some country boy took your girlfriend and now you hate everybody like this and just can’t get over it. Either way what happened here was very sick and cruel and for anyone like yourself to accept it and put the victims down like you did deserves to be shamed the rest of your life. People like you are nothing more than cowards and I seriously doubt you will even give your real name futmz…

    • Ignore those cultureless people. They’ve been raised up on television and Hollywood stereotypes of rural life. Their idea of a walk through nature is a stroll in some well-kept and boring urban or suburban park. When trying times come, they’re the first ones to buckle.

    • Glad to see someone post this. Scary to see how many on this post along are so judgemental. For your sake let’s hope God gives you the chance you are not giving these innocent people. NOBODY deserves to be murdered for any reason, and who cares what someones yard looks like. They lived in the country not bothering anyone else. God bless this family and all of their loved ones.

  4. Obviously it was someone they knew. It was targeted murders.. They had to have known where everyone had slept,etc. They probably killed over something petty.. I don’t mean to offend anybody but they were rednecks and they probably did run there mouth alots I mean frankie was a derby champ. Most likely it was not Hanna Bf because the news outlets said the one guy was beaten..which her bf isn’t capable of doing so. They obviously could be a hunter, they were killed execution style. The killer had thought it through. He knew they’d be asleep. He didnt know them enough to know where the key was to unlock the door though he might of been in the house prior to the murder, or he came in another way.He probably is a little bulky,dirty( by dirty I mean like oil grade etc , cuz of the derby), probably between the ages of 22-35, country, probably does derby themselves, prior to this they probably had altercations, and they pushed it to far
    It’s really petty but this person could have mental problems obviously. Which are half the people in Piketon. It was most likely a friend, not a family member. Rip to the family, it’s very sad,

    • I’m not saying cuz he ran his mouth justifies the murder
      .I’m just saying the cops should be looking for the people he might of made mad.

    • Nice analogy and profile. But seriously, the shooter/shooters are probably a bunch of homosexual butt bandits who couldn’t shoot their way out of a paper bag.

  5. This is a total tragedy. And, simply because I grew up in a small rural community in an adjoining state, I will say there’s a backstory to this family slaughter. No large family is wiped out without a major, a seriously major backstory.

  6. maybe an angry family who just had a 4 day grandchild or baby..he wasn’t there so maybe the family was feuding or maybe she wouldn’t let the father or other family members on the fathers side see the baby.. hanna rhoden was a new mother and the other hannah Gillay had children with Frankie rhoden

  7. So sorry for the family. I’m concerned with the statement that Chris Rhoden made a month before his death. It sounds like someone threatened him.

    • Exactly, and when you play the game, you open yourself and those around you to the “ills” of the game. Yours is actually the first post that even alludes to these folks being DRUG DEALERS, in an honest way.

  8. check into it. The average german really didn’t know about the holocaust ….neither do you.

  9. Is it just a figure of speech, or are they just looking for a man/men. If so, it sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy.

  10. You think this shooting can be linked to the mexican drug cartel ? Back in 2012 in that same area they found a major marijuana grow site suspected to be linked with the mexican drug cartel 2 abandoned campsites belonged to mexican nationals!. They found in 3 of the 4 houses where they found the victimes marijuana grow could be the reason why i guess

  11. This is disgusting people who do shit like this should be caught and publicly executed but don’t trip the goverment will blame this on guns so they can take ours away then more people can be slaughtered
    and I’m soo sorry for the children involved 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  12. They were “drug dealers”…kinda like those thugs in the hood. You can’t shit where you eat, because you endanger everyone around you by bringing troubles of drug dealers, home.

  13. Who was beating Hanna? Her babydaddy Cory? Hanna posted a domestic violence meme on her FB and under it stated she was being beaten by someone. Did Hanna’s family tell Cory to stay away from Hanna and her 4-day-old baby? Why does Cory not have photos of his oldest child with Hanna on his FB page, yet has dozens of selfies?

  14. Hatred never dispels hatred. Only love vanquishes hate. This is the law, ancient and irrefutable. (An American, but not even country of birth truly means anything)

  15. Did they deserve to die? Probably not. But let’s not kid ourselves with these comments about innocent people. These two brothers at least were scumbags, violent assholes that probably did deserve to get their asses kicked at the very least. I’m guessing that the reason so many were killed was to prevent retaliation from the rest of the family. I’m a fairly sympathetic person to tragedy, but this seems much more like the reaping after the sowing. IF this is indeed what happened then good riddance. Don’t need people like that having children and breeding even more anger, hate and violence. A lot of people are expressing sadness for the children survivors, but this may end up being the best thing that could have happened to them since now they have a chance at growing up in a less violent atmosphere.

  16. The parents who died should be ashamed for putting their children in danger….the people old enough to know better (all of them), well, they knew better.
    Breaking Bad type of reality.

  17. Perfect example why weed should be legalized then these tragedies would never happen. Shame on anyone who turns their back on this family because of it. Smoke responsibly.

  18. It looks like he illegally harvested that turkey. The regulation do not state a rifle as a legal method of take.

  19. It does not matter, their race, religion etc. It does not even matter that there where grow sites found, it doesnt matter who knew about the drugs or what ever. THEY WERE PEOPLE!!!!!!! And nothing changes that. My heart truly goes out to them and their family members, especially their babies. May GOD be with them.