WATCH: ISIS Urges Conquering of Israel & Jerusalem

In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS has begun a media blitz telling its sympathizers in “Wilayat Sayna,” or the Sinai peninsula of Egypt, that they are the “western gate to liberate Jerusalem.” The videos began to be released on May 6 with the above titled “From Aleppo to the Sinai.”

The video is included in a series that includes an execution video of a man in the Sinai peninsula.

ISIS has increased violence against people in the region, with a photo report released on April 18, 2016 showing an alleged Israeli Mossad agent being beheaded. The violence is having a major impact on Egypt’s tourism industry, with The Jerusalem Post reporting that the amount of visitors has dropped 41% since last year.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.


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They may be learning, they may be un-centered (knowledge growth perpetuates to a core system of knowledge which is interactive), but,the man with a weight problem may live within a 5 km bee line from a meant supplier or butcher, where the meat is treated with anti viral and growth stimulants resulting in increased estrogen production in his chest. This video is very resistant to a previous video of falling shadows and tree lines, and the second speaker with his quirkiness is a trait of a spectrum, and the black outfit, indicative of their knowledge of someone that sees things slightly different, interpreting their systems.
Based on the disposable nature of unsuitable soldiers in the physical frame, and the religious preachers in each squad or small group, it is 50/50 whether the over weight individual is a crash test dummy for counter offensive operations, however, as a male alpha meat eating head of a family (that does not cook for himself) he appears to expresses between chewing and swallowing, a strong and intense message, this individual is interactive in the community.
In contrast the individual dressed in black has a much slower message, I am not sure if this is overt, perhaps he is a conduit for god, a kind of Muslim genius/teas leave reader, yet if he is on the video he has little strategic importance between the militant generals.
Its a hidden message


Perhaps a better definition is, interactive in the community of his own opinion, opinion seems to be a saturated when holding religious views in this system

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