Bernie Sanders’ Sacramento Rally: The Pictures You Need to See
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Bernie Sanders’ Sacramento Rally: The Pictures You Need to See


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Matthew Takim

TODAYS CORRUPT MEDIA, JFK once, warned us about them and got killed right after.(google”Speech got Kennedy Killed”)True that,THIS So Called ” News corporations” owned and dictated by special interest Bosses ,are not in the side and benefit of the public but yet ,they are protected by the constitution, and they are the only Business in America is protected by the constitution, for the reason that they were supposed to serve and inform the masses for the public good , NOT for THE ESTABLISHMENT THAT CONTROLS PEOPLES MINDS, how to think, what to think, what the believe in, They always as we see BERNIE SANDERS case clearly that vigorously pursue and almost interrogate leaders or individuals they do not like with a THE BIAS AGENDA FOR THEIR OWNERS directives, Like Wolf Blitzer the spy Devil.and all others like Chris Matthews, O rally LOL.
and almost all of them are in bed with the greedy and corrupt establishment, and they ,do not work and serve the public good but 90% at the times they serve for the coaprate crooks and criminals that carves out this nation and resources among themselves ,they start WARS , ruin peoples LIVES AND reputation, cover up the truth, magnifies the half truth, conceal THE evidence,start a lie like WMD’s ,RED ALERT ORANGE ALERT SADLY THEY fix ELECTIONS , all that ,in order to suit ONLY their own agenda ,they almost never exercise investigative reporting ,ask the questions NEED to be asked ,drive the agenda in a way that real issues are distanced from the public good , and confuse , terrorize and create a panic upon the masses, and never tries to discovered the reality but they give illusions under the lie, no expense are questioned, most mistakes are covered up not revealed ,they have infiltrated the highest echelon of every government office, intelligence , military , local governments, even they are been used in espionage ,

This is not an organization that Our constitution granted immunity and protection anymore to enlighten the public , it is tightly neat, highly efficient almost like secret organization LIE machine that only serves the interest of the billionaires and 1% elite, even hide our brave dead soldiers from public view, no honest reporter ever survives this gang of criminals, people like Helen Thomas and many others gotten walking papers from this corrupt entities ,and screens are full of cowards calling themselves a newsman and editors, and we Americans had to turn them off and must put them out of business,STOP WATCHING THEIR BS, AND THEIR OPINIONS LIKE IT MATTERS TO US, and most of them are loosing money as we speak, no one trust the main stream media anymore. but big bosses are pumping money anyways to keep them alive and serve as brain washing mechanism upon a public,, they basically dumbed down the entire population but the young , actually they are peoples enemy Number 1. Just turn them off, stop buying the products that advertise with them, use alternative internet news, like Young Turks, Democracy now, and few others that they report the real truth ,CANCEL YOUR Cable, TURN THEM OFF,TURN THEM OFF,come to internet,

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